tagIncest/TabooHomecoming Revenge Ch. 4

Homecoming Revenge Ch. 4


One year later Terri was still having nightmares of her ordeal. Ashley had appeared to have overcome it only after becoming very sexually active. Terri was convinced that she was letting anyone to screw her just to replace the memories of that horrible night. Soon after graduation she packed her bags and moved out to go to college. The three of them kept their secret without uttering a word even to each other.

When Terri's husband returned home from his business trip there was no physical evidence of what happened. The worse part for Terri was the times when she caught herself noticing the bulge in her son's pants and remembering the orgasm forced upon her by that cock. She occasionally awoke in the middle of the night catching herself fingering her pussy to the memory of his huge dick. Her thoughts caused her to become more distant in her relationship with Mark. Mostly out of guilt and shame.

Mark had suffered the most emotionally. For weeks after the ordeal he had grown withdrawn. While horrified by his part in the rape of his mother and sister he would at times find himself aroused by one or both of them. Whenever he had seen Ashley in her cheerleading outfit, or some sexy clothing, he would remember the satisfaction of cumming in her pussy. He masturbated frequently while spying on her. The guilt he felt had caused him to withdraw to the point that his grades dropped dramatically. To the point where he failed many of his classes for his senior year. It was only after finding a girlfriend that he began overcoming the trauma. But the damage was done and Mark was forced to repeat three classes the following year in order to graduate. But that also gave the 19 year old another year of high school football before going on to college.

Tonight had been horrible for Terri and Mark both. His team hosted the homecoming game against the very team that had caused their gang rape. Terri and Mark had no idea if any of the guys from that night would be there. Still, Mark missed both opportunities he had to score. But despite his failed efforts the team still won. Terri sat in the stands watching the other side without thinking of the game. She wished that her husband was there but he was once again off on his routine business trips. Terri was bundled up due to the cold. But even so she had begun wearing less revealing clothing soon after her rape.

When the game ended Mark went off to the homecoming dance and Terri went home alone. When she walked into the house she heard the TV running. She couldn't remember leaving the set on and walked into the living room immediately. The moment she saw the screen Terri froze in fear. There on the television set was her licking Ashley's pussy and being fucked by Mark.

Hands grabbed her from behind. "Like the tape?" She heard an all too familiar voice. Before she could even think of struggling a rag was stuffed into her mouth and was tied by a cord. Then a hood was pulled over her head and she felt herself lifted up. She was tussled outside and thrown into a van that must have pulled up after she got home.

Terri was held down on the floor by several hands. She wasn't sure how long they drove but eventually came to stop and she was hauled inside once more. The hood was removed and she thought that they must be in a cheap motel room. About six men stripped her clothes from her body then threw her on the bed and tied her spread eagle. Terri laid there fully exposed and vulnerable to their gaze.

"We told you we'd be back if we lost again." The leader of the group said. It was the same guy who headed up her rape the year before. Terri recognized some of the faces but not all of them. She knew what was coming but felt relieved that her kids weren't involved.

She watched as the half dozen men stripped. The ringleader was the first one to climb on her. "Man, I've thought about you for some time. I just wish that bitch daughter of yours was still around." He taunted before ramming his hard cock into her pussy. Terri screamed against her gag as the rapist began fucking her dry pussy. Soon her body responded releasing fluids to make the rape less painful. The man above her pounded for a couple minutes then unleashed his sperm into her pussy. Each of the other five men took their turns one at a time on her ramming her with their cocks until they too spent their cum into her. Terri was relieved when the last one got off of her. She knew from experience that her ordeal may not be over. But at least she thought there were only six of them this time. Or so she thought.

One of the guys placed a call on his cell-phone then they all sat around drinking and taking turns groping and pinching Terri's tits. Then there was a knock at the door. Terri cringed as several more guys were let into the room.

The lead-rapist approached her with a sneer. "We thought you might enjoy a good party tonight so we arranged for several friends to stop by. We might even find a few locals who want to join in as well.

Terri was untied from the bed and her hands were tied behind her back. Her gag was removed but before she could protest she was thrown across the bed and forced to start sucking a cock. Then she felt someone climbing behind her and begin fucking her from behind. Terri was reamed from both ends. Soon the one in her pussy was shooting his load. Then he was replaced by someone intent on fucking her ass. Terri clenched remembering the pain from last year but her rapist would not be denied. He forced his cockhead against her anal ring until it began gaining entrance. Terri cried out in pain just as the cock in her mouth exploded. The surprising load in her throat made her gag and choke but did nothing to take her mind off the invasion of her asshole. Soon the cock was deep in her bowels banging away. And another cock was shoved into her mouth.

This went on for well over an hour. Someone would fuck her pussy or ass as someone else was force-feeding their cock into her mouth. Terri had lost count at the number of cocks that had entered her when she heard yet another group arrive. She heard a struggle and turned to see that Mark was being dragged into the room. He too was gagged and blindfolded but Terri could still recognize him.

Terri was continually raped as Mark was stripped and bound and forced to watch his mothers gang rape. Terri couldn't avoid watching her son's dick grow to a full erection.

After they were finished Terri was rolled over and left laying on the bed. She heard the group telling Mark to fuck his mother. When Mark refused he was shoved onto the bed and his face forced up against Terri's cum-soaked pussy. "Go ahead, Mark." Terri caught herself saying. As Mark got up she realized that he had grown during the last year. His cock was a good ten inches. Mark got up between his mothers legs and slowly eased his dick into his mother's pussy. The feel of all the cum disgusted him but he couldn't resist the sensation that washed over him as he felt his mom's insides closing around his cock. Mark began pumping immediately and Terri caught herself fucking back just as quickly. The continuing fucking she had been receiving had done its job on her body.

Now with ten inches of flesh ramming into her cervix she lost control. Terri didn't care that it was her son, her body gave into the passion and she fucked her son with all her might. The sensation grew stronger and stronger until she felt her orgasm mounting. "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!" She cried as she climaxed again and again under her sons pounding. Then Mark moaned as he began cumming in his mom's pussy.

When Mark had finished he was pulled off his mother. Terri laid there exhausted. She had just enjoyed being fucked by her son more than she could have ever imagined. She looked around the room and saw nearly twenty hard cocks. Terri's mind lost control. She had no choice in what was going to happen to her so she decided to enjoy it for what she could. "Come on and fuck me." She said without realizing the words had come out of her own mouth. The guys started coming towards her and Terri knew that this was going to be a long night.

The next morning Terri laid on the bed covered with cum. She couldn't imagine how many times she had been fucked. Either pussy, ass, mouth or tits Terri had taken cock after cock. All holes were filled to overflowing with cum and just as much had been shot over her body. She had fucked and sucked Mark several times as well. Worst of all she had enjoyed it. Now she lay there, jaws, pussy and ass aching beyond belief. She was helped back into her clothing and then she and Mark were driven back home. Once in the house she was forced to suck off the six original guys before they left. Terri looked at Mark who was sitting on the couch not knowing what to say.

Terri was humiliated beyond words. She looked at Mark and realized that things would never be the same between them. They had fucked and enjoyed each other several times. Terri loved her son, but she knew that from now on the two of them would share more than a secret. Whenever her husband would be out of town Terri was certain that she would be longing for her son to find his way into her bedroom.

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