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Homelust Security


Ah, the spring is here and soon the summer will be upon us. For anyone who works outdoors or who deals with the public it's the best time of the year. That's when some fine women who come to work start shedding layers of clothes. They lose their coats and sweaters and trade them in for short skirts and revealing blouses.

For a guy like me it helps make the day go faster. I don't have the most interesting or glamorous job but seeing those sights make it a whole lot more enjoyable. I work with the local law enforcement agency at the Metropolitan train station. My job is really to just be around the station so that people will feel safer in their travels. I have to sometimes check and inspect passengers baggage before they board a train. This is done to supposedly to thwart potential terrorists but really it's to make the average joe feel as if someone is doing something to make them safe.

So as I was writing, it's not very exciting and I find myself passing the time checking out the ladies coming and going from the train station. I will see a well dressed, pretty lady and wonder what she looks like underneath her clothes. I try to imagine how her breasts would look and how large her nipples are. I try to imagine how the curves of her hips are and what the shape of her butt would be. Then I imagine some improbable scenario that would throw us together and would force us to get to know each other better. If you know what I mean. And before you know it another tough day at work has passed. I'm usually so worked up by that time that when I finally get home, I have to take care of myself a couple of times.

Well, I was perfectly happy to live in my own little fantasy world but last week that all changed. I acted impulsively and I couldn't control myself. I let my fantasy world collide with the real world. I crossed the line and I can never go back there again.

Let me tell you how it happened....

It was just another day at the office as they say. I was around the station doing my thing, giving information to passengers, inspecting baggage and of course checking out the lovelies that were coming and going and then she came in.

She was about 22 or 23 years old, with bright blue eyes. She was probably 5 foot 7 inches tall. She was thin but not emaciated and she had medium length blonde hair which she was wearing up because of the hot day. She had a nice figure. Her breasts were not big but they had a nice shape which she was more than willing to reveal with her summer dress. It was dark green with a plunging neck line that ended just below her tits, giving a nice glimpse of the sides of her lovely mammaries.The soft material of the dress clinged around her curves just enough to leave me wanting more. Her dress went to halfway between her knees and her waist, showing off plenty of her perfectly shaped legs. When she turned around to look at a train map, I could see her well defined, beautifully proportioned ass. The soft material of her dress covered it fairly tight. I noticed I was getting a faint tingling in my groin.

That's when it happened. That's when I crossed the line to the other side. I felt this darkness overcome me and I started to think of a plan. I wanted to have her but to be honest, I had to have her, I needed to have her and at that moment nothing would have stopped me.

She had her back turned to me and was studying a train map when I approached her. I said to her that I needed to inspect her baggage. I tried to look and sound as professional and authoritative as I could. She turned around, looked a bit startled at the request and said to me that she didn't understand. I explained that I have to do random bag searches on the passengers entering the station. I usually count how many people come in and I check the 25th person that I have counted. Unfortunately she was the 25th person but I assured her that I would do the search quickly and someplace where she would have a degree of privacy. I told her that there was a small room just for this purpose where no one will even know what is going on.

I also told her she had the right to refuse this request but then she would be denied access to the train she was hoping to take.

She looked at me with pleading eyes and said she really can't miss her train. I asked her when her train was leaving and she told me it would be departing in 45 minutes. I told her that would be more than enough time to do the inspection and that I would have her on the platform in plenty of time for the train. She finally agreed to the inspection so I helped her with her bags and asked her to follow me.

As we were walking to the room, I asked her what her name was. She said her name was Sonah. Then I asked her where she was headed to. She said she was going back to school. She just flew in from her home in Sweden where she spent the summer with her family and now she catching a train to her school. She went to a school that was in the country. She tried one of the big city schools but it would overwhelm her at times. She preferred the less hectic pace of the countryside. She said it reminded her of her country.

I agreed with her. I said the city can be overwhelming, even for the people who lived here their whole lives.

I apologized to her about having to check her bags. I told her that I was being closely supervised and that this homeland security thing was taken very seriously. I said I wished I could have just let her go on her way but the powers that be wouldn't have liked that very much. I asked her to not hold it against me, I was just the little guy doing my job and following my orders. She smiled and said she completely understood and it was okay.

And with that little exchange I seemed to put her at ease and relax a little. She seemed to trust me and why not? I was older than her, had an authoritative job and made her see that I really didn't want to do this but I had to. Any small town country girl would understand.

When we got to the room, I opened the door and asked her to go in. The room was sparse. Just a table in the middle, a couple of folding chairs on either side, a large metal locker on the left side, a small couch on the right side and a water fountain opposite the door . The walls were bare except for a poster saying to watch and be aware of your fellow passengers and a huge train map. The flourescent lighting above flickered almost unnoticably. It would soon need to be changed.

She entered the room and she placed the bag she was carrying on the table. As she was doing this, I made sure I had locked the door. I didn't want anyone to accidentally disturb or interrupt us. I also turned the thermostat beside the door down a few degrees so that the air conditioner would blow a little cooler. Then I came in and placed her other bag on the table. She stood there awkwardly for a moment until I asked if she would like a drink of water from the water fountain. I lied that it was the coldest in the entire building. She said she would like that and walked over to the fountain. Her back now turned to me, she leaned over and began drinking the water. Her ass looked positively spectacular. I just wanted to go over there and give it a nice massage. While still drinking, I managed to unzip one of the side compartments of her bag and slip an illegal 7 inch switchblade knife inside. I thought this would help me later on.

