tagRomanceHis Pregnant Lover Ch. 07

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 07

bymangrove jack©

It was Xmas night. Over the past month Dave`s fishing camp had been turned into a home, for Dave and his family of pregnant women. Tonight after a rollicking Xmas lunch, the family had invited a few friends to a dress up dinner.

Dave remembered to dress “properly.” and stood looking over the rail from his bedroom, surveying the group as they gathered for dinner. A few new faces had joined them during the afternoon.

As he strolled downstairs his eyes were first drawn to the beautifully decorated long table. His eyes roamed on over his family who all stood watching him. He hardly recognised them.

Charlie and Albert were dressed in long pants shirts and ties. That must be a first; he thought, having never seen them in anything other than shorts and singlets.

All his ladies wore high heels, most wore evening style outfits and had had their hair done since lunch. “Its amazing what a little imagination and the Salvos op shop can do to change us isn’t it,” laughed Granny.

Granny was the most amazing transformation; she looked stunning in a long gown, with her grey hair high up on her head.

”Betsy is a trained hairdresser she helped us do our hair.” She twirled around showing off. “Matron found this gown in the recycled clothing store, isn’t it beautiful?” she cried.

Ruby with her black aboriginal skin shining had opted for a short slinky red dress. He had never seen Ruby when she was wearing shoes. Tonight the red stilettos with a high strap around her black ankles made his cock twitch in his pants. “That’s a great outfit,” he told her. She positively beamed when he added, “You look very sexy tonight.”

Bronwyn Meehan from the ladies boutique took his breath away with her giant tits and her low cross over neckline. Rubenesque was the word that came to mind as he mentally licked his lips at the thought of sucking those white monsters.

Fred James from the furniture shop at the junction had bought his wife and eighteen year old daughter. Both were blondes with long thin bodies like the fashion models he saw on TV.

Dave checked them out. Both tall and well groomed, they’re bodies were carbon copies of each other. Both had what looked like nice small hard tits. Their waists were tiny, their long legs disappearing just as they got interesting under short cream silken skirts.

Fred’s wife had that sexy look that only a few women could carry; she was the type of woman that men of all ages immediately wanted as a fuck partner. “I wonder if the daughter takes after her mother,” he thought as his eyes moved on.

He was surprised to see Doctor Dan and Sandra had returned. Sandra, he couldn’t help note as his prick stirred, looked tremendous in a little black dress. He dragged his eyes away to find Matron talking to him. “Looking for more doctoring, I see.” she laughed.

Dave was surprised to see three or four women standing shyly behind her.

“I went down to the women’s shelter this afternoon after a ring from my colleague, who manages it.”

“The shelter is a miserable place at any time, but it’s more so at Xmas. I knew you wouldn’t mind if I invited these poor buggers to our Xmas dinner.”

Dave didn’t have time to agree as his women gathered around welcoming the visitors. Matron introduced them as Grace, Abigail and Chloe.

“Shit Matron, did you warn them what his place can be like when you all let your hair down,” Dave said a worried look on his face. “Of course,” she replied with a grin. “I told them that tonight could be fun and just a little wild.”

Dave didn’t have a chance to meet the three women properly. Betsy and Donna whipped them away to show them their rooms.

“We’ll lend them some dress up clothes and invite them to share and stay the night,” Annabelle told him as she took his arm.

“Meet Madison she has the rotten job of running the shelter. She was worried about visiting us tonight, in case one of the husbands found out and caused trouble. Women go to her shelter for protection.”

Madison was dressed in a white slack suit with a dark blue reefer jacket. Just by watching her walk and talk, Dave judged she would be a tough and super efficient manager. I wonder if she has a softer side, he thought as he shook her hand and leant over to kiss her on the cheek.

“I didn’t know we had a shelter,” he said, as she stepped back from his kiss.

Matron had been surprised by the kiss on the cheek. “We don’t publicise the shelter or its location, because most of our guests, need security and privacy.”

“Grace, Abigail and Chloe have all experienced extreme domestic violence.

Poor Graces body is back and blue from beltings.”

“The three of them have fled homes where lack of money and self respect, led to drunkenness and violence.”

“They need someone to love them and make them feel loved.”

“The way Betsy and Donna welcomed them, was just what they needed.”

Madison studied Dave carefully. He was the subject of much discussion in government welfare circles; When she sought permission to take her three charges out of the shelter and up to Dave`s island, they readily agree. “Check him out and tell us what you find,” the director had said.

