Hollywood After Dark Ch. 03


I lifted her up from the desk, her body limp and yet still responsive to my touch as I slid my hand over her nipple, feeling it's softness against the roughness of my palm. Thrusting into her now, her body prone on top of mine, she was mine to use and gratify myself with, the willing price paid for taking her to the level that I did moments earlier. My balls began to tingle again between her legs as I held onto her waist with one hand, her breast the other, bouncing her body against my own as I slammed into her with a growing intensity. The motions of our moving made her rise and fall quicker than before, each agonizing millisecond outside of her pussy reclaimed by the feeling of her body sliding once more over my shaft.

Pushing as hard as I could now with her weight on top of me, I gripped Monica's body tightly above me, my cock drilling into her more and more with each thrust, almost reaching the bottoming out point of this luscious hole, this incredibly wonderful channel of love that didn't want to let me go, nor I to leave it. Our rocking became more feverant now, the tension in my balls begging for release, aching and willing me on to hit that one point of bliss that would release the waves of pleasure all throughout my body. It didn't take long to arrive, as I felt every ridge and bump and nerve in my shaft brush once more against her soft hole, the overwhelming intensity of being inside such a beautiful creature as Monica finally breaking through the defense of my brain that I had created to keep from releasing too quickly.

I slammed her down firm onto my legs, not unlike the own hard thrusting Monica herself had done a few minutes earlier, I felt my orgasm build and then release like an explosion from my body, the hot delivery of my load coating the inside of her inner walls, spurt after spurt sending me so far over the edge of bliss that I felt dizzy, our fluids mingling with one another. I grunted into Monica's back as I held her still on my hips, waiting for that final moment of bliss to fade, signified by the last gasping shot of my come inside of her body. As it escaped from me, I felt the hardness of my prick begin to diminish, though still evident, as I released my tight grip on Monica's body and allowed her to collapse forward onto the desk slightly.

She moved her ass away from my body, both of us breathing heavily as we dripped sweat onto one another, her back and sides wet with it all over, a lone drop accumulating at her shoulder blade as it slid down the soft contours of her body and down her arm pit where it disappeared from my site, falling onto the floor. Monica raised herself off of me and slowly slid out away from the desk onto the floor, where she laid prone, her eyes closed tightly but a blissful smile on her lips, her sweating and exhausted body sprawled out on the floor.

I reclined back in my chair, sighing loudly as the last glow of orgasm faded from my mind. Wiping the sweat away from my face and forehead, I closed my eyes for a moment before opening them again and swiveling my chair to look down at Monica. She lay with one leg slightly crossed over the other, though neither did much to conceal her sex, as she spread her arms out above her head, her hair a weaving mess extended all over the floor.

My mind still swam slightly from the sex, the feel of Monica's skin against my own still registering like a radiating glow on my body. Drifting, I thought about leaving this behind or at least stepping back slightly from my involvement. If the perks for my time here in Hollywood were any indication of the activities of this afternoon, leaving might not be such a smart idea. Here I had a beautiful woman trying to get me to stay, who was I to turn that down, even if the sex was just that, sex? There was nothing yet to indicate that I had to go along with the ideology behind it, especially since Monica's gesture had seemed to be genuine.

I gazed down at her with a smile, devouring the site of her nude form as it lay a few feet beneath me, my prick softening against my belly as the juices of her body were absorbed into my own. Propping my chin up on my palm, I continued to look at her when, though to this day I still don't know why, I saw something I had never seen before.

Bolting quickly out of the chair, I grabbed my boxers and pants off the floor, taking my shirt from the other side of where Monica lay as I quickly slid it over my body. Stepping over her, I walked with a hurried pace around her and out of the room. My movement must have roused her from the state she was in, for as I opened the door, I heard her worried voice call to me.

"Alex? Alex, what's wrong?" she said, but I was already out the door and down the hall as it faded in my ears.

I couldn't shake the image of what I saw, of what now gleamed like a taunting joker face in front of my mind's eye.

Nestled covertly between her thighs, in a position where only the proper angle and proper light would catch it, was the symbol. The circle with the prongs pointing in each of the main directions, the same lightning bolt "z", right there in the middle of it. Small and faint as it was, there was no mistaking it. It was the same symbol I had seen on Hapsboro's card.


