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His Wife's Boyfriend


Author's note: This is a story about a man who enjoys sharing his wife with other men, as told from the perspective of the "other man." If you find this situation offensive or distasteful, please don't read any further.

At age 41, divorced, and with a 16-year-old son living at home, Jake had neither the time nor inclination to seek a relationship with another woman. He didn't need to complicate his life any further. If only he weren't so excruciatingly horny all the time, he wouldn't need to worry about women at all. But he had always been burdened with an unusually high sex drive, and jerking off only temporarily relieved that constant, aching pressure in his balls.

Since his divorce two years prior, sex had become an obsession. He thought about it constantly, to the point where he wasn't able to concentrate on his work. He often wondered if something were wrong with him. His ex-wife certainly thought so. In fact, his constant need for sex was one of the many factors that drove them apart. No matter how much she gave him, it seemed it wasn't enough. She told him this made her feel as though she were less of a woman.

Jake took a swig of beer and scrolled through the profiles on the screen resting on his lap. He had tried several dating sites since the divorce, and it seemed as though all of the women he encountered were looking for the type of long-term commitment that he wasn't ready or willing to give. And he wasn't the type to lie to a woman and make promises he had no intention of keeping just to get in her pants.

He had also tried the bar scene, and did manage to find a couple women willing to fuck his brains out for a night. He never had much trouble attracting women. But the bar scene was a real hit-or-miss venture, and it seemed there were far more misses than hits. And he was couldn't help but wonder how many men those women had been with, and what potential diseases he could bring home with him.

All he wanted was to find a good-looking woman with an extraordinarily high sex drive who wasn't looking for a husband and just wanted to fuck all the time, with him and him alone, on a regular basis. Was that so difficult?

He laughed to himself. Of course, the idea was absurd. Most women -- at least the women his age -- weren't interested in becoming "friends with benefits." If any such woman did exist, he had no clue where to find her.

That aching sensation in his balls became more persistent, and it was time to jerk off again. He switched over to his favorite porn site and began searching for videos in his favorite genre. He especially enjoyed the amateur stuff. He liked real porn involving real people, having sex because they enjoyed having sex and not because they were getting paid for it.

As he scrolled through the pages, he noticed the ubiquitous advertisement for a website on the right hand side of the page. This site caters to people who are looking for adult "friends." No strings attached. Although he had seen the ad dozens of times, it had never occurred to him to check it out. It seemed too outrageous to be true. But what did he have to lose?

He clicked the link, and was presented with a log-in page. He created an account and answered the questions about his location, gender, age, height and weight. The next question was about his dick size. He couldn't help but laugh. What kind of site was this? He was confident that he was at least average in that category, but decided to leave that answer blank for the moment. He also opted not to fill in the description of himself and what he was looking for. That could wait for later, depending on whether or not he decided to maintain his account.

Once he had completed his registration, he was presented with the home page, which displayed the profiles of dozens of men, women and couples in his area. It was shocking to learn how many people in his quiet suburban area were trolling the internet for sex partners. He performed a search for single women within a 20-mile radius of his home and found enough hits to convince him that he should shell out the extra money for a "bronze" membership to the site, which would allow him to see full member profiles, as well as the ability to contact other members.

He explored the various features of the site, which included a section for webcams, a message board and a chat application. He completed his profile by adding a description of himself and what he was looking for. He decided to be brutally honest, as it would be the only way he would ever find the type of woman he sought. He also added a few photos of himself, but was careful not to post any public photos of his face. If anyone knew he was a member of this site, he felt it would be incredibly embarrassing.

After several weeks of scrolling through profiles, sending messages and chatting with a number of people online, several truths became evident. It seemed as though nearly all of the single women who were members of the site were either grossly overweight, likely to be carrying an infectious disease, or men posing as women -- or all three. The attractive women who seemed to fit his profile simply didn't respond to the messages he sent. And on the rare occasion when he found a woman who would accept his chat request, it seemed as though she was just lonely and looking to chat, and uninterested in actually meeting in person.

