tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHis Secret is Out

His Secret is Out


I was surprised to scroll through the Story Idea thread and see you had posted a fantasy interest that you had. Of course this made me stop and think. . .I've just got to indulge you, turn you on a little, even be a bit out there and off the wall. . . at least it would be a challenge, and so I wrote this. . .for you.


Brad hurried home, the sound of his wife's voice still playing in his mind. Her voice had been crisp and even, curt really. She wouldn't tell him what was wrong, but it was obvious that he was to come straight home and not bother stopping off at the bar for a drink. Normally, Beth wasn't too concerned about when Brad got him. She knew he'd be there when he got there, but today was different and he sensed she was livid.

He walked into the house and called out for his wife of thirty years. She didn't answer him and for a moment he felt a wave of panic wash over him. Had she left him? But why. . .he'd not done anything wrong. He'd never cheated on her, or hit her, he was the picture perfect husband and their marriage was something Norman Rockwell would have loved to capture on paper. Just as he was about to walk down the hall and call for her again, he heard her footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Hey babe, what's up?" he asked, tossing his sports coat on the coach.

He saw her eyes glare at him and he took several steps back. "What is it?" he asked.

"I found this," she told him, tossing a small object at his chest.

Brad caught it and then swallowed the lump that had suddenly risen in his throat. "Let me explain. . ."

"Explain what?" She stood at the bottom of the stairs with her hands on her hips and her blue eyes locked with his. "Explain to me that for the last few years you've been playing online with folks, exchanging photos and phone calls. . ."

"Beth. . .I. . ."

"No Brad, you listen, if that's what you want that's fine, but you'll not be doing it behind my back."

"It's not what I want. It's . . .I don't know Beth. I can't explain it."

"Well, how about I take a stab at it. You want someone else. Hey. . . I know I've gotten old, put on some pounds, but that's not the problem is it. What you want is upstairs " She turned around and headed back up the steps she'd stomped down.

Brad followed her, confusion and despair etched on his features. "Beth, what do you mean?" he asked, wondering if she meant all the time he'd been spending on the computer with his online friends, or if she meant the type of friends he was chatting with. . .men.

"Come on, HornyDude."

He cringed as she called him by his chat name. Brad walked down the hall of their two-story Victorian home and stopped when Beth opened their bedroom door. He took a deep breath, not quite sure what he would find when he walked in. Would his suitcase be on the bed, packed and ready for him to take it, or had she taken scissors to their photos and cut him out of them? With a heavy sigh and the weight of the situation dragging his shoulders down, Brad walked into the room where he and Beth had made love many times.

"Sit down," she demanded, pointing to a chair he recognized as one of the eight that belonged to the dining room furniture. "Not like that " she yelled as Brad moved to sit on the chair, like any normal person would.

"How?" he asked, not quite comprehending what she wanted.

"Don't be a jackass; strip and straddle it," she demanded.

Brad eyed her questionably. "Beth what's going on?" he asked.

"Do it or so help me God, I walk out of here right now and take you to the cleaners." Her arms were crossed and her jaw clenched tight.

He quickly shed his clothing, knowing full well she was serious. Her father was one of the most sought after Lawyers in the city and her Grandfather still held sway in the Judicial System, even though he was retired.

"You're sure about this?" he asked when the last of his clothing had been removed.

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

"No. . . I. . ." Brad said nothing else. He shrugged his shoulder and straddled the expensive antique chair. "Now what?" he asked.

"Now I'm going to talk and your going to sit there and listen."

Brad sighed. He would never have walked out on her. He wanted to explain what he'd been doing online, but she had yet to give him a chance, or at least he hadn't yet been given a lot of time to come up with a good excuse. His azure eyes tracked his wife's movements. He watched her move to the closet where she pulled out a black bag. When she turned back to him, his eyes grew wide and he started to rise from the chair.

"Sit down Brad," she hissed.

"Beth, I don't know what your thinking, but. . ."

"I'm thinking half of everything and alimony too. . ."

He quickly sat back down and remained in the position he'd been instructed to take, while his wife bound his ankles to the chair's legs and his arms to the wooden posts that served as the chair's back.

"You're too far up," she told him and he turned his head to look back at her.

"Too far up?"

"Yeah, scoot your ass back."

Brad shifted in his seat, but eventually heard her mutter "perfect"; he then shook his head, not quite understanding what his wife was thinking. She returned to the closet and the black bag and then dawning filled Brad's wide eyes. "Beth. . .you need to calm down and take a moment to think about this."

