Holiday Romance


Zelenka turned to me and grinned, "You would like to give my sister pleasure?" she said questioningly, I nodded, absolutely, there's not much I'd rather do than pleasure such a hot woman, "Well then, she has something for you here."

I watched in amazement as Zelenka bent over and slid her sister's satin panties down those long, sexy legs. As she stood up again, Zelenka moved aside and allowed me a view of what I had been waiting for. Only, it wasn't quite what I had been expecting. Where I had thought to see Milena's enticing wet pussy, what I saw instead was a cock, about six inches long, uncut, semi-erect and becoming harder at her sister's touch. Naturally, this came as a pretty big shock to me and all I could do was stare at it while a million thoughts rushed to my head. Meanwhile, Zelenka had lifted her denim skirt up around her waist and dropped her panties to the floor to reveal that she too had a little secret package, similar in length and size to her sister's.

Zelenka grinned lasciviously at me as she began to stroke her dick in my direction. Milena, on the other hand, looked a little abashed, blushing and smiling at me in a shyly seductive manner that I couldn't help feeling incredibly attracted to. Now, I hadn't ever before really entertained thoughts about admiring or wanting to suck cock and yet these beautiful girls with their masculine cocks seemed to hold a certain fascination for me. For one thing, the situation had already turned me on so much and I found Milena and her sister so sexy that I would almost have done anything whatever they had in their panties, but, beyond that, I also began to feel a stirring desire specifically for their hot man-meat. I don't know what had come over me but I wanted nothing to get down on my knees and lick the growing, hard cocks of these two tall, beautiful Eastern European babes.

"Mmm, Milena, what a nice, beautiful cock you have," I smiled, it was worth it to see her grin in return, "And your pretty sister's looks pretty tasty too. I would very much like to go down on both you lovely girls."

"Ah, I knew when I saw you in the bar that you were the kind of guy for girls like us," Milena smiled, a wide happy grin, "Come here," she beckoned me over, "Come and suck on my cock, come and pleasure me, please, baby," she begged in that terribly sexy accent which could have demolished any doubts I may have had were I not so totally into the idea of sucking her anyway.

I walked over to her and got down on my knees, a little nervous but very eager. With one hand I reached up and began to stroke her dick while the other reached over for Zelenka's so I was masturbating the two hottie shemale sisters together. Their cocks felt warm and alive in my hand, it was a thrill to feel them respond to my touch, to grow firm and harder, knowing it was me that was turning on these beautiful girls. Close up, I could see the veins standing out on their hairless cocks, the contrast between this thick, hardness and the soft, feminine flesh and curve of their long legs was incredibly arousing. I could see a little pre-cum glistening on the end of Milena's cock and couldn't resist going in for a taste. I kissed the head of her dick and flicked my tongue inside the tip of her foreskin making her moan.

"Mmmm, come on baby, oh yeah, kiss my beautiful cock," she sighed.

"Oh boy, you like cock? Maybe you want taste mine?" Zelenka echoed.

Eager to oblige, I turned my attention to Zelenka, licking all along the underside of her hard meat, right up from her balls to the tip, before giving the head of her cock a little kiss. My hands were still masturbating the two girls' nice thick dicks in time with each other. Meanwhile, Svetlana had got down on the floor beneath me and had continued to suck my own cock, every bit as hard and aroused as the Czech shemale dicks poking towards my face. As she once more inserted a finger into my arse, I gasped with pleasure and Zelenka took this opportunity to slide her cock between my lips.

Eagerly, I began to go down on her, slurping around her warm thickness. I loved the feel of it filling my mouth, coming alive at the touch of my tongue. I swallowed about half of her length before pulling back to gasp for air. Zelenka, however, was totally in control as I knelt before her beautiful long legged feminine body and swallowed her hard cock. She made me take it back inside, even deeper, opening my throat as I bobbed up and down on her hardness. Meanwhile, she began once more to make out with her gorgeous sister.

I took my mouth away from Zelenka's cock and turned my attention to her sister's equally beautiful member. While Zelenka was ravenous with desire and desperate to take control, forcing me down further on her cock, Milena let me control things as I happily worshipped her long, thick, tasty meat, licking all around it before swallowing the head. As I sucked on her beautiful cock, I looked up into her gorgeous, dark eyes, she had a look of pure pleasure on her face as she stared down at me licking her cock. Her eyelashes fluttered and there was a grin on her lips. Her hands began to caress her fine, round breasts.