By the time he figured out that this site was a waste of time, more than a month had passed, and he had already begun to pay for the next month's subscription. Since he was already paying for it, he decided he would give it a few more weeks and then close out his account before the end of the month. He was too frustrated to bother reaching out to any more women, but left the chat window open in the background as he worked, just in case someone wanted to reach out to him.

With only a week remaining until the end of the month, Jake was working at his desk in his home office when he heard a "ping" sound from his laptop, signaling that he had just received a chat request. He opened the chat window, and the request had come from a user named "hotwife603". The little icon next to the user name indicated that the ID belonged to a couple.

He accepted the chat request, and a message popped up.

How's it going?

He had participated in many of these types of chats before. Usually, it was a lonely guy who just wanted to chat. When it was late at night, and he was lonely as well, Jake didn't mind the company. But as it was the middle of the workday, he had higher priorities.

"Just dandy," he typed. "How 'bout you?"

I saw you online and figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Matt, and my wife's name is Laura.

Out of curiosity, Jake clicked on the user name to view their profile. The main photo showed a naked woman from the neck down. She had small, but perky, tits, a flat tummy, a shaved pussy, and shapely legs. He clicked over to view the other photos they posted. All of the photos were of the wife, and all from the neck down or with the face blurred out. In some photos, she was dressed provocatively. In others, she was completely naked. She had a very nice body, and he couldn't help but notice that this woman had the most beautiful ass. He had always been a sucker for a woman with a fine ass.

Their description listed her at 48 years old, and he was listed at 51. Jake found it difficult to believe it was the body of a 48-year-old woman in those photos, and guessed that the photos were likely several years old. They described themselves as a fun-loving couple who had been married for nearly 25 years. They enjoyed going out for dinner, drinks and dancing. And under the section where they described what they were looking for, Jake learned that the husband enjoys sharing his wife with other men.

In all of the time he had spent on this web site, Jake was shocked to discover how many couples were members of the site. He thought swinging had died in the 1970's, but it seemed that an entire subculture of swingers had been living right under his nose in suburbia for years.

He had never given any serious consideration to being with a couple before. The idea of tag-teaming some guy's wife for an evening may have been intriguing as a fantasy, but the reality was that he would likely feel uncomfortable having sex while another naked man shared the same bed.

"I'm sorry," he responded, "but to be honest, I'm really not interested in having a threesome."

That's good, Matt responded. Neither am I.

Assuming Matt was just another lonely guy looking to chat, Jake began to type a polite response to break away from the conversation, but another comment popped up on his screen.

I enjoy sharing my wife with other men, but I don't participate.

Jake couldn't imagine why any man would ever want his wife to have sex with another man. The whole situation just seemed weird. However, it occurred to him that this may be a perfect fit for what he had been searching for. A married woman would not be seeking a long-term commitment, nor would she be as likely to give him an STD as some of the single women he had encountered in bars and on the website. And this woman certainly seemed to match his physical profile. In fact, she was gorgeous.

"Would you mind sharing a face photo of her?" Jake asked.

Moments later, he received an invitation to join Matt's friends list. He accepted, and returned to their profile page. He clicked over to their private photos and was very pleasantly surprised to see that Laura was a very attractive woman. She had bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and a terrific smile. There were a few wrinkles on her face, but otherwise she could have easily passed for her mid-30's.

"She's stunning," Jake wrote.

Thank you. I hope you don't mind, but I looked at your private photos, too, when you accepted my friend request.

"No problem. Did I pass your test?"

It's not my test you need to worry about! LOL. But yeah, you look like her type.

This was so strange, Jake thought to himself. He couldn't wrap his head around the idea of a husband setting up a date for his wife. He wasn't sure that he wanted to get involved in that situation.

We're planning to have drinks tonight at around 8:00. If you want, you could stop by and say hello. No promises for anything more than that. Just a friendly meeting.