"Think about what?" she said. He watched her hand grip the peach colored phallus harder as she moved toward him. Her other hand held a bottle of what he assumed was lubricant. "Should I think about it for years. . .should I sit up here at my desk and imagining that I'm you and I'm getting off, but never do anything, just dream. . .nah. . .I think it's time we play Brad. I mean after all, I'm not enough anymore, so maybe. . .maybe you aren't enough for me either."

"Beth you're upset. . .you need to. . ."

"Brad your mouth is running too damn much. How about I find something else for you to concentrate on."

He furrowed his brow and then groaned when she left him alone in the room. The sound of a door opening and then closing was all Brad heard, until a few minutes had passed, then he heard Beth's footsteps. His face paled, when another pair, a much heavier pair of steps could be made out behind his wife's. Is her Dad here? He thought and then prayed that wasn't the case, but he was merely hearing things. He struggled with his bindings and then stopped when he heard her laughter.

"Did you forget I was a Girl Scout? We were taught about knots too, just like the Cubs were," she said. He gauged her voice to be just inside the room and when he turned his head he could make out her long legs as well as those that belonged to the mystery footsteps.

"Who the fuck is that?" Brad growled. He felt his anger rising as well as his embarrassment. Beth had never been like this; then again she felt cheated and she was beyond her normal sweet and calm demeanor.

"This is James. . .You know James, don't you?"

Brad swallowed. "James? You mean. . ."

"Yeah, that James. See I found out your dirty little secret a few weeks ago and thought why not see how badly you really want this. Since you have spent hours and hours chatting it up with one person more than another, I figured, what the fuck, let's bring good ol' James into the mix."

"Brad," James's voice filled the room.

Brad felt his pulse race and his mind began to cloud with disbelief, fear, and lust. "James, I'm sorry man. . .this was never supposed to happen. I mean. . ."

"What do you mean?" the other man asked as he walked over to Brad and stood in front of him. "You mean you're a cock tease?"

"No. . .I. . .Fuck James, this was all fantasy. You and I. . . I never would have cheated on Beth."

"But see Brad," Beth said, "you were cheating on me when you refused to let me in on your little kink. So now I'm coming in the backdoor, but I hold all the cards."

Brad closed his eyes and then opened them when he heard James kick off his shoes. He watched as the young man undressed and sat on the bed. His hand idly played with his cock.

"You like that?" Beth asked and then moved to stand next to James. "You like watching him stroke himself?" Her hand shoved James's out of the way and she began to stroke the hardening meat. "What about me? Do you like watching me get this man off? A man you wanted to fuck, but I'm the one touching him?" She laughed and then moved her head down as if she were going to cover the swelling rod with her warm, wet mouth.

Brad felt his cock twitch and then turned his head away. "Beth, you've proved your point; now let me go."

"No I haven't," she said and left James's dick alone. "Look at me Brad," she ordered.

He gritted his teeth and turned his head back to his wife. He knew what was coming, but it still amazed him that she would strip in front of another man. Her body was soon on display for the both of them and Brad saw James's cock jerk in response to the round tits, the soft belly and the freshly shaved pussy. "You like?" Beth asked; the question Brad knew was not directed toward him.

"Definitely," James said and then slipped his hand over Beth's ass.

"Thanks," she said with a smile and the voice that she often had when she blushed. He glared at the two of them, but said nothing as Beth walked to a table by the door. When she returned she sat on the bed beside James. "I think its time," she told the two men.

Brad sighed. "Great, I'm glad you've come to your senses and. . ."

"Oh no babe, you're so not out of the woods yet. You have a fantasy to provide for this young gentleman and I'm here to make sure he gets what he's been promised," Beth replied and then ran the phallus between her generous bosom.

"Huh?" Brad questioned and then understanding filled his face. "I told you Beth, it was only a fantasy. . .not. . ."

"No Brad, today it's for real. Now, James is more than ready and since your mouth hasn't stopped running since you got home, I'm sure your dying for something to drink."

Brad glanced at James and saw that he was indeed ready. He then looked back at his wife, who was twirling the artificial cock back and forth across her clit. "Alimony. . .and publicity. . .I bet you'd be ruined."

Brad opened his mouth and felt James's cock slide in. At first he tried to ignore the full member that was rubbing across the top of his tongue, but the reality of the situation finally hit him and he focused on the man he'd been cyber fucking for the last few months. He rolled his tongue over the man's cock head whenever he would pull it out and then when James grabbed the back of his head and thrust deeper, Brad growled.

"Yeah, ohh fuck Brad, that feels good," James moaned and increased the tempo, until Beth whispered for them to slow down.

