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Getting out of Manchester was really bad that Friday evening. The rush hour traffic was creeping slowly through the city centre and no matter the urgency anyone had, it would have been quicker to walk.

I turned on the car radio to calm myself. The sound of local drive time radio always soothed me, with its smooth relaxing jazz music and it had been a busy day, and all I wanted to do was get home and relax.

My mobile phone began to chirp and I noticed the caller was from my home number and that told me it could only be one person, Jason my live-in partner. And a call from him was always welcome.

"Where are you now?" he asked.

"I'm stuck in traffic. It's going to take at least another forty minutes before I get home." I replied. "You're home early. Is everything OK?"

"Yes. I have a surprise for you."

"I hope it's a nice surprise?"

"Oh it is. What are you wearing?" he asked.

"Why? My sales uniform. Are you going to give me phonesex while I'm stuck in traffic on a busy street?" I joked.

"No. Just wanted to know what you were wearing as you come through the door." He hung up quickly and he had me thinking. Why would he want to know that?

Soon I managed to get through the traffic and onto the main route that took me the twelve miles to where I lived. All the way home I kept on thinking about his surprise and what it could be. Once I parked up on the drive I picked up my purse, secured the car and waited for the front door to open. Nothing. He obviously wanted to let myself in.

As I opened the door, Jason was kneeling in front of me with a video camera pointing at me. Yes, I was surprised and I began to wonder if there was any point him doing that. Besides, I never liked being on video very much. "Is this your surprise?" I asked.

"Yes. Now look straight at me and smile."

He kept on following me around with the camera, which began to slightly annoy me at first. "Look Jason, what is the point of all this?" I asked him.

"You. I'm taping you. Because you deserve it."

"Deserve it? You said that as if I've been naughty and I'm being punished."

"You are naughty. A very naughty little girl and I want you to be even more naughtier."

At that moment I realised he was just being a little kinky. It was something we talked about once. Home movie stuff, if you know what I mean. And I admit that the idea sounded kind of a turn-on, but never considered him to be serious about it. "So, what do you want your naughty little girl to do?" I asked.

"Play to the camera for me. I want to tape you raw." his answer came back.

"Raw? What do you mean by raw?"

"As you are, after a day at work and in your uniform. I like you in that uniform, it is so sexy. Now sit down on the couch and look into the camera."

I did as he asked and just sat staring into the camera. "Now, open your legs slowly. I want to see up your skirt."


"I want an upskirt shot. Just do it!"

Slowly I opened my legs as he kept on saying to me, "More, more a little more," until I was sat there in a very un-lady like fashion with the camera zooming onto my white cotton panties, stockings and suspenders. "Oh yes that's good Louise."

"Does Spielberg require anything else?" I asked.

"Yes. Touch your thighs at the top of your stockings and play with the suspender belt." I did as he wanted and he zoomed in even closer. "Oh by the way, I'm not Spielberg. He doesn't do this kind of stuff."

Then Jason turned off the camera and rested it on the carpet as he came in closer, licking along my thigh until his nose touched my panties. "It's a pity the camera doesn't capture your wonderful scent right now. I love your scent after you've been working all day. It drives me crazy."

I liked him talking to me like that and I was getting more and more horny. I stroked his head gently as he licked his tongue against my damp panties. Then he looked up at me. "Now I want a shot of you opening your blouse." I was beginning to enjoy his attentions where they were. "Do you mind if I carry on taping you?"

Of course, I did and then at the same time I thought it was beginning to be quite a bit of fun. He picked up the camera once more and directed me to the next part of our venture; as I opened my blouse slowly, button after button until my white cotton lace bra was exposed.

"OK, I want you to run your fingers over your tits, make those nipples nice and hard for me so that they press against the material." There was no need to touch them as they were already getting firm at the thought of what we were doing.

"Oh yes! Give me more Louise. It looks good from here."

He wanted more. So I gave him more as I slowly pulled down one of my cups, exposing my breast to the camera. "Oh fuck! This is so amazing. You are a natural," he said. Then in order to make the effect work better I squeezed my nipple, tantalising it even stiffer and wetting it with my fingertip to make it feel cool. I noticed the bulge in his pants as I did all this and knew that he was restraining a fantastic hard on. I wanted so much to free it and touch it. But then, he was in control of the situation, directing his movie all about me. I also knew that it had been some time since we had sex and if he had not masturbated in the mean time, his raging cock would yield such a lot for me. That thought in my mind made me feel so excited and so submissive to his requests.