Matt gave him the name of the place where they would be, and Jake thanked him for reaching out to him, but was careful not to commit to meeting them.

For the next several hours, Jake had trouble concentrating on his work, as he wrestled with the idea of meeting this couple. The whole situation was so bizarre, he thought. But this woman was everything he was looking for: attractive, clean, petite, sexually adventurous, and not looking for a husband.

He really couldn't think of a good reason why he shouldn't meet her, aside from the fact that it was such a weird situation. Certainly, no harm would come from simply meeting a couple in a bar. What did he have to lose?

After dinner with his son that evening, Jake showered and dressed in his best "going out" clothes. He gave his son the usual lecture about locking the doors, not answering the phone and calling in case of emergency. By the time he arrived at the bar, his stomach churned with butterflies. He had to sit in the parking lot for a moment to gather himself and allow his heartbeat to slow.

"I'm just meeting some people for drinks," he said out loud to himself. "No big deal."

He recognized her immediately, as soon as he walked through the door. She was just as beautiful in person as she was in her photos -- perhaps even more so. He assumed that the man seated with her at the table was her husband, although there were no photos of him on their profile to verify that.

Every nerve in his body stood on end as he approached their table. Neither of them seemed to notice him until he was standing right next to their table. Matt quickly rose to his feet and gave Jake a firm handshake. He was a bit shorter than Jake, and probably thirty pounds heavier. He had a receding hairline and carried much of his weight in his midsection, as most men his age do.

Jake then turned to Laura, who extended her hand and flashed a friendly smile. En route to the bar, he wondered whether perhaps Matt had set up this date without letting his wife know about it. But the way she seemed to recognize him let him know that she was fully aware of the reason why he was there.

"Thanks for coming on such short notice," Matt said as Jake sat across from them. For the next several minutes, Jake answered questions from both Matt and Laura. He explained his relationship status, the fact that he lived with his son, and verified that he works from home as a data analyst for a large corporation. In many ways, the conversation seemed like a job interview.

"So tell me about yourselves," Jake said, attempting to shift the focus of the conversation away from himself. "How did you get into...this?"

There was an awkward silence, and then Matt spoke.

"I had prostate surgery a few years ago," he explained. "Unfortunately, that procedure left me with certain things that I was unable to do anymore. If you know what I mean."

They were sitting within earshot of several people in a crowded bar, and Jake realized that this probably wasn't the ideal place to ask such a question. He immediately felt guilty for asking it.

"You don't have to talk about this now," Jake said.

"No, it's okay," Matt responded. "This happened about eight years ago. Robbie was still living with us then. He's our 23-year-old. He lives in Concord now."

Jake looked at Laura, and she seemed transfixed by the wine glass in front of her. She had grabbed her husband's hand from the moment Jake sat down, and she was still holding it.

"Anyway," Matt continued, "after I had my surgery, I just didn't feel like the same person."

"He's way too hard on himself," Laura interrupted. "A lot of it is in his head. He knows I love him, no matter what."

"I know, honey," he responded. He caressed her hand and gave her a kiss.

"She has always had..." he said, glancing around at the people surrounding them, "a high sex drive. Since the day I met her. I was able to keep up with her pretty well until the surgery. Right, honey?"

She smiled, and gripped his hand tightly.

"But since then, I began to feel like I couldn't give her what she needed."

"I told him he was being ridiculous," Laura interjected. "I only wanted to be with him, and no one else. But he was so persistent. At first, I thought he was testing me or something. But he just kept bringing it up again and again."

"He wanted you to be with another man?" Jake asked.

"Yes," she responded, her eyes widening, "and I thought he was crazy! I really did."

Jake laughed, and he was relieved when Matt and Laura laughed as well. It was comforting to realize that even they acknowledged the weirdness of this situation.