When she was finished she turned around and I asked her to please have a seat and told her this shouldn't take much longer. She grinned almost imperceptively and said it was fine and that the cold water refreshed her and the cool air felt good. I noticed that it did indeed feel good to her, as her nipples were now starting to swell. Giving me yet another spectacular view. The best part about it was that she didn't seem to realize that it was happening.

I now asked Sonah to open up her bag. She stood up, unzipped the bag and opened just like I asked. I said thank you.

If only Sonah had known that this was a totally inappropriate inspection. The proper procedure required that a female officer would do the search on a female passenger. There would never be any reason for a male officer to inspect a woman's baggage in a private room. The powers that be knowing that improper allegations could be made and potential lawsuits could be filed.

Luckily for me Sonah was naïve and trusting. That made her all the more attractive.

She sat back down and now it was my turn. I stood up over her opened bag and took a long look. I reached in and moved some of her things around. She had some jeans,sweats, jogging shorts and shirts in there.I was supposedly looking for weapons or explosives. I knew the weapon was in the other bag in one of the side compartments but I didn't want to show my hand just yet. So I kept poking around in there and looking and I joked to her that there were no bombs in here. We both laughed. I zipped up that part of the bag and asked her to unzip the other three compartments of the duffle bag. She did as asked and I looked through them to find makeup, brushes, combs, toiletries and all the things you packed when you were either going away or coming home.

I looked up at her and said there was nothing in there either. She smiled and checked her watch.

Now I asked her to open up the other bag. I told her that I'd have her out of there in no time. She had no idea what she was in for.

She stood once again and this time unzipped all the compartments of the 2nd bag at the same time. She then returned to her folding chair. I took a deep breath and put my hand in her bag. I was about to make things very interesting and very uncomfortabe for Sarah. I reached into the compartment where the knife was planted. I fumbled around for a second or two and then felt the knife in my hand. I looked at her and noticed how relaxed and at ease she was. She was of looking around the room like she didn't have a care in the world. I glanced again down at her breasts and could see that she must have been feeing a chill in the air. Her nipples were fully erect and poking through the soft material of her dress. I wanted to take one of them in my mouth but again that would have to wait. I had a plan and I needed to stick to it. As they say patience is a virtue.

"What do we have here?" I asked as I pulled the knife out of the bag. Her eyes widened and all of a sudden she didn't seem so relaxed anymore. She didn't understand what was happening and she was completely shocked.

"What is that?" she asked. "This is a switchblade knife, which is not only illegal to carry in this state but is a federal offense to transport on the airlines or railways. This is a serious problem Sonah" I said with a slightly raised voice. Now she was starting to get frantic. "That is not mine. I don't know where that came from" she screamed. She was standing now, pleading with me.

"Sonah, if it's not your's, then why is it in your bag?" I asked. "I do not know" she cried and her eyes started to fill with tears.

"Sonah, I'm afraid I have to place you under arrest. Please place your hands behind your back so I can put the cuffs on you" I said. "Please sir, that is not mine. I don't know where it came from. Please don't arrest me. It must be a mistake. Someone else put it there" she cried.

"Of course it's not yours. If I got money for every time I've heard that I could have retired 5 years ago. Now shut up and turn around" I shouted.

She looked at me with horror in her eyes but said nothing. She followed my orders and put her hands behind her back. I cuffed her just above her sweet ass and told her to sit back down in the chair. I still needed to look through the rest of the bag.

"Now let's see what else we will find in here" I said. She just looked pat me towards the door.

I put my hand back in the bag and poked around. These were her most personal items. Her bra's, panties and the things that any woman would be embarrased to have a total stranger digging through and here I was looking, touching and going through them and there was nothing she could do to stop me. I found a black lace bra and grabbed it in my hand. It was soft and dainty. I rubbed the material with my fingers and I tried to imagine what she would look like standing before me wearing it. I felt my cock coming to life. I slowly pulled the bra out of the bag. I said to her "is this your's or did someone else put it in there too?" She said nothing.

I put my hand back in the bag.

My hands were now going over her most intimate belongings and I felt nothing but excitement. Soon I found a nice pretty pair of red thongs wrapped around my fingers. I thought it was probably the same exact style she was wearing right now. My cock was so stiff it was throbbing. I pulled the red thong out of the bag. I brought towards my face and took a sniff or two. It smelled nice like perfume.

These are very nice. How did you know my favorite color is red I asked her. She blushed and turned red and looked away from me. I put my hand back in the bag.

