tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Ch. 04

Homecoming Ch. 04


Over the next week, I had several opportunities to tease and play with the girls. Twice during the week, Sara had stopped by just to have me put my cock in her cunt. Of course, I fucked her hard, pounding away at the exquisite cunt that begged to be abused. Kim and I shared one-on-one sex during the week as well. Sensual, loving, sex. All three of us shared an encounter again the following Friday night. This time, the girls both refused to go to bed in Kim's room. They wanted to start the night in my bed. Who could refuse such lovely young ladies.

We fucked and sucked our brains out for several hours. Anything went, I finally got to butt fuck Sara, burying my cock deep in her ass doggie style while Kim lay beneath us and sucked her to a screaming orgasm. I chub just writing the story, recalling the amount of sex we have had. I felt totally drained, and was ready for sleep. Sara, Kim's best friend has to be a nympho. That is the only way I can describe her. My cock and balls ached from the abuse she caused on my tool. Both Kim and I were ragged from her desire for sex, but we happily obliged. We would not turn her down for anything, and Kim and I both loved the fact that she would work to please the both of us. We love her dearly.

It was during the late Friday night that the new plan began to take shape. We were resting, semi-sleeping when Sara hatched her next plan. And I thought that I would enjoy the scenario. It would take some careful planning, and some clear signals, but I was more than interested. Lynn, Sara's mom had helped me and my daughter Kim over the years since Kim's mom, my wife died. Lynn, a woman slightly younger than myself, was fantastic looking. I did not understand the guy she married, a mouse of a man is how I would describe him. He was of small stature, a puny runt of a man. If the guy was 5'10"tall, 165 pounds, I would be surprised. He is some kind of sissy human resources guy, worked all day with the women in the office. Lynn and Sara were the athletes in his house. He does the dishes all the time kind of guy. His idea of a sport was to run from the bully all his life. I always called him Alice around my house with Kim, for no other reason than to make fun of him.

Lynn, on the other hand, was at least 5'11" tall, slender build. She was bright, articulate, great set of tits, jogged daily, did yoga, and kept herself in great shape. I had run many miles with and behind her when I had the chance. I got to watch her ass as we ran. I would joke about the view, and she would just laugh, tell me that I could have it if I had the desire. I had never pursued this, and now I was rethinking my opportunities. She had great legs, long and firm, with just a hint of muscle in her quads, and strong calves. Many, many times she had been fodder for my fantasies during the night.

Now, here was her daughter, asking if I would have the desire to seduce her mom. "Dad, I want to watch. So you can only fuck her if I and Kim get to hide and see you in action" Sara said, making it very clear. We began to plan the circumstances in which I could satisfactorily seduce Lynn.

"Kim, are you OK with me seducing Lynn?" I asked her.

"Daddy, you are your own man. I would love for you to find someone that you desire and want to spend time with" she continued. "That does not mean I can not make use of your body when I need too" she said and grinned ear to ear.

Sara chimed "Dad, this is not to replace us, we want to see you make her as happy as you do us". She continued "Many times she has asked me how you were doing, or if I knew who you were seeing? Based on what she asks, I believe Mom has an interest in you. Makes me crazy horny" Sara said nervously. "I want my Mom. I want to get the invitation through you, Daddy"

Saturday morning the girls and I slept late, woke to some light sexual play, got up, and started the day. I called Lynn later that afternoon. I made arrangements for her to stop by in an hour to assist me with some quick items. It did not take too much for me to convince her to stop by.

For the next hour, I played over and over in my mind, the scenario to unfold before me. I dressed in a pair of baggy athletic shorts, large fitting tank top, and ran around the house barefoot. The girls were to go and spend a couple of hours shopping, get some groceries for dinner, and return quietly. The plan was for me to have Lynn seduced by that time. Aggressive, but I hoped achievable.

Lynn arrived right on time. Dressed in warm weather clothes as well, she looked great. Her tanned body exuded sex, or was it just in my mind. I looked her up and down slowly to allow her to catch me in the act. I whistled softly, audibly so she would hear. Dressed in a pair of running shorts, small shirt allowing her midriff to show, I could not help but be attracted to her.

"Hi Lynn! Been expecting you. You look absolutely great." I told her. As she entered the house, I side stepped her slightly, extended my hand to the small of her back as she walked past. "Come on in and sit down." Her skin was soft. I rubbed the lower part of her back gently as we walked into the kitchen.