"But he just kept mentioning it again and again," Laura continued. "Eventually, I figured out that he wasn't testing me. What he was really doing was offering me this incredible gift. It took me almost two years to figure it out, but this gift was straight from his heart. It was such a selfless act on his part. And he trusted me enough to know that nothing would ever change how I feel about him. I began to feel guilty for not accepting his gift."

Jake did the math in his head. "So you have been doing this for about six years, then?"

Both Matt and Laura seemed to wrestle with that number in their heads, but eventually they agreed that it had been that long.

"I hate to ask," Jake said, weighing his words carefully, "but—"

"I know what you're going to ask," Laura interrupted. "I have only had four boyfriends over the past six years."

"Boyfriends." Jake let that word play in the air for a minute. He also couldn't help but question that number.

"I'm not a slut," she said, lowering her voice to a whisper. "I love having sex, don't get me wrong. But I'm not the type of woman who will sleep with just anyone, and I'm not the type to just have a one-night stand and be done with a guy."

"Good," Jake said. "I'm not that way, either."

Her eyes sparkled at those words.

"This last-minute meeting that we're having," she continued. "This doesn't happen often. I haven't had a boyfriend in a while. The timing just happened to work out right. And when Matt showed me your photos, I said I would meet you."

"So you liked what you saw?" Jake responded with a smile.

"You're cute," she admitted. Her smile lit up the room. "And you look better in person than you do in your pictures."

"I could say the same about you," Jake responded. "I'm pleasantly surprised."

The way she looked at him sent a flutter through his gut that he hadn't felt in a long time.

"I work out," she added. "At least five times a week."

Before Jake could respond, Laura excused herself to the restroom. He couldn't help but notice her firm ass as she turned away from the table.

"She really is stunning," Jake said with his eyes transfixed upon her ass.

"Yes she is," Matt agreed, soaking in the view as well.

Jake couldn't help but question why any husband would want to share his wife -- especially a woman as attractive and amazing as Laura. In every way, both Matt and Laura seemed like perfectly sane, reasonable and down-to-earth people. If he hadn't known what they do together, he never would have suspected it.

"Do your friends and family know about this?" Jake asked.

Matt had just taken a sip of his drink, and nearly spit it out. "Hell no!"

"So how does this work?" Jake asked. "Does she go out on dates alone? Or are you always there as well? I don't really understand."

"She does whatever she wants to do," Matt explained. "Sometimes I am there, and sometimes I'm not. I do prefer watching her."

"So...you watch her with other guys. And you're okay with that?"

"Okay? It's a huge turn-on. Absolutely."

Jake gave him a quizzical look.

"Maybe I'll explain it to you sometime," Matt added, "when we're not surrounded by people."

"Do you ever join in?'

"No, never. I just like to watch."

"Okay," Jake said, relieved.

Just then, Laura returned to the table.

"I sure hope you two weren't talking about me," she said, playfully.

"Absolutely not," Jake said. "We were just talking about...err...sports. Right, Matt?"

Laura shook her head in disbelief and wore a playful expression.

They continued to talk about their lives, and eventually, the waitress brought their checks. Jake rose from the table and was about to thank them for an interesting and fun evening when Matt spoke.

"Do you want to come back to our house for a nightcap?"

Jake was caught off guard. He had a feeling that he had made a connection with Laura, but he wasn't expecting the evening to lead to anything but a few drinks and some conversation. He noted that Matt and Laura hadn't had a moment alone to discuss this offer, and surmised that they must have had some "secret signal" in place for situations like this.

Jake happily agreed, and Laura rode with him to her house. On the way, they chatted about their lives. Jake learned that Laura was a stay-at home mother for a number of years, and began working various part-time jobs about ten years ago. She was currently working as a waitress in a restaurant in their hometown, across the street from the grocery store where Matt serves as manager. In no time at all, they arrived at Laura's house.

They had a small bar area in the corner of their living room, and Jake was invited to sit at one of the barstools, while Laura sat to his right and Matt served as bartender. Laura requested a vodka and cranberry drink, and Jake simply opted for a cold beer.

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