"Oh, my God, mmm, yes. That's it. You suck cock soooo gooood," Milena moaned, her Eastern European accent becoming thicker, more exotic and sexier as her pleasure heightened.

"Milena, ahhh, mmm, oh, your so beautiful, and your cock is so delicious, aaah, I love to suck you and your sexy sister," I gasped and moaned around slurping over her gorgeous dick.

Zelenka now pulled me back over to her and forced me to get back to sucking her dick, forcing me to deep throat her.

"That's right baby," she sighed, "Open your mouth, you want all of my cock, don't you?"

Switching my attention back to Milena, I now began to suck on her balls and then moved my tongue further down until I was licking around her pert and beautiful arse. She turned her back to me and pushed that fine arse into my face, allowing my tongue to invade her warm arsehole. As she moaned louder and louder, I began to fuck her arse with her tongue, imagining quite how great this would feel on my dick, currently incredibly aroused by Svetlana's expert cocksucking skills.

"Oh, ooooh, mmmm," Milena moaned loudly, "Oh, yesss, that feels great, I love your tongue in my arse."

"I think my sister wants you to fuck her," Zelenka smiled.

My cock was about ready to explode just at the thought of this beautiful Czech girl with my cock up her arse and her own cock hard and aroused in front of her.

"There's nothing that would make me happier right now than to fuck you, Milena," I grinned, taking my tongue from inside her, "But what about your sister?"

"Oh, I would rather be the one to fuck you, baby," Zelenka laughed.

Milena lay down on her back. I knelt down on the floor as she opened those soft, sensual, long legs and invited me in with a seductive smile. I held her legs open with her elegantly heeled shoes, placing her feet up on my shoulders to give me easy access to her pretty arse. She pulled her cock up and I pushed mine gently and slowly between her arse cheeks, pushing up deeper and deeper inside her, the tightness of her anus constricting on my hard, aroused cock.

Zelenka now positioned herself back infront of me, pushing her cock in my face. I opened my mouth and began to swallow her dick as I pushed mine inside her sister's arse. As my mouth slipped back down the length of Zelenka's shaft, I withdrew a little from Milena's arse, thrusting back inside her as I once more swallowed Zelenka's sweet, hard cock. It was certainly like nothing I had ever experienced before. I had never had two girls at once and two such special and unusual girls was even more unique. Fucking a sexy girl's hot, tight arse, watching her tall, thin body and nice round breasts stretched out before me, a thrilled expression on her pretty face and her own hard cock flopping around as I shafted her arse harder and harder, was a new, strange and very arousing experience, especially when added to that, there was the fact that I was myself pleasuring a nice, hard cock belonging to another tall, sexy woman.

Of course, there weren't just two sexy women in the room with me. I had sort of lost sight of Svetlana as I began to fuck Milena, but now I could see her watching this sexy scene of a guy fucking one of her hot shemale roommates while sucking on another. She was still dressed in very sexy lingerie, black lace top stockings and a red satin bustier. Only, now, she had taken off her panties and was really getting herself off at the scene before her. While it no longer surprised me at all to see that her panties weren't hiding a pussy but that she was instead stroking a hard cock. What did cause my eyes to widen in surprise was quite how big it was. I had never seen anything quite like it, it was so thick that her slender, girlish hand couldn't reach all around it, and almost ten inches long.

As I looked over at it, I couldn't help but stare, open mouthed, letting Zelenka's cock fall from my lips and stopping midway through sticking my dick inside her sister. It was quite an amazing sight, this monster cock on the body of this short, pretty blonde with massive breasts barely contained by sensual, feminine lingerie. I lustfully drank in the look of her whole body. While, that morning, I had never considered the sight of cock to be a turn on, now, seeing one quite that big, long and thick, was something that was making me pretty flustered with desire, I just had to taste it.

"Oh, you have seen Svetlana's big meat," Zelenka noticed where my attention was directed.

"It's quite something, isn't it," Milena smiled.

Svetlana walked over to us and waved her dick in my face, close up it looked even bigger than it had before, almost intimidating to someone with as little cock sucking experience as me. Still, I knew how badly I wanted it, like little I had wanted before. Svetlana began to stroke her cock as she waved it at me, tempting me to get a taste of it. She said something in Czech, taunting and teasing me.

