tagIncest/TabooHolly: My Girlfriend's Daughter

Holly: My Girlfriend's Daughter


This story is absolutely true. Names have obviously been changed, but nothing else has.

At 21, I met the ultimate woman...a divorcee with wild auburn hair and a little baby daughter...The baby, Holly, was three. Sixteen years later, we are still unmarried but together, and Holly has grown into the loveliest woman i know - outside of her mother. Holly and I became very close, sometimes excluding her mother from our jokes, sometimes excluding her mother from our rolling eyes...

Eventually, Holly grew up, and she is gorgeous - funny, huge breasts, big, firm ass, gorgeous, deep brown eyes, bright and inquisitive mind, and athletic thighs. She and I often joined forces against her mom, when her mother - Elise - became irate for one reason or another...She had turned into a gorgeous, fascinating woman whose presence made me feel stupid and young, and who inspired all kinds of terrible, wicked thoughts about her. I put them out of my mind in fear of damaging two relationships I cherished.

Eventually, Holly went off to college, though the college was nearby and she came home often...This is a story of one of the times she came home.

I saw Holly's car in the drive, so I pulled in behind her. I put my key in the door and stepped inside. I assumed she'd be right in the living room, doing homework or watching tv, but the house was quiet. I looked at the mail and went upstairs to change.

I reached the top of the stairs and saw Holly's door open. On the bed, laying naked on her back with her knees up, was Holly, with her fingers in her shaved pussy. Her thumb was circling her clit, and I could clearly see two fingers between the neat lips of her sex, while her ring finger disappeared between the cheeks of her ass. She saw me, but did not stop, nor did she seem alarmed. Instead, she stared at me, her eyelids heavy and her chest rising slow with deep breaths. The orange thong I am always tempted to steal while doing the laundry dangled from her right ankle like jewelry. Her brown hair spilled like chocolate milk over her pillow. Her mouth was open just enough that her very soft moans and gasps were permitted to escape it.

"...uhhhuhhhhunnn..." she whimpered softly. Instantly, I was so hard I felt faint. I wanted to tear my jeans away and touch myself but I did not want to disrupt the majesty of the moment. She kept rubbing, finding the rhythm of her pleasure . Her other hand busied itself with her perfectly plump pink nipples that topped her enormous breasts, then she reached beside her and gathered a tiny scrap of black lace fabric and brought it to her face. Her hips began moving in circles, as if on a ball and socket. She breathed even deeper, then her breath stopped, and she began to moan ever so regularly, but still quietly. She came, her body shuddering and her hips moving ever more wildly in a vain and involuntary effort to elude her own fingers.

"uh..uhhhuhh. uhhmmmmm..." she moaned deliciously. Sighing deeply, she laid the lace aside and smiled at me contentedly. She brought her soaked fingers up to her mouth and sucked them clean, all the while looking into my eyes. Finally, she breathed deeply. "Hi", she said.

"Hello", I said quietly. "That was truly awesome."

She threw her head back and laughed silently. "Well, it's a poor substitute for the real thing." She patted the bed beside her and said, "Don't be afraid. Just come over here and give me a hug. I'm certainly not gonna get up." She was already absently playing with her nipple.

"I'm not certain I'm able to move," I protested. "I can barely walk - I'm a little dizzy."

"Well, then, sit already," she urged. I moved to her bed and slumped beside her, sitting at her midsection. I adjusted my impossible hard-on as I sat. In the corner of my eye, I saw her hand slip back between her legs. She moved her hand from her breast to my arm warmly, stroking it. "I hope you didn't mind seeing that. I promise I didn't mind that you watched," she assured me. I didn't know what to say.

I smelled her want. The aroma of her sex was heady; stronger than her mother's scent. She sat up and hugged me, placing her head on my shoulder. I felt the wetness from her fingers on my neck. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly, trying to stave off the power of the image I'd seen. My hands touched the hot, bare skin of her back - skin I'd washed when she was a child, but each and every cell of it new since then, and different. We held each other for perhaps a minute, when her hand moved from my neck to my pelvis. She found my obvious arousal and squeezed the symptom of it. "Oh...I guess you didn't mind that at all," she said with a laugh. She looked up and kissed me chastely, but her mouth was wet and boiling with want. Even closed, I tasted the sweetness of her mouth. She remained inches from my face, perhaps considering me, or considering this moment. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, placing it over mine. I parted my lips instinctively, and her tongue slid between them and found mine.

