Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kill Me


She moved up and down on James' cock as he was seated at the edge of the bed and gripped her hips and pushed down each time she rose up on his cock. She gyrated on his cock as he drew her in close and tilted her head back as he nibbled on right hand side of her neck whilst he pushed her long hair to the side to expose her neck. He then relinquished his grip from her neck and lay back which allowed her to continue her wild up and down motion as she took his cock in out of her now soaked pussy.

The sensations going through Cane's mind was still focussed on the mission as his guard was still up and the only thing missing was his clothes. The distraction that seemed to be going through Gold's mind was clear to see. A link seems to be forming between sexual activity and the effectiveness of the neural hub which seem clear that it was implanted within the heads of the Von Clausewitz's top women.

Emma then stood up and gestured James to move all the way onto the bed. She then straddled him and slowly lowered her pussy on to James' throbbing cock. She moved down all the way to the base and up again stopping just short at the tip, not wanting to get off his cock at that moment in time.

She placed the palms of her hands behind her to steady herself. She seemed eager for an orgasm and began to slowly arch her back as it crept ever closer, gathering pace. The orgasm then emerged suddenly. Emma then lifted off James' cock as her pussy juices began to squirt from her vagina. It dripped over James' cock and onto the sheets.

She still wanted more and get back onto his cock and went at it with a little more ferocity and it quite clearly show in her wild movements and vocal reactions to the sensations flowing through her veins. James then got up and their eyes met as their bodies continued to intertwine. Emma continued to moan loudly shouting approval, profanity and equal measure.

They two of them inched ever closer to the end of the bed. James then placed his feet on the floor and stood up and proceeded to fuck Emma vertically. It inched him and Emma to orgasm as they fucked away. Soon though they climaxed and in unison. The remained standing as the orgasm raced through both of them.

"Well it seems you were a good choice, Mr Marx."

"I am glad you enjoyed it Ms Gold."

Gold slide off Cane's cock and some of their bodily fluids dripped onto the floor. Gold walked to the bathroom and the door slid shut behind her. Cane then quickly grabbed his clothes and got himself dressed. He then tore a bit of the fabric off the inside of his jacket to reveal a pouch which masked the presence of his gun to the metal detectors as he entered the museum. He pulled his favourite .45 pistol and a suppressor.

He had his gun loaded and aimed at the door which he now stood directly in front of; he saw the silhouette of the woman and fired his gun five times into her chess. The glass shattered and she hit the floor gasping for air as she began to drown in blood which was filling her lungs.

She drew her last breath and her head dropped to the side and she was dead. Cane then turned to the window which he remembered was two-way mirror as he came in, he also noticed a guard walk right past the window in a relaxed manner; this notified him that the room was sound proof.

Cane then noticed the computer sitting on a desk and knew it would have important information. He perused through it and found files regarding the neural hub technology and the numbers of implanted terrorists and bank accounts to fund their reign of terror.

He slipped out of his pocket an encrypted drive and then plugged it into the computer and began to syphon every last bit of data onto it. After finishing the download, cane found a program which linked to the neural hubs all security in the complex. He over rode the system and they all collapsed from brain haemorrhaging. Cane then grabbed his gun and made his way out. Bodies were all around on the floor and he reached the stairs and made his way up them. He hid his weapon back inside the pouch and walked out, it was quiet and the tour group had long since departed. He made his way out side and into the Range Rover. He made a call on an encrypted line direct to General Harding.

"Gold has been eliminated; I have also gathered extra intel." Cane said.

"Good work Cane is there anything else." Harding replied.

"Gold's computer had an override switch which killed all the guards." Cane said to Harding.

"I see, well we must stop them, you must stop them, the next target, Catherine Kant is Von Clausewitz's personal weapons supplier. She is in Munich a plane is waiting at the airport."

"Understood General, Cane out."

Cane then fired up the engine and headed off to the airport. The sun had begun to set and darkness slowly began to engulf the dim cloud filled sky. It soon completely dark by the time he reached the airport night was well and truly upon the land.

