tagLesbian SexHolding Out For a Hero Ch. 02

Holding Out For a Hero Ch. 02


When Sasha Met Kat

Well here I am again. Just to keep you updated, I have been out on a few dates with Sasha. I discovered that she was training to be a ballerina in Moscow, but as it was she developed a little too much. That is, she got too tall and her breasts got too big for her to be considered a professional dancer. Now I don't know about you, but I like her breasts exactly as they are, beautifully rounded, firm but at the same time soft. I like it when she falls asleep and I just watch them bobbing up and down with her breathing. And as for how they look when... Actually, let's just put that on the back burner. I can feel myself getting distracted, and I'm sure you don't want a chapter dedicated to Sasha's breasts.

So, leaving Sasha's body to one side for a moment, this chapter begins in my final lecture at the Brighton University. I have finished my Digital Graphic Design degree course, which I hope will net me some work with a game dev company. Our class lecturer is a really cool guy and he was just giving us a farewell chat. My laptop was open in front of me and I was just laughing at the old joke. 'How many software engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?' Answer, 'None that's a hardware issue.' When a message window pops up on my screen from Sasha.

Little Kitty Kat.

I am outside in the car waiting for you to go and celebrate.

Sasha. Xxx

I smiled to myself and think of how sweet of her to think of that. Then a picture downloaded to follow it.

It was a selfie of Sasha sitting in her car. Her coat was open, as was her usual white shirt revealing a rather sexy looking white lace bra with her nipples peeping over the cups. In other words, I had a glorious full screen picture of my honey, practically topless on my laptop. While I was in class.

Needless to say I closed it as fast as I could. Even so I still heard a few gasps and a soft wolf whistle from some of the boys behind me. My cheeks immediately began to burn with the embarrassment.

A voice behind me whispered. "Whoa, that's a hot girlfriend you've got there Kat. Nice catch."

I twisted around in my seat, blushing madly. I hadn't got a clue what I was going to say, the thought of denial or saying it was a prank flew through my head. Then I saw the mixed looks of approval and envy off some the guys and one or two of the girls.

Oddly for me, the feeling of shame drained away and was replaced by one of pride. Hell yes I had a real cutie as a girlfriend, even if I was a skinny gamer geek with glasses. Although to be fair, that description fitted most of my class.

Half an hour later I walked out on to the carpark. The sun was shining and I had the echoes of Alice Cooper's Schools Out playing in my head. My canvas laptop bag was slung over my shoulder and I was looking forward to seeing Sasha, as a lot of my recent free time had been taken up with my studies.

Across the carpark four of the Sports Science students were gathered in a lose group around a tall blonde figure leaning against a red car. My first thoughts were to wait and hope the crowd dispersed. Then that feeling of reckless pride crept up behind me, and in a few seconds, it had pounced on my shyness, beaten it senseless and shoved it in a bag out of the way.

I ran my hand through my untidy hair, with the thought that it would now look glamorous, because that always works in the movies, and I strode towards my beautiful girlfriend with what I hoped was a confident smile painted on my face.

The four boys (when I say boys, they were all around the same age as me, but I still categorise them as boys, because let's be honest, there are many thirty-year-old plus boys out there.) were all flexing their muscles, trying to get the attention of Sasha, who was basically ignoring them.

She was wearing the standard white cotton shirt and a black skirt that came to mid-thigh, allowing a few inches of pale skin before the top of her long leather boots. Her hands were thrust in to the pockets of a casual red leather jacket. As I approached the glacial ice blue eyes, that I knew were hidden behind a pair of dark round sunglasses, fixed on to me, and she lent off the car and moved to meet me, doing that super sexy walk. You know, the one she did in her bedroom where crossed one leg in front of the other, it made her hips sway a little and those sensational boobies of hers jiggle suggestively.

Four pairs of eyes followed her behind as it bounced around in that little black skirt. I think we fell in to each other's arms as our lips came together. I say 'think' because thing went a little hazy as we kissed. I can honestly say that I have never wanted someone so much, in all my life as I wanted her at that moment in time.

When we parted, after what felt like an hour, I was breathless and my legs had gone all wobbly. I also ended up with her spearmint gum in my mouth, but you possibly don't want to hear that.