She laid back down as we kissed tenderly. Her hand found my belt and unbuckled it, then the button of my jeans, which she also undid. Her hand slid over my cock through my boxers, squeezing occasionally. "I love you, you know," she said. "I always have."

Our lips temporarily apart, I glanced beside her to see a stack of letters I'd written to her mother, many of which I knew contained very detailed descriptions of the things she and I had done, or I wanted to do. There were graphic descriptions of her pussy and her ass, and how I wanted to bury my tongue or my cock in them, and fantasies of her sitting over my face, leaking her juices or her sweet piss into my mouth, and recollections of when I'd tied her up and teased her to the point of desperation. I wondered what had been unleashed if Holly had read these things.

"I love you, too, baby," i whispered in a voice full of emotion. She tugged my shirt over my head. We kissed again, her chest to mine - I felt her body quivering, her want overpowering. I slid off my jeans and boxers.

"I need you so badly," she said, almost inaudibly. I lifted my hand from the bed to touch her, and picked up the little scrap of black lace. A size 5 thong I had bought for her mother. I brought them to my face and instantly recognized the aroma - her mother's unmistakable combination of musk and spring blooming. Our eyes stayed locked as I breathed her mother's natural perfume. I stroked her long soft hair, then placed the thong under her nose. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the dual scents of her mother's portals.

"Oh, Holly...you are an interesting woman..." I whispered.

"Mom is...so beautiful..." she said dreamily. I laid the underwear aside. "I have been with girls before...I guess I have a weird little thing for my own mother...You...don't think I'm awful, do you?"

"In a very good way..." I answered. She craned her neck up, and our mouths were hot on each other. Her wet, insistent tongue slid into my mouth, pressing into mine.

"I should have done this a long time ago..." she murmured. "I've been fantasizing about you forever..." I wanted to tell her that I had been wanting her as well, but I just kept kissing her. My hands wandered over her tanned, toned body. She was utterly different from her mother physically, but her gestures, her speech, and the way her body responded to my touch was familiar. Her pelvis swung and swayed as my hand grazed her delicious stomach. She moaned softly when I took her nipple in my fingers and twisted it gently.

"What do you want me to do to you?" I asked as I stared into her eyes.

She glanced at the letters beside her. "I want you to do everything you did to her...or wanted to, and didn't."

"Tell me - say where I should begin," I said. She bit her lip and smiled. She rolled over onto her stomach, then slid a pillow under her pelvis. She turned her face to me expectantly.

"Taste me everywhere," she said. "I'll show you where to start and where to stop..." Reaching behind her back, she traced a line with her finger from the middle of her back down to the crack of her ass. Tugging her cheek aside, she laid her fingertip at the dark rim of her asshole. I grinned, then slid beside her, and kissed her shoulder, moving my tongue over her delectable flesh. She sighed and slid her hand down between her legs.

I kissed my way slowly over her back, trying not to miss an inch of skin, a rib, or a bone in her spine. She moaned softly, trying not to cum. I glanced down at her glorious ass moving slowly to the sensation of my mouth on her skin and her fingers on her pussy. I flipped between her spread legs, now only inches from her sex and her ass. She had obviously read my letters to her mother, and knew that I loved licking her this way - from behind - giving me full access to both of her delicious holes. Elise loved my tongue in her ass, and now Holly was moaning audibly as my mouth found its way nearer and nearer to her back door.

My tongue slid into the valley of her ass - I could taste her sweat and the juice that had spilled there and I inhaled her fragrance. She was now panting noisily as I pulled one cheek away to reveal her gorgeous little brown star. For one brief moment, I looked at it from inches away, considering the sheer taboo of this act, then she raised her hips and plunged my mouth into the cleave of her ass, and I slid my tongue along the rim of her asshole. She moaned her approval and kept pressing up as I licked her wantonly. The taste of her burst onto my tongue - it was like an overripe fruit. She was slightly earthy and unwashed. I pushed my tongue tip into her as her muscle yielded. She groaned and began moving her hips slightly, trying to keep my tongue inside her and pull it in deeper. "Yesss..." she whispered. "god...yesss..." Her fingers glanced on my chin as she played with her clit. She was getting close - I felt the muscles of her asshole ripple. "That...feels...perfect..." she whimpered. I pushed my tongue in, over and over, licking her and sucking the funky juice of my spit and her ass while her hips rotated, and she came, suddenly and powerfully, pushing up into my mouth, the muscle of her asshole yielding and pulsing. "OH! OH GOD!" she stammered. "OH.MY.GO-O-OD!"