"Alright bub" she said and grinned, "What can I do for you"? She turned to me, our bodies inches apart. I stood quietly contemplating a response. As I looked at her, my eyes wandered. I could look down the top of the shirt she was wearing and see her soft, tanned cleavage. Her sports bra held her tits firmly in its grasp, presenting them nicely for view. My hand now rested on her hip. She moved her hand to cover mine.

"With a line like that, I can think of a lot of things, but just suggesting one may get me slapped" I retorted without thinking.

"Make an offer" Lynn said, staring intently at me.

"Really, well, I want to slowly undress you, taking my time to view and touch your body. I want to feel your body pressed against me, your tits flattening against my chest. I want to feel your nipples harden to my touch, raise off your tit as I blow cool air over a saliva covered tit. I want to suck as much of you into my mouth as possible. I want to kiss down your torso. I want to taste you, travel my tongue down past your belly button. I want to find the top of your folds, snake my tongue down between your lips, reaching your clit, guarding your hole. I want to flip my tongue back and forth quickly over your clit, move forward until my lips envelop your clit, and suck it into my mouth. I want to taste you, drive my tongue deep into you, rimming the opening of your pussy, and pushing my face deep into the folds of your cunt. I want to drive my tongue deep into your pussy, quickly, retreating, back to your clit, sucking it into my mouth. I want to rake my teeth against the sensitive skin. Lightly bite your clit, tugging gently, pulling away from your body, stretching the clit, running my tongue quickly over the clit, increasing the pleasure. I want to bury my thumb deep in your pussy, and insert my index finger deep into your ass, feeling the thin wall between both fingers, causing friction between the holes, giving pleasure, driving you to a cunt numbing orgasm, and we have only just started". I said without hardly taking time to catch my breath.

Lynn's eyes were closed. She just stood there, absorbing my explicit description I guess. Without a word, she moved closer to me and gently laid her head on my chest. "That is one hell of an offer" she replied quietly. "Can you make good on it?"

I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her close to me. "Only if you let me try" I told her.

I raised my hand to her chin, tilting her face to me. Gently, I lowered my lips to hers. Softly, slowly, I began to kiss her lips. I parted my lips, letting my tongue guide itself to her mouth. With extreme softness, my tongue forged forward, exploring her mouth. Her tongue returned the favor. Lingering, softly we stood and kissed each other. I had not kissed another woman with the desire and controlled passion I had at this moment in time. Our breath mingled, lips devouring each others, gently, rocking together, bodies pressed close to feel the desire each of us had. "Oh God, Rich. I have wanted this for so long" Lynn whispered.

I continued to kiss her, suck her tongue into my mouth. I nibbled on her lower lip, tugging gently, playfully. I lowered my head, kissing around the side of her cheek, down her jaw to just below the ear. I stuck my tongue out, playfully teasing her ear, and began kissing her neck. I moved downward, until I reached the nape of her neck. Its' softness stopped me. I sucked in the skin, nibbling on the nape of her neck. Her body arched, arms wrapped tightly around my neck. My hands roamed down her body, reaching her hips, pulling her against me. I knew she had to feel my cock pressing against her abdomen. My hands roamed downward, sliding to the sides of her ass, and grasping her cheeks firmly in my hands, I pulled her up off the ground, wrapping her legs around my waist. I slowly eased her body downward, sliding her cunt along my cock, allowing her to feel it pressing against her. Moans escaped her. She kissed me hard.

"Take me to your bedroom" she said hoarsely. Her breath quickened. She slid her legs down me, standing in front of me. Her hands moved to my hips, and ever so slowly, moved to my crotch. Rigid, at full staff, my cock was easy for her to feel through the fabric of my athletic shorts. "Jesus Christ" she moaned. "If I had known it was this monstrous, I would have been more aggressive myself years ago". She pumped my cock hard through my clothing. Then, without warning, she turned, and headed out of the kitchen toward the stairs. She had yet to let go of my cock. She was literally dragging me along by the front of my shorts, fingers wrapped tightly around me cock in the process. I laughed and followed.