The plane fired up and Cane was soon on his way to Germany for his next target Dr Robyn Pearce. That woman had trained every terrorist and operated the equipment not to mention surgically implanting the neural hubs which served as Von Clausewitz's personal kill switch.

The plane soon landed at Munich airport. He got off the plane and headed to the car provided for him a Porsche 911 Turbo S. It would just be the tool to get to the target. Cane knew sex with this target would be unlikely as she was a lesbian and reserved a seething hatred for men. She had even murdered her own father for merely raising his voice. When her mother objected she murdered her as well thus single-handedly making herself an orphan yet she felt no pity or remorse.

I joined the autobahn and let loose hitting about 300 kilometres per hour (186 miles per hour) the night sky was still and the lights illuminating the derestricted highway whizzed by. Cane soon spotted the off ramp and slowed as he exited the highway. He soon reached the designated meeting spot. He stepped out his car and produced a cigarette which he then lit and began to puff away. Soon though a figure approached.

"Agent Cane," a distinctively German voice pierced through the darkness.

"Yes, and you are?" Cane responded.

"Agent Maria Padberg, German secret service," she said as she stepped into the light. She was fair skinned with blonde shoulder length hair about 5' 8" tall.

She produced from her jacket a docket folded in half and placed it on the bonnet of the car which was illuminated by the street light cane had parked it under. Padberg opened the docket to reveal the target Dr Robyn Pearce, she had black hair and a pales expressionless face which may have been the last thing many an unfortunate soul would gaze upon in their dying moments.

"She will be exiting this premises in about five minutes," Padberg said as she pointed to the building across the street. She then picked up the docket and retreated into the darkness and without saying a single word.

Cane then reached for his gun holstered to his left side. A semi-automatic custom pistol he had been issued on the flight. He got back into the car and waited. Like clockwork the target then began to drive out of the building. The street briefly illuminated her face as she drove past it.

She then roared off and Cane had to follow. He cranked his car into life and set off in hot pursuit. His skilful driving soon put him behind and she was travelling at a high rate of speed but he was more than able to keep up. Cane hit the switch and the electric window slide down quickly and cane proceeded to stick out his left hand which grasped his pistol and aimed at the tires. He took his time and managed to concentrate despite the high rate of speed they were travelling down a deserted back road.

Cane exhaled gently and squeezed the trigger. The bullet went straight and true and struck her left rear tire and her car swung violently to the left and proceeded to flip over three time before landing on the wheels bashed and broken with the horn blaring as Pearce's body had slumped over the steering wheel.

Cane slowly approached the car with his pistol still in hand. He used his free hand to pull Pearce's body back against the seat. She seemed to be heavily injured but alive. Blood sputtered from her mouth as her coughs were filled with blood and her winces laced with pain.

She coughed something Cane couldn't quite hear before used her last once of strength to say "Time to die." She then pulled a pin from a grenade that was hidden in her lap and the distinctive sound to the mechanism releasing and the grenade now about to explode. Cane lunged away from the car as fast as his honed reflexes allowed and barely made it out of the zone of the blast.

Doctor Pearce's once pristine Mercedes E63 AMG had become a smouldering hulk of metal, rubber and plastic. Cane got up of the ground and dusted remnants of the blast off him and made his way to the wreck to say scattered body parts of Pearce in around the flaming car he then got back to his car. He got in and left the scene. He got through a call to headquarters and they arranged for the clean-up.

Cane got to the Munich safe house and got a call through to the general.

"Well Cane seems there is only one person standing in your way, Anna Von Clausewitz. I have arranged a little care package, you'll find it on the bed. Also driving to the location would be easier. It would seem Von Clausewitz has radar posts over Italy and as such would pick up our jet immediately. You need to change vehicles and you'll find keys in a draw at the base of the statue in the hallway of the safe house, good luck James, get that bitch not just for England but the world, over and out."

Cane proceeded to have a shower and clean himself up and readied his mind and body for the final kill. He walked into the bedroom and then proceeded to get dressed; he put on the Kevlar provided to him and checked the weapons on the bed. He was now armed and grabbed the grenade belt and slung it over his shoulders.

