tagFirst TimeHistory 231

History 231


I walked down to the front of the lecture pit and sat in my usual seat in the front left corner. I set my bag by my side and pulled out my notebook. Today was the day. I had a nervous sort of energy, expectant and yet confident. After all, I had never seduced anyone before. I had planned out every aspect of the deed I was about to perform and I was ready. As I sat there going over the plan one more time, I saw professor Sanders walking to the front of the room.

My heart jumped a beat, this was it, it had begun. I had chosen that day specifically because on the syllabus I had notice the topic for today's lecture. Modern sexuality in the United States. Even the outfit I was wearing was chosen carefully. My very short skirt was fluttery, which caused a few problems walking over to class, especially since I had opted for no panties. The shirt was a green button-up with very strategically placed buttons that did a very good job of showing the pale slopes of my breasts while stopping just short of the "danger zone."

Satisfied with my appearance, I looked up again at the object of my desires. Young for a professor, he was tall and had hair that was very pale on the top but naturally blended into a light strawberry at the bottom. His neatly trimmed goatee was also reddish and I wondered if it only got redder as you went down. I bit my lip to end that line of thought. Not yet, be patient. My eyes traveled up again to the most intriguing thing about him. The earring that pierced the upper lobe of his left ear.

My trail of thought was ended by the start of the lecture. This was an interim class which means three hours a day every day for three weeks. This was the last class of the day in this pit and let out last in this wing of the building. It all played into my hand.

I thought that I might use the long class period to tease him a bit so as to make him more receptive to my advances later. I ran my pencil over the expanse of my bosom occasionally letting it slip under the shirt reveling yet more of my double-D breasts. All the while the notebook in my lap pushed the hem of the skirt up little by little. I knew that he noticed because he would continue to glance in my direction and a few times he lost his concentration and had to consult his notes.

At last the class was over and the room emptied quickly as usual except for those with questions. I lingered while putting my things away until I was the last one there. I walked the few steps up to him and said "Oh, professor, I have a few questions for you."

"Yes, of course. What can I help you with?" Outwardly, he was calm and collected, but I noticed his breath increasing in frequency and depth.

"I noticed that you said something about many of the sexual norms being shattered by today's standards. Would that include situations of liaisons between social status?"

"Oh, yes. In fact..." I cut him off and took a step closer. "Even leaps over various age gaps?"

At this time I was directly in front of him and had tilted my head down so as to be looking up at him through my eyelashes. I bit my lower lip in a sultry way and lifted my fingertips to lightly brush his arm. He looked at a loss to what to say.

"If you have no answer for me, let me answer myself. I think that ... pairings between ages is not only acceptable, but favorable. I think that a young women would have much to gain from the company of a slightly older man, and I can guarantee that the man would not lose anything in the bargain." I moved in closer yet so that I was pressed against him.

He moved back slightly and cleared his throat and replied, "Diane, you may think that you want to be with me, but I can assure you that it just an" I stopped him again, this time by putting my hand to his lips. I smiled, there was no denying it now. I could feel his willingness as I pressed my thigh to his groin.

"Professor, I am not fishing for grades, I am not a sexaholic who bangs anything on two legs, and I am not trying to get with you for the novelty. In fact, fail me on principal if you want, but please don't deny me the chance to pleasure you. I won't tell anyone and you don't have to do anything. Just let me..."

I trailed off as I slid to my knees, hand trailing down his chest to rest on his hips. My face rested in front of his straining fly. Still looking up at him, I slowly unzipped his pants and reached inside to pullout his pulsing cock. I caught my breath, it was magnificent, long and thick. I was right too, the penis sat rooted in a bed of fiery red hair.

My tongue slithered out from between my lips and took the swollen head into my mouth. I was proud of my tongue's abilities and I went to work now with aggressive efforts. Flicking my tongue, bobbing my head, twisting my hands, and all the while reveling in the feeling of such a mature cock in my mouth. So filling, so exhilarating. I moaned in ecstasy. I knew that my friends were wrong to tease me for my renowned attraction to older men.

It wasn't long before he was clutching the table behind him for support, I slowed down a bit. I wanted to prolong this for as long as possible if he came we would be finished and he may never allow this to happen again, and that was something I could not have.

I let his member slip from my mouth and let the tip of his penis rest on the tip of my tongue. Then, while looking up into his eyes, I slowly lowered my mouth down his cock until the hairs at the bottom tickled my nose, and I held there for a moment then released took my much needed breath.

As I knelt there heaving for my breath, he lowered to his own knees and began to unbutton my shirt as I unbuttoned his . As he exposed my breasts, he moaned again and gently pushed me to my back and began to kiss my right breast and flick his tongue over the nipple as his left hand fondled the other one. It was my turn to gasp and clutch for support. His right hand materialized at the inside of my thigh and slowly ran up to meet my dripping lips.

I had never let a man touch me this way, though I had given my share of blow jobs. It always seemed as though those guys were mere boys and that I needed so much more from a man. Now a had it. He was everything that I needed and craved. I moaned again and opened my legs to invite him in. his fingers messaged my opening while his thumb found my clit. I cried out in wordless ecstasy. My fingers gripped his hair and I bit down on my lip.

"You're so fucking wet." He mumbled into my breast. I now knew exactly what I wanted.

"I want you inside me. Please I need you're huge cock deep inside me now."

He turned slightly and mounted me with the head of his cock resting at the my opening. With his mouth close to my ear he whispered "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" I whispered back in desperation.

He thrust, gently but firmly and met the resistance of my hymen and snapped it in one movement. He stopped and his eyes widened in shock as he looked into mine.

" You...but you're a...I didn't..."

"Yes." I whispered again. "Don't stop, I wouldn't have let you if I didn't want you."

He bought his head down to kiss me as he continued to thrust slowly with long, firm strokes. He soon began to increase his speed until I could feel a swelling of his cock as he prepared to pull out. I grabbed his buttocks and pulled him back inside me.

"I want you to come inside me. I want you to fill me up with your seed."

He needed no further encouragement . I was so close to my own climax that with each thrust I cried out louder and louder until finally "ADAM!!" I screamed as my body convulsed with the violence of my orgasm while at the same time he exploded inside me releasing dose after dose of his hot cum.

He then collapsed on top of me and we both lay there heaving with the exertion of our act. After a moment he rolled off me and lay at my side with his hand resting on my belly.

"Now what?" he asked. I pushed myself up onto an elbow and leaned in to kiss him.

"Now I go back to my dorm room to do my homework for tomorrow's lesson." I stood up and began to dress.

He sat up and watched me and said, "Chapter five."

I turned as I was about to leave and smiled in a very sultry manner. "Yeah, that one too."

To be continued...

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