When her orgasm subsided, she half-turned to me, a wry smile on her lips, and said, "THAT was amazing..." She paused for a moment and said, "I can't wait 'til you fuck me in the ass...but first, I think you should clean up the mess you made in my pussy."

"Oh, my god!" I said, with mock apology. "I'm SO sorry...I'll clean that up immediately..." I slipped lower to her smooth, shaved sex and inhaled deeply. Her pussy was muskier than her mother's - she smelled like sex incarnate. I gingerly lapped at the salty syrup between her thighs, then pressed my tongue repeatedly into her clit. She gasped each time my tongue-tip slapped that bundle of nerves. I concentrated my tongue there, and she began shaking and shivering and moaning.

Her pussy almost spurted her thick, slick juice - it flowed from her much like her mother. I gulped it down. The slime of her sex was as rewarding to consume as that of her ass. Heady and powerfully aromatic, it slid down my throat and went straight to my cock. "I have a surprise for you," she whispered. "Keep your mouth...right there..." She held still, utterly still for a moment. Then, from deep within her, I heard the faint hiss of her piss and I clamped my mouth over her slit and gulped her warm, delicious pee. Her bladder was so full and my brain was so overloaded, some of it ran over my chin and onto the bedding, but not much. "Oh my god...that feels incredible..." she sighed. She raised her hips ever so slightly and I slipped my index finger into her ass, making her moan. When the flood ended, I slid my tongue across her clit, again and again.

"Yesss...YES! YESSSS!" she shrieked. She came again, then reached back and pulled me up with one hand, taking my cock in the other. "Fuck me," she demanded. "I need you inside me RIGHT NOW." She guided my cock into the very tight entrance to her even tighter pussy.

"Oh...Eric...go slow..." she whined. Instead, I pressed hard into her sopping sex. "UHHHHUH!" she grunted. Her hand slipped to her clit again. "GOD!" she gasped. "Oh...my...god..." Her pussy yielded slowly to my dick. She quivered, shaking below me. "F-f-fuck...me...pleeease." she said softly. I leaned and kissed her, then started to move my hips slightly. At first, I pressed my hips into her, mashing our damp, steaming groins together, keeping pressure deep inside her. Eventually, as she began to get used to me inside her, she started to push back against me. We sort of ground into one another this way, keeping my cock pressed against the wall of her unbelievably tight sex. She moved in slow circles, my dick pressed into her, her muscles miking me and her fingers still stroking her clit. "OHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!" she screamed, cumming again. She was multi-orgasmic like her mother. The muscles inside her rippled, and I stayed unmoving and held my breath that I would not cum myself. She bucked slightly, with only my weight to keep her in place, and came violently, thrashing and moaning, one hand on her clit and the other clawing the sheets. She turned her head and our mouths met in the wettest kiss I ever remembered - she was literally drooling, and transferred her moisture into my mouth via her tongue while she moaned and panted.

"My god, I had no idea how lucky Mom is - most boys would have cum by now," she said, laying her head on the pillow. She smiled broadly and brushed her now wet-with-sweat hair away from her eyes. Her eyes filled with tears, and she said, "I should never have waited so long...I've wanted this forever..." I leaned to kiss her, and she came again quietly, pushing back into me.

I held my body above hers, and the hair on my pelvis was matted with her juice. We were both by this time covered in sweat. She raised her hips and sighed, then reached and pulled my cock out of her sweet pussy and rolled over, positioning herself under me. Staring into my eyes, she pulled her legs up high, her ass on the pillow. "I have dreamed of you," I said. "You are more incredible than I ever imagined."

"Do you love me?" She asked.

"Of course," I replied. "I always have. It's just that...It has been so hard to keep my hands off of you...plus - we both love your mom..." I floated above her, staring into her gorgeous brown eyes as she processed this. She smiled, staring into my eyes. She held her mother's thong up between our faces.

"I want to make love to Mom, too," she confessed. She held my cock, her hand sliding along the length. She slid it along the length of her pouring slit as she stroked it. She brought her mom's thong to her face and closed her eyes, then positioned my cock at the entrance to her ass, pressing the head there. Calmly, she pushed the head into the ring of muscle there. "I want you to fuck my ass..." she whispered, "...and I want you to fuck me hard."

