tagIncest/TabooHome Sweet Home Ch. 04

Home Sweet Home Ch. 04


Derrick sat at his computer, staring at the banking screen, unable to focus. He rubbed his eyes and squinted at the screen before exhaling and finishing his report. It had been nearly two months since him and Courtney, his sister, spilled their love for one another. Two long months since he had her beautiful naked body firmly pressed against his. Two agonizing months since he'd touched her.

Once he returned to school he did his best to immerse himself back in his world, trying to push aside the desires. He knew it was a futile battle but he needed to get projects done. His grades hadn't suffered, yet. He stood from his desk and walked out of his room and into the small dorm room kitchen. Jon, Okusa, and Victor, his roommates, laughed as they watched TV. Derrick glanced at the show, a popular comedy sitcom, before walking back into his room with a tall glass of bourbon. He needed the stiff drink to clear his mind.

As he sat down at his desk and took a long drain on his drink, he opened the desk drawer and saw the small, leather box sitting in plain sight. He sighed as he opened the box to see the gift he had instinctively bought for her, the gift that he could only dream of giving to her. He closed the box and set it beside his screen as a reminder to keep persevering. His msn popped open and he looked up the video request from Courtney. He smiled before accepting the request. Courtney's tired eyes shimmered with glee when she saw him sitting at his desk.

"Hey there beautiful." Derrick said as he plugged in his headphones. He didn't need Jon to hear what Courtney and he were talking about.

"Hello, how are you?" She asked and smiled for her brother. It pained her that he was so far away.

"I'm okay, you?" He replied and looked at the door and sighed in relief as the laughter from his roommates came to his ears.

"I'm okay." A moment of silence passed between them and they smiled warmly for each other before Courtney lowered her head. "This sucks worse than the last time we talked on this." Her frustration slid into her words with complete disdain for the situation they were in.

"It was your idea." Derrick snapped back unexpectedly and Courtney looked up in surprise.

"It was the only thing I could think of that didn't involve a massive phone bill and with Mom and Dad paying for my phone." She retorted. "I just hate this so much. We've been basically exiled from each other. It's not fair. I love you more than life itself and here we are suffering because of it."

"I know. This really does bite but we got caught being really bad." Derrick agreed and both took a deep breath to calm down. "If this sucks so badly why did you send the request?"

"I just wanted to see you. I know this kills us but I had a rough day and I needed to see the face of the man I love." Courtney said and Derrick smiled. "My Profs are getting worse by the day. We're heading into reading week and they're completely destroying everything. All the notes we've been taking are useless now. I don't know what I'm going to do to understand everything. The worst part is you know everything I need to learn."

"I wish I could help you, I really do. If I could I would be there in a second to take you away from all your pain." Derrick said and Courtney held back a sorrow filled sigh.

"I know you would baby." She nearly whispered but full of love. Another moment of silence passed between them as they stared at each other through their screens, each scared to once again say their feelings but their eyes gave loving sonnets instead.

"I miss you terribly." Courtney said and looked away, her eyes glistening with tears. "I have to go. My evening class starts soon." Derrick smiled as she ended their connection. He sat back in his chair and looked down at the box he left out. He opened it again and wondered if he could really go through with what he wanted. He had promised himself that he would never hurt his sister and protect her. He wondered if he would have to protect her from himself. He could barely take watching Courtney want to spill her heart to him once again but unable to. His mind wandered to her reasoning to accept going to California. She chose there to please her parents. She always loved them no matter what they did to her or him. He took off the headphones and closed his eyes, putting the negatives aside and smiling from seeing her once more. He picked up the box once more and sighed.

"So what's her name already?" Jon asked, startling Derrick from his dreamy state. He dropped the box, slammed the drawer shut and locked it before turning in his chair. He gave him a puzzled look and Jon shook his head and waved Okusa and Victor over.

"You've been a completely different man since you came back from Christmas." Jon asked again and they waited as Derrick sighed. He couldn't simply tell them that he was in love with his sister.

"No one, it was a bad time over the holidays. I spent it in a hotel room because my family kicked me out for the rest of the family. I got in a fight over it. I won't be going back." Derrick lied back and turned back to his studies. Okusa came up to him and rested his hand on Derrick's shoulder.