I must admit I allowed myself a smile of satisfaction as we got in her car and the boys faces turned green with envy.

"Where are we heading?" I asked as Sasha started the car.

"I thought I would take you shopping, then nice meal. After that, we go to my place and you can show me how good you can make Skyrim on PC."

The prospect of an afternoon with my lover was great, the shopping I could pass on, but the meal would be nice, our first romantic date. Then follow that by an evening gaming. Awesome.

We made the jump to light speed around ten meters from the carpark. Maybe one day I will get used to her driving, until then I'll stick to the usual coping mechanism of holding on to the door handle and screaming. No offence Sasha, but your driving is a near death experience.

Sasha left the Millennium Falcon outside her uncle's house and we walked back to town. I had dumped my laptop to save me carrying it around, after I had saved that picture as my new desktop image that is.

As we approached the main shopping area I asked a question that was on my mind.

"Why are we going shopping, and what are we getting?"

An arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me in close.

"I'm treating you to some new clothes Kitty Kat. I thought you may want to dress up for me tonight."

Now I know my wardrobe isn't exactly well stocked, especially in the sexy little number range, but I was a little offended at the thought that my stuff wasn't good enough for her.

I reacted in my normal way of going silent. Not that I was sulking, I just sometimes wonder what she sees in me.

"Hey little Kat." Sasha said as she stopped walking. "No sad face. We don't have to get clothing, I just thought you may enjoy having me spoil you a little."

See now this is the thing about Sasha. She has a lot of money, something I have never had, and she wants to buy me things. I do know she does it without malice and it is just her way, but it's almost like she doesn't know how to show affection with spending money.

I sighed. "I don't mind you buying me things Sash." I told her. "But you don't need to do that, I would love you if you were penniless."

What happened next was a total curve ball.

"But why do you love me Kat?" She asked, and I detected a slight tremor in her voice. My heart tore as I realised she was close to tears.

"Are you kidding me?" I managed to splutter when I finally got my mouth under control. "You are so beautiful and caring. No one has ever been as kind to me as you are."

I could actually see tears rolling out from under her dark glasses.

"But you are clever and funny. You have dainty little body, not big Zhirafa one like mine."

The penny dropped in my head. And I admit, it did have a long way to fall. I had been so blind. There I was so wrapped up in wondering why she would want to love me, when all along the very things that made me insecure, were the same things that made me attractive to her. And just as importantly, it worked both ways, the things that made her self-conscious I found a sexy as hell.

I raised myself up on to my tiptoes and planted a kiss on her beautiful lips.

"You are a funny bunny Sasha. I worship every inch of your perfect body."

Her arms encircled me once more and I gasped as she squeezed me so tightly I couldn't breathe.

"Do you really mean that Kitty Kat?" She asked as her mascara left black smudges across her pale cheeks.

I just closed my eyes and inhaled her scent. Jasmine laced with sexual deviancy. "You will always be my guardian angel."

"One more question." She said as I wiped the smudges away. "What is funny bunny?"

I had to think fast for a few seconds. "Like a rabbit that's really cute and cuddly." I said doing a fair impression of a rabbit hopping up and down.

Sasha stepped back and watched my bunny impression, a grin spreading across her face. "I think I like funny bunnies." And she giggled a little.

"Well this bunny is ready for you to buy some new clothes for her." I told her as I bunny hopped down the road.

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when she steered me in to All Saints. Personally, I'd never walked through the door before, as I doubted I could afford the air, let alone the clothing. But I think it was Sasha's idea of being thrifty, as it wasn't one of the most expensive shops available.

Have you ever seen that film Pretty Lady? I know it isn't one on my usual watch list, as there are no Superhero's or Jedi mind warriors, but I have to confess I did watch it once. Well any way there is a scene in it where Julia Roberts, who plays a prostitute, goes in to a designer shop with Richard Gere's credit card to buy an outfit or something along those lines, like I said, I've seen it once. Anyhow the shop assistant refuses to serve her until Mr Gere shows up.

Well this was a little similar. We walked in to the shop and the assistant took one look at me then pretended I wasn't there as she approached Sasha.