He headed to the statue and retrieved the keys, it was for a Ferrari. He gathered the gear and headed to the garage. He flicked the light switch on and fluorescent lights illuminated a black Ferrari 458 Spider. Cane opened the luggage compartment upfront and then placed his gear inside and shut the lid. He then got in and cranked the engine over. It roared into life giving a distinctive Italian V8 growl. Cane hit the switch and the metal roof began to disappear behind him. "I hope they let me keep this one," Cane thought to himself before refocusing on the mission and then opening the garage door and driving out.

Cane joined the Autobahn and made a straight dash to the Italian border. He arrived in good time as the sun began its daily ascent over the European continent. The Italian border came and went her noted he was about 100 kilometres (62 miles) away from the mansion. He remembered all the targets and the kills as he drove through the Italian countryside, something made him feel a little uneasy but he thought it best to subdue such thoughts.

After a hard and fast drive he soon arrived near the mansion. He parked his car in a secluded spot and prepared his weapons. The sun was beginning to rise and a quick in and out would be necessary. Cane hid in the bushes and then pulled out his binoculars and monitored the situation.

Two guards at the gate and a turret above a security station. The fence seemed unpatrolled. Just then a car pulled up and stopped at the gate. The security was guards preoccupied. Cane made a dash for the wall and quickly threw a grappling hook over the top and began to climb. He peered over the fence saw that all was clear. He looked down with his night vision to check for censors up against the fence. He spotted them and jumped to avoid them. He landed on the grass and turned to see the sensors undisturbed.

Cane sneaked to a back of the massive mansion, it lead into the kitchen which had its lights switched off. He had his suppressed pistol drawn and ready to kill. He first made his way up the stairs and checked the bedrooms, they were all empty. He then went back downstairs and found a closed door. He then opened it and found a stair case leading into the basement. He walked down and found an underground base of sorts.

Cane made his way to the cryo chamber and found Diane Von Clausewitz encased in a glass pod. She was nude within the chamber. He knew he had to take out her mother first. So he made his way deeper into the base and found a room with a large double door which seemed to be the one he was looking for, the one with the final target behind those doors.

Cane checked the door and quickly opened it and tossed a flash bang inside. He then tossed a gas grenade in before entering with his gas mask and thermal vision. He found the body of what appeared to be Von Clausewitz incapacitated. He then waited for the smoke to clear and checked the body. It was not her, she had put a double in her place. Cane decided to snuff her and carried on his search.

A bullet then flew past in close proximity to Cane's skull. He quickly turned and returned fire, but the figure dashed behind the wall.

Then a voice shouted "Agent Cane, You came here to kill me, but I have a suggestion."

"Anna Von Clausewitz, we meet at last," Cane shouted back.

Anna then peered from behind the door and revealed herself to be wearing armour and a face mask. It would be pointless to shoot at her.

"How about we settle this with fists as opposed to bullets Agent Cane."

"Certainly, but put your gun down."

"Same time Agent Cane."

They then both put their guns down and kicked them into a corner. Anna got in a cheap shot and James retaliated but missed. Anna got another shot into his ribs; she seemed to be having the upper hand.

"You fucked my lieutenants, those useless bitches, I'm glad they are dead." Anna gloated.

Cane then grabbed her around the neck and attempted to incapacitate her.

"You betrayed them didn't you; let me kill them so you would not have to do it yourself." Cane said as he kept her in a head lock.

Anna lean backed and then both of them tipped onto the floor. The fall broke James' grip and Anna got up and lunged for her gun James grabbed her leg and sent her face first into the floor. This broke her nose and then blood began to leak from her face. James then pulled out the knife he had hidden on his person and plunged it into her upper back. She let out a blood curdling cry as the knife went into her body.

James then leaped to the other end of the room and grabbed Anna's gun a Desert Eagle and turned quickly to fire a shot into Anna's chest but not before she threw the knife that had been lodged in her back moments earlier. The knife hit James in the left leg just after he had fired the shot which brought Anna down. James pulled out the knife and tossed it aside.

