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Dear Readers,

Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback. I eat 'em up like candy on Halloween. You've all inspired me to keep writing. I hope you've enjoyed Nate and Peyton's story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. And to my kind editor, Nehkara. I am FOREVER grateful.

With Love,



"Honey, I'm home!" Peyton chimed as she entered the door.

"I'm in the kitchen babydoll!" Nate rang back happily. Peyton smiled and dropped her briefcase on the sofa. She kicked off her heels, shed her coat and skipped to the kitchen. She burst into laughter the moment she walked in and saw Nate, naked as the day he was born save for a neon pink apron and an exaggerated cliché chef's hat. She was greeted by his firm cheeks and confident smile.

"Well hello there." He smiled and walked over to her. She was still chuckling as he wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned in for a soft kiss.

"Mmmmm... what's all this?" Peyton pursed when he pulled away.

"I'm cooking for you of course!" He said excitedly.

"Naked? Baby that sounds kind of impractical. You might burn yourself." She smiled as he turned from her and returned to the stove. "What are you making anyway?"

"Chicken stir-fry and cake!" He was bouncing about like a child. It was endearing to Peyton. He'd been in a perpetual state of excitement since she'd accepted his marriage proposal 8 months ago. It had been a blissful, albeit stressful 8 months. Peyton thought about it fondly.

"I'm fine cooking for my baby naked. Besides, you need it."

Peyton's smile faltered. She bent her head down. "Nate..." She started apprehensively, but Nate stopped.

"No arguments. You're going to eat every bit of this. And I'm going to eat every bit of you." He turned his head and winked at her. She smiled, trying not to make an issue of it.

"I'm going take a quick shower babe."

"Good. Your naked gourmet meal will be done when you're out."

Peyton walked into to the bathroom and began to undress. She slipped from her pantsuit and stood naked in front of the mirror she and Nate now shared. She'd been stubborn about finally moving in with Nate. It was hard to be 100% comfortable with him when she wasn't 100% comfortable with herself. Her eyes fell to her curvy frame. She pinched her sides, grimacing at the flesh the clung to it. She frowned at her few stretch marks, annoyed at the imperfection. She picked out every flaw, every scar, every inch of fat, every blemish. Tears brimmed her eyes, but she swiped them away. A knock came at the door then.

"You ok babe?" Nate asked from the door side.

"Fine!" Peyton squeaked. Her voice cracked. She bit her bottom lip and shut her eyes tight.

"Ok." Nate said back warily.

Peyton heard the apprehension in his response. She knew she'd have to hear about it after dinner. She sighed and showered slowly. Reluctant, she got out and dressed in a baggy shirt twice her size and sweats. She made her way back downstairs to Nate, pausing to shake away her sad thoughts and focus on being happy with her fiancé.

Nate had thrown on some shorts and was setting the table. He'd dished her food and she saw that both plates were piled high. Next to her entrée was a big slice of chocolate cake. She instantly set another frown.

"Nate, honey, I'm not that hungry."

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Oh yeah? What did you eat today?"

"Um some fruit I guess."


"I wasn't hungry!" She said defensively.

"You're never hungry."

"I guess I'm not." She sat down in front of her plate. Her mouth watered at the smell. Her stomach growled and Peyton resisted the urge to wrap her arms around herself.

Nate sat next to her and wasted no time shoveling in food. Peyton took a few bites and smiled. It was rather delicious and she wanted to scarf it down along with Nate, but she restrained herself. She ate around the chicken, pushing it around instead.

Nate dropped his fork suddenly. "Peyton. Fucking eat, for God's sake."

"Nate please please don't. I'm really not super hungry. What don't you get about that?"

"I don't get how I can tell you every moment of every day how beautiful you are, but you still decide to starve yourself."

"I'm no-"

"Don't." Nate held up a hand. His eyes burrowed into hers. "I live with you Peyton. I wake up with you and sleep with you every night. I know you. You're everything to me. You think I wouldn't notice that you've been eating like a bird, if at all? I don't understand. Is it all the wedding planning stuff?"

"No. I love planning all of this with you."

Nate grabbed her hand and held it tenderly. "Then what baby?"

"I just... I imagine us, standing at the altar. You in your suit, all trim and handsome and me-"

"Just as beautiful as ever." Nate finished.

"Just as plump as ever. Nate I want to be at my best at our wedding. It's only a week away and I still look like," Peyton gestured her hands to her torso, "this."

