tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHis Sissy Bitch Ch. 03

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 03


"You've come a long way, baby." He smiles at me, watches me as I cross my legs. I'm sitting across from him. I can tell the effect I have on him, every time he visits, sees me dressed fem for him, he's hard, rock hard when I meet him at the door. And I know what outfits turn him on the most. I know he fantasizes about me when he's fucking his wife. She doesn't dress for him like I do. I take a lot of time getting ready, take my time dressing to please him.

I'm wearing long silver earrings, can feel them up under my black shoulder length wig, very Bettie Page-like. The silver sets off nicely my black widow look, elbow length black satin gloves too. I have on huge amounts of black mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow, very noir look. My lipstick is a bright read as bright red as red gets. Slutty little lips, they're very shiny just for him. I'm wearing a tight black lace corset. It pulls my waist in so tight it hurts. I have a dominatrix kind of thing going on. I know that even though I'm submissive to him he likes that look. I'm wearing knee length black soft kid leather pointed toe boots with 3" spike heels. My black nylon thigh high stockings with lace at the top have his undivided attention. I see him stare at my boots and up my legs. I have my soft little dick pulled back between my legs tight and up into the crotch of my matching black lace panties, can feel the head of it tucked in tight, just below the bottom of the crack of my rear. I lost almost 35 lbs. for him, very thin little cd 'girl', very HOT little cd girl for him, indeed. He approves.

"Daddy, I love doing this for you." I uncross my legs, sexily cross them again, stare at him. "I am your slut." And I am. I am the perfect sissy for him.

He sips the drink I gave him when he arrived. "I have a surprise for you, Princess..." He leans forward. "...two of them actually"

He stands and takes a small box out of his coat pocket. Tosses it to me, it's a gift wrapped small package. Card on top says, 'for my perfect little bitch'. I smile at him and hurry to open it. As I remove the paper he moves to the side of my chair, puts his hand on my shoulder. I read the top of the box and know exactly what his first 'surprise' is...he's locking me up. It says 'CB6000' on the box, a male chastity tube with lock. I look up at him in shock.

"Daddy, I can't wear this, please..."

"Shhhhhh, you'll get used to it. I'm so turned on by the thought of you locked up with me holding the key that you have to do it. It came to me a week ago. I thought about being able to control when and how you cum. I started looking for cock harnesses on the web. Saw that on a website and I knew you had to have one. Besides, I now own that little sissy dick of yours, don't I?" He looks down at me.

I'm shocked, horrified, will not be able to masturbate, will not have any access to my dick. I feel a tear in my eye, quickly hold it back. I masturbate at least five times a day, thinking about the things I do for him.

"Daddy, please don't..." He squeezes my shoulder.

"You'll not only get used to it you'll be even more greatful when I take your harness off and let you play with that pathetic little thing. Think of how hot this is going to be. And think of how much more you'll be motivated to be mine, totally mine."

He took his hand off my shoulder, unzipped his pants. "God, this gets me hot."

"Princess I want you to wear it for me, make you my second wife. This will be like your wedding ring." He quickly took his cock out. It was rock hard, pushed toward me, put it in my face. "I wanna cum right now, fast, see how hot this gets me?"

I felt his hand on the back of my head. He pushed me forward, guided me to lean to the edge of the chair I was sitting in. He put it to my mouth, just shoved it in, patted the back of my head, then I felt him push me hard. I looked up at him, felt him thrust into my mouth deep. Then felt him take my head in both hands and hold me firmly in place as he started to pump. He fucked me fast, used me to cum as quickly as he could. And he did.

He came in less than two minutes. I was breathless as he came in my mouth. I kept my lips tight around him so as not to make a mess on my outfit. I have been fucked by him many times like this. I know how to please him like this. Just do it. Just get used by my man, don't dare say 'no', just do it.

When he finished I did what I always do, sucked him until he was completely dry. I can be a very 'good girl'. I felt him pull away from me.

"Get a towel, wipe the lipstick off of my dick. If I go home like this my wife will kill me."

