Home Again


Finally, the house was quiet. It had been nearly a year since we've spent time together in person, so a quiet house made us both very happy. The aching of the distance had taken its toll on both of us mentally, spiritually, and, of course, physically. That doesn't even begin to take into consideration the almost unbearable anticipation experienced throughout the entire 1300 mile trek north. With a deep sigh, I lay down on the bed and let my eyes close for just a moment, allowing myself to enjoy the sweet silence. My body tingled with warm excitement. I had never experienced such a profound sense of peace and belonging.

I felt the bed dimple in a few places as he climbed onto the bed over my relaxed body. I kept my eyes closed as the exhilaration pulsed through me. His lips pressed firmly, yet gently to mine. His tongue tenderly pushed past my lips and began to massage mine. I kissed him back as I marveled in the slow, fiery passion engulfing us. Our kiss was deep and steady. After all of the time and distance that had taunted us, one would think tattered clothes would litter the floor as we clawed at one another like ravenous hounds. Contrarily, we reveled in the moment, getting lost in one another as we coalesced.

His body weight began to press against me. I could feel him harden between my legs which teased me immensely. My fingernails lovingly ran through his thick, dark hair and continued lazily down his neck as our bodies moved in time against one another, the tension and desire building. His hands ran along the sides of my body and over my hips where he paused to give them a little squeeze. Instinctively, my hips raised from the bed to grind his hardness that pushed eagerly against his jeans as I let out a soft groan of hunger. His hands pushed my hips back down to the bed, but I refused to let him win so easily. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, pressing us close. I missed this feeling—the feeling of his warmth, the feeling of being home.

My hands drifted down from his neck, along his sides, under his shirt caressing his silky skin. In one fluid motion, we rolled over so that my body was on top of his, our kiss never breaking or losing intensity. I teased his lips softly with my tongue before kissing my way down his cheek, licking along the rim of his ear, down to his ear lobe that I sucked as I indulged in the sound of his ever-quickening breathing. His strong hands massaged me as they moved over my back. My tongue glided over his delicious skin, sporadically laying kisses as I went. My fingers moved lightly under his shirt, removing it as they made their way up over his incredible chest. Continuing where I had left off, I used my tongue to trace his collar bone to the mid line of his body. I left a trail of kisses from there down his chest to his nipples where I used the very tip of my tongue to bring them to a hardness trumped only by the hardness of his fully engorged cock. My legs trembled slightly as my clit hardened and my honey began to flow. I left the fun of flicking and sucking his nipples to bring us both to a more heightened state of desire.

My mouth played and moved along his stomach. I couldn't resist nibbling his hips before using my tongue to trace his belt line. My hands skillfully and quickly removed that restricting belt of his. My fingers curled under his pants and boxer briefs and pulled them slowly over his thighs, down his well-defined calves, and finally over his toes. I kissed and massaged my way up from his toes to his powerful thighs. I paused at his hip letting my hot breath tantalize him. I felt his hardness jerk against my breast as he tried not to squirm in anticipation. Grinning, I looked deeply into his eyes and put my hands under his balls with my fingertips hovering below his hole and pulled it away, our skin barely making contact. Then, I lightly and slowly ran my open hand, fingertips facing his head, from base to tip. At the tip, my fingers wrapped around him and moved in a gentle twisting motion down his shaft. I used my tongue to run slow, deliberate laps around his scrotum before sucking on each ball one at a time. My hand continued its twisting motion as I sucked his balls, at times using my tongue to massage his perineum.

His moans echoed in my ears and vibrated throughout my entire body. I swelled from his intense pleasure. I took my index finger and pushed it inside of my wetness, drenching it. I moved my mouth from his balls to focus on his hole, licking and teasing it with my tongue. It puckered in surprise. My tongue swirled and lapped at him until I felt his body relax. I then used my wet finger to gently and slow enter him as I took the head of his cock into my mouth and spiraled my tongue around it. My free hand massaged his thighs and played with his balls. My finger pushed its way deeper inside as my mouth closed around the length of his throbbing member. I felt his hips start to move, pushing him deeper into my mouth and my finger deeper inside. Our movements gradually became faster and harder as our shared excitement increased.

His legs tightened and relaxed as his moans grew louder and more guttural signaling his impending release. My pussy throbbed as I pleased him. I was so hungry for him that my body was quivering. His thighs closed around my face and he jerked hard as he began to thrust wildly. The sounds of his pleasure roared throughout the bedroom. I could feel his hot juices filling my mouth as I eagerly swallowed every last drop. I slowly removed my finger as his thrusts slowed. His hips' movement calmed, yet I kept sucking and licking him until he was lying breathless and quivering beneath me. I laid my head upon his stomach and rested as he enjoyed the waves of energy that rippled through his body from the intense orgasm.

A surge of energy rushed through him and he flipped me onto my back. This devilish grin grew upon his face. The desire was burning in his eyes as he kissed me deeply and forcefully. His hands moved down along my sides and back up to my breasts which he massaged. Kisses trailed down my neck and over my collar bone. I felt his hands move down to my hips, teasing them lightly with his fingertips as his mouth kissed my breasts. His fingers glided along my thighs and ran lightly up and down slowly moving inward to my wetness. He used his tongue to trace my tits before taking a nipple into his mouth. As he sucked and let his teeth gently scrape over it, I felt his fingers enter me. With each thrust inward, moving slowly yet purposefully, he curled his fingers to massage my g-spot. His focus switched to my other nipple as I rode his fingers. He licked and kissed his way over my stomach and sides. He nibbled my hips and continued down to my thigh where he placed a deep bite. I shuddered and took a deep breath, shocked by the stinging pain. His tongue lapped the bite before he moved to lick my clit. He removed his fingers and used his hands to hold my hips down to the bed. He began to suck on my clit as his tongue simultaneously licked it. I tried with all my might to move against him, but to no avail. I lost myself in the electricity rippling through me. I opened my eyes to look into his. He was staring at me intently. I felt my face blush. And with that, I felt warm waves overtake me as my breathing and heart rate quickened. My legs wrapped around his face and he removed his grip on my hips. I began to buck and ride his face as I moaned loudly. He licked and sucked without pause until I was motionless.

