Holly's Jollies


"Holly, pick your skirt up," he commanded her.

She froze like he had caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. She couldn't do that! He'd see all of her secrets!

"Do it now and I'll keep reading. Or don't do it and I'll quit. It's your choice," he said smugly.

Damn him! He knew he had her right where he wanted her. She sat there questioning what she should do. They were in a public place but she thought she was safe enough. Holly didn't think she had to worry that he would hurt her, and at the same time, the place was mostly void of people. But that was good too, because she didn't have to worry about someone else coming along and discovering her like that. She went back and forth about it, trying to decide what to do before he spoke again.

"I won't get out of my chair unless you ask me to. You don't have to worry about it if that's why you are hesitating. You know you could scream and Bubbles will come running over, after she picked herself up off the floor and untangled herself from the garland."

Holly stifled a laugh and listened for the storekeeper. She could hear strains of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" being murdered and felt like it was safe to proceed. She looked at him, and saw his eyes go to her skirt, imploring her to move it for him.

As she slid up her skirt, with what he perceived to be agonizingly slow-moving hands, Marshall marveled at the sight. Her thong was pulled to the side, allowing him to make out that she was shaved bare except for a tiny patch above her slit which was styled into a tiny postage stamp shape. God, what he wouldn't do to lick it.

His hard-on threatened to get the best of him, but he stayed bolted to the chair. He was glad he wore the dark colored dress pants and didn't change into his khakis like he usually did, and happy she wouldn't be able to see if he had a wet spot later.

Marshall watched her fingers go to her mound and rest there, trying to cover herself from his view. "If you want me to continue, you can't sit there like that. I want you to play while I read."

"Alright then." She said with gritted teeth. She doubted she could stop herself even if she tried.

"He pushed his manhood toward the opening of her sex, feeling her hot and wet. He waited there only a second before inching forward. Only his crown entered her and she gasped at the feel of it. It was all new to Noelle, this feeling alien and unknown. She was marveling at his girth and trying to relax to accommodate him."

Holly was moving two fingers in and out of her pussy with one hand while teasing her clit with her thumb. She now had one leg thrown over the arm of the chair, further opening herself for Marshall to see. He was taken by the sight, and seeing that, she knew she now had him. A wicked grin played on her face.

"Keep reading or I'm done," she told Marshall as he sat there staring. Two could play at this game.

Marshall's eyes narrowed. Did she just say that? Could she just "be done?" Quit right in the middle of it? If that was him, there'd be no stopping. Was she just trying to play him? He was having a tough time not touching himself, but if she did abruptly end the show, he would go directly to the restroom and get the release he was beginning to desperately need.

"I don't believe you."

"I mean it. Keep reading or I'm done." She set her jaw, and showed him she was serious. Holly was trying to block out the sounds of the manager singing "O Tannenbaum," if you could optimistically call what she was doing "singing" in any sense of the word.

Rather than risk it, he went on reading, stealing glances here and there.

"Nicholas slowly sank into her, waiting for her to open to him, giving her time to stretch. Only when he was in to the hilt did he open his eyes to look at Noelle. She was wide eyed, and panting. He needed to know she was ready for him to move before he did so."

'Noelle, my love, are you all right?' he asked of her.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him to her to kiss him eagerly. That should give him the answer to his question."

A crash was heard from the front of the store and Holly spied a single errant bulb rolling across the floor, past her chair and toward Marshall . She quickly drew her legs together and removed her hands expecting Bubbles to retrieve the ornament.

Marshall's eyes met hers and he paused in the middle of the story and went silent while pursing his lips together. He deliberately shook his head from side to side, reminding Holly that she couldn't stop what she was doing or he would also.

Turning to see if anyone was near, she glanced around and saw no one. Looking a tad bit relieved and with her nerves somewhat suppressed, Holly was satisfied that she was not going to be interrupted by Bubbles. She resumed her prior position and Marshall continued the story.

"He pushed her legs into position around his waist and then slowly pulled away from her. Her breath caught at this sensation. Nicholas paused again, barely inside her, until he felt her reigning him in with her legs. This was precisely why he wanted her like this, to show him that she wanted their union as much as he did."

Marshall could hear the squishing sounds Holly was making by moving her fingers deftly in and over her wet folds, but he dared not stop the reading to look at her. He glanced at the next line and then quickly at her pussy, still speaking the words from the story to her.

Her eyes were again closed and she didn't realize he had drifted away from the book.

The idea came to him just then to go rogue. He'd just make up the story from here on so that he could see her in the final throws. It was brilliant! He was almost certain that she would be too intent on listening to open her eyes again, and he'd be able to have what he wanted, too. He smiled as he went on.

"Nicholas pushed forward again, reveling in the slick warmth of her sheath. It was a slice of heaven being here with Noelle like this. He'd dreamed of a time when the two of them could act upon their love, and Christmas Eve seemed the perfect choice."

There, that was pretty sappy, he thought. Holly must be buying it, she didn't stop. Fuck yeah! This was going to work!

"Noelle spoke to him as he fully entered her again. 'Oh, my darling Nicholas, you take my breath away. I cannot believe we have waited so long to be together like this.'

Nicholas was straining to stay still while she spoke to him, looking at the love he felt for her reflected within her own eyes. He again pulled back and moved forward, but this time with a little less restraint causing her to gasp and dig her nails into his shoulders.

He persisted in his steady rhythm, barley changing the motion save for increasing the speed little by little and slightly altering the direction."