Taking a deep breath, I stood before the ominous heavy oak door in front of me. It's edges were outlined with classical wood sculpting, hand carved vines and leaves combing up and down the sides of the frame. A heavy brass handle rests in the mid-right of the door, a knocker only a few inches above it. A pair of halogen lights, not on even in the dimming daylight, stand like silent watchmen about 3/4 of the way up the door, a cobweb hanging from the back of one.

The house itself, if you even want to call it a house (mansion might be more appropriate) looks fairly normal and in place with the neighboring houses a hundred yards or so off to each side. The windows along the first floor are drawn closed with blinds, no hint of the interior visible to the outside world. If it wasn't for the line of hastily parked sports cars in the sloping drive way ten feet away or so, the place would look elegant but empty.

I placed my hand on the brass handle, the metal cold even in the summer heat against my flesh, but I remove it a moment later, opting instead for the matching knocker in the middle of the door. Wrapping it tightly in my fingers, I knock it hard against the wood three times, the sound of metal striking wood dulled by the thickness of the door.

Releasing the knocker, I take a step back and wait for the mansion's occupants to open the door for me. I had been told only yesterday to meet here, my "initiation" now due into whatever twisted world I had gotten myself into when I agreed to work for Wilton Willis. I truly didn't know what I was getting myself into, my body on edge as adrenaline pumped through my veins, the anxiousness of finding out what lay behind that wooden door almost making my hands shake against my sides. I placed my hands on my skirt, smoothing out the silky material as I adjusted my appearance. I hadn't known what really to wear, so I chose simply a floral skirt and a white top that was comfortable and fitting against my body.

Though only seconds had passed, they felt like an eternity as I stood there waiting for the door to open. I focused my attention on the inside of the house, staring hard into the door as I listened for movement inside. There was some - at least two pairs of legs walking and moving around quickly behind the door. The noise suddenly stopped however, just as quickly as it had arrived, and I was about to write it off to my own blood pumping in my ears, when I heard the unmistakable sound of metal sliding out of a lock on the other side, the door shuddering slightly as it opened slowly.

The door opened a few feet wide, enough for me to see the dim lights inside for a moment before a head appeared in the opening left by the door. I saw the curly blonde hair first before I even connected the face: Kate Hudson, the daughter of Hollywood veteran Goldie Hawn, though the young Kate was undoubtedly a star in her own right. She looked at me with a blank stare for a moment before her eyes lit up in a realization of who I was. She smiled widely as she opened the door wider, giving me now a better view of her body. I was startled for a moment to see that she wore nothing but a lavender transparent piece of clothing, lingerie really, over her body, her nipples pressing against the constraints of the fabric from her small breasts.

Kate turned her head and called off to a person that I couldn't see further into the house.

"She's here!" Kate bubbled excitedly, opening the door wider now to allow me to step in. I walked into the house enough for Kate to close the door behind me with a resounding thud, the noise echoing through the walls of the mansion. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could make out more details inside, things I couldn't have seen from the setting sun behind my back. The room I was in was part of a massive lower area, a wall off at the very end of this foyer, forming a sort of boxed in look just out of sight, the doorway leading to who knew what. The rest of the room was very sparse in design: a large rug on the hardwood, very old looking floor, a pair of leather couches positioned in an L shape around a glass coffee table and a fire place off on the right wall. The most striking feature of the room though had to be the massive staircase that dominated the middle of the room, it's spiral shape leading off to an upstairs floor that I could only see half of, thanks to the dimly lit lights of the main hallway. It's steps were carpeted in a rich velvet looking material, the banisters all thick wood held up by even thicker rectangular poles rising along the edges of the stairs. The entire thing evoked memories of Scarlet O'Hara's mansion in "Gone With the Wind", a movie I had watched many times as a little girl. But whereas that classic had evoked feelings of happiness within me, this place seemed dank and more than a little frightening in it's darkly lit corners and massive expansiveness.

