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Holly's Night Out


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Be warned, there is a surprise in this story. If reading a story with a threesome (2 guys and a girl) is a turn off for you, then this story isn't for you.

Thanks TGH and my other friends who helped shape this story.


Chapter 1:

I love watching my beautiful wife getting ready for a night on the town. Holly has a sexy body that she works hard to maintain by jogging regularly. Every day when I wake up and look over to find her next to me I'm reminded that I'm the luckiest man in the world.

My wife is about a foot shorter than me, which she loves because the guy she dated before me was exactly her height. With me she can wear the tallest stilettos she can find and I always encourage her to find her inner slut. I've gotten her to "flash" a couple times while we were on vacation and since she had fun showing off her charms, maybe she will be open for some more erotic experiences in the near future. Holly has a perfect body but she is self-conscious about the expressiveness of her breasts. She's is always worried that her nipples will come alive so, at times, she dresses a little too conservatively for me.

Holly called me at work this afternoon and asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner. She said that she had a surprise for me and, in exchange, I wanted to make the night special for her, so I made reservations at her favorite restaurant that overlooks the water. One of the things that I enjoy when we go out for dinner is that we don't have to worry about cooking or cleaning the dishes. We can sit back and relax.

After her phone call, needless to say, the rest of my work day was torture; the only thought in my head was to get home to my sexy wife and find out about my surprise. Once I was finished with what needed to get done at the office, I raced home to my hot wife. When I noticed what Holly was wearing, I knew that the night would end on a good note. She had decided to wear her favorite "LBD" with Come-Fuck-Me pumps.

As soon as I entered the bedroom, Holly turned to me and said, "There you are, I'm ready to go."

Dinner was great but we had both expected it would be since this was one of our favorite restaurants. Since it was Friday night, Holly enjoyed a couple glasses of wine but I wasn't sure why. Normally, she only has one glass with a meal but this night she had three.

The evening seemed to pass much too quickly although, sadly, I really didn't want our date night to end. On the other hand, I really wanted to take my hot wife home and make love to her. Something in her body language told me that she wasn't ready to leave just yet, but I wasn't sure if she wanted to go out dancing either. Her actions were confusing me. She ordered some coffee as I tried to read her mind. Before our coffee came, Holly gave me that look; the one says she has something big to get off her chest. I wasn't sure what she was about to tell me but I could tell by her body language it was big.

"I met this guy at work." She said while looking down at the table.

Here it was: she was about to tell me she was leaving me for another man or worse, that she'd been in love with someone else for the last months or years.

Holly reached out and put her hand on my arm, "I think he would be a great guy for you."

I really wasn't sure how to take that or what she meant by that. So I had to ask, "Excuse me?" I gave her a puzzled look. "What does that mean?

Holly smiled, giving me that naughty smirk, "What is that? You thought that Mike was my lover?"

Holly reached over and squeezed my cock. "What do we have here?" She moaned, "Maybe he should be my lover. I'll have to remember this." She gave me an extra squeeze.

With Holly's hand firmly around my hard cock, I noticed this good looking man walking towards our table. It took Holly a few seconds to notice him and, when she did, Holly immediately stood up and gave him a warm hug. She turned to me. "Jim, this is the guy I wanted you to meet."

I wasn't really able to stand and played it off as the table being awkward, but I did reach out to shake his hand. Holly introduced Mike to me. Thankfully that didn't last long and, with Mike joining us, we sat back down at the table.

Mike was six feet three with broad shoulders and I could tell that he worked out regularly. I was sure that, under his knit shirt, he was packing a full six pack. What was this I was feeling? Was I finding this man attractive? I didn't want to kiss him but I was curious about his body.

Clearly Mike was a confident, self-made man and I caught a couple of the women in the restaurant steeling glances towards him, yet his focus was exclusively on us. Even Holly was excited as I could see her hard nipples trying to poke through her concealed bra.

