Home Run


The two men were evenly matched on their jog. They moved with a great rhythm, moving well, pushing each other when needed. Sean had the longer legs, but Ken had more stamina. Ken watched as Sean pulled ahead, watched the play of his ass and leg muscles under the loose sweats, and his heart rate jumped. He pulled ahead and grinned as he heard Sean falter before resuming his pace. He looked over his shoulder and saw the raw, hungry look in Sean's eyes. It only made Ken get hard, and running with an erection was difficult. But he kept going, keeping slightly ahead of Sean.

Sean gulped at the sight of Ken's muscular legs as he jogged before him. He almost tripped, lost in the serious fantasy from his dream that woke him this morning. He had been imagining Ken lying on top of him, pushing his cock between his cheeks, rubbing that hard ridge in the cleft of his ass. Then he had flipped over and impaled Ken on his shaft, pushing up into his ass, feeling him surround him in heat and warmth. Three thrusts and he had cum, and cum hard. He woke up and was aghast at the sticky mess on his belly. He had only ever had one wet dream, when he was thirteen. But this one, this one was so different; it was as if he could actually feel Ken taking him in. And it had felt so good, so right to join their bodies together.

They continued to jog around the lake, and each pound of their feet against the paved road seemed to beat a primal, sexual rhythm through their bodies. Each step was a further call to their baser, animal selves. By the time they got back to the cabin, they were dripping with sweat. Ken unzipped his sweater, peeling it and his sweaty t-shirt off, giving Sean a clear view of his sweaty, hairy chest. Sean quickly followed suit and the two men stood panting in the kitchen, swallowing water, watching as the sweaty hair dried and started curling, moving away from their sticky skin. Each moment passed, getting longer and longer as they looked at each other, neither speaking, but words at this point were unnecessary. The tension grew heavier between them. Sean turned for another fill of water, turning around to see that Ken had moved closer. Sean lifted the glass to his lips, his pupils dilated, and he took a sip, a drop of water escaping and flowing down his chin to drip onto his chest, and Ken watched as the water flowed into the furry chest. He couldn't stay away, he had to taste, had to follow that lucky drop. Before either could think, Ken was in Sean's arms, their mouths fused together. They both moaned at the contact, electrified by the taste, the heat. As their tongues touched, Sean whimpered and his arms came around in tight, steely bands around Ken's back. Ken rubbed his erection into Sean's crotch, eliciting a greater moan. Ken's glass dropped and shattered against the floor, and they pulled back, startled by the sound. Ken blushed and turned to grab something to clean it up, but Sean stopped him, pulling him with him towards the hall, bypassing his bedroom and heading into the bathroom.

They kicked off their shoes and peeled the clothes off of their bodies, Sean gasping at the sight of Ken naked, rampantly aroused and dripping a steady stream of pearly excitement. Ken looked at Sean, at his immense erection and grinned devilishly as he reached into the shower and turned it on, stepping inside and pulling Sean in after him. They closed the shower door and continued to kiss, this time nothing keeping their erections apart as they slid against each other, side by side against their hairy bellies. They moaned at the contact as they began to stroke the others' back. Ken started moving his hips and the friction caused such sharp sensations that they broke contact with their mouths, Sean throwing his head back and crying out, Ken burying his nose into the hollow of Sean's throat and moaning. They kept moving, feeling the sensations spiral higher and higher as first Ken, and then Sean came hard against the other.