The camera moved swiftly back onto my panties as I opened my legs wider still. I was riding on the sensations of touching my breast so much I had become oblivious to where the camera was being pointed. "Ok Louise, I need you to pull your panties to one side and let me see that juicy cunt of yours." I hated the use of that word, but I ignored it for once, because I was so very horny. My fingers pulled away the damp material and I could feel the wetness of my lips against them as Jason sent me words of approval in what I was beginning to do to myself.

With my fingers now touching my nipple and stroking my clit, Jason taped me in the throes of masturbation, writhing on the couch until I brought myself to a climax. The camera being pointed at me did not deter my feelings at the time and all that I could think of was being satisfied. My imagination was already stages ahead of what was going on there and then as I thought of his cock shooting its thick cream over my body.

"Ok, relax. That was exactly what I wanted." He told me as I was recovering my senses back to reality. "Next we tape something that is special. You and I together."

I sat in my warm bath of soothing water thinking about it all. I hoped that what he had already taped would just be for us to watch in future. The prospects of others viewing one of my most intimate moments was so daunting.

Jason came into the bathroom and I watched him as he took a long pee. Then he sat beside me on the edge of the bath tub and explained to me what he had in mind for the next shoot.

"I hope you're feeling OK with this? You know that this is just for us and nobody else," he explained. "That shoot we did before was so fantastic."

"I never realised how horny it made me feel."

"Me too, babe. I nearly cum in my pants just watching you. You were so intense. I just set up in the bedroom for the next part, so when you are ready, I am too."

After bathing, I made my way into the bedroom and noticed the camera on its tripod pointing at the bed. Jason had linked it up to a portable tv and I could see the exact scene it had in its view. The tv was placed in a position where we could both watch ourselves and the thoughts of that began to stir up my excitement once more.

I sat naked on the bed as Jason moved into shot. He knelt towards me with just his trousers on. I unclipped his belt and pulled it free as he prompted me to go further, telling me that I was doing fine and to just keep on going. I did not need prompting because I knew what I had to do. His fingers run over my breasts, teasing and tweaking up my nipples, has I pulled the zipper down slowly.

He was so hard in my hand as I set him free. I looked at his cock with its smooth head begging for my attention and then naturally gave it everything. The gentle lick of my tongue, as I pulled down his trousers further. Then I took it in my mouth, giving it gentle sucks as I heard him react to me with his moans of appreciation, stroking my hair away from my face so that the camera could see every bit of my oral action upon him.

I paced him, trying to make him last out as long as I could. A change of position gave the control over to me as I sat him beside me, opening up his thighs giving the camera a shot of his balls with his towering cock poised in my hand above them. "Ok babe, let's go for that money shot, I'm ready to explode now," he said. With that I pumped his cock faster and faster in time to his jerks until the pre-cum began to ooze from the tip. Then I felt it harden. The hot creamy spunk began to shoot into my face wave after wave, and I licked every drop from my lips into my mouth.

While we waited for Jason to recover, we played back the evenings work so far. Together we watched the tv screen. I realised then how hot this thing was as I became so turned on by seeing myself cum. The moment that my orgasm reached its peak, Jason zoomed in and captured the trickle of my juices as the warm spurt from my glistening pussy appeared between my wet fingers. I noticed how pink and fresh my pussy appeared and how inviting it seemed even to me. Then seeing the blowjob that I gave him served only to arouse us both again, ready for some more displays of our lovemaking.

"Louise, I want to fuck you in the next scene," he whispered. "Are you ready to be fucked on tape like you have never been fucked before?"

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"A display of as many positions we can show. All in one act. Do you think you can do that?"

I looked at him and snuggled my head against his chest. "I'm so horny that I think I could do anything you wanted right now."

"Then do your best. Make this look really good. Just for us."

With the camera running we embarked upon a frenzy of fucking. We displayed the many positions that we both enjoyed. Concentrating only on the pleasure it produced for both of us. Then Jason reached a point where he could no longer hold himself back. I was straddled across him, riding his cock so hard when he moaned out his instructions; "Ok, I'm cumming babe. Take me in your hand and pump me for the last shot."

I wanted more, but Jason had certainly reached his limit to our fuckfest. I withdrew his wet cock from inside of me and jerked him to his climax, watching his thick spunk cover my hand.

The camera captured it all and every detail of what we did that evening. From then on we would begin to add to our private collection video. Thinking up new ideas for our self-gratifying entertainment. Then we agreed to share those moments with someone else in our movie. The threesome idea became yet another new horizon we had to cross.

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