tagNon-EroticHistory of the Sha Mi Zen Harems

History of the Sha Mi Zen Harems


In our year of 21, after the first war with the Purists was over, Marietta Chin saw an opportunity for a whole new market, which she called harems.

At this time prostitution was done by free lance individuals to provide their services to the busy men and women, which their jobs didn't allow for any time to socialize.

Marietta was Moasabai, and she was a fisher in the ocean to the West. She had an amazing talent which only her friends knew about. She developed a formula based on certain mannerisms, and body language.

This formula allowed her to know what would drive her male and female friends wild by releasing their darkest desires and bringing them to life.

Marietta Chin wasn't given this like the Hart's intelligence and creative imaginations. She learned it, and because she learned it, she knew she could teach it.

At the very beginning, Marietta only had 12 Moasabai females who came on board with her plan, so she had to work with what she had. As an opportunistic business woman, she decided to train all twelve of these Moasabai girls and present them to the most effective client, the King himself, Plagius Parsons.

This was working with what she had, but the code of conduct wasn't established yet. This code, as well as Marietta's formula of Sha Mi Zen behavior are still used today in harems all across the galaxy.

When Marietta went to write down the code of conduct, she would think of every possible situation which would come up, and how to keep professional with these situations.

Marietta was a genius in her understanding of the Sha Mi Zen psychology. She came up with these guidelines to keep clients happy, and the harem members themselves happy.

Rule number one, all harem members must be bisexual. For if a straight man is chosen by a gay man, then he is upstream without a paddle. You never know what your client shall choose, thus if every member can have sex with both, then it doesn't matter where they end up.

Rule number two, Your client is always to be referred to as Master, and as master, what they ask is your first priority. This is actually done for the harem members benefit, though the clients will love it.

Why it's for your benefit is because you will not become attached to someone who you call master. So when the client will get tired of you and trade you in, it will be nothing but business completed.

Rule number three, a harem's home shall be with their masters, or master. This is done so we can be there to provide for our clients at anytime they will call for it.

Rule number four, we shall appoint certain members of the harem to be the head mistress, or the head don. These members are responsible for the inner problems of the harem.

So our clients don't have to worry about this. Those individuals will be who is most professional in all manners pertaining to our business. They will take concerns seriously, and come up with the appropriate solution, without any client involvement.

Rule number five, a contract shall be drafted between the head mistress, or head don and the client. Contracts must include a schedule of time off for each harem member.

These contracts shall be flexible to the client's needs, so it isn't bound to a single need. Because people are different, to provide the very best, we must listen to our clients and be able to meet their own individual needs.

Rule number six, clients come first. The last rule, but the most important. So, those clients who shall have you entertain their guests, this rule of thumb applies.

The guests shall be secondary, it is first priority to find out your master's needs. When their needs are met, then the guests. So certain priorities exist and would not have to be explained by clients.

Now, how Marietta was able to find success was these rules for making harems appealing to clients. But, if you have a whole lot of clients but no harem members themselves, it's useless.

Marietta understood this, and knew that she needed to create a sensational image of these twelve Moasabai who volunteered and believed in her idea.

To make joining a harem appealing, was a matter of playing on vanity. She trained her first twelve, to be seductive and captivating with every detail.

She knew it was most important to capture the Sha Mi Zen people's imagination and curiosity in respect of wanting to be as beautiful, elegant and graceful as what they just witnessed.

The first twelve harem females became just that, and we're the fore runners of every harem member to come.

To make this appealing she used what talents these girls possessed. Three of them were very flexible, one of them could play a harp, another could sing.

Two of them could draw, and another thought in poetic views.

The remaining four had no talent to speak of, but she focussed on just giving them the job of observers. Taking in each and every detail into the understanding of their formula.

Marietta Chin, had a planned out a rehearsal to perform for King Plagius Parsons. She wanted to capture the vain in this rehearsal as well.

So the King became the first target, however Marietta found a way to showcase them to both.

The rehearsed play type program was for the King, but Shi Mui, was the chosen, head mistress. She was very flexible, and would be performing as a dancer.

The four girls would play as comical parts to the rehearsal, but they had small roles so they could observe for the game after the rehearsal was done.

In this game Shi Mui would guess the audiences favorite, for this game, each girl was given a number. Shi, being 1, all the way to 12. So the audience would write down the number of their favorite.

Marietta was counting on the King's curiosity, knowing they needed his approval. Which she was right, Plagius Parsons thought this game was a good idea.

Shi Mui was very charismatic and used the information gathered by those four girls. This way she could focus on her routine. While they done this research for the game.

Noone else could do this, but Shi Mui. She made funny comments directed at finding male members. Which they didn't have a single one. So appealing to a sense of chivalry, she wanted to plant the idea in some men's minds.

This was brilliant because it worked very well. But, onto the game in which fifty seven men and about thirteen women participated in.

Shi Mui must guess everyone's favorite. Each of these women knew of the importance that Shi Mui getting everyone of them right. Risky, but the payoff would be tremendous. Being that now Sha Mi Zen will want to join to learn how she knew people so well.

However getting only one wrong would just have made this ordinary, not impressive at all. Failure would have been the undoing of all they worked so hard for.

Well, harems are around and thriving today, because Shi Mui was completely right on every single one of them. And this is where the seventh rule came in.

See, the six rules were what Marieatta Chin came up with, but the brown nosing traitor, Satin Brimm, wanting to win the King's approval added on that you may only have twelve, for no man or woman should have more than the King.

So the seventh rule was written in their code.

Still to this day, though some rules have changed throughout the years, but the maximum number is twelve. Current rules go by whether they would be used exclusively, which you only get four.

But, for those who will use them in a party for entertaining their guests can get the maximum number of twelve, if they do choose.

Tragically, Marietta Chin lost her life in the uprising lead by Ann Berlin. She died in battle at Fort Prague.

Noone knows the identity of the others, just the two mentioned are known.

Shi Mui also died in service. The second war with the Purists.

Thirteen women believed in a dream which became a thriving business. Harems helps so many Sha Mi Zen throughout our known galaxy.

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