"It's okay Derrick." He said with his thick Japanese accent. Derrick nodded and looked back at his computer screen. Okusa never said much, but when he did, Derrick knew that it was heartfelt and meant to take into consideration. Jon however, wanted to know more. He knew him better than anyone else. Okusa left the room and Jon sat on his desk while Victor leaned against the door.

"You're lying." He said bluntly and Derrick glanced up at him before returning to his computer. "You know I'll find out so you might as well say it."

"I can't tell you." Derrick replied, unable to bring himself to say that he had banged his own sister.

"Derrick, you can trust me. Fuck, we've been together since elementary school. I already have a good feeling who you bedded." Jon replied confidently and Derrick paled as he once again looked up at him. "Here I'll make it easier for you. I'll describe her and if I'm ever wrong I'll stop and leave the matter be. Deal?" Jon said and Victor stopped him.

"Leave him alone Jon. He's having enough problems. Besides, he wouldn't tell you even if you were right." Victor interrupted, saving Derrick from complete embarrassment. Victor looked down at him and winked. "You know if you care about her so much why don't you go and see her?"

"She's at school in California." Derrick replied and Victor crossed his arms and smirked.

"There are things called planes you know. Those things that the small city you come from is getting soon." Victor said teasing. "Take one since we're going into reading week and be back before you know it. You said she was staying there so you'll have a week of privacy with her." Victor said sarcastically and Derrick looked down. "And if you even mention money I'll beat you senseless. I know you've been buying so much shit recently that you have the money to buy a plane ticket."

"We promised that we wouldn't do that. We wanted to save our money." Derrick replied and Jon shook his head.

"You are truly dense. Mini Derrick is begging for show time and here you are sulking. Okay Vicky we're paying for this man to get laid."

"I really wish you would stop calling me that. It was Halloween for Christ sakes and I had nothing to go as." Victor replied and Jon laughed.

"It's still the fact that you went as a drag queen and won the bloody contest." Jon replied and Victor smiled.

"Don't be hating since you wanted to tap this." Victor replied foxily and Jon smirked.

"With an ass like a sixteen year old who wouldn't." Jon shot back and both men shook their heads before the debate got out of hand.

"Pack your stuff. I'll look up the flight and hot Vicky will take you there since he's the only one with a car. If you do it quickly he might put on his wig." Jon announced, getting the last jab in before leaving. Derrick lowered his head and sighed. Every fibre in his being begged him to go. He had nothing to lose and he could make up the money by working overtime during the weekend if need be. He stood and shook his head as Victor remained at the door.

"This is your fault." Derrick said with a laugh as he dropped his duffle bag on his bed. Victor grinned ear to ear.

"Damn rights. No man in this room is going to be cut off. Now get your stuff packed before pedobear Jon gets back."

Derrick cursed under his breath as his flight circled the runway for the eighth time. He had been stalled at every connection due to bad weather, deep fog at night and plain air traffic. What was supposed to be an eight hour flight ended up being nearly fifteen and with the prospect of seeing Courtney, sleep had been a luxury he couldn't afford. Finally his plane landed and he quickly made his way through the airport, getting his duffle bag from the mass of people waiting impatiently for their suitcases. He moved with the crowds out the main doors and smiled as the sun beamed brightly. He got onto the nearest bus destined for the university and the first of many smiles crept up on him. He sat down and began fidgeting with his bag straps. He sighed and stopped, instead turning his attention elsewhere. He watched the cars drive by, wishing the bus would go faster. He sighed impatiently and glanced across at the middle aged man across from him. The man smiled and Derrick slowly calmed down his sporadic thoughts.

"You look like you're chasing someone." He said and Derrick smiled and couldn't have agreed more.

"I am. The woman of my dreams." Derrick replied and the man laughed before looking out the window.

"And how's that going for you? I had to chase mine for years before she would give in." Derrick grinned and nodded in understanding.

"I didn't know I should have been chasing until recently but I had one hell of a head start." The man smirked and as the bus stopped outside the university, Derrick took in a deep breath.