They rested against each other; both spent, replete, and panting from the experience. Ken started laughing, a joyous, infectious laugh that had Sean joining in. On wobbly legs, the two washed each other, turning the water cooler to try and kill some of the heat generated by both the jog and the hot sex they had just shared. If either man had deflated from their release, by the time they were done washing and rinsing, they were back at full staff. Sean shut off the water and grabbed a towel and sensuously dried Ken before quickly drying himself. He grabbed Ken, pulling him into his arms and walking with him into his bedroom and pushed him down on his big bed. He stood, looking down at Ken, at his beautiful body, and knew a moment of peace. He lay down slowly, so he could rest completely on top of Ken. The two started to kiss again, tasting each other, moving slowly, because they hadn't before. Each kiss got hotter and slower as they explored each other with hands and fingers. Sean started to kiss lower on Ken's jaw, moving down to kiss his neck, near his ear, the hollow of his throat before moving down to lave his nipple. His tongue trailed through the thick hair before moving down its trail to his navel. Ken gasped as Sean's thick, softly furred chest brushed against his cock. Raw lust and heat spread through Ken as Sean's lips surrounded his cock head and slowly took him into his hot, wet mouth. The feelings he was experiencing were greater than any other he had ever known. As Sean licked and sucked at him, his hands came up to grip his hair, caressing Sean's temples, to connect, never to guide or push. Then Sean took him deep, diving for the base. And Ken could do nothing but gasp. But he was so close, so near the end, and he didn't want to have it over so soon. He tried to pull Sean off him, but Sean kept up the assault, bobbing his head, swirling his tongue, taking in all of his flavor, feeling him thicken and get harder, feeling Ken teeter on the brink. The shouts reaching his ears were better than sweet music; they were a benediction, a praise of his feelings. As Ken screamed out and flooded Sean's mouth, Sean realized that he had fallen in love. For in his three years with David, never once had he been given such a gift, the complete trust and care from so simple an act. David had always been about raw fucking and constant desire to just ram inside and come quickly. Thankfully, Sean had always been ultra-responsive; just stroking his prostate a few times would result in orgasm.

Ken lay back, gasping for breath, amazed at what had just happened. He looked down to see Sean tasting what had just transpired. Then he looked up into Ken's eyes and the raw fire lighting them stole what little breath Ken had regained. He pulled on Sean's shoulders, tugging him up his body, feeling his throbbing, dripping cock as it trailed along his leg. He looked down, knowing in that instant what he wanted. As Sean met his lips for a kiss, sharing his flavor, it only pushed Ken harder. He clasped Sean's big shoulders and moved his legs up to wrap over his hips, his calves nestled behind Sean's thighs. He let the natural rhythm of their kiss, the gentle rocking of their bodies align them. He looked deeply into Sean's eyes and smiled.

"Make love to me Sean. Fill me. Please."

Sean lowered his head so they rested forehead to forehead, and he felt the big guy shudder. "Oh God Ken. I want to so badly." He swallowed hard. "But I've never... I've never been... I've never topped before."

The slow blush that rose into Sean's cheeks warmed Ken all the more. He gripped his face in his hands and kissed him deeply. "It's okay Sean, I've never bottomed before."

"Oh Jesus Ken." His breath came rapidly. "Now I really don't think this is a good idea." His arms were shaking around Ken and his whole body was trembling with need, with want. "I want to so badly, the idea is making me shake." He gulped and looked up into Ken's eyes, letting the sincerity show in his dark brown eyes. "But I don't want to hurt you."

"Why do you think you'd hurt me?" He was genuinely puzzled by his assumption.

"Ken. Look at me. I'm a big guy."

He knew it wasn't what he meant, but Ken couldn't help but push his hips up against Sean, wiggling slightly against what was so obviously big. "You don't have to tell me twice."

The blush doubled and crept down his neck and chest, making Sean even dearer. "That isn't what I meant Ken."

He couldn't help but laugh. "I know Sean. I don't think you'd ever hurt me. It isn't in you to hurt someone intentionally."

"No, I'd never hurt anyone intentionally... but inadvertently, I might."

Ken looked up into Sean's face and smiled. He reached his hand out and skimmed his fingers up his back, causing Sean to arch up into his caress with a sensuous purr. "Did that hurt Sean?"

At his shake of the head, Ken trailed his hand down and cupped and molded one of the cheeks of Sean's ass. "Did that hurt Sean?"

"No," which he said in a very deep and throaty moan.

Ken lifted his mouth and brushed his lips against Sean's. "Did that hurt?"


Ken moved his fingers deeper along Sean's ass, moving them, dipping them into the softly, thickly furred cleft until his fingertips brushed against his hole. Sean's whole body shook with the moan he let out as his hole flexed against Ken's fingers. "Did that hurt?"

"Good God no." Sean's voice was almost hoarse from the desire he felt. Ken looked deeply into Sean's eyes, knowing that there was no way that Sean would ever, ever hurt him; his fear being a part of the caring, wonderful nature that was Sean. And in that moment, Ken's heart beat once, twice in a slow, heavy rhythm as his heart was given. For he no longer was alone, his heart, his soul had found his missing half and Ken went with the tumultuous ride that was love.

