Holiday #195


"Of course I have. All the time. It's just, well, most of them are wrong and it's all self-inflicted. I think most women are beautiful. Perfect isn't required."

Amy studied him long and hard and Pete did his best to maintain a sincere, neutral expression. He'd meant ever word he'd said and he desperately needed her to believe it. He knew perfectly well that she fit into the typical woman category regarding body image and, perhaps more than anything else today, he'd been proud of her for finding the confidence to expose herself before him.

"It's a nice thought, but easier said than done."

Pete shrugged. "Well, you certainly have nothing to be self-conscious about. Not a damn thing."

"Thanks," Amy said, her voice barely a whisper. She did crack a tiny smile, though, which warmed Pete's heart.

"I still don't buy your premise, though," she continued. "I mean, guys don't care what they look like."

Pete groaned. "Oh, we do. We're just less likely to complain to others about it. Think I wasn't scared to death of showing off my skinny, pasty white body?"

Amy waved him off. "Nonsense. You look good. Okay, maybe a bit pale, but we're working on that, right?"

Pete smiled. "Maybe. And then there's the worrying its presence known at the worst possible time."

Amy gave him a sly look. "I did wonder about that. I noticed you've managed to keep things under control."

Pete felt his cheeks flush a bit. Well, at least it was out in the open now. Maybe it would be easier to deal with his insecurities if she was understanding of it.

"So far," he said. "And barely."

Amy's expression softened. "Well, I'd be lying if I said that I would be offended if I had that effect on you. Makes an insecure girl feel a little better about herself."

Pete recognized the vulnerability she was exposing and knew this was most definitely not the time to crack a joke. Well, not too much of one.

"If I'd known that, maybe I wouldn't have spent the first half hour freaking out about what my body was trying to do against my will."

Amy smiled and nodded. "How about neither of us freak out if something comes up, okay?"

In spite of the fact they were talking about him getting an erection in front of her, Pete actually felt more at ease. It was out in the open and that made it so much less daunting. "No freaking. Got it."

"It's a totally natural thing, right?" Amy said. "No sense making a big deal out of an erection. I mean, boners happen. Guys get stiffies at the most inopportune times. It's just the nature of the one-eyed trouser snake."

Pete gaped at the words coming out of her mouth. So much for being sensitive about the subject. But, deep down, he knew that this was better. "Yeah, something like that..."

"Who's to say what really causes a ding dong to go to full staff? A morning glory to become wood? Man's best friend to turn into a raging pocket rocket?"

"Okay, I think we get it," Pete said, shaking his head in amazement.

Amy, grinning evilly, pressed on. "Just because you can use your tent pole to sling custard..."

Pete splashed Amy in hopes of distracting her from the unrelenting barrage of embarrassment. She ducked, futilely, and returned verbal fire. "Ever consider trimming the hedges around the old twig and berries?"

He splashed harder, eliciting a joyous shriek as Amy got completely soaked. She retreated a step and retorted with, "Can we roast hot dogs tonight with your poker?"

He lunged for his friend and wrapped her in his arms, not unaware of how he had a forearm pressed across her breasts. She struggled, but it was a half-hearted effort at best.

"Enough, vile wench!" he cried.

"Oh, fine!" she said. "No hot dogs, just your mighty salami!"

Pete felt his cock, the target of her mirth, brush up against her hip. He was, indeed, nearing the multitude of conditions she'd named and wondered if she recognized the contact for what it was or just dismissed it as his hips. Under the circumstances, he didn't much care if she knew it or not.

"Is there an end to all this?" he said, pulling her closer.

"What? You gonna try to stop me with your fun gun?" She wiggled in his grasp, to all appearances having entirely too much fun in the process.

"I might," he said. That got her to pause a moment and Pete thought he saw something in her eyes. Something terrifying and wonderful. In a softer voice he said, "Or maybe I'll just try this."

He leaned in and placed his lips on hers. Pete had little experience in kissing girls and this was less of a kiss and more of a blocking her mouth with his own -- pure pressure, but gentle. His heart thudded at least three times, each a step closer to him fearing he'd made a terrible miscalculation, while she remained frozen in his grasp. Then she moved, just her lips, and kissed him. That tiniest of motions made him happier than he'd ever been in his life and he kissed her back.