Now there is one thing about my blonde bunny, she isn't one for asking advice off anyone. So as the assistant approached her, she blanked the sales assistant, took hold of my hand and half dragged me past rails of clothes to the changing rooms at the rear of the shop. Now these weren't like the changing rooms us lesser mortals are used to, you know, about two feet square with a curtain made of green tracing paper, and stops around two feet from the floor. No these were actual rooms. With doors. And space to bend over in without touching your behind on the freezing mirror.

Sasha was in bossy mode again. "Go in there and undress." She instructed.

There is something about Sasha when she gets bossy, not that she is dominates or anything, but she does say it in a manner that just makes you want to do exactly what she tells you to. I kid you not, it makes me go funny all over, and I have a very difficult time resisting.

As it is this time I did exactly what she told me to.

So, there I was standing in my rather plain and faded boy pants with a very unflattering, was once white but is now grey, bra and trying not to look at myself in the full length mirror.

Sasha's head popped around the door, and a frown creased her forehead.

"Why did you not undress?"

She wasn't being serious.

"Do you need help?" She added.

She really was being serious.

That queasy feeling washed over me again and made my knees go weak. Even though we had both been undressed with each other several times I was still a little bashful, and the thought of being nude in a shop changing room, meters from a busy street was having a very odd reaction inside me.

Shyly I undid my bra and dropped in on to the chair that was piled with my other stuff, then slipped off my pants and added them to the stack. I tried turning my back to her, but I ended up looking at my undressed form in the big mirror, and Sasha's smiled face as she shamelessly gazed at my rear. I quickly turned around again trying to cover myself as best as I could, but I knew she was still checking out my rear in the mirror.

"Is there any chance I can try something on, or are you just going to stare at me all day."

"I was thinking of taking your clothes and having naked little Kat at my mercy." Sasha said grinning wickedly. "I think I could get you to agree to anything if I did that."

At the point I think Brighton was rocked by a fairly major earthquake, as I am sure the ground bounced around under my feet and the entire changing room shifted sideways.

This was all extremely odd to me. I mean I had only just realised I was in to girls and not boys, now I was having a mad reaction to being naked and vulnerable with Sasha. It was like being in one of the stories I had found on the internet while doing some research in to lesbian relationships.

I decided I had to experiment and test exactly what it was that was making me feel this way. After all I wasn't complaining. It felt fantastic.

I half turned and scooped up my clothing off the chair. Then taking a really deep breath I held them out to Sasha to take.

Honestly, I am not sure who was more surprised out of the two of us that I did that.

Sasha hesitated for a split second, before reaching out and taking the bundle of clothing off me and withdrawing out of the changing room.

I remained rooted to the spot. My heart was thumping against my ribcage and I felt a little feint. The realisation of what I had just done ran over me like a high-speed train.

This all just felt so wrong. Standing naked in a shop changing room, now with every item of clothing I had worn in to the shop out of my reach and who knew where.

Warmth spread, radiating out from between my legs and touching every part of me. The little room spun again and I quickly sat down before I fell over. Now the sensation of the coolness of the chair against my bare skin sent me off down a different track and I shifted uneasily while at the same time, I relished the contact with my flesh.

The door eased open slightly and Sasha slipped in. She didn't have anything for me to try on. Or my own clothes.

She leaned against the door, her arms folded under her lovely breasts.

"Just when I think I have you figured out little Kat." She said. I think I detected a slight breathlessness in her voice. "Is this getting you sexy Kat?"

I was sat there my legs crossed and covering my small breasts with my hands. I could feel my face burning like it was on fire.

I managed a shy nod, not trusting my voice.

"I wonder what you would do if I told you, I had thrown your things in a bin outside."

The heat rose to steam level and I whimpered a little. A million pictures flashed through my mind. All involving me nude and at Sasha's mercy.

"Ah." She nodded. "That's what happens."

There was a quiet moment as thoughts flickered behind those crystal eyes.

"Now I have my own little naked Kitty Kat to play with." She mused. "What should I do with her?"

I'm going to be straight with you here. At that point I was fit to burst. I was enjoying being at Sasha's mercy and I wanted it to continue. I needed it to continue.