Brad looked over and saw that his wife was pushing the cock in and out of her pussy, while her other hand toyed with her clit. James slowed down and Brad went back to sucking his friend off. He felt the rush of blood in the swollen veins and concentrated on the sensation. He urged the blood to flow up and then down; his cheeks sank in as he drew pre cum from the slit. The oily substance was like a balm to the dry throat that Beth had known he had.

"Ready?" Beth's voice whispered next to his ear and he blushed when he realized he'd been concentrating on James's dick and not on his wife.

"See Brad. . . see how bad you are. You want that cock more than me. Well, baby you can have it. . .you can have it and more."

Brad felt globs of gel being squeezed against his ass cheeks. The liquid slid lazily over his anal passage and he pulled his mouth from James's cock. "No Beth, that's going too far." He couldn't believe what she was thinking, but his thoughts were ripped back to James's pleasure when he felt the young man's fingers grab his salt and pepper hair.

Brad opened his mouth and took the saliva and pre cum-coated shaft. He then closed his eyes when he felt Beth's slim fingers begin to separate his ass cheeks. The phallus tip was soon placed between his tight cheeks and he knew it was covered in her pussy juice as well as more lube. Thank God for that, he thought to himself.

"Go slow," James whispered and Brad heard Beth's, "I will."

Brad again said a silent "Thank you" and then moaned as he felt the invasion of his virgin ass. The phallus moved in slowly, and he knew Beth was giving him time to adjust to its girth. He sighed against James's cock and heard the man mutter, "Yeah."

Brad concentrated on the feel of the dick in his mouth and the fake one that was easing itself back out of his rear. He was surprised to find himself pushing his ass backwards in hopes to reclaim the toy. "Brad. . .this is hot," Beth's voice seemed to call out to him through a thick fog.

He glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw that she was rubbing her pussy while she fucked him with the cock. His tongue circled around James's manhood and then he felt the man retreating. He gazed in disappointment until he was gifted with James's hand cradling his shaved balls. "Take them," Beth said, her voice raspy and thick with lust.

Brad didn't argue, he was too far gone and the hunger for James's testicles was too great. He opened his mouth and felt the young man shoving his package into the warm recess. He rolled the twin spheres back and forth, letting them scrap the sides of his teeth, before lovingly sucking on them with vigorous pulls.

His ass fucking had slowly begun to build up speed and he thrust himself back for more. Whenever Beth would retract the phallus he would moan in frustration. His cock ached and he wanted to have it stroked and rubbed, but he didn't feel it was his right to get off. His hard-on was part of his punishment. . .though the feelings he was experiencing with James in his mouth and Beth fucking him with the dildo was anything but punishing.

"My cock," James demanded and before Brad could respond he lost the luscious taste of his friend's testicles, but was rewarded with the slap of a cock against his cheeks.

"Ohh fuck yeah," Beth moaned. "Hit him again."

Brad lifted his face. His cock jerked as James slapped his dick back and forth against Brad's cheeks. "Ohhh... ohhh fuck Brad, this is wonderful," Beth hissed and he knew from the way her voice was growing more feverish that she was fucking herself with two if not three fingers.

James soon had enough, because Brad felt his head being pulled again by James's hand and he opened his mouth to accept the man's meat. He sucked it hard as Beth began to ram the phallus in and out of his ass as if it were him fucking her slick pussy. There was no holding back James's release and when the first volley of come shot into his mouth, Brad swallowed it. A second stream filled his cheeks and he savored the taste, before he drank the liquid silk. James then pulled out and shot the final stream on Brad's eager lips and it dripped down his chin.

Beth continued the steady mind-numbing thrusts and then nodded for James to jerk Brad off. A sigh of pleasure escaped the older man as his come sprayed the antique chair and his cyber lover's hand. When Beth pulled the phallus from his well-fucked hole a groan was pulled from his come-soaked throat.

He watched with lust-glazed eyes as his two tormenters moved away. Beth he knew had come. He vaguely recalled hearing her squeal her climax. He watched her slip her skirt back on and then her sweater as James pulled on a pair of boxers and picked up a robe from somewhere next to the bed.

"Beth, that was. . ." Brad stopped talking and simply shook his head.

"Yeah it was," she agreed and then bent down to kiss his lips. "Next time you think I'm not enough. . .just try me," she whispered. "Dinner?" she said turning to James.

"Sure," he answered, then looked down at Brad. "You want me to undo the ropes?"

"Nah. . . I have more things I plan on doing to him, right after we eat."

Brad moaned, but said nothing as he stared at the black bag. His imagination conjured up all the fantasies he had online and knew that almost all of them were on the little flash disk.

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