I stood and did what he told me to do. After I cleaned him, I hurried to fix my make up. I came back down stairs fresh and clean for him and saw him seated on the couch. He was holding the CB6000, examining it.

"Come here and stand in front of me." He had the chastity tube with his baby finger through it. "You're small, I think this will be the right size." He leaned forward. I felt fear and apprehension, him looking at the front of my panties, knowing what was ahead for me.

He reached up and taking the waist band of my panties in his thumbs he pulled them down slowly, my little thing got pinched as he did. I cried out and he ignored that. "Spread your legs, Princess. Let me see." I felt his hand push up between my legs, push them apart.

My penis is about 2" soft, it slightly stood out above my shaved crotch and balls. He flicked the end of my penis with his finger.

"This is exactly what we've needed, lock you up to make you into a real slut. I don't like it that you stick out, even the little bit that you do. My sissy should be locked up and put away when I'm not around." He smiled up at me. "And the thought of you at the office, in meetings, with clients, looking at you knowing you're wearing this, have to sit to piss in the men's room—priceless!" He laughed out loud.

"I put a lot of thought into everything I do. The first night you jacked me off I left here feeling kind of weird, kind of guilty and not motivated to want to do it again. After I came I lost interest. But that didn't last long, wanted to fuck your sissy mouth as soon as I got home, had my wife suck me and fantasized you were doing it." He looked up at me. "While she went down on me I fantasized you doing it with your dick locked up tight, came to me then. Do you like that I think about your dirty little services when I'm with my real wife?" He smiled at me.

"Yes Sir, I love that." And I did, did more than he knew. And felt jealous of her too.

"Good. I realized that after you cum you lose interest too, just like me. All men do. I don't want my sissy to lose interest, I want a motivated little bitch, horny all the time for me. We're going to make that happen." He ran his finger in and out of the cock harness, watched as I squirmed in front of him.

He got very serious and looked up at me very sternly. "And what I really like is that you have to beg me to be able to play with yourself." He saw the tear come to my eye, he just kept staring up at me. "Can't touch it unless I decide to let you, and I can tell anyone I want anytime that you are wearing this too, show them the key I hold. Think this will have a more permanent submissive effect in your attitude, give you the proper mind-set for all of this?"

I looked away, to the floor at my feet. "I'm already yours, Daddy, completely." My face turned bright red.

"Not like your going to be, Princess." He stood and took me by the hand, led me to the full length mirror in my hall. The one he likes to watch me in. He stood next to me. "Look at you."

My panties were pulled down just above my knees, I had to take short little steps to walk with him to the mirror. Saw the fem sissy I had become so quickly for him, saw my thin and corseted waist...him towering over me. Even in 3" heels, he's taller than I am. He's 6' 4", huge man in perfect muscular shape. Saw my little boy like penis stick out in front of me, saw him looking at me in the mirror. I could still taste him in my mouth.

He ran his hand up the front me. I felt his finger go to my mouth, he pushed it in. Started finger fucking my mouth as I looked into the mirror, he smiled at me. "Good girl."

He took his finger out of my mouth, felt his hand go to my rear, felt his finger go up between my cheeks. He pushed his wet middle finger into me so fast and rough it made rise up on my toes.

"Uhhh...", I wimpered...

"Shsss, listen to me." He pulled his finger out of me, slapped my rear so hard I cried out, pulled forward. I felt him quickly push his finger back into my tight little hole.

He held me in place, his finger deep in me, pushed it straight up, held me up on my toes with his middle finger deep inside me. His other hand held my arm so tight it hurt. "Look at yourself. Tell me, do you want to continue to be my little bitch? Do you? Say it."

"Yes Sir, yes...", he started to fuck me with his finger, real slow and deliberate. He laughed as he saw my soft penis start to get semi-erect.

"You can stop being the sissy you are becoming anytime you like, just say the word. I'm not going to force you do anything you don't agree to..."

I interrupted him, told him I loved doing this for him, begged him not to stop...he laughed as he fingered me.

