tagIncest/TabooHome Ch. 04

Home Ch. 04


"Linda still sleep?" Glenda asked John as he came into the kitchen ready for work.

John stared at his wife as she sat his breakfast on the table. He knew she was aware that he'd spent the night having sex with their daughter, and was puzzled by her reaction. He sat down at the table as she set his coffee next to the plate of food with the same smile she greeted him everyday.

"Jeff left for work already. I'm so glad he's home. I knew it was a mistake, him marrying that girl," Glenda said as she sat down at the table.

John couldn't take it anymore. "Glenda?" he said putting his hand on hers.

"Yes dear?" Glenda looked into his eyes smiling.

John paused.

"I know. Linda told me that you told Jeff not to marry Sarah," she said.

"No, it's not that," he said shaking his head. "About last night?"

Glenda looked at him fully prepared to pretend like nothing out of the ordinary was going on. "Did you have a good time with Linda?" she asked smiling.

"You don't care that I slept with our daughter?" he asked.

"Of course, I care silly," she said. "Why wouldn't I care. She certainly looked like she was enjoying herself." Glenda chuckled.

"I mean, you don't have a problem with it?" he asked.

"Honey, you and Linda have been sleeping together for a while now," Glenda said cheerfully. "Linda is sexy. As much as she loves sex, and I know how much you love having sex. The two of you are a perfect match. How many men your age have a very attractive young woman like Linda?"

"But, she our daughter?" John said.

"I hope you didn't just figure that out," Glenda laughed. "John, I figured that it would come to this eventually, the way you'd strip me naked in front of them. Especially, Jeff. He imitated everything that you did. Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to constantly fight off a teenager with raging hormones?" She laughed. "I knew you wouldn't stand a chance against Linda, but I figured it served you right since I had to deal with your son."

John sat back in the chair in deep thought.

"John, I tried holding on to some form of morality, but after cutting on the light one night and finding that the person I'd been having sex with wasn't you...I gave up," Glenda said.

John couldn't hold back his laughter.

"O' its funny now, but it wasn't funny at all then," Glenda said.

"You couldn't tell the difference?" John laughed.

"How about this...no," Glenda said wide-eyed. "He is just like you...in more ways than one."

John pulled back his chin and stuck out his chest. Glenda rolled her eyes at the smirk on her husband's face.

"I was so afraid that he would do something like pulled my pants down in front of somebody," Glenda said. "The thing I don't understand was how you could have been so oblivious."

John shrugged his shoulders.

"John, the boy pulled my bottoms off several times right out there in that pool while you sat out there drinking beer," Glenda chuckled.

"I thought you'll were just playing," John chuckled.

"He was playing, I was trying his fingers from going inside of me," Glenda laughed. "...and I wasn't always able too."

John laughed.

"Linda wasn't that much better," Glenda said. "I had to physically pull her off of Jeff. She just looked at me and said that I do it. John, what was I going to say to her when you were screwing me in front of them. Finally, I just left them along. That's why I had her put on birth control."

"I guess I fucked them up good, huh?" John said with a chuckle.

"I didn't exactly fight you off," Glenda chuckled.

"I can't believe that had sex with you, pretending that he was me," John laughed. "He must have been good for you not to notice." John saw that Glenda was blushing and burst out laughing again.

"He's your son," Glenda chuckled.

John grabbed his crotch. "I would loved to have seen that," he said.

"Well, stick around here and you just might get your wish," Glenda chuckled.

"You and him..." John said.

Glenda nodded her head. "See what we've done," she said.

John laughed.

"What did you'll do?" Linda said coming into the kitchen in only a t-shirt and her high-heeled slippers she kissed her mother on the cheek and John on the lips.

"See, that's what I'm talking about," Glenda laughed.

"What?" Linda asked taking a sausage of her father's plate.

"We have raised you and your brother to be sex pots," Glenda laughed.

"Sure did," Linda said lifting up her t-shirt to show them her pussy before leaving the kitchen.

"So now that we are sleeping with our kids, what are we going to do about sleeping with each other?" Glenda chuckled.

"I don't know. What do you suggest?" John asked not wanting to be the one making any decisions about any of this.

"How about you moving into Linda's room for a while and then we could change up, and keep things fresh," Glenda said getting the feeling that Linda had a good idea.

"That sounds good to me. That way I can get a chance to sleep with my wife," John laughed.

"You mean, I get a chance to sleep with you," Glenda chuckled nodding her head in the direction Linda had left.

"Very good, then," John said getting up and giving Glenda a kiss before leaving for work.

Glenda laughed to herself as she thought about what they had been doing and what they were planning to do. She knew that her son, daughter, and husband would only have sex on their minds. She thought about what Linda had said about Jeff being in love with her, and she thought that maybe it could cause problems sooner or later. "Linda!" she called for her daughter.

Linda came into the kitchen where a towel around her normally naked body, and another one around her head having just gotten out of the shower. "Ya mom, what's up?" she asked.

"Well, it's happening just like you say," Glenda said. "Your father is going to move into your room for a while and Jeff is going to be in my room. Your father is very happy about that arrangement, but we also want to switch up every now and then."

Linda laughed. "Good, me and Jeff haven't slept together in a while now," she said. "and you can take off some of those clothes."

"I'm not walking around here naked," Glenda said.

"Why not? Who are you hiding from?" Linda giggled pulling at the string on her mother's nightgown.

"Nobody, I just wouldn't feel comfortable," Glenda said.

"Mom, you have an awesome body...you should show it," Linda said opening her mother's gown and exposing her tits.

"My body is nowhere close to yours," Glenda protested.

"What are you talking about?" Linda said. "Your tits are bigger, your nipples are definitely bigger, and you have a much nicer butt than mine." Linda removed her towel and turned to compare her tight round butt to her mother's much fuller and softer ass.

"I don't know," Glenda said.

"Com'on just give it a try," Linda said taking her mother's gown off her shoulders and waiting for her mother to remove her panties.

"O'all right," Glenda said pushing her panties down and stepping out of them. "There."

"That's want I'm talking about," Linda said as her mother spun around. "One thing though."

Glenda stopped and looked at her daughter. Linda stepped out of her high-heel slippers and pushed them to her mother. Glenda stepped in the shoes and felt like both her tits and her ass were lifted.

Linda laughed and tossed her mother the apron from the counter. Glenda saw the humor in what her daughter was referring to and put it on.

"This is too great," Linda said getting another apron from the counter and putting it on.

"French maid and French cook," Glenda laughed as they played around in the kitchen.

Glenda patted her daughter's butt when she bent over to pick up the towel that had fallen to the floor. Linda stood right up and squeezed Glenda's bottom and then squeezed her tits. Glenda reached up and squeezed Linda's tits back. Linda took off the apron and tossed it on the counter. Glenda did the same as if they were in a stand off. Linda grabbed her tits and pointed her nipples towards her mother's. Glenda did the same and pushed her nipples against Linda's in a tit fight.

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