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Holiday Fun


I was shocked hearing Jane say, "That sounds like fun!"

Her brother and sister-in-law had just invited themselves along on our upcoming holiday to Cozumel. Now don't get me wrong, I get along fine with them but Jane has been accusing Bel of strange behaviour around me for the past couple of years.

First it was kissing me in greeting, and then it was too much touching and finally a suggestive dance in front of me when the family siblings celebrated Christmas together last year. We were playing Wii bowling. When her turn came, she did a little gyration facing me and then again as she bent to bowl. Only the glare from Jane kept me from staring at Bel's inviting ass just a foot away from my face.

I remembered thinking how funny attraction was. She was average height with a fair figure with an exceptional ass. She was pretty but not drop- dead gorgeous. She dressed modestly and for the most part acted the part of a slightly stunned good Catholic girl. From the bits and pieces that I put together from Dan and Jane their love life was on the boring side.

That same night after everyone had gone to bed, I found her in the kitchen with a glass of water when I was making my way back to the bedroom. She was wearing sheer pj bottoms and a camisole. She waved me over and leaned in to whisper causing the top to gape open revealing her 34Bs for my inspection. "Don't wake them up."

She turned and placed the glass into the sink. With the dim light over the counter in front of her, that magnificent ass presented itself for the second time that night. Leaning into her from behind, I breathed, "We better go to bed now."

She turned giving me a kiss on the lips, "Goodnight".

The next day everything was normal. The talk turned to the trip. We agreed to call and rearrange the rental for a three bedroom from the studio condo we had booked. With the final details worked out, we planned to double up for the second week or our month long trip.

Our first week was spent acclimatizing and exploring the island. I snorkelled, we swam and even hit the clubs for a night out on the town. Jane's chronic knees caused her grief but didn't slow down her shopping expeditions. Still, it was the romantic getaway that we needed.

The second week came around all too quickly. Any anticipation that I had felt from the Christmas sleepover had all but disappeared. As a matter of fact, we were both somewhat sorry that we had agreed to their stay so quickly.

As the door to the taxi closed, I was on our patio greeting them. Dan looked exhausted while Bel smiled radiantly soaking in the gorgeous view of the ocean. She flashed a bit of thigh exiting the vehicle but immediately tugged her dress down to cover up. Dan and I exchanged shoulder hugs, while Bel kissed both Jane and I innocently on the cheek. I noted Jane's smile of approval. Once in the condo, they marvelled at the view of looking over our private beach from the terrace off the dining area.

We agreed to make the most of the week by treating ourselves to supper out with light lunches around the ocean during the day. That first day was spent in the sun, reading, catching up on news of the family and generally relaxing. After our ritual siesta, the women decided to explore some shops, which meant that Dan and I were free to hit the sports bar for a bucket of Coronas.

Quickly the talk turned serious.

"Thanks for this Rick."


"Everything... The trip, the condo, good company."

I let our clink of bottles be the acknowledgement of what he had said.

"We really need this trip. Things have been....strained. The new job is great but I am so damned tired by the time I get home all I want is peace and quiet. Can you keep something just between us?"

I assured him I could.

"Bel and I haven't been ...you know...close for over three months. At first it was the job and now I'm mostly annoyed all the time. Her yakking, her mother, my shitty job – at times everything just gets on my nerves. Actually she gets on my nerves."

"You're not thinking....?"

"No. We Catholics are in it for life. I just wanted you to know that I hope she has some fun on this trip. I know Jane's not much of a night person and God knows I'm not. So if you're up for it we could both use a break from one another."

"Sure. But we can have some fun together too." We clinked once again just as the women entered the bar.

That night after a supper off the town square we were walking slowly in the direction of the condo listening to the blaring music from Carlos and Charlie's. Brother and sister grimaced at the noise as Bel and I nodded to the hokey disco beat.

"Why don't you three go for a nightcap? I'm beat," said Dan.

"God no!" was Jane's reply. Then she added, "You two go ahead if you want." I looked intently at her for some sign that would tell me that I had better not go off without her. There was none. She took hold of Dan's arm. The decision was made as Bel took mine. We exchanged hugs good-bye and set off in different directions.

Ten minutes later we were standing in the crowded bar waiting for a table while trying to order a drink. The next thing I knew, Bel's head was held back by a server who poured a generous shot of tequila into her mouth. Laughing and sputtering. she made the face only someone who rarely drinks can after a hit of tequila. I grabbed a lemon from the dish in front of her and held it to her lips.


