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Holiday with Friends


Have you ever noticed how things sometimes snowball out of control? One little thing leads to another, then another and before you know it your life has changed forever. I am not talking necessarily about bad things, like checking your phone while driving and bam, your life is changed. No I am talking about something that happened to me while I was on vacation last week. I forgot my video camera, left it in the hotel room, went back to the room for it and bam, my life changed forever, not in a bad way, in a fucking awesome great way.

My wife jenny and I went on vacation with our best friends, Tina and John. We have been best friends with them ever since they moved in next door some 6 years ago. We had never met them before that but right from the start we just all clicked. Especially Jen and Tina. Tina was always at our house, largely because John worked as a truck driver and he spent a lot of time away from home on the road. He was away 3weeks out of every 4. Which I didn't mind at all because from the first time I saw Tina I have been desperate to fuck her.

Now my wife is gorgeous, don't get me wrong and we have a great sex life, but, well you know what it's like. We have been married 14 years and I guess I just have the 7year itch x2 and Tina is just so god damn sexy. She only stands 5feet tall in her high heels, always wears the shortest skirts and has the best legs I have ever seen. At the top of them sits a perfectly formed ass. I can't begin to tell you have many times I have fantasised about Tina. I know that makes me sound bad but she is just the biggest flirt and tease, well with me anyway, but we always laugh it off. Though usually ends with me having to hide my hard on. Nobody's perfect and unlike Jenny, Tina has very small tits, Jenny has great tits so between them they make a perfect woman, Jenny from the waste up, Tina from the waste down.

John, when he is around is always great fun, always something funny to say. As for me I'm the quite one of the group. You know what they say though still waters run deep. I don't think anybody would be too pleased if they knew how I felt about Tina.

Anyway back to my story, it was the second night in the hotel and we had all been down at the beach all afternoon. Upon returning to the hotel we had our evening meal then went to our rooms to get ready for the bar. I showered and changed but Jen said she was tired and wanted a quick nap first. When I was ready I woke her so she could shower and get ready, then I left to go to the bar to meet John and Tina as arranged. John was already in the bar and said Tina would join us later, he said she was tired and had taken a nap, said he left her getting ready and that she would join us all later. I laughed and said, Jen did exactly the same, must have been a tiring afternoon for them.

John and I had had a few drink while we waited and it was almost time for the hotel entertainment to start, it was a little musical show with singing and dancing. It was johns turn to buy the drinks so I said while he went to the bar I was going to go fetch my video camera from the room and check if the girls were nearly ready.

I opened the door to our room and found myself looking; well it was like looking down the barrel of a gun through a telescopic sight. That's how it seemed, it was not the barrel of a gun but something just as deadly, I was looking down the barrel of Tina's pussy. She was kneeling on my bed, naked and on all fours, head away from me, perfect pussy and ass looking right into my eyes. My mouth opened, my chin dropped and my cock sprang up as if to try pushing my mouth shut again.

I could see nestled upside down between Tina's legs, the head of my wife, she was also naked and they were locked in a 69, all tongues and pussies. Jens eyes were open and looking at me, she never missed a beat, or should I say never missed a lick, she just carried on licking away at Tina's dripping pussy. I think to be fair though if Jenny had stopped licking, Tina was so wet she might have drowned Jenny.

Well a man can only take so much before a spontaneous reaction occurs, that's my excuse anyway and I am sticking to it. With one fluid movement I threw my shorts and underwear down and stepping out of them I walked straight as an arrow in a direct path to the object of my desire, Tina's naked pussy. My left hand grabbed my unnaturally hard cock, I spit on my right hand and rubbed it on the tip of my swollen manhood though I didn't need to and in one quick movement I buried myself balls deep into Tina's soaking cunt. Heaven.