"Reach back and spread your cheeks, Princess." I did as he asked, saw myself in the mirror. I was his, all his.

"You're going to wear my present, wear it so that you don't lose the attitude you have right now. You're going to be proud to wear my present, wear your secret wedding ring."

I was breathing so deep, wanted him to never stop. I pushed my rear back against his hand, his hand buried deep and up between my cheeks, I ground my hips against it.

"Oh, Daddy...oooooo, I'll do anything for you...ooo...yes..."

He just watched, serious look on his face. Then he pulled his finger out of me. Walked to the couch and sat.

"Come here. Princess."

I looked at him in the mirror. Saw him sitting, me with my panties down to my knees, tiny penis standing out in front of me, just below my black lace corset. I saw the wet end of my sissy little thing just above the tops of my black lace stockings, felt my wet used rear, felt where his finger had been in me. I knew exactly what I was, what I am for this man. I turned and went to him.

As I stood in front of him he looked up at me. "I want several things in this house at all times. I want a box of rubber gloves and K-Y jelly next to the couch right here." He pointed to the side of where he was sitting, "And I want a wooden paddle and the same next to your bed, K-Y and rubber gloves. If I come to visit and they aren't right where I can get to them I'm going spank you. Spank you hard, do you understand?"

"Oh, yes Sir, yes...", I was moaning, so turned on by him.

He reached up and flicked his finger across the head of my penis, felt it go soft as he did. He did it again, very hard. I yelped, looked down at me feet.

I watched as he took the CB6000 chastity tube and handed it to me. "You put it on. That's part of this, a big part of this. You put it on for me, when you do you become completely mine. I'll own you. Are we clear?"

"Yes Sir, yes, I want to wear it for you, I do..." He laughed, smiled at me as I hurried to what he wanted.

He watched as I pushed my tiny dick into it, felt it hold my penis in a downward position, very tight, felt it hold me such that it would prevent erection. Felt it hold me so tight that erection would be impossible with it locked in place. As I pulled my balls up under the locking ring, I pushed them into place. I felt it click as the ring closed around my tiny sack, pushing my balls out slightly in front of my legs.

He leaned forward, inspected it. "This is better than I thought. I started looking for that the day after our first date, thought about this being just what you need to keep you ready for me. Just for me, nobody else."

He stood. He went to his coat, took something out of the pocket. When he walked to the front of me and sat back down he looked up at me, his hand closed. He turned it over. "I told you I had two presents for you, didn't I, baby." He looked deep into my eyes, I looked down at him.

"Yes Sir." I watched as he opened his hand, saw the tiny padlock in it.

"Ask me to be your man."

I couldn't speak. He looked up at me, felt his stare as I looked down at my little dick in the chastity tube.

"Ask." He glared at me.

"Please be my man." I felt my face flush again, felt shame but could not stop..."Please lock me up, please..." He laughed out loud. "Daddy, please be my man...I'll do anything for you, anything..."

"Ask!" He scared me, he was very severe, his tone was more strict than he'd ever been with me, "Ask, bitch...ask me to lock it!"

"Please, please, I'm begging you to make me yours...please..." felt tears in my eyes and then started to cry openly...then I felt his hand take me roughly in his hand, pull my balls up firmly and fit the small lock into place. Started to whimper, cry out loud as he pulled my penis and balls up hard.


I heard the lock click closed, felt his hand push me away. Then silence as he just sat back on the couch.

"I'm very proud of you. Don't doubt that. This is a big step for you. I know what you need and I'm going to give it to you. You have to trust me. You will. Look at you. Do you know how cute you look to me now, do you have any idea?" He leaned forward and ran his hand up my stockings, up my leg and then back down to the panties that hung at my knees. He pulled them back up over my rear, up over my locked penis. Felt his hand go up between my legs, cup my locked balls and penis, and then back down my inner thigh, gave me chills when he did that.

"Do you know that I like using you more than I do my wife?" He ran his hand up over my rear.