Once we reached my bedroom, she turned and began removing my clothing. I stopped her, planted a soft kiss on her lips. I wanted to move slowly, and explore the magnificent body offered. I began to remove her clothing. First, I removed her shirt, followed by the athletic bra. Painfully slow, I removed the bra, one side first, allowing her left tit to be freed from its confines. I leaned to kiss the nipple. I sucked the nipple into my mouth. My hand grasped the tit, squeezing gently, but firming the tit. The nipple extended to my sucking lips. I opened my mouth wide, and sucked a large portion of her tit in my mouth. Her hand, on the back of my neck, pulled my head tighter against her tit. She moaned deeply.

My other hand grabbed the bra still covering her right tit. Roughly, I pulled the bra up over her tit, now allowing both to be free of the material prison. I clasped the right tit in my hand, and pulled the nipple portion toward me sucking her left tit. Simultaneously, I pulled the left tit to the right, bringing the nipples close together. I sucked both nipples into my mouth at the same time. Nipping, licking, tugging on the nipples, I made her moan again. I pushed her back to the bed. My hands moved to the band of her shorts, grasping band and started to remove her shorts. I dropped them to her ankles. Raising her feet, she kicked them off. She still had her panties and running shoes on.

"My turn" she said as she pushed me back from her. She grabbed the bottom of my tank top, pulled it up. I leaned over and allowed her to remove my top. She leaned forward and sucked my man nipple. Quickly, she took interest in removing my shorts. Grabbing the band, and with a quick tug, she pulled my shorts clear down to my ankles. In the process, she was kneeling down. Her knees dropped to the floor. She reached to my briefs. Grasping my cock through my briefs, she began to kiss my thigh. Working slowly, she moved toward my cock, her hand pumping my cock slowly. She nuzzled her face along the edge of my shorts, tongue reaching under my shorts trying to lick my balls. She continued to pump my cock. Pulling the crotch of my briefs aside, my balls dangled openly now. She sucked one of my balls into her mouth.

"MMmmm Lynn, that feels good" I exclaimed. She sucked the second ball into her mouth. I was hers. I placed my hands on her shoulders. I pushed forward, slightly spreading my legs so she could have easier access to my balls. She pulled back, reached up, and removed my briefs. My cock stood fully erect, inches from her face. Again, she grasped my cock, wrapping her fingers around tightly.

"My God Rich, I can not even reach around your cock with one hand" she said with surprise in her voice. Now, with both hands firmly placed around my cock, she aimed the head at her lovely mouth. Opening wide, she placed the head of my cock in her mouth. She sucked the head in, licking around the head, driving her tongue into the slit. She pulled back, licked her lips, licked all sides of my cock , and again placed the head into her mouth. This time, she relaxed her mouth, her jaw, and slowly began the slide down my cock. She stared intently into my eyes as she gobbled my cock down her throat. She got about half way down when she triggered her gag reflex.

I pulled her up from the floor, pushed her back to the edge of the bed. As I pushed her down, my hands grabbed her panties, and slid them down her legs and off over her running shoes. I laughed. "Keep your shoes on woman, you may need to run and get away from me before long. I plan on stuffing my cock into your cunt shortly" I said, "after I complete my offer".

I laid Lynn down on my bed. I climbed in with her, and laid down beside her. Hugging her, I brought her tight against my body. I wrapped my leg over her hip, pressing her body tight against mine. Her tits flattened against me. I caressed her back, rubbing gently. I let my hand wander down to the small of her back. Again, my hand wandered downward, feeling the cheeks of her ass. I cupped her cheek gently in my hand, pulling her tight to me. My fingers probed the crack of her ass, lifting slightly, opening her cunt gently. My fingers played with the hair attached to her pussy lips.

"Roll to your back" I told her. As she rolled, I got up on my hands and knees, and moved between her legs, forcing her knees to raise up directly above her hips. I grabbed the underside of her knees, pushed upward toward her head, raising her pussy and ass for a good look. I lowered my face to her cunt, gave her a big kiss, and released her legs. I leaned forward to her tits, sucking the right nipple into my mouth. Lynn moaned, lay back and relaxed. I took turns on each tit, licking, sucking, nipping the nipple. I would lick around the nipple of each tit, and lightly blow cool air, watching the nipple contract and harden. I grasped each tit with a hand, thumb and index finger clenching the nipple, tugging, stretching the nipple, pulling gently but firmly. Each time, a moan came from Lynn.