Kate stood in front of me, sizing me up it seemed, as she looked me up from head to toe. I could see her outfit (or lack thereof) better now: she wasn't completely naked, but the lavender garment she wore covered every part of her body barely, stopping at her thighs, a pair of matching panties thin and small around her tiny waist. With her golden hair and beaming eyes, Kate had a look of some mythical nymph, freshly awakened from a spring morning to romp around the forest looking to satisfy her sexual lust.

"Well, the clothes have got to go," she said a bit demandingly. "You can do it now, or wait till the Mistress gets here. Up to you. But if I were you...I'd strip down to at least your bra and panties now before she gets here,"

With that, Kate turned and walked deeper into the room, her tiny ass swishing slightly as she moved, her body having been blessed with not a single inch of fat or excess skin thanks to her lithe frame. I stood there awkwardly for a moment, watching her walk. Kate non-chalantly reached down and pulled off the lingerie, shaking her hair free as she tossed it lazily onto the floor. Her exposed back, smooth and glowing it seemed in the light of the room, disappeared from my sight as she walked deeper into the room, practically vanishing like a ghost.

Not wanting to be left standing there alone, I hustled to catch up to her until I could see her completely, her bare feet padding lightly on the floor of the mansion as she drew closer to the couches. I could make out another form kneeling by the sofa, their legs tucked underneath them as they leaned over the glass table.

The room was suddenly filled with a very loud snorting sound and as I finally could make out the furniture, I could see why. Alicia Witt, the redheaded actress who had made a name for herself as a sort of vamp in movies, threw her head back in contentment as she lifted it from the table. Even in the poor light of the room, the lines of white powder sliced neatly on the table were unmistakable to me. She wore a simple silk green robe around her body, the waist of which was not pulled too tightly against her, leaving ample room for the exposure of her cleavage, her nipples on each breast almost visible as they held themselves against the silk of the robe. Alicia lay back against one of the sofas, her arms extended over her head as she relaxed completely with her eyes closed and her lips half parted in a sigh of pleasure. She lightly brushed the back of her hand underneath her nose, wiping away a fine residue of powder as she opened her eyes to see Kate standing over her. I stood watching for a moment, still a few feet away from them as Kate bent down next to Alicia. Kneeling, her breasts jostling slightly from her thin frame, Kate pulled her long blonde hair back and put her face to the table, the room again filling with that unmistakable sound of people getting high.

Alicia watched Kate as she did another line, rubbing her hand across Kate's panty clad ass as the Oscar nominated actress scooted back and sat on the couch. Alicia roamed her hand up and down Kate's extended thigh, the blonde reclining on the couch now as she draped her legs over one of the arms. They seemed oblivious to me for a few moments, lost in their own drug induced haze for a moment before Alicia stopped her stroking of Kate and looked up at me.

"Hi Katherine, glad you decided to come," Alicia said, her eyelids fluttering at me as a sly smile crossed her face. "We have a lot of fun planned for you,"

I stood awkwardly for a moment, replying a soft hello to her as I glanced around the room more. Alicia reached over to the table and lifted off the tray with the coke on it and held it out towards me.

"You're welcome to some if you want. It will make the whole night a blast, trust me," Alicia said.

"No, that's alright," I said, my heart beating in my chest. I didn't really care that people got high every now and then, nor that they offered to share with me. I was more struck by the casualness of the whole situation, as the alarming idea that this sort of thing was nothing new to them, something they did routinely, crossed into my head.

Alicia shrugged and set the tray back down. Next to it was a small plastic bag and a pipe, the pipe already filled almost to the brim with marijuana. Alicia lifted it and a nearby lighter from the table, pulling the pipe (marble decorated with a shiny brass bowl in the middle) to her mouth, the lighter poised over the plant, ready to be struck. Kate sat up now, watching Alicia as the redhead pulled it to her mouth, lighting the bowl deftly and inhaling deeply as the odor of the burnt drug quickly began to fill the area around us. Alicia pulled the pipe away quickly, her cheeks bulging as she held in the smoke for as long as possible, finally letting out a soft sigh as the smoke billowed out from her lips and danced around her face.

Kate reached over and took the pipe from Alicia, holding it out to me now.