I kept pulling out her panties, thongs, bra's, lingerie even tampons. One by one I would take them out, inspect them and place them on the table right in front of her. She was completely humiliated and embarrassed. She couldn't even look in my direction

I was definitely searching for something. I was hoping against hope I would find what I looking for. I finished in the main compartment and started in the side compartment. It wasn't in there. Now to the last compartment. It was crammed full of things. Kind of like it was stuffed in there at the last minute. I was pulling all kinds of stuff out of there. A portable CD player, keys, a small stuffed animal. I just was about to give up when all the way at the bottom of the compartment, I felt a leather case. I pulled it out and it looked like a men's shaving case. I opened it up and to my great pleasure, there it was.

A vibrator.

I turned it on and waved it in front of her face.

"What do you use this for?" I asked.

I asked her if she used it when she was lonely and couln't get any cock to satisfy her.

"Do you put this in your pussy? Let me see if I can smell you".

I took a sniff.

"Ooh your pussy smells nice. Man, I wish I could smell the real thing"

I put the vibrator on the table and asked her to stand up. I explained that since I found illegal contraband in her baggage the next step was a body search.

She pleaded with me to please not do this. This was all a big mistake and there must be an explanation for the knife. Maybe her roommate put in there by accident. I said to her that the only mistake she made was that she got caught. This was a very serious manner and would have to be treated as such. If she had one weapon in her bags, she just might have another hidden somewhere on her body.

Now she was getting extremely upset. She screamed how could she possibly hide a weapon somewhere under this dress. It was tight and form fitting. If she had anything it would be noticeable just by looking.

I repeated that this was standard procedure and it wasn't a judgment call. I ordered her to stand up or I would have to force her to do it myself. I also said a judge in court would not appreciate if she were uncooperative. It would only make it worse for her.

Tears were welling up in her eyes and she slowly stood up. I now ordered her to turn around and face the wall. She did as told. I uncuffed her and ordered her to place her hands on the back of her head. She did and I cuffed her again. I told her to keep her eyes straight and not to move.

I stood directly behind her now and realized she was all mine. I could do whatever I wanted and she couldn't stop it. I sniffed her hair and neck and could smell her French perfume. Now I was finally going to start the search.

First, I ran my fingers through her hair. I roughly massaged her scalp. Her h jerked and moved a bit. I yelled at her not to move again or there would be consequences. Then I moved to her neck and shoulders. I wanted to do a thorough job so I rubbed them slowly and carefully. She didn't move a muscle. When I finished there I ran my hands down to her breasts. At first touch, she jumped in surprise and started to turn towards me. I grabbed her hair and pulled. She screamed. I told her not to move again. This was her last chance. She shouted if this was really necessary. I told her of course it was and told her to shut up. I continued with her breasts. I caressed them very softly. I rubbed them with my fingers and then the palms of my hands. Her nipples were already hard but now they had to be sticking out a half an inch or so. I spent some extra time on her tits. I didn't want to miss anything. You never know where a woman could hide something. After finishing with her breasts my hands wandered to her hips and waist. I cupped my hands around her waist and moved down to her ass. I massaged, caressed and rubbed it. I was very methodical down there. Then I moved my hands from the rear and came around to the front. I covered her flat stomach and then slid my hands lower to where the top of her legs were. I ordered her to spread her legs a bit and this time she did exactly as told. I moved my hands lower and lower until I was at the bottom of her dress. Then I put my hand under it. My hands were now on her thighs. She was completely still and afraid to move. She didn't want to face the consequences.

I ran my hands around the top of her thighs and then I went to her box. I put the palm of my hand right on it and slid my hand and fingers back and forth. I accidentally moved the part of her thong that was protecting her sweet pussy and I think one of my fingers may have entered it.

She was wet.

She jumped and screamed and turned around and kicked at me. Her leg caught me right on the side of my head. I was momentarily stunned as she ran around the table and towards the door. She was screaming for help at the top of hers lungs.

I got myself together quickly and got to the door. I covered her mouth with one hand and grabbed her hair with the other.

"Now you really did it. You just fucked yourself. You were caught with a deadly weapon in your luggage and God knows what you were planning to do on that train. That wasn't bad enough though, you thought it would be a good idea to assault an officer and try to escape. Wow! You have no clue how much trouble you are in. You are facing some major prison time." I said.

I took my hand from her mouth and let go of her hair. She dropped her head and started to weep softly.

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"I'm only doing my job. This is a homeland security issue and there are specific procedures that need to be adhered to."

"Touching my tits and pussy are part of your job."

"I had to make sure you have no weapons on you for my own personal safety as well as those who will be processing you later."

She asked what did I mean by processing later. I told her that once she was out of my custody, she would be turned over to federal authorities. I repeated that this was a very serious matter and would be a top priority of the Homeland Security branch of the United States government. She would be made an example of and get some major prison time.

"All I want to do is go home. How did this all happen?"

"This happened because you were careless. You thought you break the law and get away with it."

"Please officer I don't want to go to jail. I just want to get out of here, get on my train and go home."

"Well, I do have a bit of discretion here. Maybe we can work something out. If you cooperate and do exactly as I ask you, I will ask for leniency on your behalf. I will tell the judge how cooperative you were and how remorseful you were for your lapse in judgement."

She looked at me for the first time in quite a while. I'm sure all kinds of things were going through her head. She probably wondered whether she could trust me, would I speak up on her behalf and what kind of things I would be doing to her.

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