She did giving me an odd look as the bitterness chased away the Mescal taste. "My hero! You better stick close if drinking is involved."

Chuckling we followed the same server to our little table farthest back from the little square of a dance area by the bar. Once there Bel set down her margarita and took me by the hand pulling me back toward the dance floor. Her aggressiveness was totally out of character.

After half a dozen tunes to gyrate to we decided to take a break. Still standing, gulping down some much needed liquid the opening bars of a slow number started. Our eyes met as she took my offered hand accepting the challenge of moving in a postage stamp space next our table. The college kids beside us hooted applauding the old folks, as our hands moved up and around one another's neck and our bodies pressed together.

Signalling the end of the dance, she broke our embrace.

"Thanks...." She cut me off with a kiss full on the lips that lasted a couple of beats longer than usual.

"Time to go," she announced with the slightest tinge of a blush. She gulped down the remainder of her third drink and moved away from the table swaying in time to the beat of the music. I followed after throwing some pesos on the table and trying to hide the bulge in my pants.

When we got to the street, she glanced down at my crotch, colored slightly and immediately turned away. We made our way across the courtyard to the sidewalk that followed the contour of the bay. It was postcard perfect. The moon shimmered over the water with just a hint of a breeze wafting over us. When she shivered, I moved my hand around her shoulders, hugging her hip into mine.

"I'm not cold."

As I removed my hand at the rebuke, she grabbed at my wrist saying, "No. Don't stop. I just meant it's all too perfect. I really am having a wonderful time."

I waved off a cab after getting a reassuring nod from Bel. We walked another quarter mile when we came to cantina that was closing. We were allowed a nightcap of strong coffee and Brandy. The owner with much gesturing indicated that we could remain at the outdoor table two steps down to a landing that overlooked the Caribbean. One by one the cantina lights went out, a door closed and all was quiet.

Bel moved the hem of her sundress up past her knees and leaned back into the arm that I had draped behind her. I moved to the chair facing hers and took her feet in my hands, starting a gentle but firm foot massage. "Ahh, now this is perfect!"

The combination of our difference in height, the sundress that had remained above her knees and the angle I had created by lifting one foot while the other remained the ground gave me a wonderful view of her bare thighs with an occasional glimpse of her panty. Her head lolled back against the chair as her eyes closed. A smile showed her contentment.

My hands moved to her ankle and calf continuing the steady massage. "Tell me when to stop."

Whether she got the double meaning or not she replied, "You have a long way to go for me to want this to stop."

She practically whimpered as my hands continued their upward path. As I reached her knee and began to knead her lower thigh, she straightened, lifting her leg off my lap. Any anxiety I had that the massage was over ended when she raised the other foot onto my lap.

This time I wasted little time getting to that sensitive spot behind her knee and above. She moved slightly lower in the chair as I now cradled the back of her leg in one hand as I rubbed the top of her thigh up and down with the other. Her dress had gathered just below her crotch as I moved further up her thigh.

Shifting closer so that her lower leg hung over my leg, I changed my hand positions so that one was on each side of her thigh. Using my thumbs I applied steady pressure on the outside and inner thigh. She jumped as my fingers grazed the silk of the panty.

"Don't have to stop...." She murmured making me realize that I had frozen. Encouraged the 'accidental' touch was repeated with each upward motion of my hand. Taking a chance, I lifted the second leg and adjusted each, placing one foot on each side of my chair. Her legs were splayed wantonly but remained in the position that I had placed them. Each hand had its own thigh to attend to now. My palms flattened on the top of her thigh as my thumbs pressed against the now hot inner thigh.

When I had gained a spot where each thumb framed her vulva, she stiffened saying, "Rick,"

"Um huh?" I whispered moving each thumb over what appeared to be a saturated piece of cloth.

"I don't know if this is a good idea...."

My thumbs took turns prodding her sensitive clit poking against the taut thong.

"Jesus Rick!"

I had moved one palm directly over her sex pressing firmly into and then up and down her opening. I could feel the wetness now growing with my ministrations. She squirmed and her breathing became shallower.

"What are you doing to me?"

I had forced one free hand under her delicious ass as I continued with the assault with my palm above. Cupping as much of her full mounds, I redoubled the pressure on her pussy. At the same time I had managed to slip my thumb under the leg hole of the underwear. I could feel the velvety lips pout open as I pressed up and down at the same time with each hand.