Small talk flowed till it felt like we had known each other for years. The next thing I knew the waitress came around asking if we needed anything as it was last call.

I said to Mike and Holly, "Well, I'm not ready to call it a night."

"Yeah, it feels pretty early, Mike replied.

Holly looked into my eyes and it was like she read my soul. Addressing Mike, she said, "How about you come over to our house for a night cap?"

Part of me wasn't sure that a night cap was a good idea, but I knew Holly had something interesting and exciting in mind as she talked him into coming over to our house. How strange it should have seemed for Holly to be inviting this man back to our home, yet I was somehow comfortable with this unexpected turn of events.

After her mysterious declaration, Holly and I left the restaurant. As we both slid into the car, my curiosity was getting the best of my concern. Despite my trepidation, I had to know what my wife was feeling and against, my better judgment, I placed my hand on her inner thigh. Holly quickly parted her legs giving me access to more of her thigh. As my hand was about to reach her panties when she clamped down on my hand, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Yes!" I replied, noticing that her panties were soaked.

She reached over and felt that I was just as aroused as she was, "Are you sure you want to know what has me so excited?"

"I think we both know that I do," I answered quietly.

Holly guided two of my fingers under her panties so that I could feel her soft wet lips, "You know, we don't have to do anything."

"I know but we've had a great night and I'm okay if something does happen."

Holly guided my index and middle finger into her wet pussy, "Oh baby, you feel so good in me. Taste me; I want to watch you taste me".

I pulled my fingers out of my wife and into my mouth, all the while enjoying her scent and taste. I've always enjoyed feeling her wet pussy and, even though her arousal wasn't created by me, I was surely going to enjoy her in this mood.

"Whatever happens, promise me you will not get jealous".

"Baby, have I ever been jealous?"

Holly smiled, "No, quite the opposite; you always want me to act like a slut."

"I want you to have fun, you are a beautiful woman. Holly, you are the woman that I love and will, hopefully, be spending the rest of my life with."

"I think you enjoy finding my panties wet."

I smiled, "I always enjoy the feeling, yes. I love feeling your body. No, scratch that. I love feeling your aroused body."

It only took us another five minutes to get home. I opened the garage and parked the car while Mike parked in our driveway. Once in the house, I closed the garage. Holly opened a bottle of wine and poured us three glasses while I turned on some background music. We made our way to the family room and got comfortable.

Holly turned to face me then grabbed my arm, next she reached for Mike's hand, "Come on boys. What does a girl have to do around here to get some attention?"

Mike looked at me then smiled, and we followed Holly. Holly walked into our bedroom, then turned and leaned against the dresser. She smiled while watching us enter the room.

"Baby, I want you to watch your wife make love to Mike while I watch you. I want to see your expression as his cock slips into my wet pussy." Holly moved onto the bed trying not to fall over, "Baby, it's kind of awkward moving on the bed. Can you hold him for me?"

Did she just ask me that, "Excuse me?" I asked, somewhat astonished.

"Come on baby, I'm trying to be graceful. Hold his cock so that I can mount him."

"I've never done that."

She gave me a smirk as she reached for my shoulder. She needed my support to move on the bed, "Oh, Baby, it's no big deal. Just pretend you're going to the bathroom. You've held your own cock right?"

I found it kind of strange that Mike didn't say one word. He just sat back and watched my wife moving around him. Of course, he wanted to be in her tight pussy so why did he need to say anything? Even against my better judgment, once Holly had her balance, I reached down for Mike's hard cock. Carefully I pulled his cock up. I didn't even realize that I was staring at his cock in my hand! My hand had wrapped around this love muscle and I swear that I could feel the veins pumping blood in that thick thing of his.

In slow motion, I watched my wife move down onto his cock. I could see the tip touching her lips, parting her wet labia until he started to enter my wife's body. Holly gasped as she took him deeper. Even though he was in her, I didn't let go of his cock. I don't know why.