Nate sighed. He pushed his chair out and pulled Peyton out of her chair. He pulled her onto his lap and wrapped an arm around her waist. He stroked her cheek softly and held her chin, keeping her gaze on him.

"Peyton, where is this coming from? I thought we already established how damn gorgeous you are?"

Peyton felt the tears threatening to make a comeback. "I'm afraid Nate."

"Of what?"

"Of the possibility that one day you'll wake up and realized that I'm not half as perfect as you think I am. People fall out of love all the time."

"I could express the same sentiments Peyton. God forbid, you decided that it's not worth it and leave."

Peyton rolled her eyes. "C'mon Nate. Be realistic. You're way more likely to leave."

Nate shifted back suddenly, as if he'd been struck. "And why the fuck is that Peyton?"

"Because you could have anyone!" Peyton cried out. She shoved out of his embrace and stood over Nate. "Anyone Nate! You're not confined to a certain type. You're perfect, so the world, and all the women in it, is at your feet. I mean really, we both know I'm lucky to have you. Some weird twist of fate brought us together. In the real world, a guy like you wouldn't look twice at a girl like me."

Nate stood then too, fuming. "Peyton, I love you. I'm in love with you. What else do I have to do to prove that to you? I've done, and I'm doing everything I can to convince you of that. And by the way, this 'you're too good for me' shit is getting really fucking old. It's all in your head."

"All in my head?" Peyton said, taken aback. "All in my head Nate? Do you see how some people look at us sometimes? Jesus! Ignorance really is bliss. If only we were all so lucky to have had charmed lives like yours, so the bad shit around us would always seem so far away."

"Charmed life? What the hell are you talking about?"

Peyton fought the urge to roll her eyes again. "Yes Nate, a charmed life. With your charming rich parents in a charming big house in a charming wealthy neighborhood where the only problems any of you faced was whether or not your Porsches would be as clean as the next guy's. In that little charmed world of yours, everything's perfect and easy to handle. But out here, in the real world, in MY world, people sneer at us and make comments about why on earth you were dressing up your maid in fancy clothes and calling her your fiancé."

"What people Peyton?" Nate ground out through clenched teeth. "People in the street? The neighbors? The garbage man? Who the hell are you talking about?"

"Your friends Nate! Malory and all of them!" Peyton heard her voice squeak and hated herself for it. She felt childish and pathetic. Fury tears filled her eyes and she turned away from Nate. She heard him sit down. She quickly wiped away her tears. 'God, I'm such a baby. No wonder he's mad.' She thought to herself. But then she heard the sound of laughter. A little chuckle from behind her. She whirled around quickly, her anger back in an instant.

"I'm glad you find this so funny asshole."

Nate looked up at her and smiled. "Come here baby."

When she glared at him stubbornly, he grabbed her arm and yanked her hard, pulling her into his lap.

"Baby, I'm just gunna say this: you really need to prioritize the people whose opinion you should care about. And Malory, should be low, and I mean LOW on that list." Peyton didn't budge. Nate stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. "Ppppeeeyyyttoonnnn." He whined. "Is this why you haven't been eating? Cause of some shit my friend's girlfriend said?"

Peyton buried her face in the crook of his neck shamefully. She nodded and whimpered. Nate rubbed his hand along her back. "Aw baby why didn't you tell me? I could have told you long before now what stupid bitches Malory Reed and her friends are. Why do you even care what they think?"

Peyton just shrugged.

"Well don't. She's doesn't know what shes talking about."

"But don't you ever think that we don't fit? I mean good-looking successful guys like you usually end up with-"

Nate shushed her. "Fuck all that. I'm not just some run of the mill dick. I'm just a guy who's in love with you. I'm not overcomplicating it. And I couldn't give half a fuck about what anyone else's says. I love you. Can't you just love and let yourself be loved in return?"

"I do love you Nate."

"Ok then." Nate held her chin and looked into her wet eyes. His eyes were intense and focused, burrowing into hers with force. His blue eyes were hypnotic, keeping Peyton in a trance.

"Peyton, in two weeks, we are going to be husband and wife. I need to know that you're certain about this. Because I am. I have no doubts. I know you're scared. So am I. But I'm not scared to marry you. I afraid that I'll fail as your husband. But I want to spend every day of the rest of my life trying."

Peyton smiled softly. "I'm sorry about all that crap I said earlier." Nate put his hand over his heart and feigned injury. Peyton giggled.