He aimed the gun at Anna's head and squeezed the trigger he then tossed the gun on the ground. She was now dead, Cane, moved in closer and noticed the neural hub implanted in her now exposed brain. The bullet just missed it and Cane decided to remove and destroy it. He felt it too dangerous for anyone to have, himself included.

He checked the screens which showed footage from the security cameras. The guards at the gate were dead and all other guards at the other station were dead as well. The rumours were now fact, Cane felt glad he had destroyed it; he also deactivated the turret at the gate. He then checked through the computer and found the cryo chambers control. He found it relatively easy to control and somehow was a bit surprised as there were no passwords need, user restrictions at all. It seemed as though she anticipated this computer to be used by no one other than herself.

Cane pulled out a first aid kit out of his pack and bandaged up his leg. He then headed to the cryo chamber all he had to do was press the button to initialise the deactivation of the cryo chamber. He pushed the buttons, a revolving red light came on and the process began.

"Please note subject will remain asleep for 36 more hours after cryo deactivation."

Cane got in a call to General Harding.

"General, it's over Anna Von Clausewitz is dead."

"Cane you have done a great service to the world."

"I have also secured her daughter."

"Well done Agent, I'm sending over a cleaning crew, Cane are you injured?"

"Just a few scratches General nothing to worry about."

Cane then picked up Von Clausewitz daughter and carried her out of the chamber. He headed back to the room were the body of Von Clausewitz lay. He placed her on the bed and then checked the doors to find a closet. He found one and grabbed a trench coat out of it. Cane put the coat onto her and carried her out. He found an elevator which took him to the garage. It was full of luxury and performance cars. Cane made his way past them and then opened the garage door.

The lights flashed as the clean-up team arrived. A familiar figure walked up towards me.

"Agent Padberg, we meet again."

"Indeed Agent Cane, my apologies for leaving you abruptly earlier, had some other business to attend to myself."

"Quite alright Agent, If you'll excuse me I must take her to the medical facility."

"Carry on Agent."

The clean-up filtered through the gates, attempting to pick up every bit of intelligence possible. Cane was uncertain whether or not all other individuals connected to the hub had been killed when Anna Von Clausewitz died.

He got back to his car he placed Diane Von Clausewitz in the passenger seat. He then got behind the wheel and fired up the engine and began the drive to the medical centre. Soon enough he was there and handed over Diane Von Clausewitz to the medical staff for treatment.

Cane was satisfied, his mission was now done and a two month holiday waited. He stepped outside and headed to his car, he pulled out a cigar from the glove box. He then light up and enjoyed the aroma of the lit tobacco.

"Agent Cane, is it mission accomplished?"

"Indeed it is Agent Padberg, here take a look."

Agent Cane handed her his phone with a breaking news clip which showed terrorists the world over dying.

"So, would you like to get something to eat?

"Sure I could eat, Agent Cane."

James then opened the door for the Maria and she stepped inside. James then got behind the wheel and started up the engine. They went off to a small café to have breakfast. They conversed and enjoyed one another's company.

"Well it is most likely time for me to get some sleep."

"I have an apartment nearby, we could go there."

John tossed her the keys and said "Here you drive."

Soon they arrived at Maria's apartment; it was within a small Italian town nestled in the countryside. Maria parked the car and then they made their way to the apartment and went inside. They apartment's interior was in stark contrast to the renaissance architecture a very modern and plush interior awaited.

They were both tired and decided to head to the bedroom. As soon as their heads hit the pillow they drifted off to sleep.

(The Next Day)

Maria awoke before James and decided to surprise him. She pulled back the covers and unbuckled his pants. She then got his cock and began to suck it ever so gently. Soon after some time James awoke and was treated to the sight of Maria sucking his cock.

She continued to suck and fondle his balls with the tips of her fingers. She continued until James let loose and shot his load into her mouth. It most certainly was a great way to start the day.

"Let me make you some breakfast."

Maria then quickly went into the bathroom for some Listerine. She then headed to the kitchen sans clothing and began to prepare breakfast for the both of them. James then joined Maria in the kitchen just as she was finishing up. James too decided to forego clothing for the morning.

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