"Come on Katherine, a little bit of grass won't hurt ya," she said, smiling at me. I moved towards her and took the pipe gently from her hand, the lighter included and took it to my mouth. Pot was one thing I didn't mind doing on occasion and the calming effects of it might ease my already jumpy nerves.

The two girls watched me as I placed the end in my mouth and, though not as skillfully as Alicia, managed to get a bright orange flame within a strike or two. Lowering over the end, I sucked in the smoke, the bitter burning quickly touching the back of my throat and making it tingle as I lowered the lighter, the intense heat fading as the flame went out.

I tried to be as cool and collected as possible as I felt my body start to surge in a quest for air, holding the smoke in for as long as possible even though my eyes had started to water a bit from the lack of oxygen. The pot was very strong, very potent stuff and as I finally released the smoke from my mouth with a half cough, half gasp, I could already start to feel the familiar tingling of it's effects just starting to take place.

Kate smiled at me and took the pipe from my hands, shifting it's contents around slightly before she did two quick hits off of it, the once green and sticky plant now just a pile of ash in the bowl. Kate held it in longer than Alicia or I and seemed to have no trouble at all exhaling, the cool poise of her abilities very striking to me. She set the pipe and lighter back down on the table with a soft clink and stood up from the couch, walking over towards me.

"Tsk tsk, I thought I told you to take off those clothes," she said dreamily, her eyes bloodshot and her eyelids fluttering half closed the same way Alicia's had. Kate stepped in front of me and put her hands at the base of my shirt, lifting it up slowly over my body. I could really feel the drug kicking in now so any resistance or hesitation was starting to quickly fade from me. I bent over slightly as Kate removed the garment from my body, tossing it lazily on the couch as she stepped back to examine me. Alicia had gotten to her feet as well and now both girls moved to flank me as I stood there, letting them control my actions almost completely.

I felt Alicia's hand on my back as she undid the clasp of my bra, Kate pulling down the bra straps from both shoulders as the bra too fell away from me. The musty, sticky air of the house made my nipples tingle slightly as they were exposed to the room for the first time, a light sweat breaking out on my chest as I felt my heart beat faster inside my throat. Alicia rubbed her hands up my arm from shoulder to elbow, feeling my skin against her own hands and fingers. Kate was occupied with my stomach and back however as I felt her slide her arms around me, caressing my bare flesh as she leaned in closer to me, her body an inch or so away from me, the heat from her nakedness radiating against my willing flesh.

Alicia stopped her stroking of my arms and lowered her head to my breast, her tongue easing out from her mouth slowly as I felt it touch and brush my nipple, making me jump involuntarily. She placed her entire mouth over my nipple, sucking on it like a baby as she glided her tongue across my quickly hardening nipple. Kate slid her hand up my back and stroked my neck with her fingers, the small hairs seeming to dance at her touch as she brushed her fingertips across the hairs. Alicia moved her mouth from one breast to the other, cupping them both in her hands as she suckled at me, the edges of her teeth biting down gently on my left nipple.

I was completely at their mercy at this point, things moving slowly in my mind as my body reacted without thinking to the caresses and touches that were taking place. I felt like I was watching myself from outside my body, watching someone else get teased and pleasured by two of Hollywood's rising stars. I felt my hand rise by itself to Kate's lower back, my fingers starting to slide of their own accord down the back of her skimpy panties, caressing the start of her ass as they slid lower. Kate sighed loudly against me, her hot breath making my skin tingle again as she searched for the clasp on the back of my skirt to remove it. She had found it and with the help of Alicia managed to slide it off of me, the fabric brushing my bare legs as it fell to the floor, before all three of us jumped at the sound of a voice off to our left.

"HEY!" the voice said, commanding and more than just a little pissed off sounding. "What the fuck are you bitches doing?"

As quickly as they had started, Alicia and Kate dropped their arms from my body and stepped back two steps, like children caught stealing from a cookie jar, Kate's eyes falling to the floor as she looked down guiltily. Alicia was more brazen, looking in the direction of the voice as she crossed her arms across her body, one of her breasts spilling out against her forearm, though she still looked a little ashamed at what she was doing. Still in my lazy dream sort of state, I turned my head to follow the sound, realizing only slightly in the back of my mind that I was now just as naked as Kate.

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