"Best of luck to you, looks like you're going to need it." Derrick nodded thanks and left the bus. If only the man knew how much luck he would need. He couldn't contain his smile as he finally arrived at his destination, half a day late. He slung his duffle bag over his shoulder made his way to her dorm. He watched each group of girls walk by grinning at their beauty but wishing Courtney was among them. Every female voice he heard sounded like her. He marched on and grinned as the heat of the late spring day forced the students to keep the main doors to the dorms open. He found the dorm where Courtney lived and he sighed in relief. He walked in and his tired feet led him to the common room. He sat down on a soft leather sofa and stared at the roof, wondering how he was going to find her. Before he could make a thought, his eyes closed and he fell asleep.

"Hey, wake up already." A girl announced rudely and Derrick stirred and opened his eyes to see two strong, bald guys dressed in shorts and sports shirts standing behind him while an overweight blonde woman in a flowery dress stood in front of him. "Who are you?" Derrick rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up, not wanting to make a scene. The plump woman became impatient and flipped open her cell. "You're not from here. Leave before I call the cops."

"Sorry I must have passed out." Derrick replied with a yawn, trying to diffuse the situation. "I'm here to see someone. Do you know where Courtney Bokker is?" Derrick asked and a pretty petite blonde appeared from behind the two bodyguards.

"I know her. Wait; are you Derrick, her boyfriend?" She said and walked around to get a better view. "Oh my god you are. She'll be so happy to see you! I'm Jesse by the way. I'm her best friend here."

"You and several other girls that have latched onto her, trying to keep her alive." The bigger girl added and Jesse moved her long blond hair out of her face.

"Well we can't all be the mothering type like you Sherry. Mommy Sherry can only do so much before you get tuned out like any other mom." Jesse replied.

"Someone has to watch that girl. She would have starved to death if I hadn't forced her to eat something and even then it was a fight and a half." Sherry replied and Jesse laughed.

"I was there remember? Daphne and I had to basically corner her so she would eat something. Your girlfriend has quite the temper."

"Temper, I nearly had to call the brute squad in to pin her down if you two didn't manage to convince her." Derrick looked up at the two muscle bound men and they nodded once, letting him know that they were keeping an eye on him and that the story was true. He could see that they were good natured men that just wanted to protect their fellow students.

"Ladies, I hate to interrupt but where's Courtney?" Derrick interrupted politely. Jesse's grin widened and she quickly took Derrick's hand. She tried pulling him to his feet and Derrick grabbed his bag before following.

"She's out at the moment. We're having a spring bash since our last RA wouldn't approve. So we ran him out and got mommy Sherry instead and she loves throwing parties and we decided to make it a costume party since we also missed the Halloween bash." Jesse rattled off while she nearly drug Derrick down the hall. She stopped in front of a room and reached into her pocket.

"This room is mine so wash up and don't touch anything. Then we're going to get you a matching outfit. She's going as Cleopatra. There's a shop nearby that can get you a Julius Caesar outfit. I saw it the other day and I can tell that it should fit you." Derrick's slouched stance perked when he heard Sherry greeting Courtney from down the hall. Every fibre in his being wanted to rush to her and pick her up but Jesse wouldn't let him go.

"I want to see her now." Derrick said and Jesse hushed him.

"You have a chance to give that girl a once in a lifetime entrance. Just appearing will make her happy yes but she'll downplay it later. This is one of those hopeless romantic things that she would never believe would happen to her. She would remember it forever." Jesse whispered and looked back. Derrick thought momentarily and wondered if the girl in front of him was just playing games. "Derrick please I know she'll love it."

"But I've flown so far to see her. I can barely keep myself still hearing her over there." Jesse intertwined her fingers and silently begged Derrick to follow her ever evolving plan. He sighed and closed his eyes and smirked. It would be an entrance that would never be forgotten and he still had to shower so he would look respectable. He opened his eyes and nodded and Jesse's eyes shimmered with playful joy. Derrick smiled back, unable to quench the urge. Jesse looked back at the hall where Sherry still kept Courtney busy with chit chat. Derrick looked her over quickly and smiled. If he wasn't in love with Courtney he could see himself with her. She looked back and Derrick lifted his eyes before being caught.

"Thank you so much. I'll pay for the costume so get in there before she comes." Jesse said as Courtney finished talking in the common room. Jesse shoved him into the room and slammed the door as Courtney came around the corner. Jesse leaned against her door and smiled.