"She wants you to suck her, baby," Zelenka said, pushing my head towards her roommate's huge dick.

I opened my mouth and took Svetlana's dick inside my mouth. It was something of an effort to even fit my mouth around its incredible thickness and I could hardly get any of the length inside. My mouth was completely filled, I could hardly breathe with this huge, thick meat inside me but it was a thrill to take in this incredible cock and please this gorgeous, busty woman. Svetlana began to talk to me in Czech, egging me on, as I managed to take in more and more of her incredible dick. As my attention was distracted by sucking off her roommate, Zelenka had moved around so she was knelt behind me, her nice, round breasts pressed against my back, the head of her cock rubbing against my arsehole.

"Oh, you like cock so much baby," she whispered in my ear, "You like to suck Svetlana's big dick, well maybe you like to take two cocks at once? Maybe you want to be fucked like a girl, fucked like Milena."

"Mmmm, Zelenka, yes," I moaned, taking my mouth from around Svetlana's cock, "Fuck me please!"

Zelenka began to push her dick up inside my arse, pushing my own cock back up into her sister. I gasped with the surprise and pain of having my tight little virgin arse invaded by this beautiful Czech girl's hard meat, and Svetlana pushed her dick back into my mouth. Now I really was the centre of attention between three gorgeous girls, girls with something extra, fucking one fine arse while another cock entered mine and I sucked on a third.

I began to swoon with the intensity of the feeling as Zelenka pushed her dick deeper and deeper into my arse, stimulating me deep inside, meanwhile I opened my mouth further and further and deep throated Svetlana's fine, huge cock. My own cock was incredibly turned on by Milena's tight arse, her body stretched out before me still looked incredible as she began to stroke her own beautiful cock in time with the way I shafted her arse.

Now Zelenka was right up inside me and it was starting to be less painful and more pleasurable as her cock filled me completely. Slowly, she withdrew from me as I thrust deeper inside Milena and then, as I withdrew from Milena, Zelenka pushed back up inside me. All these feelings going on at once were quite incredible, I had never been stimulated and aroused in so many different ways at once. Milena's arse was clasped so tight around my cock and the sight of her body was so beautiful while my own virgin arse was even tighter on Zelenka's hot, hard love muscle.

"Oh God, oh fuck, fuck, mmm, yeah," Milena moaned, "Oh your cock feels so good in my arse. Mmmm, fuck me while my sister fucks you."

Zelenka now began to thrust harder in and out, really beginning to tear into my virgin arse, ripping it open. I didn't care about the pain of it any more, these three hot, hung girls had put me in heaven and every touch from their hot bodies and hard cocks was turning me on more and more, sending me ever closer to the edge.

"Mmm baby, you like my sweet dick, don't you baby?" Zelenka sighed, "And your tight little ass is gonna make me cum soon."

Svetlana moaned as I swallowed her huge cock and said something else I didn't understand in Czech that made the other girls laugh.

"She wants a go at that tight little ass too," Zelenka said to me.

I didn't know what to think of that. I was so turned on just at the thought of being impaled on that gorgeous, huge cock, but I was, I have to admit, a little nervous about quite how big it was going to be. But I couldn't really do much to resist the persuasive seduction of these three shemale beauties. And before too long I found myself positioning myself over where Svetlana had sat herself in a chair, her thick ten inch meat sticking up from her pretty petite feminine body.

As Milena and Zelenka looked on, naked, beautiful breasts pert and cocks still hard and aroused, I sat myself astride Svetlana's stocking clad legs, facing away from her so her huge breasts were pushed against my back. The blood rushed to my head as I tried to concentrate on relaxing my arse enough to stick the hot, petite blonde's enormous dick up inside me. While I thought I might almost pass out from the pain of it, fortunately my arse had been sufficiently stretched already by first Svetlana's fingers and then Zelenka's dick, so that finally I had sat right down on it, the full ten inches right up inside me.

While I sat there, trying to get used to the feel of this enormous, thick cock stuck inside me, the beautiful Milena came over once more and sat astride me, sliding her arse down onto my cock, her own dick sandwiched between our naked bodies. Meanwhile, her sister came over and let me wrap my lips back around her own cock, I could sense how close she was to blowing her load over taking my cherry, feeling quite how turned on my tight arse had made her. I could taste the taste of my own arse intermingled with Zelenka's pre-cum, sensing how near she was to cumming.