He looked up at me grinning, his mouth and chin covered in my honey. His hips rocked over me, slowly running his hardness over my tender, swollen lips and clit. He leaned in to me, pressing his body onto mine as he kissed me with smoldering passion. We quickly got lost in our kiss, enjoying the warmth of our bodies. Our breaths were long, slow, and deep as if we were breathing each other in. I began to rock my hips in time with his. Our bodies united instinctively, moving slowly and penetrating deeply. I could feel myself swell and clench around him.

Moaning, I motioned for him to roll over. My hands gripped his chest as we moved. He bit his lower lip as his eyes closed and his breathing got heavier. He let out encouraging moans which my body responded to by moving faster and harder. My eyes were locked on his and a grin grew upon my face as I felt him edging closer and closer to climax. Our bodies moved intuitively with one another. I watched in awe as his muscles contracted and relaxed, his jaw dropping open to allow moans to escape his sultry, red lips. His arms reached out for me and pulled me down, pressing me to him as I continued to ride him in perfect, harmonic rhythm. I felt his breath teasing my ear as his moans crescendoed. My moans matched his as we both clenched tightly to one another, climaxing in time, lost in the headiness of our lovemaking. It felt as if we had become one, floating about in seventh heaven. As we began to descend back to this earthly realm, I lifted myself up to look longingly into his sky blue eyes. In those gorgeous eyes I saw love, passion, and a deep hunger only partially satiated. Lightning moved through our bodies foreshadowing the electrifying moments of ecstasy to come.

A starved grin formed his lip shape as he sat up to kiss me. His kiss was fast-paced, but not sloppy. It was fiery and his desire crashed over me like powerful waves. Still inside of me, I could feel him hardening once again. My muscles twitched around him in response. Tingling sensations moved through my entire being as he said quietly, "On your hands and knees," in low, breathy voice. I obeyed without question.

I felt his hands move over my ankles, up my legs, over my hips, and all around my breasts and stomach. His lips brushed over my ass and laid little pecks all over it and up my spine. As his kisses showered my sensitive skin, I felt his chest press to my back, his engorged cock pressing between my ass cheeks. My pussy engorged fully and my honey began to flow like a river. Hungry groans greeted his ears urging him to continue. His hands gripped my hips as he slowly entered me. My pussy muscles clenched around him instantaneously as if to keep him from exiting. His hips swayed seductively as he moved in and out. My head hung enjoying the feeling of him behind me. I opened my eyes to see his balls swinging and hitting my clit lightly as we rocked together. I felt his kisses move over my shoulder to where my neck and shoulder meet. One hand was alternating between teasing each breast while the other began to massage and rub my hardened clit. Then, his teeth sank slowly and deeply into that tasty little spot as he began to move faster and harder inside of me. My heads fell to the side to rest on his. His tongue skillfully lapped at the reddened area. The overwhelming combination of sensations nearly caused my knees to buckle under me. I laid my head upon the pillow and my ass rose higher into the air. I began to push my hips against his causing greater friction between us. A rush of goose bumps washed over me as I heard the skin-slapping sound of his balls slapping harder against my clit. We moved harder and faster, harder and faster together. Our breaths were fast and shaky as he bore down on top of me. He penetrated me so deeply, filled me so completely as we came together thunderously. My juices soaked his cock and washed over his balls. He wrapped his strong arms around me and fell onto his side pulling me down onto the bed as well.

We laid there spooning with his warm, hard body behind me. Not quite spent, I rocked my hips over his softened cock. Still soaked with my juices, it slid between my ass cheeks from slit to tail bone effortlessly. The friction soon excited him once again. I was breathing heavily hungry for his cock, hungry for him to enter me again. To my surprise, and what a pleasant surprise it was, I felt the head teasingly pressing against my rim. He entered my wetness and took a few long, slow strokes before pulling out. He gripped his cock at the base and used it to tease my ass. I breathed in excitedly causing my ass to tighten. He continued to tease as his fingers entered my wet pussy. They moved in and out slowly and expertly, as if massaging me from the inside out. I began to relax and breathe more slowly. At that moment, he took advantage of my relaxed muscles and pushed the tip into my ass. I could feel my ass opening for him. It was tight and it hurt a little. He moved slowly in and almost completely out. Within a few minutes, the pain subsided and he filled me completely. He continued to move slowly, allowing me to work into this sensation that I have missed for so long.

I pushed back against him signaling my readiness for more. We began to move faster, our breathing becoming more rapid, more ragged. His fingers massaged my clit as he fucked my ass. He was enthralled in the new sensations of anal sex. Before this, he had never experienced the intense stimulation of an incredibly tight ass wrapped around and massaging his hard, perfectly shaped cock. I pulled myself away and invited him to follow me. I laid my upper body over the bed, standing on the floor. He knowingly positioned himself behind me and entered my ass again. He moved at a steadily increasing pace. He let out that tell-tale groan. His hands gripped my waist as he pounded my ass. I used my fingers to fuck my dripping pussy and fiercely rub my clit. The feeling of him filling my ass combined with the magic of my fingers sent me straight into a powerful orgasm. I rocked forcefully against him and I heard his moans quickly get louder to near screams. I felt his cock twitching inside of me as his hot cum filled me. My moans filled the room as he took his last few strokes. We both crawled up into the bed and into each other's arms where we belong, completely spent.

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