“Let’s all sit down now before the meal goes cold,” Esther ordered, cutting off any further conversation.

Dave studied Esther’s short white dress and her shiny stockings. “Great legs,” he murmured. She winked at him and pushed him to his king seat at the head of the table.

“Thank god we waited till the cool of the evening,” Annabelle said as she surveyed the piled plates of hot food. Granny and her helpers had set out to make the meal a feast. Days of planning and slaving over hot stoves produced Roast Turkey, Baked Ham, BBQ Chickens, Pork, Veal, Lamb, and every type of roast vegetables imaginable. “A feast fit for a King,” Esther said as she proposed a toast to King Dave and his family.

Betsy, Donna, Ruby, Albert and Charlie made little speeches, telling stories of past Xmas days and what a difference Dave and the island had made to their lives

There were tears in the eyes of quite a few around the table, as they toasted each other and said thanks to Granny and Esther for the meal.

When they all seemed finished, Dave slapped his stomach, pushed his chair back and called for Rosita to lead them in Xmas carols.

Esther stood quickly. “It’s not over yet. We’ve made a big plum pudding. Granny wants you all to have some, as it’s one of her special recipes. A big Xmas plum pudding reminds her of when she was young and the big family she left behind in Greece.

“Thirty all together, including sixteen family,” Granny said as she served out the plum pudding. Dave looked around. Charlie, Albert, Tim and he made four, so his family now included 12 women. Not bad he grinned, for a bloke who had never really had a girl friend, or taken a woman out to dinner in his life.


“That’s the first time I’ve had a pudding with money in it,” Ruby laughed as she dropped her spoon, “I’m full and I’ve found the most money.”

Charlie joined in, “Yeah, when I was a kid my mum told us that it was an old family custom. She reckoned that decimal currency killed the idea. The new coins are not suitable for steaming.”

“I don’t know about you,” Dave said. “I found it fun watching you all look for coins in each spoonful, it made a great ending to a wonderful meal.”

“That’s not the end,” Esther called. “Grannie wants the threepenny pieces back. You’re the bank Dave; you have to cash in their winnings. No cash just favours. When they bring the money up they can demand certain favours, you know ask you to do something,” she said as she grinned and winked at the crowd.

The room was quiet they were all listening, as she laughed and went on.

“The more threepenny bits the bigger the favour. You must cover their claim, you can pay what they ask, or you can make a counter offer. There’s no hurry they have until New Years day to collect.”

Rosita called, “Turn on the music; we can start the dancing, while Ruby who has the most threepenny bits, thinks of the favour Dave will have to pay to redeem them.”

“I can’t dance,” Dave said as Annabelle and Donna tried to drag him up off his seat. “Oh shut up, we don’t have enough men to let you sit and watch,” Esther said as she jumped in to help force him to his feet.

“I’ll teach you, just hold me tight and move your body with mine,” Donna said as she hugged him close and moved her body sexily.

“Shit! We want to keep him up dancing, not up something else,” Betsy called.

“We’d better forget the waltzing; just teach him slow smooching, if you’re going to dance like that. She laughed at the looks on their faces. “Bloody hell, haven’t you smooched? It’s like making out; only you stand up and do it to music. You know where you just stand together and get ready to fuck.”

“Smooching it is then,” Matron called as she urged everyone to dance. “Now you’re up here permanently on the island we’ll teach you all to dance,” Donna said as she snuggled her head on Dave`s shoulders. “When I’ve had the baby we can really smooch, my belly makes it awkward now.”

They didn’t let Dave sit down. Betsy trying to make sure everyone had a chance to dance with him. She took Dave aside for a minute. “The three from the shelter are still timid and a little overwhelmed. I’m going to get Annabelle and Donna to help me get them up dancing, so we can all dance together.

I want you to flirt with them, tell them how lovely they look tonight. Make them feel good.”

Donna pushed Grace into Dave`s arms. “You had better make the best of him,” she laughed. “You’ll have to share him with us shortly.”

Grace was stiff and shy. Dave gently pulled her to him and whispered in her ear, “don’t worry I won’t bite.”

“Yes he will,” Annabelle cried. She had been standing nearby watching and listening. Grace smiled and leant closer to Dave, as Annabelle went on. “He really only nibbles and then it’s only in the most interesting places.”