"Kiss me Sean." And he complied, with a gentle brushing of lips, a slight flick of the tongue against his before pulling back to stare into Ken's deep blue eyes.

"That didn't hurt Sean." Then Ken reached out his hand and took Sean's in his as he lowered Sean's fingers to his chest, brushing his nipple with the fingers. "That didn't hurt either." Ken watched as Sean stared at the responsive nub of flesh, how it distended and beaded under his fingers. Ken pulled Sean's hand lower, skimming his fingers over his belly and Ken couldn't help the gasp and the trembling of his stomach muscles as the warm hand caressed his flesh. His own voice husky with desire, he told Sean, "That didn't hurt."

Sean's hand moved lower, brushing the hard, leaking tip of Ken and watched in amazement as Ken's entire body convulsed, bucked up against his own. "That didn't hurt at all Sean." Then Sean moved down lower, following the tight ridge of flesh between balls and ass, watching each of Ken's soft gasps as he grazed against Ken's puckered opening. "You aren't hurting me Sean." And Ken cupped Sean's face and kissed his lips lightly. "And you never will."

And with those words, the last of Sean's fears left him. He moved higher, letting his cock brush deeply in Ken's cleft as he reached into his nightstand drawer and removed a tube and a condom. Ken couldn't help but notice that the condom was extra large. Sean handed the condom to Ken while he dabbed some lube on his fingers, warming it before slipping his hand between them and gently smearing it against his hole. Ken ripped the condom open with his teeth and moved his hand down to cover Sean, amazed when the condom had rolled all the way down, and there was still more of his shaft to cover. Sean went back for more lube and pushed gently with one finger, trying to push past Ken's resistance. He moved slowly, gently and Ken parted for him, allowing him to spread the lube inside. He moved his finger deeper, finding and rubbing Ken's prostate, eliciting feral cries from Ken. Sean slowly added a second, waiting for Ken's body to adjust before adding a third, then fourth, twisting and pivoting, trying to get him ready for him.

Ken writhed underneath Sean, moaning and bucking against the fingers inside him. He had never once done anything involving penetration, his own body or his body inside someone else's. But he wasn't nervous. His body craved this. His moans pushed Sean on, wanting so badly to join with Ken. But he waited; he didn't want a single moment of pain to intrude on this. They both knew that this was something more than mere sex. The words weren't said, but this was too strong, too important to be classified as something as tawdry and inconsequential as sex.

His voice coming in throaty, husky gasps, Ken begged Sean to end the torment. And his own body wouldn't let him wait anymore. He slicked his palm against the latex covering him and moved in place, pushing gently, rocking slowly, not forcing and moving only as Ken's body accepted him. It was a slow, delicious, explosive joining that had them both gasping and moaning their pleasure. Once fully seated, Sean waited, looking into Ken's eyes, waiting for that instinctual signal, that moment when he could begin to move, like his body was demanding him to do. It was almost a primal need to thrust, to make this moment count, to brand himself on the body and soul of his mate. But he refused, denied the millions of years old instinct to rut.

When Ken shifted his hips, taking Sean deeper, he moaned out, and Sean knew it was time to move. He gasped out and pulled away, only to push back. "Oh God Ken." And his body continued to move, slowly, wonderfully. Ken's hands were everywhere, on his back, his ass, his hips, his shoulders, digging his fingers into the warm flesh of his lover, trying to get purchase as his pleasure spiraled higher and higher. Sean was a lovely, sensuous lover, his body moving with and joining Ken's in a wonderful tempo, not too fast, not too slow, just perfectly in sync with the waves of pleasure, the tensing and releasing of Ken's body against Sean's. The heated, deep, husky moans of both men grew louder and louder as they pushed against each other, reaching higher than either had gone before. Sean reached the point of no return quickly, but held back, wanting Ken to join him. His thrusts became quicker, his pace less fluid as he fought to keep from tripping. He looked into Ken's eyes and the words left his mouth before he could stop them. "I love you."