"Hey there girl, you ready to party?" Jesse said with exuberance. Courtney sighed and Derrick listened from the other side as Jesse played a distraction.

"I guess so. Something doesn't feel right. I might not go." Courtney replied and Jesse shook her head. Derrick could feel the emptiness in her voice and rested his hand on the door knob. He would have to knock Jesse over to get at what he wanted most.

"I think you're overreacting and trying to get out of tonight. You have to go. You're Cleopatra. We can't go without you. It would look weird if the five of us didn't go together." Jesse nearly whined, buttering up Courtney. Courtney sighed and nodded. "That's a good girl. Now come on I'm starving and you look like you need to eat." Jesse said stepping away from the door.

"I'm okay you go ahead. Daphne is knee deep in studying. Can I use your shower?" Jesse glanced at her door and Derrick quickly backed away and listened as he was so close to seeing her.

"Sorry girl but my room is off limits. I'm just about done cleaning and I want it perfect in case I find someone tonight. So let's go get Mommy Sherry and get some grub." Jesse's naughty reply made Derrick chuckle. He shook his head as he heard Courtney grumble as Jesse led her away from the room. He flipped on the light and saw that the room was indeed clean but far from perfect.

He quickly showered and took his less wrinkled shirt and shorts. He put his ear to the door and could hear Jesse muttering about him taking so long. He snickered and listened a bit longer before deciding that she had brewed enough. Derrick opened the door and Jesse looked him over, her grin returning and she bit her bottom lip briefly as she looked him over.

"I can see why she loves you." Derrick blushed and Jesse quickly grabbed his hand. "We have to hurry. The party starts soon and Mommy Sherry demands that no one is really late. It makes it hard to keep track on her list at the door."

"Why are you helping me? You barely know me." Derrick asked as Jesse spied into the common room before pushing repeatedly Derrick out the door. Jesse grinned once again and led him out into a mass of people.

"Courtney has been so sad since she came here. We can tell that she has a good heart and once she told us about you we understood. She deserves this."

"You have no idea how big her heart is." Derrick replied and Jesse kept her pace, weaving through the crowd.

Derrick looked himself over as he finished dressing for the party. He smiled as Courtney had no idea what was coming for her. He couldn't wait much longer before he would secretly hunt her down. He poked his head out came face to face with Jesse dressed up in an Egyptian gown with a black wig and light face paint.

"Cleopatra's hand maiden?" Derrick asked and Jesse spun, giving him a full view. He smiled as she finished her show.

"But of course. There are four of us that are going with her. Cindy, myself, Autumn, and Daphne. The party is in the main common room on the second floor and it has already started. Come on and let's make her evening."

"Well I am Caesar." Derrick replied and they shared a laugh. Jesse led him to the second level of the dorm and as soon as the elevator opened, the smell of booze and laughter surrounded them. Sherry stood at the doors to the party dressed as Princess Peach with a ringed binder in her hand and a red pen in the other. Jesse led him to the doors and Sherry smiled sweetly as she looked Derrick over.

"Do we have to worry about a giant lizard taking you away?" Derrick said jokingly as they came up to her. Sherry chuckled before answering.

"You clean up well." Derrick nodded thanks and looked around as several partiers had moved outside the main room.

"Is she inside?" Jesse asked and Sherry flipped through the list of students in the dorm and nodded.

"Yes, she came in about half an hour ago with Daphne. The others of your group arrived just a few minutes ago." Sherry said and once again smiled. "You're going to make her evening unforgettable."

"That's what Jesse keeps saying. I just want to see her." Derrick replied kindly and took another look around. Sherry waved for them to go and Jesse took hi s hand again.

The party had quickly moved into full swing as Jesse led them through the maze of costumed people. Derrick bumped into a small redhead dressed as cat woman and she held his arm tightly, her long nails lightly digging in.

"Not every day I'm taken by Caesar. Care to bring me back to Rome and ravage me?" She flirted and before Derrick could reply, Jesse stepped in.

"Bitch please you have enough boy toys on this floor alone to keep you satisfied." Jesse snapped and the redhead glared at her.

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