While Pete was elated to be kissing Amy, fulfilling a dream he'd harbored for years, he was equally terrified that he might somehow screw this up. What if he was a bad kisser? What if she hadn't really wanted him to kiss her? With every passing moment of locked lips, however, those fears evaporated. He could feel her lips part beneath his and he mirrored in kind, finding her tongue playfully teasing.

Time stopped while they stood there, chest deep in water, unleashing pent up feelings for one another. Pete was vaguely aware of his erection as it poked her hip and the way her breasts mashed into his chest. He resisted all impulses to shift or touch anything, remaining firmly focused on her soft, sweet lips.

After some time, they paused for a breather. Still holding each other, their eyes met. In Amy, he saw a reflection of his own relief and passion. She must have wanted this as much as he had. If only one of them had been brave enough to broach the subject.

She smiled and said, "Were you planning on doing some spear-fishing, or are you just happy to be kissing me?"

Pete felt himself blush, but he was so flush with arousal it was unlikely she would notice. He just shook his head and leaned in to kiss her again. "It is Shark Awareness Day. What do you think?"

"I think you might poke some poor shark's eye out," she said, pulling his head down to kiss him fiercely. He felt her hip push into his erection.

"So much for thinking a kiss would shut you up," Pete said between kisses. "Maybe I'm not trying hard enough."

"Try as hard as you need," she said, her breath heavy.

He did, and this time it seemed to do the trick for a good while. Pete let his hands explore up and down Amy's back and ultimately her butt. He was reluctant to touch her anywhere more intimate until she made a more overt move, and she seemed perfectly content to just kiss him with her arms wrapped around his waist.

Amy broke the kiss and licked her lips. "Take me for a little walk?"

Pete thought the kissing was much more fun than a walk, but perhaps she was had something else in mind. If it was with her, he didn't much care what they did.


Pete entwined his hand in hers as they waded back toward shore. When the water reached waist level, he was painfully aware of how conspicuous his cock would be -- pointing just above straight ahead. After the relentless, humorous ribbing she'd given him, he expected a renewed bout. To his relief, though, Amy said nothing and barely even seemed to take note of it.

Pausing only long enough to don sandals, Amy led them along a narrow path through the long grasses that cut between the pond and the dilapidated cabin. He asked about the trail, since she'd said that no one came up here much anymore.

"Deer trails, I think," she said. "I imagine they come to the pond pretty regularly to drink. I remember there being these little networks of trails all over the meadow from when we were kids. We'd play tag and other games with the rule that you couldn't leave the trails."

The path was narrow enough they were forced to walk single file. Amy wouldn't let go of his hand, though, so they stayed in very close proximity. He followed her lead, happily watching the sway of her full butt. To his relief, even with the visual stimulation, his erection settled down to a slightly more manageable state.

Pete felt he should say something about what happened, find some way to reinforce his feelings for her with something more than a kiss. Cautiously, he said, "Thanks for kissing me back."

Amy paused and turned to face him, instantly making him curse himself for saying something so cheesy. Her expression softened, though, and his fear faded.

"Thanks for making the first move," she said, giving his hand a squeeze. "You have no idea how badly I wanted that."

"Me too. I was just..."

"Too afraid to screw things up?"

"Yeah, that."

"Me too." She shook her head, but smiled. "Can you imagine how things would be different if one of us had said something last year? A couple years ago?"

Pete shrugged. "It could have been great. Or, maybe we weren't ready and would have screwed things up."

Amy raised up on her tip toes to kiss him. "I like that idea. Makes me feel like less of a fool for burying my feelings."

"Then it is so." He kissed her back.

She resumed their walk. Over her shoulder, she asked, "I know you never had a girlfriend and only went on what, one or two dates. Was that because of me?"

Pete shrugged, but realized she wouldn't see the gesture. "Some, yeah. I guess I did compare everyone to you and they always came up short. That and I wasn't very confident asking girls. And you?"

"Same, mostly," she said. "Guys didn't ask me out. I used to think it was because I wasn't attractive enough, but Becky said something to me a couple weeks ago that set me straight."

"What's that?"

"She said that because you and I spent so much time together in high school, everyone pretty much assumed we were already a couple. Guys figured there was no point in asking me out."