Slowly, she took at much of him as she could. Then Holly leaned back and carefully put her arms right below Mike's shoulders on the bed. This gave him complete control over his own arms. As she did this, part of him pulled out of her pussy and I could see her arousal coating his shaft

I moved my hand up and used her arousal to lubricate the base of his cock. Holly looked over, "Is this turning you on, Lover?"

How strangely erotic that my wife was enjoying her first lover outside of our marriage and I was there to watch. Not only that, but I was holding his cock in my hand! "Yes, very much so."

For whatever reason, I have to say that it didn't feel weird holding him; nor did it feel weird that his cock had slipped into my wife.

Carefully, she accepted more of him, making sure his thick cock slipped deep into her warm, tight body and I watched as inch by inch of him entered her wet pussy.

In a strangely comforting sense, I knew exactly how Mike was feeling by having Holly's sugar walls tightly wrapped around his cock as she rode up and down on his love pole. I wasn't jealous at all. In fact I was even more aroused knowing exactly what he was feeling. Sure, I wanted to be making love to my wife but this was something very new and very kinky. Most importantly, I was enjoying myself as I knew my wife was also. When Holly reversed her position over Mike, I knew exactly how he felt because I love the sensations of having my wife ride me "reverse cowgirl". The way her body moves, pressing my cock against all her sugar walls is, perhaps, my favorite position.

"Jim, eat me! I want to cum with his cock in me. Come on, Baby, eat my pussy. Make me cum, Baby; I need to cum, Jim."

Carefully, I made my way closer to my wife's pussy. Her legs were spread allowing me easy access to her clit. I could see his thick, bare shaft pistoning in and out of my wife and her pussy stretching to accommodate his girth.

"Does this excite you, Baby?"

"Very much so," my eyes never left her pussy.

In a husky voice, Holly said, "That's it, Lover, get closer. Taste me! Take me in your mouth; I know you want to eat me. That's it, Lover, make me cum."

I've never watched someone having sex before, let alone my wife! I could see his cock going in and out of my wife and her whimpering every time that thick cock impaled her. If I didn't know her, I'd swear she was in pain.

"Oh, Baby, Mike's cock feels so good in me. Are you watching? Are you watching him fuck me?"

Now, I was only inches away from her pussy. Slowly, I stuck my tongue out until it touched her clit. I didn't even have to move my tongue to stimulate that tender area as Mike's thrusts were moving Holly's clit back and forth.

Mike was getting reckless with his thrust and I wanted him to slow his pace a bit. As I started to move he popped out of my wife's pussy and slid into my mouth.

I didn't know what to do!

Mike's cock filled my mouth. What was I to do?

Holly moaned, "Oh my god! Suck him baby, that's so hot!"

I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to move. I hoped that his cock would slip back out of my mouth and into my wife but, as I thought about that, I swirled my tongue around his shaft. I could taste something familiar, something sexy. Then it dawned on me that what I was enjoying was Holly's arousal that had coated his shaft.

When I looked up, I could see Holly straining to see more. She wasn't shocked but aroused even more, if that were possible. The look on her face was that of a child opening up a gift. "Baby, that's so hot! I've never been so turned on before in my life!" Using my hand I massaged the base of Mike's cock, moving up and down his shaft. Since he was so long there was no way I could fit all of him into my mouth, but I did my best. That is why I used my hand, to increase his pleasure and make him feel that more of his cock was in my mouth.

I tried to do all the things that Holly did to me by using my tongue on the tip of his cock, making sure to pay special attention to under the tip.

I groaned as more of his hard cock entered my mouth. It was a strange sensation tasting Holly on Mike. She doesn't have a strong taste but there was something ever so sexy about the unique taste of my wife on his cock.

Holly moved closer to me and off of Mike. Her face was next to mine while her pussy was next to his face. I could see his hand moving between her legs, which she immediately opened for him. Talk about a surreal moment, having a hard cock in my mouth and my wife opening her legs for our shared lover. I could see his fingers playing with her very wet pussy, making that sexy slurping noise an aroused pussy makes when it swallows fingers.

