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His Wife Poses With...

byKiwi Couple©

His Wife Poses With His Best Friend

It's now been over six months since Jim visited us, but we still think of his time here with excitement and a certain amount of lust.

For those of you who are reading our stories for the first time, let me bring you up to speed quickly, before starting this chapter of our erotic experimentation.

Up until about two years ago, we were your average married couple. Happy with each other, and happy with life in general.

We're still very happy with each other and with life, but it's suddenly become a lot more interesting and erotic.

It all started with an almost accidental sharing of a picture of our new hot tub with my best friend Jim, over the 'net. A simple action like showing him our new hot tub with my wife in it (ok, she was naked) ultimately led to one of the most interesting and erotic experiences we've ever had.

We started off by sharing increasingly erotic pictures, from simple topless shots to fully nude, spread legs and all, to photo's of her masturbating with her favourite dildo, all via the 'net with Jim. Six months ago, he came over for a visit, which ended up with me having Jen expose herself to him for real, and eventually fuck us both at the same time.

Our experiences were fantastic, and we've thought about it almost non-stop since he's left, often while making love, we'll fantasise aloud that Jim's still with us and that he and I are fucking her at the same time. Unfortunately, he's not here any more and it's probably going to be a long time before we see him again, as we're two continents apart and it'll be a few years at least before we see each other again.

That, in a nutshell, is what's happened in the past two years. For the full details of our experiences to date, you could read our other stories, also here at Literotica which will give you more of an idea of what we got up to. Now let's get on to the latest installment of our erotic diary.

Since Jim left, Jen and I have talked about our experiences a number of times, analysing the things we did, why we did them and how we felt about it, and have agreed that what happened then was probably a once-off event (or events, if you want to get technical, because we did share her a few times) that won't be repeated.

While the experience of sharing Jen with him was one which we all enjoyed, we think it's because of the person and not the act. That doesn't make sense, does it? Let me rephrase it for you. Having a threesome is probably not going to happen again, because we did it with Jim, whom we both love dearly as a friend. He's a special person with whom we felt comfortable doing it, but we don't think that we'll find someone else with whom we share the same kind of bond. Of course, we may be wrong and that person could walk through the door at any moment, but we'll have to wait and see if that ever happens.

Our other activities have carried on as normal, and we've enjoyed them even more, if that's possible. We're still taking nude photo's of Jen, we're still swapping them with Jim, who is still enjoying her special displays for him. Jen's gotten more adventurous, and has a wonderful time fulfilling his special requests when we can. His last request was quite kinky, but she loved every second of the photo session, which involved her using two dildos, a cucumber and strawberry lubricant while he watched us doing the shoot "live" on the webcam.

Part of the discussions we had following our threesomes with Jim revolved around the things that arouse her, and what activities are the most sexually satisfying for her. She told me she loved the feeling of being gently taken by two men, one in her pussy and one in her mouth, and she said that the orgasms she had then were the most intense and fulfilling she's ever had. From my side, I confessed to her that the sight of her being filled by my friend while she was sucking on me certainly made me come harder than ever before. There's something intensely erotic about watching the woman you love being taken in front of you. I remember on two occasions while Jim was here, just watching as he slowly made love to her. OK, watched and took photo's, if you must know. I've never denied being a voyeur, you have to admit. We've made new and exciting discoveries about ourselves and each other and we're now making sure that we don't waste these insights.

Anyway, what I was going to say before getting sidetracked was that on one of those occasions, she looked into my eyes, and I could see the love she felt and knew just how much she enjoyed the sharing. It showed us both that we trusted each other completely, and were willing to share the person we loved most in an intimate way without feelings of jealousy or anything remotely negative intruding on our joy.

What I remember most clearly is watching her face as Jim slid into her, and her look of pure ecstacy as she felt his cock spreading apart her pussy lips and pushing into her warm depths.

They were on the couch in front of me, both still clothed, relaxing after a day spent walking through the bush and then swimming in the sea. I had just finished downloading a set of photo's to the laptop, and still had the camera with me. I'd had enough of doing landscape shots and thought I might try doing a few nudes instead. Having decided that it was going to be a photo shoot, I asked Jen if she felt up to it.

"Yep, if that's what you guys feel like." was her reply.

"Ok, hun. Would you like to take your top off and stand by the window where the light's better?"

"Sure, whatever my master wants", she joked as she stood up and took off the loose t-shirt she was wearing, exposing her lovely boobs to us again.