Ken looked up in wonder at hearing those heartfelt words, feeling his body climb even higher, teetering on the brink of ecstasy. All it would take is just a few more heavenly thrusts and Ken would be there, beyond pleasure into nirvana. He pulled Sean down and just before kissing him deeply, his throaty voice responded. "Let go Sean." And they kissed, putting all the pent up emotion, all the loneliness, all the pain and rejection and hurt into it, letting it go in a sweeping wash of emotions. It was the last straw, the final breaking of his control and Sean cried out against Ken's lips, calling out his pleasure as his body exploded, rocketing on great spirals of pleasure so intense, he almost blacked out from it. It only got better when Ken joined him, calling out his own pleasure as his body released, coating both of their torsos in his ropy, pearly essence.

Sean's big, heavy body collapsed against Ken, his tumescence not diminished by his release as his body relaxed against his lover. Ken cradled the man in his arms; lowering his legs and feeling his own juices squish between their bellies as they came down to earth, trying to regain their breath. Sean's arms snaked around Ken's back, holding him closer, tightly against him as he rolled them to their sides, still wedged deeply inside Ken. He was loath to do it, but removed his body from Ken's, discarding the used condom and snuggling with his lover. The feel of the other, the mingled sweet breath, the contented nuzzling, the gentle, almost purr like sound as they gently caressed the other's body was enough and they drifted asleep.


The next four days were spent leisurely in bed with each other in between goofy forays into the kitchen for food, or soft, gentle lovemaking in front of the fire. They took several showers together, exploring and soaping their bodies, staying under the hot spray kissing and touching until the hot water failed. There was so much talk, so many words said. They learned about the past, the past relationships or lack thereof. They talked about their experiences in college, their hopes and dreams, but there was a small part of each other they held back. Sean didn't speak of his writing and Ken didn't speak his love to Sean. Neither knew exactly why they held this information back. Sean fully believed in Ken, knew that his secret would be safe with him but somehow felt wrong in telling him. Ken didn't doubt that his feelings for Sean were anything but true, but all those lectures from coaches, managers and his agent kept him from saying those words. But he wanted to, desperately.

After the four, passion filled days, they were driving home, both regretting horribly that they were leaving it all behind. It wasn't until they got to Ken's house that they talked of the future, and it was with sadness that couldn't be hidden that Ken told Sean what was coming up for him.

"I'll be pretty much out of commission while away in Arizona." He stroked Sean's face while he spoke. "I don't know when or if I'll be able to call."

Sean reached out and brushed the hair off Ken's forehead before leaning down to kiss his lips tenderly. "I understand. I have several projects to complete to keep my busy." His smile was sheepish. "But I'll be thinking of you, constantly."

"I'll be thinking of you too." He kissed Sean with a passion that was tinged with desperation. "I'll call you, once I'm back in town before opening day."

His smile was bittersweet. "I can't wait." Then he hugged Ken up in his arms, not wanting to let go. He broke the hug before he started crying, knowing he would miss Ken so much. Ken stepped out of the car and he waved until Sean's car was out of sight; then walked quickly into the house, not wanting to lose it on his front lawn.

So many things had changed for Ken this week. It was going to cause problems, but he knew that this wouldn't be denied. He called his agent, not caring that he was only two days away from going to Spring Training. It startled Ken that his phone rang just as he reached for it. Speak of the devil, it was his agent.


"Ken. Great to hear from you."

Ken groaned inwardly. "What can I do for you Dan?"

"I have another commercial shoot set up for you. And then we need to discuss merchandise and promotions with the League."


"It'll be great Ken. We're going to get your name plastered on every billboard, cereal box, and sporting goods store in the world."


"You need to come to New York during the All-Star break. We'll have it all set for you. Then provided that you guys can win the World Series, I'll have even more for you. You won't have much of an off season, but we'll make sure you get a week or two in January."

Ken was losing his mind. This was getting out of control. "DAN! Shut up for a minute. I need to have some time during the break and after the World Series. I need at least a month. Can't we schedule this for later?"

"Ken, babe, we have to get the ball rolling. A month after the World Series and your name is no longer on the front page. We need to do this now."

"But Dan, there are things I need to take care of." His voice faltered for a minute, but all he had to do was think of Sean and he got his courage back. "I've met someone and I need some time to spend with him. So I need the break to be with him."

"You met a guy? Jesus Ken, did the press follow you? I told you that you needed to be careful. I bet this guy is selling his story to the press now."

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