Grace was short, her head just reaching Dave`s shoulder. As they danced he ran his hands down her back, she flinched and pulled away when he reached her backside. “I’m sorry” he spluttered. “I didn’t mean to grope you.”

“Oh no!” she whispered as tears welled up in her eyes, “I’m bruised and your hand surprised me.”

Dave leant down and kissed her eyes, “don’t cry sweetheart, we won’t let him do it again.”

Grace had been enjoying dancing with Dave; it had been years since she danced. Her husband was insanely jealous. He took his jealousy out on her, by bashing her if she even looked at another man, let alone dance with one. Dave’s hands wandering down her back, had caused a little tremor as she realised he was stroking her like a lover.

“Oh no, don’t stop,” she moaned

Dave lifted her head and kissed her on the lips. She grunted and then after a few seconds relaxed, as her mouth opened and her tongue tentatively sough Dave’s. Oh my, she thought this is lovely as she relaxed and enjoyed his kisses.

“Right oh, David, that’s enough of that.” Donna said disturbing them. “Annabelle’s taking Betsy to lie down, so you only have four girlfriends to share those kisses. It’s Chloe’s turn.”

Chloe was much taller than Grace, who kissed him and whispered, “I’d like to do that again.”

Chloe stood waiting, “I can’t dance,” She said as he took her in his arms

“Neither can he,” Donna laughed. “Just stand close to him and smooch to the music. Watch his wandering hands; he likes the feel of a woman’s body.” “Oh hell!” Dave exclaimed. “Don’t ruin my bloody reputation before I get a chance to do it myself.”

“I used to love a man’s hard body against mine,” Chloe said. “My bloody drunken husband stopped that. In the end he loved the booze not me”

Dave held her close. She was not as timid as Grace. She responded by gripping his butt and pushing her body forward. Dave moved his head back surprised

“Don’t worry,” she whispered as an angry look spread over her face. “I won’t rape you. I know what it is to be forced.”

“You won’t have to force me, I give in,” Dave laughed, as his lips sought hers.

Chloe was hungry for kissing; she loved it and surprised Dave by her intensity. “I haven’t had so much fun in years,” she moaned as she felt her nipples and pussy responding to their kisses.

“My god Dave you’re a real problem,” Donna said as she danced up to them. Every time I turn my back you’re kissing another woman. “No problem at all,” Chloe cried, “I love it.” “Oh I can see that,” Donna replied, “but Its Abigails turn.”

Chloe was aggressive. Grace was compliant. Abigail was shy.

Dave could feel her trembling in his arms as they shuffled around the floor. “Don’t worry,” he whispered just relax and enjoy yourself.

He could hardly hear her reply. “You’ve got a very nice place here,” she said as she held her body away from his. “Yes it’s become a home for my family.”

“Are they all your wives?” she asked, her face looking at his for the first time. “I mean you can’t have more than one wife, it’s against the law.”

“Oh, I’m not married. I call these wonderful girls my wives. They were dumped by their partners and families for becoming pregnant. I’ve taken it upon my self to help them.”

“Betsy told me you sleep with all of them,” she said as she again looked him straight in the eye.

“Yes that’s true. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Oh no, I think this place is just marvellous. I can’t believe how happy everyone is and how they all share you.”

“You’re a very lucky man.”

“I know,” he said, as he saw Jenny signalling for a dance.

“It’s cooler with the lights off,” Jenny murmured as they danced. Dave ran his hands over her backside as he pulled her big bloated body close.

“Christ your big,” he grunted. “How long have you got to go?”

“About six weeks, I hope you know you’re going to be busy,” she answered with a grin.

When he looked puzzled she continued. “Betsy should go any day now. Donnas about three weeks away, I’m five weeks and Ruby seven.”

“Four babies in two months, you’ll have to visit the town’s maternity ward at least four times with four different pregnant women. That’ll guarantee you’re the talk of the town, especially the pubs,” Jenny laughed.

“That will give them something to talk about,” he thought, as he danced the next dance with Bronwyn.

Bronwyn’s body was dominated by her massive breasts. It wasn’t only their size that drew Dave’s attention. His eyes kept returning to the beautiful snow white skin he could see in her low cut cross over top.

“I’ve never seen skin so flawless so stark white,” he told her. Without thinking he straightened his prick in his trousers as they danced.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

Dave blushed, “You’ve made me horny.”

She smiled. “I know.”

“I should have taken up dancing years ago,” Dave moaned, as she moved closer, so her breasts were squeezed between them.