"I think I play dress up. I will find something to dress little Kitty in. Something that shows a lot of skin."

Another moment of thought.

"Or maybe a nice coat that hides your naked state, but we will still know."

The urge to touch myself was building faster than my resolve not to, and my nipples were very aware of my palms brushing against them with every breath I took.

"Or maybe I will just get a collar from the pet shop, so I can take Kitty for a walk as she is."

Now I am very embarrassed to say this... but I came there and then. No touching. Nothing. Just Sasha's words and my imagination.

It began in a sudden rush, not a gradual build up like I was used to. I just went from steam heat, to lava, to eruption in the space of a few seconds. Every bit of me went so sensitive that just contact with the air made me tip further over the edge. The image of Sasha leading me down the busy streets, naked apart from a collar and lead was painted firmly in my mind.

I was vaguely aware that my head rolled back as I closed my eyes and gave myself to the rush of euphoria. I could tell that my entire body was trembling like a leaf and I think I arched my back so sharply, my behind lifted clear of the chair. All I wanted at that point was for Sasha to take me in her arms and carry me off to the heaven I was experiencing.

I'm also fairly sure I may have screamed once or twice.

I knew that because when I came back down, Sasha's hand was covering my mouth gently and she kept saying "Hush."

Then I heard the voice of the shop assistant saying. "Is everything alright in there?"

Panic began its sprint through my body, quickly overtaking euphoria and crossed the finishing line way out in first place.

Without any clothes and very little strength in my legs, I just curled up in a ball on the chair and prayed that my body wouldn't take this moment to start enjoying its self again.

Then Sasha's voice cut through the haze of fear and pleasure.

"We are all fine. My friend just stubbed her toe."

"Okay..." Came the reply from the other side of the door. "Just call if there is anything I can do to help."

"That was close." Sasha whispered, a hint of laughter in her tone.

I stifled a laugh and kissed the palm of her hand the was still over my mouth.

That was followed by a kiss on the lips off her, then another. Then she broke away as I whimpered again.

"I think we had better get you some clothes." Sasha said. "You are too horny little Kat."

Part of me was quite glad of that, while another part, embarrassingly, wanted to stay like this.

I settled for a sigh and a nod.

One thing I will say for Sasha, she had an eye for picking the right clothing.

Half an hour later, after Sasha had returned my clothing that is, we left the shop. I'm fairly sure the assistant knew what had happened in that changing room as she smiled and winked as she handed the bag of my new clothing over, and said she hoped I had enjoyed shopping there, and to make sure I came again. She emphasised the 'came' bit.

I think my face burned all the way back to Sasha's house.

As we were running short on time to make the reservation, we had a quick shower, that is only a small amount of kissing and fondling, before getting dressed and walking back in to town.

I had a new pair of boots, nothing like Sasha's of course. I didn't have the sense of balance to wear her heels. Mine were just lace up ankle boots with about half an inch of heel. A pair of faded black Superdry jeans that fit like a second skin, a plain white linen shirt and a casual suit jacket. It was a very 'boy' look, but it felt so comfortable. Like I was made to wear this outfit. Plus, I felt super sexy.

Sasha on the other hand wore a scarlet blouse that shimmered when she moved and was so thin I could easily make out the outline of her bra underneath it. A beautifully cut Bolero jacket in black covered the blouse. The jacket was complemented by a short black figure hugging skirt. It was so short that it gave me a peek of her red underwear when she bent over to pull on her knee length boots. Given the choice, I would have stayed in and just watched her walk around her bedroom looking like that.

Unfortunately for me, Sasha didn't want to stay in with me ogling her all night. There was something about Brighton in the summer that I loved. It normally has a bit of a buzz about it, but in summer, everything really picks up and the vibe is contagious. For me, that evening will always remain cemented in my mind as one of my most treasured moments.

Arm in arm with Sasha, I seemed to have fallen in to the place I belonged. It is odd, but for most of my life I had been trying to fit in to life around me. Regrettably I was a round peg in the square hole of life. Now out of the blue, I had fallen head first in to the round hole that Sasha provided, (either that sounded a lot worse that I intended it to, or my mind has taken a very smutty turn recently).

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