Looking around she picks up her holdall and heads off down the road. No money to her name and the only possessions were the shorts and t-shirt and sandals she was wearing and the few in her holdall. Taking the sunglasses out of her top pocket and placing them over her eyes she wonders where her life is going.

Hearing a cars engine getting closer she sticks her thumb out and prays its a dear old granny or at least a woman that stops, if at all the car stops. It went sailing past her, she sighs with a heavy heart and carries on walking.

The next few cars did exactly the same and she was about to give up hope when a truck pulls up beside her. Looking inside she sees the driver is a man in His 40's, he smiles at her and she opens the door and jumps in. Placing her holdall in the back she looks him over and decides if he tries anything she would be able to fend him off.

Looking him over she decides that for an older guy he was very sexy and good looking. He looks at her and their eyes meet, quickly she looks away.

"W here to?" he asks as he starts of again down the road.

"Next town along if that's ok." she tries to sound like she knew where she was going but really she didn't have a clue.

"Sure thing." He smiles and turns to face the road.

Settling back into the seat she does up her seat belt and tries to relax, his choice in music was not hers but who was she to complain. A smile forms across her face as the song changes and he starts to join in, glancing over at him she realises that he was singing as if she was not there.

When the song finishes he suddenly remembers he has company, looking over at her he grins.

"My apologies for my outburst" He laughs "Been awhile since I've had company in here."

"Not a problem," she smiles" made me smile."

She heard him mutter something under his breathe and could swear she heard him say something about a sexy slut. Did he mean her? She pondered if to ask him what he had said but thought better of it.

He moves slightly in his seat, damn why had he picked her up? He was hungry and pent up, He needed to take his frustration and hunger out on something or someone. Gripping hold of the steering wheel he tries desperately to focus on the road ahead, but all he can think of is driving to the next lay-by and using her body to feed his hunger.

The next lay-by was coming up close, if he was going to do anything he had best make it quick. Glancing over at her he knew she would be perfect to vent a little pent up frustration on. He pulls off the road at the lay-by and down a dirt track, pulling over he looks at her. She sits looking at him, her hands clasped in her lap.

"Listen there's only one way you will leave this area in one piece. That way is to co-operate with everything I say. Afterwards I promise to set you free. Understand?" he undoes both seat belts.

She nods her head and opens her mouth to say yes but nothing comes out so she closes her mouth again. He reaches across her and opens the glove compartment and pulls out some cable ties, as he straightens up his hand brushes against her naked thigh. Taking a cable tie in his hand he grabs her hands and wraps the cable around her wrists pulling it tight as he threads the tongue through the ratchet.

She lets out a loud cry as he pulls it so tight it cuts slightly into her flesh. He gets out the car and opens her door, dragging her out he pushes her up against the truck. Grabbing at her shorts he roughly pulls them down over her thighs, ripping her panties of her body. Holding the panties he takes her chin between his thumb and finger and yanks her mouth open, ramming the panties into her mouth laughing as she gags.

He rubs His fingers down over her pussy, pushing his fingers through her pussy lips and thrusting them roughly in side her. Splaying his fingers as he thrusts them in and out, pushing them deeper and harder each time. Her muffled moans making him ram his fingers in harder and deeper, removing them he lifts them to his mouth and sucks on them.

Dragging her down the dirt track towards a clearing, he pushes her over to a lone tree. The tree has part of a sawn off branch sticking out, he lifts her hands up and rests her bound wrists on the branch. He searches round and finds some rope, threading it around the tree and her ankles spreading her legs wide. Her mumbles getting louder, her eyes bulging wide as she writhes to break free.

Raising his hand he brings it down on her left breast, then her right one watching as his hand print forms on them. He smacks each one five times, then dips his head and flicks his tongue over the red flesh. Unbuckling his belt he slides the buckle over her tits and down over her stomach. Folding the belt in half he raises his hand and brings the belt down on her right breast, watching her bodies reaction and listening to her muffled screams as the tears trickle down her cheeks. He lifts the belt again and brings it down on her left breast, he dips his head and flicks his tongue over the red welts that were starting to rise.

He reaches in his pocket and pulls out two more cable ties, wrapping them round each breast and pulling them fairly tightly grinning as he watches them start to change colour. Taking hold of his belt again he brings it down five times on each breast, then twice on each nipple. As he darts his tongue over her coloured flesh, sucking on her hard nipples he thrusts two fingers between her pussy lips and deep inside her.

Ramming his fingers in and out, rubbing his thumb tip against her clit feeling her pussy spasm as she cums on his fingers. Lifting them to his mouth he sucks of her juices. Standing slightly back he takes hold of his belt and brings it down over and over on her stomach and thighs laying it just above and below her pussy. Coiling the belt around his hand till just the buckle is left he taps it over her pussy lips, each tap getting harder and leaving an imprint on her pussy.

His cock hard and throbbing in his trousers he decides its time to relieve the rest of his pent up frustration. Untying her legs and releasing her hands from the tree branch he drags her to the front of his truck. Spreading her legs and tying them to the front wheel arches then her hands he unzips his jeans and releases his cock. Guiding it to the tip of her pussy he thrusts deep inside her, pushing his thick hard cock deep in her. Reaching round he starts to pinch and pull at her clit as he thrusts hard and deep into her.

Her body grinding hard against his truck with each thrust, her moans muffled but still loud as he pulls out and spreads her ass cheeks. With one thrust he enters her ass and starts to fuck it hard and deep. Roughly thrusting his body hard against hers, filling her tight ass with his cock. With each hard thrust he lifts her body up slightly up on the bonnet of his truck, the ropes digging into her flesh. Lifting his hand he brings it down several times on each of her ass cheeks leaving his hand print on each one.

Digging his nails into her hips as he thrusts faster and deeper, he then drags his nails down over her back as he pulls out her ass and cums over it. Thrusting his fingers inside her wet pussy he starts to ram them in and out hard and deep. Her body ramming against the truck as her body shudders and spasms as she cums again. Untying her legs and hands and cutting of the cable ties her carries her limp body onto the back seat of his truck.

Driving off he decides this girl would be his, his to take out his frustrations and desires on in the future.

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