"We're going to be married in two weeks." She whispered. She kissed his neck airily. "I'm going to be your wife." She feathered her lips along his jaw. "You're going to be my sweet"—kiss—"sexy"—kiss—"husband." With the last word, Peyton flicked her tongue against the edge of Nate's chin and up to his lips. She hovered her mouth over his while slipping a hand down between his legs. Nate was trying to keep his eyes trained on hers, but the sweet heat of her palm penetrated his shorts and he felt the warmth against his awakening cock. He leaned forward, his lips seeking hers, but she tilted her head back. A sly smile crept on her face. Nate tightened his arms around her and growled her name.

"Forgive me?" she asked in a hushed voice.

"For what? Being a little tease? No."

He palmed her ass and squeezed it. Peyton closed her eyes and bent her head back. "Mmmm... no baby. For acting like a worrisome child."

Nate took advantage of her exposed neck. He kissed along her throat, grazing his tongue along her pulse. "Of course baby. But if you keep teasing me, I won't be so forgiving."

In defiance, Peyton gave his cock another soft squeeze. Nate groaned and squeezed her ass again, releasing it and massaging both cheeks. Peyton moaned, her breathing becoming ragged. Her pussy was damp and yearning. She pulled away and stood in front of Nate. A hungry energy pulsed between them. Their eyes, glazed but intent, stayed connected.

"Peyton..." Nate's husky deep voice dripped her name like honey. The low strum between her thighs increased. She suddenly wanted him to see her, to expose herself to him fully. She pulled off her clothes swiftly. Nate's eyes travelled along her curves. His mouth watered with anticipation.

Peyton stood between his legs. She skimmed her fingertips up his bare thighs. Her slight touch was electric on Nate's hot skin. She gripped his thighs and got down to her knees. He pushed his hand through her hair, her soft springy curls enveloping his fingers. Her brown eyes were lusty, but innocent. The wanton look awakened something within Nate. Something primal and greedy. His grip in her hair grew tight and hard. He yanked her forward suddenly. Peyton saw the change in his eyes, the blue in his eyes were inky. Her mind registered pain from his grip while her pussy clenched at it.

"Take off my shorts." He growled.

Peyton obeyed, sliding her hands to the sides of his boxers. Nate lifted his hips and she pulled them down. His steel cock sprang out, thick, the tip gleaming with pre-cum.

"Suck it." The command was low, but sharp and deep. Nate's hand was still in her hair, his grip still firm. She didn't dare look away from him.

She leaned forward and pressed her tongue to the base of his throbbing cock. A violet vein acted as a guide for her tongue. She inched her warm wet appendage up along the side of his member, until she reached the wet tip. Nate was panting, his carnal gaze never leaving Peyton's. She wrapped her lips around the head, tasting the pre-cum, sucking for more. She opened her mouth wider, inching more and more of his cock into her wanting mouth.

"Good girl. Keep sucking baby." His words came out between ragged breaths. His response spurred her on. She parted her thighs and slipped her hand between them. Her right hand stroked him up and down, her mouth following. Her left hand strummed against her aching clit. Her delicate fingers shot bolts of pleasure through her body, making her release soft mews around his swollen member. She felt his long strong fingers explore her soft locks, gripping her hair, tugging when she hit a particular sweet spot. The low base of his murmurs was like music to her ears, spurring her on. He finally gripped her head with both hands and tugged her away from him. His cock plopped from her lips wetly.

"God damn baby. Tryin' to make me cum already?" He tossed his head back and smiled. Peyton giggled and climbed onto his lap. The lazy look on his face was sexy. His hair was tousled and there was a fine bead of sweat blooming on his brow. She grinned and kissed his Adam's apple. She pressed her bare breasts against his chest, the peaks tightening. Nate's hand crept to her plump ass and kneaded the cheeks like dough. Peyton grazed her hands down his toned torso. She marveled at his formed abs and smooth skin, her tongue tasting every sweet inch.

Nate grunted suddenly and shifted beneath Peyton. His hands shot to her waist and lifted her up. She let out a yelp as her slammed her down onto his cock. She gripped his bicep and bit her bottom lip.

"Ah Fuck Nate!" She cried out. Nate's hands held firm and he pumped his tumescent rod deeper and deeper into Peyton's pussy.

"Put your arms around my neck." He said in a gruff voice. Peyton didn't hear him, consumed in the rhythmic pounding down below. Nate looked at her, head tossed back, mouth open as she gasped over and over, and saw the oblivious bliss she was taken by. He held her in place, not moving. She looked at him and frowned.