Bronwyn closed her eyes as she felt herself respond to the gentle massage of Dave`s prick on her lower body. It must be at least twelve months she calculated, since I’ve been fucked. The singles bars and the groping slobs had turned her off sex.

When Dave and his wives visited her boutique, she admired the easygoing way he responded to their sexy byplay. She had made up her mind that Dave would be nice to know. After he left she checked him out, finally getting the truth from Matron.

“He’s a big softie,” Matron had said when they had coffee. “He’s been a commercial fisherman for years, spending his nights alone on the river fishing.”

“He helped Annabelle during her pregnancy. Since then I think he would say he’s been on a roller coaster ride.”

Finally Matron told her to accept Dave’s invitation and see for herself. “If you come up to the island, I’m sure you won’t be sorry,” Matron added as she left.

No I’m not sorry, she thought, as she watched Dave study her tits. He’s nice; He hasn’t tried to maul me like most men do when they see big breasts.

As they danced she could feel a tingle between her legs. Her breathing sounded loud to her ears.” Oh my,” she sighed, “I’m hot.” She hadn’t realised she had spoken aloud until Dave replied, “yes it is hot lets go outside.”

Outside Dave’s wives were lending his boxer shorts and singlets to guests who hadn’t bought swimwear. “Wear these, tie the boxers tight, and don’t worry about the top.”

“Swim topless you won’t believe how good you’ll feel,” Donna laughed as she jigged by, her milky tits swaying.

“Are you swimming?” Dave asked Bronwyn. He thought this will be good; my singlet will never cover those beauties.

She looked at him out the corner of her eye, “Why not?” then as if she had read his mind she said, “I won’t need one of those singlets, Matron told me to bring bathers.”

Whilst dressing Bronwyn decided not to wear the top of her two piece. “That may satisfy his curiosity,” she thought as she studied the reflection of her unfettered breasts in the mirror. At the last minute she panicked. “I don’t want to mess it up. If I come out topless, the first night I visit, he’ll think I’m a slut.”

“It’s not worth it, I won’t take a chance,” she said speaking to her topless reflection. Shaking her head, to signal no, she ran her hands over her breasts and slipped on a shirt. She smiled as she headed outside,” I’ll leave most of the buttons undone.”

Dave stood in the water and waited for Bronwyn to change. He could not hide his disappointment when he saw she was wearing what looked like a shirt over her bathers.

Dave`s disappointment quickly disappeared when Bronwyn joined him in the water. His heart beat just that little faster when he realised that there was very little other than Bronwyn under that shirt.

“My god the waters cold,” Bronwyn said as she waded out to join him.

“Come here and I’ll warm you,” Dave said as he slipped his hands inside her shirt and pulled her close so they could kiss.

Bronwyn didn’t know how long they kissed, but it seemed forever. The tingle in her pussy spread over her body. Her shirt was now fully open, allowing Dave access to her massive breasts. “I’ve wanted to kiss these all night,” he groaned as he lifted her breast up to meet his lips.

Dave was dumfounded at their size, he estimated that just her aureoles and nipples were bigger than Van’s breasts. He was having trouble just trying to suck one of her aureoles into his mouth.

“Gently darling,” Bronwyn whispered, as her hands moved to hold his head and guide him. Dave let her have her way, moving his head to her prompting .He held her heavy tits in his hands and licked around her nipple, his lips sucking lightly. She heaved a sigh, “oh my god that’s beautiful.”

Bronwyn couldn’t believe what was happening. She was standing in the shadows waist deep in water, allowing a man she had only met once in her shop before tonight, suck her breasts.

She looked up; people were all around them swimming, playing laughing and talking. No one seemed to be taking any notice. She shook her head, and pushed Dave away.

“What’s up?” he cried.

“My God Dave we can’t do this in public. I’d die of shame if people caught us having sex.”

“We weren’t having sex, but I hope we do.” He grinned as he pulled her to him and kissed her.

“Let’s go to my room,” he whispered as he pushed his prick down and straightened his swimmers.

They walked arm and arm out of the water up the beach to find Esther waiting.

“Thank God Dave, I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” she cried. “Betsy’s baby wants to be a Xmas babe; it’s decided its time.”

“Betsy wants you; she keeps asking where you are.”

He looked around at the others who were still swimming and dancing. “She can’t have it here,” he said, a note of anxiety creeping into his voice,

Matron took charge, “Sandra and Dan are doctors, and both work in our hospital.”

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