Marshall watched Holly moving her fingers faster over her clit, seeing the euphoric expression written on her face. If he did this just right, he might time it with her orgasm as well. It was a long shot, but he was damn well going to give it the ole college try.

"Noelle was moving with him now, learning the dance. She was emitting these wonderful cooing sounds and murmuring sweet little words of endearment in response to his.

'If I live a thousand lifetimes, I will never forget this moment with you, Noelle,' he said before reaching to take hold of her and began to thrust in earnest. She wrapped her legs and arms around him tighter, feeling that same wave building within. All at once she felt an explosion from deep inside her womb, and could not help but to call out his name.

'Nicholas!'she screamed, her body going tense, legs squeezing him ever so tightly.

'Noelle, let it happen, take pleasure in our joining.' He reassured her by smoothing her hair, nuzzling her neck as he continued to move within her, then kissing her through her second release. His mouth sought out a nipple and suckled it, rasping his tongue across it and back. Feeling her weaken her hold on him, he was this time not so gentle as before, and worked quickly to bring himself to his end.' "

God, he wished he could just jump on her. She was so fucking hot there in that chair, all sprawled out in front of him, playing with her pussy for him in front of anyone who might walk by. If he was sure he wouldn't get arrested, he'd join her. He was throbbing in his pants, and he needed it so badly, but her chair shielded her from onlookers that might get a glance and he was in full view. Her scent was driving him insane.

Marshall's voice wavered as he tried to go on with the story, but stopped upon seeing her start humping her pelvis against her hand. He needed to replace those two fingers Holly was moving in and out of her hole with his cock. God, he just about ached for it.

The sounds of her moaning softly were enough to drive him crazy. He could tell she was going to great efforts to keep herself quiet and not draw attention. Oh, how he wanted to hear her in all of her glory. All she'd have to do is open her eyes to look at him and give him some untold signal and he'd be inside her in two seconds flat. He didn't ever remember being this hard without any physical stimulation. My god, the self-control he was showing!

"Noelle felt him swell within her and knew the end was near. She thrust in time with him, wanting to give him as much pleasure as he had shown her."

"Oh, yes! I'm right there!" Holly said to Marshall, spurring him to carry on. He did just that until he saw her arch off the chair and let out a little squeal as she gritted her teeth. It was the cutest thing he had ever witnessed, and he was damned glad he didn't miss it with his nose buried in the stupid book.

"Nicholas groaned loudly, and halted, driving into her as far as possible. She felt him empty his seed into her and joyfully returned the passionate kiss he gave her, clinging to him with both her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him."

Holly stilled in the chair, completely spent. She tried to get her breathing back to normal, but was having difficulty with her task. Finding the will to voice her thoughts through her panting, she spoke to Marshall .

"Don't think... I don't know... what you just did," she panted.

"What are you talking about, Nymph?"

"Don't call me that... and you are so busted!"

"I'm still not following you," he told her.

She took a steadying deep breath, then another, and was finally able to compose herself. "I already read the first story in that particular book, and I know exactly where you stopped reading. It didn't happen like that at all. They were rudely interrupted and torn apart and Nicholas was thrown in jail by her father for 'ruining Noelle.' And, you should probably have pretended to be turning the pages. With my ears trained on you, I could plainly hear that was missing, even over Bubbles and her terrible screeching."

Holly recalled with repulsion the renditions of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and with equaled horror, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" that she'd had to endure. No wonder it took her so long to get off with that shit in the back ground. She'd like to stuff a stocking full of coal in her yap to get her the shut the hell up.

"I'd say I did you a favor then, by letting the story go through to an inevitable conclusion." He was still ready to burst in his pants. He needed to go to the restroom, and soon. But he couldn't tear himself away from the sight of her sitting in front of him, still idly fondling herself for his pleasure, as well as her own.

"On that note, I need to relieve myself from my own discomfort as well."

She knew his predicament, as it was all too apparent with him having a huge tent poking out the front of his pants. Holly righted her clothing, much to his dismay, and he stood warily.

Pushing back the table she told him, "No fair if you get to see me and you don't let me see you, Marshall." She pushed the table backwards and stood, then grabbed her purse and took a sip of her now cold cappuccino. Blech. She made a funny face, then gave him a look that said, "Get over here, now, Asshole," without having to say the words.

Well, that made his dick strain even more. She wanted in on a show as well. He smiled in spite of himself.

She winked, and then smiled as she turned and started off toward the restroom, swaying her ass in that tiny skirt and giving him a glimpse of her ass with each step as it swished back and forth across her cheeks. "Coming, Marshall?"

"Not yet, but I will be soon, Nymph," Marshall said, letting her lead the way.

The clerk continued to sing, chuckling under her breath. She guessed she could go over and pick up those errant Christmas bulbs now that they were occupied elsewhere. The middle aged, frumpy woman wondered how much time she needed to give them before she could call it a night. It was past closing time already and her cats needed to be fed and cared for at home... not that her own "kitty" couldn't stand some attention as well.

As she collected some of the bulbs, she thought about the wrapped "toys" that were waiting for her under the Christmas tree, and a broad grin blossomed on her chubby cheeks. "I think it's time to open one of my gifts to me, tonight."

Bubbles gathered up the wayward decorations, listening to the sounds coming from the restroom. Marshall's voice was unmistakable, as was Holly's giggle as they both echoed in the restroom. She smiled and belted out the next tune, in time with the DVD player. "Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas, it's the best time of the year..."

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