"Hands. Around my neck. Now."

She quickly complied. Nate's right hand slid from her waist to her right thigh and lifted it from around him. He spread her legs, placing one onto the table. Peyton smiled wickedly, keeping her hold around his neck for balance. Nate kept his eyes trained on hers. The piercing blues made Peyton shudder. Without warning, Nate resumed his hammer, thrusting his hips upward. Peyton felt his cock reach deep unknown regions inside. It was intense and caused her to lose control. She pulled herself closer to Nate, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her chin caught on his shoulder, spreading herself wider in the process. Nate was unrelenting, grunting furiously. He sweated and squeezed and shoved his dick up into her with abandon.

Her wails echoed in his ears, "Oh God Nate, I'm going to cum. Holy shit yes!"

Nate felt the familiar tightening in his sac. Peyton's cunt pulsed and clasped around him tightly.

Peyton body quaked then, a full body shattering. Almost involuntarily, she opened her mouth and sank her teeth into Nate's meaty shoulder. Her scream was muffled by his flesh. Nate felt the sting, the pain of her bite ignited Nate's own surrender. He held her tight as his hot cum shot into her warmth.

They were both still, panting and gripping one another like they'd disappear otherwise. Peyton felt a hot pulse still alive inside of her. She lifted her head and examined the teeth marks she'd left in his shoulder. She placed a tempered kiss on it.

"Fucking vamp." Nate sighed.

Peyton blushed. "Sorry. I kind of got caught up."

Nate relaxed back and looked at her. He arched an eyebrow and smiled. "So you bit me?"

"Oh don't act like you didn't like it." She kissed the spot again before resting her head onto his chest. The small scattering of hair was soft against her cheek. She thought about his kind words earlier and smiled.

"I love you Nate." She whispered.

"I love you too Peyton. So much."

And for a while, the two of them stayed this way, soaking in the glow. They basked in the breath, the warmth, the tug and pull and beats of their hearts.

Nate finally regained strength in his limbs and used them to carry Peyton into the bedroom. They crawled between the sheets and resumed cuddling. Peyton made a point to rest her head on the left side of Nate's chest. She pressed her ear to him and listened. She smiled at the beats. She kissed his chest and made a whispered promise to eat with him later. He kissed the top of her head and squeezed her in appreciation.

"I'm going to visit Victoria." Peyton blurted out suddenly. She felt Nate's big arm wrap itself over her shoulder.

"You sure?" He asked with concern.

"Yeah. She's been writing letters and trying to call since she got put away. I want to at least talk to her once before the wedding. Maybe get some closure with her. I feel kind of shitty for blowing her off."

"Well baby, you did for a good reason. It's not like she's innocent in all of this. The courts didn't think she was."

"Still. At the end she did try and fix it."

"Want me to come with you?"

"No thank you baby. I want to do this on my own. I'll call you after."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'm sure"

"Ok. I know she may seem repentant, but still try to be careful babe. Don't let her in your head."

Peyton nodded and closed her eyes. Nate's warning wasn't necessary. She'd never let Victoria Cavanaugh in her head again.


Peyton stared at the state penitentiary, a grimace etched on her face. The Saturday sun was heating her car and the air felt thick. She looked down at her baby blue sundress and her frown deepened. She'd thought the bright happy color would make the meeting less awkward, put Victoria in a good mood with positive evanescence, but now she hated it. It was a cheery A-Line cotton strapless number. Peyton felt cute in a not-so-cute place.

"I look like a bad joke."

She took a deep breath and grabbed her purse. Now or never.

She went through the screening with a numb distraction. It wasn't until she was sitting in the booth, staring in through the shatter-proof glass that she shook off the weariness. Peyton picked up the phone, then set it down again. Her skin felt clammy and she was having a hard time swallowing. She looked up was hit by the sight of her step-sister being escorted in by a guard. Her face was thin and make-up free. Her entire frame had shrunken considerably. Her long hair was replaced by cornrows. Dark circles rimmed her brown eyes. She sat down on her side and smiled a sad smiled. Peyton gave a timid and apprehensive smile back. She picked the phone and waited for Victoria to do the same.

"Hey Peyton! Oh gosh it's been so long! You've lost weight. You look great!" Victoria said excitedly.

"Hello Victoria. Um, how are you?" It was an awkward question. Peyton winced inwardly.

"I've been better." Victoria looked down. The space of the booths seemed excruciatingly small. "I'm surprised you came. It's been a while."

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