"Right, step over to the window and look out at the garden."

"Now turn slightly to your left. Yes, that's it. Perfect."


I shot a few pictures of Jen staring out into the garden, with her bare breasts bathed in the late afternoon sun, turning them a lovely golden colour. I could see her nipples perking up, and somehow I knew that it wasn't because it was cold. She was enjoying posing for the camera, knowing that there were two guys watching her stand around semi naked.

"Why don't you take off your shorts and do the same pose, just in your panties this time?" I asked.

She didn't answer, but unsnapped the button on her shorts and pulled them quickly down, then kicked them away, almost into Jim's face.

Jen stood facing the window, now dressed only in her panties, as I snapped a few pictures of her beautiful body. All the time Jim was telling her how fantastic she looked, and how great he thought the photo's were going to be. His blatant flattery seemed to be working because although she was blushing and pretending to be shy, she was becoming more and more relaxed and her poses were showing it. She'd turned around and was facing us, facing the camera, and was cupping her breasts shyly, hands over the nipples. We could see that she was rubbing them against her palms and could hear a slight intake of breath each time the sensitive tips grazed her hands.

"Hey, Jen. How about some pictures of Jim standing behind you, holding your boobs?" I asked.

"Do you want me to pose like that?" said sort of shyly.

"Yeah, why not. It'll be fun." was my slightly out of breath reply.

Jim stepped up and stood behind her, also breathing a bit faster than he had been. His hands soon found their way to her breasts, and he cupped them gently. Jen leaned back into his chest, looked me in the eye, and in that split second, I knew that she wanted him, but that she wouldn't be the one to initiate anything. I don't know why or how I knew it, but I did.

Something passed between us, maybe one of those semi psychic flashes that most married couples have, and I knew that she wanted me to take charge.

When we talked about all this later, I found out that while she loved playing my slut, she didn't want to be the one responsible for it. Maybe the strict upbringing she had made her like that, but she believed that good wives don't fuck around. If, on the other hand, I "forced" her into it, or made her my slave, it was fine. Weird how a mind works, isn't it?

"Jim, take her nipples between your fingers and pull on them a bit. This next shot needs her to be quite perky."

"Like this?" he asked, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger, accompanied by soft groans from Jen.

"Yep, perfect!"

Click, click, click.

"Move over to the couch and take a seat, bud. Jen, you go over and stand slightly in front of him, facing me, ok?"

They moved over to the couch and Jim sat down as requested. I could see he had a bit of a bulge in his jeans, and thought to myself that it wouldn't be for much longer if I had my way. And to be honest, it looked like I was getting it.

"Right, now I want you to sit on Jim's knee, hun. Yep, like that...no, wait...slightly forward, so your boobs show more.


Click, click.

"Beautiful, babe. Jim, put your left arm around her and hold her boob again. Ok, nice. Just a bit higher now. Yeah, great."


Jen was breathing rapidly as she felt Jim's hand on her tit, fondling her nipples again. She didn't move, though, and I knew she wouldn't until I told her to. Once again, I don't know how, but I just knew it. She would be a perfect model, and I knew she would do whatever I wanted her to.

"Jim, pull Jen back towards you a bit. Closer...closer. Now let her lean back into your shoulder a bit." I instructed.

He looked a bit uncomfortable at this point, but I had a feeling that it was probably the boner he had rather than being camera shy.

"Jen, hun, now I want you to lean back and open your legs a bit."

"Open my legs?" she asked, sort of innocently "so you can take a picture of me sitting almost naked on Jim's lap?"

"Yes, babe, that's right...and in this shot I want to see your legs open, and get a nice shot of your panties. And I want Jim to put his hand on your leg, quite close to your pussy."

"Do you really want me to?"

"Yes, I really do...and maybe later I'll tell you to do other things that are even sluttier."

Jen's eyes gleamed as I said that, and I could tell by her stiffened nipples that she was very keen to get on to the sluttier things.

"Fine, I'll be your slut if you want me to. What must I do to now?"

"Just lean back like I said, and open your legs...beautiful, hun."

Jim was grinning like a Cheshire cat as we spoke, and I knew he loved the idea as much as I did of having Jen be my slut, because he knew what I had in mind.

"Jim, she's not open wide enough, pull her right leg towards you. Yeah, now I can see her crotch properly."

Click, click. Two more frames of Jen's exposed crotch, Jim's hand hovering inches away. Thank goodness I'd bought that extra memory card for the camera. I had a feeling this was going to be a long session and I'd get quite a few good pictures!