"I think before I go you should show me that you are an appreciative little girl. I think you should suck me again. Would you like that?" He undid his belt, started to take his pants down as I answered him by going to my knees in front of him.

He took his pants down to his knees and then pulled his underwear down just below his balls, held them down with his thumb, exposing his beautiful cock.

He spread his legs wide. Then he sat back on the couch, closed his eyes. I did what he wanted me to do, took him in my mouth. This time I felt something different as he went into my mouth. I felt like I was his completely, felt like I was becoming what I am supposed to be. I felt the cage holding my penis in place, felt the submission he knows I need. For the first time I truly felt like he owned me. I sucked him like I never wanted him to leave. Used my mouth to show him I was his.

When he came he put his hand on the back of my head, kept me in place as he started to go soft. "Keep it in your mouth and listen."

He sat forward and looked down at me. "Look at me." I turned my eyes up to him, his semi erection in my mouth. I held him in place softly with my lips around the back of the head of it. I put my tongue flat against the hole of his cock, felt the last of his cum on me.

"I've been seeing you every Tuesday, Thursday. I'm working out a schedule, want to use my little bitch more. I'm going to expect you to be ready for me on weekends sometimes. Be dressed up pretty just in case I show up un-announced." He watched as I looked up at him, watched my mouth closed around him. "I haven't fucked you yet, not properly. But I'm going to. I want that tight rear of yours, have been addicted to your mouth but I want to fuck you properly. And I'm not going to use condoms, hate them. You remember that. The cleaner you are, the better it will be after I cum in your ass for you to suck me clean. I may want to cum in your mouth after I use your ass." He laughed as the looked down at me. "I'm going to expect that, Princess. My real wife doesn't do that. But you will. And I'm going to expect you to be what I want when I want it. You're my bitch now. Like I said you've come a long way, baby. You're going to go a long way further, want to be able to take you out and show you off some time soon too. You're going to meet friends of mine. Just like the bitch in the bar that we saw that started this whole thing. Remember her? I sometimes wonder if she has a man that treats her like I treat you." He smiled, ran his finger over my lips as they were closed around him. He was completely soft, still he is huge, my mouth full with him.

He pushed my head away softly, pulled my mouth off of him. He leaned forward and kissed my forehead. "Good little bitch." He laughed.

I looked to the floor as he stood. My make up smeared, his cum all over my lips and mouth.

Pulling his pants up he looked down at me. "Your a mess. You should probably hurry and fix that before I leave." He didn't look at me as he said it. I hurried to the bathroom to do my lips for him.

When I returned to him he was at the door, coat on. He put his arm around me, felt him hold me tight, felt his hand go to my rear. He pulled me up close to his face cupping my right cheek in his large hand. "This is what you're supposed to be. We know that now, don't we."

"Yes, Daddy...yes...yessssss..."

I looked at him and he smiled. He kissed my cheek, he never did that before. Patted my rear softly then he ran his hand up between my legs from behind, bent down slightly so the cold take my cock harness in his hand, grabbed it tight through my panties. He pulled it back up between my legs slightly, from behind, made me push my rear out as he did that.

"Do you know how much I'm going enjoy knowing you have this on at work, see you from my office know you are all locked up tight?" I didn't answer. "You want to masturbate now, don't you, Princess."

"Oh, yes, Daddy...please." I pushed up against his leg, felt him against me. "Please, I'll do it front of you, do it for you on my knees...", he put his finger to my lips, shushed me.

"You're going to be a good little wife, I can tell. Maybe I'll let you play with it for me next time I visit, maybe let you cum next time." He stepped away from me. "This is going to be a good thing. I have to go."

He pulled his hand off of me and then he opened the door. He didn't say anything, just walked out and closed the door behind him.

I stood in front of the mirror for an hour looking at it. Took my panties off and just stared at it. It was locked tight. It would not come off. Not unless he wanted it to. I was his. And he was right. It was good that I was doing this for him, doing this for my man. Just thinking that made me feel my penis strain at the chastity tube, made me know that I am his now.

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