tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHome Invasion: The Lake Ch. 01

Home Invasion: The Lake Ch. 01


For many years I have felt I am the luckiest man alive. I married my college sweet-heart, been successful as a Corporate attorney, and we bought our dream home just three months ago.

I met my wife when she was a Sophomore and I a Junior in College. She is drop dead gorgeous. She easily could be a model and she looks like many of the top models in the world. Instead, she has devoted her life to teaching and has a wonderful job teaching Elementary Education in a local Catholic school.

I have been told that I am easy on the eyes and many of our friends jokingly call us 'Ken & Barby." My wife grew up a devout Catholic, went through the Catholic school system and after 10 years of marriage still goes to Mass three times a week.

My name is Jerry and when I first saw Sue in all her naked glory I could not stop staring at her. She is 5'6", 35-23-35, with long chestnut brown hair that shimmers from the constant brushing she does each night.

She was quite shy the first night we became lovers, but has opened up somewhat over the past ten years. I knew that Sue had very little sexual experience so it has been a learning experience for her and me. I believe much of her reluctance to experiment comes from her religious up-bringing.

I have persuaded her to have sex in other than the missionary position and although not overly vocal, when she does have an orgasm, a slight moan will escape from her throat. As for oral sex, she refuses to allow me to do her. She has allowed me to put my cock in her mouth and I think she does this because her friends may have talked about it. She only sucks for a few minutes and has proclaimed that swallowing is not proper.

This past Friday, I arrived home in the early afternoon after a short work day. I was working around the house, installing new items, when I heard Sue's car pull into the garage. After a hard week of work, we love to kick back, have a light dinner and a few glasses of wine.

About a month ago, we were cuddling in bed and discussing if it was the right time to start a family. We were excited and that night Sue quit taking her birth control pills.

I was thinking of this as Sue came through the door leading to the garage. When I saw the terror on her face, somehow I knew our lives were about to change.

Following Sue into our house were four black men, two with guns. I tried to calm Sue and told them, "whatever you want, it it yours. We will cause you no trouble." An arm reached out and I was hit on the head with one of the guns. I heard Sue scream as I fell to my knee's, blood dripping down the side of my face. The guy that hit me said, "We don't need your permission, we take what we want."

They came prepared because they had a big satchel with hand-cuffs, rope, and other tools of their trade. Two of the men picked me up, tied me to a chair, and handcuffed me. They had Sue sit on the sofa. The next 45 minutes they went through our house, took anything of value and made many trips to the garage. After looting our home, they turned to Sue and said "now the fun begins." This was not a robbery, they wanted Sue. Apparently, they had been watching her for many weeks and decided now was the time to act.

The biggest man came up to me and pointed his gun at my head. He said, "don't do anything stupid, and you won't get hurt." He told Sue, "to come over and stand by your husband." The tears were flowing and she did as she was told. He said, "My name is Phil, and we are going to play a game." He then told my wife to "slowly remove all my clothing." She hesitated, and Phil hit me in the gut, making me kneel down. Phil said,"I will only repeat an instruction once, and then something like this will happen." He told her once again and Sue shakily began unbuttoning my shirt. Phil instructed her on each piece until I only had underwear. Sue looked toward Phil, he waved the gun and told her "TAKE THEM OFF." Sue removed my underwear and I was completely naked with my wife and four men.

Two of the men, we later knew as Bob and Lenny grabbed my arms, cuffed me, and retied me to the chair. Phil handed his gun to his remaining friend. Phil turned to my wife and told her,"you did a wonderful job and now you will do me." Sue's eyes got wide as the giant, he must have been 6'9", came to her and motioned for her to begin undressing him. Sue didn't move and Phil said, "if you don't do as your told, your husband will get hurt." She looked at me and I nodded to do as he says.