My mouth traveled down her body. Licking, kissing, I approached her mound. Lynn placed her hands on my shoulders. If I slowed down my decent, Lynn would push gently, urgently, wanting me to move down her body to her pussy. I took my time on purpose. I moved my body down the bed, laying on my stomach between Lynn's legs, shoulders just below her crotch now. With her pussy in full view, I leaned to play. My tongue reached out, lightly touching her slit. I moved downward, tracing along her slit. As I moved, Lynn arched her hips, trying to get my tongue deeper into her cunt. I continued to tease and play. I placed my thumb and index finger on each side of her slit respectively. I spread my fingers apart, opening her cunt lips. There, in the center, was her rose bud. I gently leaned forward, and flicked it with my tongue. Fireworks went off in Lynn. Her body arched, literally jumped off the bed. Hesitating, I let her bring her body back down to my waiting tongue. Once she lowered her body back down, I leaned forward, clasping her clit between my teeth, and flicked my tongue hard over her clit. My hands held her body down. I assaulted her clit, sucking, licking, and pulling her clit with my mouth and teeth. I would lower my face to her hole, inserting my tongue into her body, swirl my tongue around, drive it deep, and return to nibbling on her clit.

"Rich, make me cum" Lynn said. "God, it feels so good" she continued. Now she was starting to buck her hips hard. I had to literally hold on. I continued to suck her hard. To make her cum, I started playing with her hole while I sucked her clit. I pushed my finger deep into her pussy, then pushed two fingers deep into her body. She humped hard as I drove my fingers deep into her pussy. I continued to lick her and finger fuck her at the same time.

"Your offer included a finger up my ass" she hissed through clenched teeth. "Now, do it for me" she said. I replaced my two fingers with my thumb, drove it deep into her cunt. Without missing a beat, I stuck my finger in her cunt, lubricated it thoroughly and placed my finger at her asshole, played gently, and drove my fingertip into her ass as well. She screamed so loud I thought I must have hurt her. Her breath was now extremely ragged. I began to rub my thumb and finger together while in her body. "Oh shit, Oh shit" she started panting over and over. I pushed my finger deeper into her ass, retreated slightly, and pushed it all the way into her ass. "Don't stop" her voice trailed off. Her hips arched, held firmly high off the bed, and with an unmatched intensity, she came. Head twisting from side to side quickly, bucking on my fingers, she continued cumming, over and over again. She was pumping wetness out of her cunt, running down the crack of her ass. Extremely wet, she begged "Stick that big fucking cock into my cunt, fuck me"

I had hoped to get some good head, and more pussy licking before I drilled her, but it was time. I rolled her to her side, pulled her ass back against me. She was nearly perpendicular to me on the bed. I reached over her, grabbing the left leg, and raised it up in the air. Reaching between her legs, I found her wet pussy, flicking my finger over her clit. "Grab my cock, aim it at your pussy" I told her. She reached for me, grabbed the head of my cock, and placed it between the soft lips of her pussy. I pushed forward. The head of my cock entered her pussy. I waited, and pushed again. "Oh God it's huge" she grunted.

"Relax, let me get it all in. It will fit" I grunted. I pulled back, rocked forward, pulled back, and drove forward hard. Back, and a final hard push forward drove my cock into the depths of her pussy. She arched her back. I grabbed her hip, and started slamming my body against hers.

She just started screaming, grunting, yelling "Fuck me you stud, fuck my cunt". I pounded her relentlessly for several minutes. She was breathing so heavily, I got concerned that she would hyperventilate. I slowed my thrusts. "Don't stop, I am going to cum again" she screamed and drove her pussy and ass back against me. I raised my leg, hooked it over her hip, driving my cock as deep in her cunt as our joined bodies would go. Deep, guttural grunts, screams came forth from her. I wanted to fuck the woman senseless now. I slammed my body against hers, pulled back and slammed her again. Rapid, full stroke, cock buried deep in her pussy, I hammered her body again and again. And her grunts, moans, and talk started to have an effect on me.

I felt my cum well up in my nuts. I rolled further on her backside, and drove my cock even deeper. Our bodies melded. My cock swelled larger. Her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock, sucking my cum out of the depth of my balls. "Baby, I am going to cum" I panted through clenched teeth. "Oh shit, here it comes"!

"Yeah baby, cum in me" she screamed. Reaching back, she grabbed my leg on her hip and pulled me tighter to her cunt and ass. I felt my cock reaching the point of no return, flipped the switch, and started cumming. Spurt after spurt, I pumped into her pussy. I pushed forward, burying my cock, wedged between her lips so deep, you could not see where my cock started and her cunt ended. We were joined.

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