Pete saw the reason in that. "A couple of my friends asked about you. Us. I think at least one might have been interested. But even after I told him that you and I weren't dating, I think he was still put off by our friendship."

She glanced over her shoulder. "Well, I think you were worth the wait, however it happened."

Pete's heart swelled. He had no doubt about their friendship, and it seemed impossible that adding love on top of that could make things worse. He could think of a lot of ways it could make things better.

Amy, having led them almost to the opposite side of the pond, found a game trail that led into the woods and took it. Pete didn't inquire as to whether she knew where she was going. She seemed confident enough and he was curious as to where they would end up.

"This is it, I think," she said, her pace quickening. "Been a long time."

The trees were clearly thinning out ahead of them, but it didn't appear to be another grassy meadow. Rather, it seemed empty beyond the trees and underbrush. As they got closer to the edge, he realized why -- they were atop a bluff overlooking a dozen or more miles of rolling woods, hills, and farmland.

"Proclamation Point," Amy said, pushing through the last stretch of undergrowth until breaking free onto a flat, bare rock that jutted out over the bluff. The vista was impressive while the view down was daunting -- nearly two hundred feet almost straight down to a meandering stream lined with old growth trees. "That's what my dad called it, anyway."

"Hell of a view," Pete said, reluctant to get too close to the edge.

"I think I was too young to really understand what the name meant back then, but now I get it."

Amy let go of his hand and turned to face the vista. She spread her arms wide, took a deep breath, and shouted out for the world to hear. "I have a boyfriend! And he's the greatest!"

There was no echo and the gentle buzz of insects scarcely missed a beat at the interruption. Pete, however, knew that while she's shouted the words to the world, they were really meant for him. This was about exposing one's truths and, in their case, maybe a bit more.

"When do I get to meet him?" Pete said as she turned back to him. She rolled her eyes, but still gave him a lingering kiss.

"Dork," she said. "You want a turn?"

Pete took a tentative step forward, still wary of the drop even though he was a good four feet from the edge. He was surprised to find that he felt more self-conscious about yelling out some truth than he was in standing naked high on a bluff where anyone down below could see him. And what was he going to say?

He went with the first thing that popped into his head. "I am an idiot for waiting so long to reveal my love for Amy!"

Shit! He'd just said love, less than half an hour after their first true kiss. Would that seem a bit premature or needy? He was afraid to turn around and see Amy's reaction.

She placed her hands on his arms and turned him around. There was nothing on her face but joy.

"But you're my idiot," she said, her voice barely a whisper. She pulled him down into a kiss.

"Woohoo! Congrats you two!"

Pete's heart skipped a beat at the distant voice yelling out, clearly to the two of them. He was so startled at the revelation of having been overheard that he forgot about their nakedness. Amy, however, pressed herself fully into him to hide and immediately looked for the source of the voice.

Down on the stream, having just rounded a corner, were a guy and girl floating side by side in tubes. They were too far away to tell much about them aside from guessing they were probably in their twenties, each in swimsuits and hoisting beverages in their general direction. There was no chance the pair missed their nakedness, but at least they hadn't made any crude comment about it.

Pete, one arm still wrapped around Amy, waved back at them. "Thanks!"

Amy burst out into giggles and dragged him away from the edge and back into the cover of the woods. He could only imagine the vision they presented to those below -- two pale butts vanishing after having been caught in a slightly compromising position. They would surely have a good laugh about it later.

"Sorry," Amy said. "That's the first time I've ever seen anyone from there."

"It's fine," he said. "It's not like they knew us."

"Of course it had to happen when we're naked."

"Wouldn't be much of a Nude Day if no one else saw us, right?"

"Sure," she said, sighing. "Speaking of being naked, I think we'd both better get another dose of sunscreen on. I know I certainly don't want anything getting burned."

"Lead on, girlfriend."

She glowed at his first use of the word. "Happily, boyfriend."

Hand in hand, they emerged from the shelter of the woods back into the hot sun of the meadow. He was half tempted to suggest they move entirely back into the woods, but the mosquitoes had managed to quickly find them any time they stopped moving. Another dip in the pond was certainly on the table, too.