With shaky hands, Sue reached up on tip-toe and began unbuttoning Phil's shirt. Each button was agonizing for Sue and when she removed his shirt she saw a coal black muscular chest and tight stomach. It was as if he were made of marble. Sue stopped and Phil told her, "you are not done. Do me like you did your husband." Sue's face was red as she removed his belt, unbuttoned his trousers, and bent to take them to the floor. When Sue looked up, she was gazing at a thick black cock about 11" long.. Sue gasped and turned away. I looked on and wondered how anyone could have a cock that big. My cock was 7" and I thought it was thick but nothing compared to him.

Phil told Sue, "look at me!!" She tried to not look at his cock but it was there and she could not avoid it. Phil said, " I want you to turn to your husband and take off your clothes." Sue turned toward me with a pleading look. Phil walk by to stand by me. Sue hesitated, Phil hit me in the stomach and I bowled over. Phil asked Sue "do I have to tell you again?" Sue haltingly took off her blouse. She hesitated, Phil looked menacing at me, and she took her bra off. She tried to cover her tits, but Phil yelled, "put your hands to your side." She dropped her hands and her beautiful tits were on display for all to see. She has always had sensitive nipples and they were poking out about a 1/8". She was completely mortified but Phil wasn't done.

For some reason, seeing my wife like this was making my cock hard. I tried to cover it with my hands but the ropes held me back. My wife looked at me, my cock, and gave me a disgusting and bewildered look. Phil told my wife to take her skirt off. It dropped to the floor and she was standing in lace panties and nylons. The nylons came next, leaving her in revealing lace panties.

I could only imagine what was going through my Catholic wife's mind,knowing that all of these men were going to see her completely naked. Phil came to Sue and reached down and removed her panties. Her cunt, which was shaved was there for all to see. Sue tried to cover up but Phil lowered her to the carpet and buried his mouth in her pussy.

From past experiences, I knew that Sue thought oral sex was disgusting. One of the men was holding her hands above her head and Phil's body covered Sue's as he used his huge tongue to swipe across her pussy. Phil raised his head and said, "This is the sweetest pussy I have ever eaten." I glanced down and saw that Sue was moist. Phil put a thick black finger in Sue's pussy and was finger-fucking while sticking his huge tongue in her pussy. Phil kept eating her pussy and then I heard Sue moan, not once but several times. Phil told her, " you like this don't you." She did not comment but as Phil stuck his tongue deep in her cunt, her hips raised and she yelled out, "Oh God!! Phil continued and Sue was screaming, "Oh, Oh, aah, Oh, Oh God." Phil had made my wife cum with his tongue. Phil turned on his side and I could see his mouth was covered with pussy juice.

Sue lie there trembling, her legs shaking and soft moans coming from her mouth. Phil grabbed her hand, brought her to her knees and she looked at me. It was a look of shame and embarrassment. She looked very perplexed when she saw my hard cock.

Phil turned Sue toward him and brought her head toward his cock. She pulled away, saying," I don't do that." Phil said you will or your husband gets hurt. He took a step toward her and rubbed his cock on her closed lips. He told her to start sucking. She opened her mouth and he leaned forward and put the head of his cock in her mouth. She was just sucking the head when Phil pushed 4" down her throat. Sue began gagging, tears were in her eyes, but Phil held her head and kept her mouth on his cock. After a few minutes, Phil fed her 2" more. Sue began sucking to get air. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and I could see Phil's cock moving down her throat. She couldn't get by the gag reflex but Phil was relentless. When she opened her mouth to get more air, Phil fed her 2" more of his thick black cock.

Sue's eyes were rolling in her head, her face was soaked with sweat and she continued to gag. Phil had her by the back of the neck with her face toward the ceiling. He was feeding his cock to her and she was gagging, wheezing, crying trying to breathe. Just when she looked like she would pass out, Phil jammed his cock forward and his ass flexed. I saw Sue swallowing one, two, five, nine, times. She was swallowing his cum to stay alive. Phil dropped her to the floor. Sue was lifeless. She had some sperm coming out of her nose, dripping out of her mouth, but she had swallowed most of what he gave. When she came to, as a final act of humiliation, Phil had Sue get on her knees and lick his cock clean. He made her hold on to his cock and she needed two hands to tame the monster. When she was done, she looked at me and I could see the defeat in her eyes.

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