"Last one like that, mate. Next one I want is going to be like that, but without the panties."

I helped Jen up, and pulled off her panties gently. She looked down at me and smiled.

"What must your little slut do now?" she asked.

"Sit down on Jim's lap again, and open your legs for me...and him..."

She sat down, leaned back into his chest again, and smiled at me as I clicked away, getting more and more photo's of her sitting naked on his lap. She opened her legs and closed her eyes, a sweet smile playing on her lips.

Jim, still being a real gentleman and perfect model, waitied until I asked him to hold her legs open. By this time, Jen was using Jim almost like an armchair, lying back, her open legs hanging over his. He had his arms around her, cupping her breasts, still playing with her nipples.

"Reach down, put one hand on each thigh, and hold her legs apart, mate."

I knelt down and snapped off two quick shots, closing in on her crotch with Jim's hands on either side of her now naked pussy.

"Jim, I want you to hold her pussy now. Or better still, put your finger up her."

Jim moved Jen slightly, to get better access, and cradled her in his left arm as his right hand found her pussy.

I could see Jen lean back, held tight in his arms, leaning back so her tits thrust out. Her head was way back, her eyes closed. I knew she was concentrating on the sensation of Jim's hand rubbing lightly over her nether lips. I could see her arch her back, spreading her legs as widely as she could, making it obvious she wanted his hand to explore further.

"Do you want his fingers in you, hun?"

"If...if you want Jim to touch me, I'll open myself so he can.". Breathless reply. "anything you want me to do, I will."

I nodded at Jim, and he teasingly moved his hand to the very opening of her vagina, but held back as I took shot after shot of his fingers, poised at her entrance.

"Uuuuuhhhhhhhh..." she cried, as Jim's fingers opened her up. He spread her lower lips, looking on in fascination as Jen's belly contracted with the waves of her first orgasm. He'd barely touched her and she was coming!

I nodded again, and he ever so slowly slid the middle finger of his right hand into Jen's warm waiting pussy. Jen bucked against his hand, wanting more, obviously.

"My little slut seems to be excited, and she looks like she's enjoying your finger in her." I said to Jim, almost as if Jen weren't there. This seemed to excite her even more, and she squirmed in his lap.

"You want to try two fingers?"

Jim pushed a second finger up Jen while I watched, and I could see she loved it. I zoomed in for two or three closeups of his fingers in her pussy, then another two or three shots of her face. Head thrown back, eyes tightly shut, Jen was in ecstacy, being probed by Jim's fingers. I caught a her orgasm on camera.

I stepped back suddenly, and put the camera down.

"Jen, get up."

She reluctantly opened her eyes, looked at me, and then slowly pulled herself up and off Jim's fingers.

"You're my little slut, right?"


"And you'll do whatever I say?"


So far, so good.

"Jim, I want you to fuck her, mate."

Jen's eyes widened, she looked confused for a second, until I whispered that I loved her in her ear. She walked through to our bedroom, followed closely by Jim, who was shedding his clothes as he walked. I followed them both, leaving the camera behind. I wanted to watch without being distracted this time.

"On the bed, hun." I ordered.

"Take her however you want, bud. You can do whatever you want to her, as long as I'm here watching..." I said with a grin, and pulled up a chair.

Well, I won't recount everything that happened that afternoon, but I will tell you about the part that's stuck in my mind for ever. The rest I'll leave to your imagination.

Jim stood at the foot of the bed, naked, holding his cock in one hand, stroking it to full erection while Jen positioned herself. She lay on her back, with her head close to where I sat near the head of the bed. Jen's eyes wandered to Jim's cock, and I knew she couldn't wait to feel him in her. She was wet, very wet...

Jim climbed onto the bed as Jen looked at me.

"Do you want me to do this?"

"Very much."

It was the first time that she'd have another man fuck her since before we were married...well, at least her and another man one on one...Jim and I had shared her, but this was different. It was all about her and him alone. I was going to be a spectator only this time.

Jen opened her legs, and I watched Jim kneel between them, holding his cock to guide it to her wetness. I watched as he inserted the tip between her folds, then watched as he slowly pushed himself into her, sliding his cock deep in one easy stroke. I looked into Jen's lust-filled eyes and we both whispered "I love you." at the same time.

I leaned back in the chair, and watched her being slowly, gently fucked by Jim...

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