Taking her off guard I pulled her to her feet. As she faced me, she looked like she was in a trance and had the most lustful look that I think I had ever seen. Still sitting, she lowered kissing me urgently. My hands moved under her dress to her ass drawing her closer to me. Sitting as I was her breasts crushed my head as she stood straight. I roughly massaged her ass cheeks, both hands lifting, grabbing and squeezing with only the fabric of her panties between us. Lowering my head I could smell her musky scent through the sundress. I could feel a subtle but steady rocking of her hips.

My hands went to each side of the panty bringing another gasp as both hands shot to my wrists holding them firmly. Instead of pulling the garment down I pulled up steadily and firmly causing the gusset to wedge into her lips. Whether surprise or surrender her grip on my wrists relaxed. I continued to apply upward pressure on the lingerie and relaxed. Each repetition was accompanied by an "ohh".

I stood manoeuvring her in front of her chair. My thumbs remained hooked in her underwear pulled taut all but lifting her as she backed into the chair. She slowly sank back down as I removed my hands from her dress. I knelt in front of her. Though bewildered her lips slightly parted as I kissed her sweeping my tongue gently over her lips. Her knees opened straddling my body. Sitting back and looking directly into her eyes my hands moved to her breasts. Her face flushed and her eyes closed. She made no movement to stop my caresses. More and more insistently I squeezed, lifted and rubbed feeling her nipples respond through the fabric. I moved my head between her breasts while my hands pulled the straps of her dress down her arms and then with an assist from Bel, off her arms. I lifted one breast out of its cup and lowered my head to swipe the nipple with my tongue and teeth. Her shuddering gave way to a moan as I lifted the other breast so that both breasts stood up invitingly supported by the bra and accentuated by her slightly arched back.

As I suckled, my hands moved to her dress gathering the material at her waist. She sat slightly straighter and for the second time grasped my arms with her hands. Extending both thumbs I began tracing circles over her cunt lips applying pressure as I went. Suddenly she withdrew her hands moving them to grasp the arms of each site of the chair,

My hands snaked under her ass cheeks lifting my prize to my waiting mouth. Though still panty-clad the unmistakable wetness and warmth seeped through as my nose, mouth and chin touched every inch of her mound.

Twisting I positioned one arm to support her lower back causing it to arch as my other hand pulled the front of her panty into her crease. Both lips protruded on either side of the fabric. Mesmerized my face was scant inches from her. I pulled one lip into my mouth hungrily sucking as my tongue swiped higher rasping over her clit pressing through the cloth. I repeated the action with the other pussy lip glistening with her secretions.

Quickly, I yanked at the last barrier between us, yanking the garment down her spread legs noticing her hips rise in assistance.

Fighting the instinct to hurry, I positioned each leg up to the arms of the chair causing her to slightly sag down till her ass perched precariously on the edge of the seat. Both hands cupped her ass pulling her toward my eager mouth. My tongue penetrated her folds causing a bucking of her hips

"What are you.... I never....."

Her words gave way to moans as my mouth covered her mound. Sucking, then teasing the sides of her lips and finally tasting her. Past controlling the pace of this act, urgency took over. I sucked and ground my face into her depths. Her rocking hips smashed over and over again against my eager mouth. The hands that had stopped me twice now were behind my head pulling me closer.

The explosion of her orgasm washed over her and me – literally. I found that as she pulled back from my insistent mouth that her rocking continued. The edge of my hand took the place of my tongue, sawing up and down between her engorged soaking lips. One hand continued to support her buttocks that thrust up to put more pressure against the sawing hand.

"No more......no....more...more." She moaned bucking feverishly. I could feel a swelling of her vulva as one finger entered her opening just as the trailing pinkie made contact with her anus. The tightness of her pussy surprised me.

This time her climax lifted her partly out of the chair, causing me to move both hands as a sudden stream of juice shot from her pussy. Aftershock after aftershock caused an interrupted stream to spurt forth with each pulsing pelvic thrust.



Cold water couldn't have had a more startling effect than the voice of the passing Policia calling to us from his car. He motioned with his hand to move away. By the time I looked back at Bel her breasts had disappeared under her dress and her legs were covered – though her discarded panties remained at her feet. Satisfied the car thankfully retreated back into the darkness.

We walked the rest of the way back to the condo in silence. When we got to the doorway all I could think to say was, "Thanks for a lovely evening!"

Laughing we started to walk the rest of the way into the condo.

"I owe you one I think!" she chuckled with her eyes cast down. With that she hastily moved toward their room.

"Actually you owe me two."

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