As I concentrated on Mike's fingers in Holly, my throat started to open up or at least that is how it felt to me. I swear that most of his cock was entering my mouth and going down my throat. The first time he hit the back of my throat, I had to fight through the gag reflex but after a couple more times my body started to relax.

With his ridged cock in my mouth, I started to think about how Holly gave me head and the things that she did to me. With my right hand I gripped the base of his cock, while using the other to support myself. Now, I could take most of him and use my hand to stroke his shaft.

As my confidence grew, I was able to take more of him into my mouth. I even think that some of him went down my throat. His grunting was washing out the sexy noises Holly's pussy was making. I could still see her hips rocking up and down which told me she was getting close to her own orgasm. Holly was just inches from me, yet so far away. "Oh I'm going to cum!" Mike grunted.

That encouraged me. Not thinking about what was about to happen, I just wanted to give it to him. I wanted his cum! My lips were tightly wrapped around his cock and I used my tongue to massage that spot just under the tip. I knew that it was working as I could no longer taste Holly, just his salty cum.

Mike grunted and I was aware of what was about to happen.

The first stream shot into the back of my exposed throat. I almost choked when it hit the back of my throat. A second stream shot deep into my mouth, only this time I managed not to swallow that one. I kept my lips wrapped around the tip of his cock, while using my hand to milk him.

"Oh, Baby, that's so, so hot!" Holly exclaimed as she collapsed on the bed and moaned. I knew that Holly was lost in her own orgasm. I didn't move, just allowed Mike to finish. I had to swallow a couple times to wash his seed down but he didn't seem to mind. As I moved off him, I felt Holly's soft lips on mine. Her tongue parted my lips to enter my mouth, seeking to taste his cum. I felt a little strange, yet very kinky having my wife kissing me. We were sharing a kiss with some of his cum still in my mouth; I knew that we both could taste him.

Holly was pretty aroused and aggressive. She moved up on top of me while guiding my cock into her. I didn't realize how hard my own cock had become while I had had Mike's cock in my mouth. I was amazed! Part of me couldn't believe that we had just done that, that I had just done that! Our new friend had just cum in my mouth and I had swallowed everything that he had had to offer.

Holly moved closer and started to tease my ear with her tongue, "Oh, Baby, I love you so much. I never thought you would do something like that; you can't imagine how turned on I am."

The strange part to me is that I have never considered myself gay or even bi-sexual for that matter. I love my wife, love her body and love making love to her, but there was something about his hard cock that turned me on. From watching him having sex with my wife to tasting him, tasting my wife on his ridged love muscle to having him cum in my mouth, it all really turned me on.

Now, lying on my back with my wife grinding her body into mine, I wondered what she thought about all this. Sure, she said she loved it, but how would she feel tomorrow? Would she want me to do more? There were so many things to think about and talk about and it was strange to have those thoughts while Holly was riding me. I had to keep my mind off what she was doing as I was so close to my own orgasm and my wife wasn't nearly finished yet.

"Come on, Baby, give it to me! Cum in my pussy. Can you feel how wet I am? I'm soaking your crotch with my arousal."

I pushed her up and started to play with her nipples, "Stop talking or I will cum." "That's what I want, give it to me! I need to feel you cum in me. Come on baby." Holly pushed back and I wasn't able to hold off any longer. I gave one hard thrust as I shot my load into my wife. I could hear her talking, "That's it, Baby; give me all that hot cum! Fill my pussy, my lover."

We just lay there for a couple moments, each of us not really sure what had happened. I knew that, at least for myself, I didn't have any regrets. My wife just had sex with her friend and I had given a man head.

Mike started to move around and said that he had to go home, that he had an early tee time tomorrow. Once Mike dressed, we said our goodbyes and off he went.

Holly and I went back to bed. We made love one more time that night and spooned the night away in splendid contentment.

End of this chapter


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