Slowly, I began to ride Svetlana's massive, thick beast, rocking back and forth as I entered Milena's arse and licked Zelenka's dick. This was more than I could have ever dreamed of when I first set eyes on Milena, she had now wrapped those long legs around me, let me fuck her tight arse, pressed her beautiful body against mine, and she had a sweet, hard cock of her own that was also pressed against my chest and seemed about ready to explode. I too was pretty close to blowing my load right up inside her arse, especially with the extra pleasure given by the enormous cock impaling my own arse.

"Aaah yes, fuck me Svetlana, let me ride your beautiful dick, I'm gonna cum for you girls, cum inside you while you soak me in your own cum!" I screamed, riding one dick, sucking on another.

"Oh, aaaah, mmm, ah, uhh, yes, oh yes, FUCK YES," Milena screamed, bouncing up and down on my cock, covering my face with kisses, "Yes, fuck, aaah, you're gonna make me cum!"

But she wasn't going to get there before her sister. Zelenka was sighing and moaning, writhing as she pushed her cock into my mouth and began to furiously jerk it off. She was clearly on edge and very close to reaching a climax.

"Oh yes, baby, taste my sexy cock, you're gonna drink my cum, baby," Zelenka moaned, her accent so thick it was hard to make out the words.

I felt the warm stream of her cum hit the back of my throat and drank it down, it was sticky and salty but tasted delicious. Zelenka continued stroking her cock as she filled my mouth with the translucent liquid before pulling her dick from my throat and shooting more of her juices across my face. Milena gasped and began to lick her sister's cum from me as she kissed me, meanwhile Zelenka continued to cum all over me, her sister and Svetlana who was moaning with her own delight at quite how tightly my little arse held her massive dick.

"Oh fuck, mmmm, ahhh," Svetlana moaned, the only words of English she knew, "Fuck, fuck, aaaah!!!!" she screamed as her monster cock exploded, filling my arse completely with more sticky white love juice, continuing to cum until her spunk leaked out of my torn open arse and ran down my thighs.

As the hot blonde's enormous cock became limp and Zelenka finally finished soaking the three of us in her juices, Milena continued to bounce eagerly on my dick. Her own cock, untouched by anyone's hands, was clearly about to let forth its own stream of hot cum, and so was mine.

"Milena, oh yes, oh God, fuck, Milena," I moaned, "You're so beautiful, so gorgeously feminine, with such a great cock. You're gonna make me cum. I'm covered in your sister's spunk and my arse is torn by your roommate's and now I'm gonna give you all my sweet juices. OH FUCK! Here it COMES!!!"

I felt my orgasm shaking through me, the greatest single moment of ecstasy I had ever experienced, my body shaking with joy, every fibre of my being tingling with electric pleasure, running right through from my torn virgin arse, filled with the hot cum of Svetlana's now flaccid monster, over my cum soaked chest and rushing to my head, finally spilling out of my cock in an incredible ejaculation, spurting sticky white juices up inside the hot dark haired Czech girl's arse even as her own cock began to twitch and, untouched by any hand, stream cum across my chest.

I held Milena tight, our bodies pressed against each other as we both covered each other in our warm, creamy juices, covering each other's cum sticky faces with passionate kisses. Finally, we collapsed in a heap of beautiful, naked flesh and now soft cocks, my own probably the smallest among them. All three girls were absolutely beautiful, prettier and more feminine than any I had ever had before and their masculine cocks just made them more beautiful. Tired, dishevelled and sticky with cum, with a post sex glow on all three faces, they were something truly gorgeous to observe and I couldn't believe quite how lucky this holiday had been for me. At that moment Suzanne, or indeed any real girls, girls without cocks, were about as far from my mind as they could ever be. I didn't believe it could be possible but this trip had made me get over my break-up so completely I hardly cared at all about it from then on.

I did run into Suzanne in the street a few days after I had returned. I was still not quite walking right from the way Zelenka and, especially, Svetlana had torn into my once virgin arse, but I was walking with a clear sense of delight. While I had mostly got over our break-up, it was still good to see the look on the face of the woman who had thought she had left me miserable, only to find me happier than ever. I haven't been with another genetic girl since and I've kept in pretty regular contact with Milena.

All this happened about a year ago and it's coming around again to a time when I can afford a trip abroad, another quick holiday. I'm thinking maybe Prague again for this year...

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