I felt a twinge of panic, thinking I might hurt her. "Are you sure?" I whispered in a voice full of emotion.

She opened her eyes just a little and smiled briefly. "I want you in my ass," she said. "I have never wanted anything more in my life..."

Her hips raised to engulf me, and she did so very slowly. Her juices were spilling from her cunt, and her body was relaxed, but her asshole was tight - so tight, in fact, that I felt like I might cum before I got all the way in. "I have never tried this before," she confessed, her eyes closed dreamily again, "but I have wanted to ever since I read one of your letters to Mom...I wanted to do it with you..." The head popped past the ring of muscle then she spread her thighs further as my shaft slid deeper. I held her ankles under my arms as my entire body shook from the intimacy of this moment.

I desperately wanted to push, but resisted. I waited patiently. She let go of my cock and kept pushing up. Her hands were holding her knees back, and her breathing was ragged. She gasped, then took a deep breath, held it then took another. Her forehead was covered in sweat, but her face remained serene - she wanted this. She concentrated on my dick filling her ass. I was halfway in when she opened her eyes half-way, seductively, licked her lips and smiled at me. "Push," she said, so I did. She moaned quietly, "ahhhahhhahhhaa.." as the length of my cock slid into her virgin ass. The space above my cock was pressed into her soaking wet pussy. She smiled dreamily, still looking under her heavy-lidded eyes at me. "FUCK that feels good..." she sputtered. "Now fuck me."

I began to move, in and slightly back out, just a few inches. "My god, you feel...incredible. Perfect," I muttered. "I may not last..." I said desperately. She kept smiling.

She brought her knees together, slightly, resting them under my chest. "Fuck me hard," she implored, moving one hand to her clit again. "You feel so good...in my assss..."

I kissed her, and despite everything, her mouth was as wet as ever. "Don't cum yet..." she said, closing her eyes. "I want to cum...first..."

She began circling her clit with her fingers. We kissed as she gasped, and I tried not to cum. Soon, her asshole felt like a vice, gripping me with titanic force as she came - yet again. She made animal noises - indescribable on paper - and I leaned to kiss her again, drooling into her mouth. Her tongue was frantic, and she sucked my mouth temporarily dry. I barely moved as her ass tugged the length of my shaft moving in and out of her.

She laughed after she came. "Oh my god!" she said, "That is so intimate! And it feels so good...Now, you haveta cum in me. I want to feel you..." she urged. "So, fuck me..."

I pushed her thighs up so I could more easily put my mouth over hers, and pressed my pubic bone into her pussy. She gasped in pleasure, removing her fingers from her clit. "I am going to cum in you..." I said, "...and I want you to cum with me." Her hands gripped my shoulders.

My weight now on her, and our mouths together, I wanted to fuck her hard. "Look into my eyes," I commanded, and I started to fuck her ass. I pistoned into her in short, steady thrusts, and she whimpered each time while looking into my eyes. I reached down and gripped her ass cheeks, prying her open, resting my weight on her. My pubic bone banged into her clit each time I thrust, and she moaned noisily with each thrust - "OH!...OH!...OHHH!"

In moments, her eyes glazed over with pleasure. She managed to burble her delight in our fucking - "IT...You...FEEL...SO...GOOD..." and she came one last time from our coupling, screaming again. "OH...MY...GOD!!!" she shrieked while cumming, then I said, "OHHH-OHO, god...Holly...!!!" and spurt the pent up cum I had into her bowels, banging spasmodically and arrhythmical into her as we came together, finally.

Suddenly, and without warning, she pushed me out, slid down the length of my body and took my cock into her mouth - my first ever ass to mouth - and sucked not only her ass from my cock but also my cum. I had a long and powerful orgasm, spurting cum into her moaning mouth.

She slid up beside me when she was certain that I had finished and gave me a long, feverish kiss. "I swallowed your cum," she said, her salty, bitter sweet tongue slipping in and out of my mouth. I loved the fact that she wasn't afraid of her own dirty ass when she did it, and responded with a long but urgent kiss.

"That was amazing," I said, almost out of breath.

Her face inches from mine, she said, "Yes, it was...YOU were..." and rested her head on my shoulder. She laid one arm over my chest.

We laid like that for a half an hour when she glanced at the clock and said, "Mom's gonna be here in 45 minutes...and I have some plans I want to make..."


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