Back at the little beach, Amy dug into her bag and came up with a tube of sunscreen and tossed it to Pete. He noted that this was different from the aerosol spray they'd used earlier -- this kind had to be rubbed on. The implication was not lost on him. She laid on her stomach on their blanket and said he could do her first.

She closed her eyes and turned her head to face away from him. Pete knelt beside her, squirted a glob on his hand, and began to work it over her neck, shoulders, and back. Where previously this would have felt a bit too intimate an act to share with a naked friend, he now savored the chance to run his hands over her body. Her sighs were encouraging and he took his time, turning the application into a brief massage.

He worked over her arms and then down her sides. Her breasts were flattened under her body, squeezing just a bit out to the sides. He didn't reach that far down, but his attention was drawn to them and his cock began to swell again at the thought of touching her there. Would she expect him to do her frontside as well?

Pete applied the cream across her lower back and then over her butt cheeks. He was alert to any sign of having overstepped his bounds, but Amy didn't react to his touch. He worked a bit quicker and was careful not to go too far down between her legs. It might have been his imagination, but he thought she might have parted her legs ever so slightly as he covered her.

With her butt done, Pete moved down to her feet and began working his way up her legs, massaging her calves and then thighs. While his hands were doing all the work, he couldn't help but look up between Amy's legs. The lips of her labia were just barely visible between the shade and the trimmed fuzz. That little glimpse was more than enough to bring his cock to full staff. He knew she would eventually see it and figured, at this point, she had no reason to be bothered by the response she evoked in him. He ran his hands up the inside of her thighs just until the edge of his fingers brushed against her pussy, then he retreated.

"Think that covers the back," he said, leaving it to her to decide if that was all or if he was to continue.

Amy rolled over, her eyes remaining closed. The corners of her mouth tilted up ever so slightly, though, and she settled in with the clear expectation that he should do her front side as well.

Already by her legs, Pete began the front from the bottom up. As he approached her pussy, he decided to just be quick but thorough. He ran his fingers through the thin fuzz and down the cleft between her legs, feeling the yielding folds and a hint of dampness. His touch caused Amy to gasp silently, but she neither opened or closed her legs any further from where they already were. Pete ran his fingers up along the other side, giving her another quick flutter while making sure it was sufficiently covered.

He moved to her side and noted how his cock, jutting straight out, cast a shadow on her tummy like a sundial. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit at the thought.

"Something funny, mister?" Amy's tone suggested she wasn't suspicious or irritated.

"Sorry," he said. "Just making shadow puppets on your stomach."

Amy cracked her eyes and clearly saw what he meant. She just shook her head, groaned, and closed her eyes again. "Dork."

Pete squirted out another glob of sunscreen and worked it over her tummy and up her sides. He avoided her breasts, flattened out to the sides under their own weight, and took care of her arms, shoulders, and neck. Each stroke of his hands, though, ultimately got closer and closer to the twins, and Amy's breathing seemed to grow increasingly labored.

Finally, with nothing left to cover, Pete rubbed a fresh dollop of lotion between his hands and ran them up over both breasts from the bottom up. Slow, smooth, his palms slid over her hard nipples. He marveled at the shape, the juxtaposition of soft and firm, the subtle texture of the darker nipples. Amy must have enjoyed the attention as she moaned softly and laid there patiently while he took his time exploring.

It was still new territory to Pete, but he knew that girls' nipples were usually the most sensitive part. Not knowing what she liked, he cautiously began to focus his attention on them -- rubbing his fingers just around the tip, then lightly across, and ultimately giving each a gentle pinch.

"That's nice," she said, sighing and stretching out her arms and legs. "But if we don't get some sunscreen on you, you'll be a disagreeable lobster for the next week."

"Can't have that," he said, only slightly disappointed to have to stop.

"Lay down," she said, taking the lotion from him and rolling up to a sitting position beside him.

Following Amy's lead, he sprawled out on his stomach. His erection was pinned underneath him, doing nothing to ease its condition. She wasted no time in getting sunscreen spread across his neck, shoulders, and back -- her efforts landing somewhere between quick application and massage. He savored the contact of her fingers on his skin, like energy was being passed between them. She covered his butt, doing so in the same efficient manner he'd done hers, and then covered the back of his legs.

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