It could be she was already about to cum or maybe the shock pushed her over the top, but cum she did, which unfortunately set me off. I wanted her all these years and now there I was buried in her up to the hilt and like a schoolboy shooting on the first stroke. Tina's head flew around like something out of the exorcist, she looked deep into my eyes, smiled then just went back to licking Jenny's pussy out. I thought ok I can live with that.

I was scared to death I would lose my erection after my premature evacuation and in my panic I decided the best thing to do now was to just go for it. So go for it I did, I started fucking Tina, not nice, not slow, not trying to make the most out of what could be my only chance to ever fuck Tina, the girl of my dreams and fantasy. I just went at it hammer and tongs as the saying goes, I have never fucked anybody so hard or so fast. I was like a broken vibrator stuck on maximum.

I didn't stop I just waded in, I didn't ask if she wanted me to fuck her, or if she needed me to take precautions, I wasn't interested if she came or not, I just fucked her like my life depended on it. Like it was going to be the last fuck I would ever have, think I was afraid when I stopped either Jenny or Tina would cut my cock off, or John would walk in any moment and rip my cheating heart out as well.

When I did cum it blew my mind, and my balls, I came so hard I wondered if Jenny had bitten my balls off they convulsed so hard. I growled like a grizzly bear as I filled her with my seed. My cum energy seemed to travel from my balls, down my cock deep inside Tina, causing her to also cum. It carried on through her body to her tongue, where it passed into Jenny's pussy causing her to cum, then on through Jenny's body to her tongue and passing it back into Tina's pussy making Tina cum again, then it short circuited back to my cock completing its journey and making me cum again. Then it started another round. Back to Tina, Jenny, Tina, me. Well its my story, and that's how it felt. I don't even know if there is such a thing as cum energy but it was like electricity, a connection between the 3 of us.

Reluctantly I pulled my slackening cock out of Tina's pussy, which was also reluctant to let my cock go, but she was too well oiled in there for her to grip my poor slackening willy no matter how tight she squeezed. Panic hit me again so I said to the girls, sorry don't mind me just carry on, I just came for the video camera.

I picked the camera up from the table, walked back to the door and stood back in the leg holes of my shorts, I said, see you both in the bar, don't be long looks like a good show. I pulled my shorts up then I just left them collapsed in a 69 heap on the bed.

I went back to the bar where John said he thought I had got lost and was about to come looking for us all. He asked if I had I seen Tina as she wasn't answering her phone. I said yes she is getting ready in our room with Jenny, I said that they would probably be going down soon. He said they have been a long time and maybe he should go see if Tina was ok. I said don't worry you know what are like, they are just fucking around, and added, you know what women are like once their tongues start wagging, they never know when to stop.

Later when I had Tina alone I sheepishly asked if she was ok and if we were cool, I said sorry and hoped it wouldn't change things between us. Tina said it was too late for that now, things would never be the same again. I grimaced and asked if she would tell John. She looked me in the eyes, laughed and said, not unless I fail to keep her and Jenny satisfied, she said that things will be different in the future, when John is away with work I would have 2 wives to keep happy. I gulped and adjusted my shorts.

Well it's johns first night away since the end of the holiday and Jenny and Tina are waiting for me in the bedroom, sounds like they have started without me. So why am I in the spare room on Literotica? Just waiting for the vodka viagra cocktail to kick in. Speak of the devil, must dash.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/16/18

And a good time was had by all

Well, not the one husband ....or the troll who’s comments were deleted. Thank you author for both the story and the erasure of the troll.

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by Anonymous05/16/18

Comes with the territory

Post a story involving infidelity in the section designed for it and people who don't enjoy infidelity will read your story then complain about it due to (largely) their own demons.

Not that this wasmore...

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by AnnetteBishop05/16/18

Love the story

Gr at friends can be free fun. xoxoxoxo Annette

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by Anonymous05/15/18

Fun story

I would love to have friends like this!

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by Clem9905/15/18


Why do people come to this site? Bashing a story about a threesome - were you expecting mother goose?

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