Hometown Ch. 04


"Hi," she grinned after opening the door. She stood in her fuck-me-now tight red dress. Her eyes followed his down her round breasts and flat stomach.


"You should look so surprised," she grinned. "I'm not the skinny ninth grader anymore."

"I'll say," he drooled and looked behind her. "Are you alone?"

"Yeah, I'm not sure where my parents are. But they could come home any minute." She knew what he was thinking.

"Uh...sure...let's go."

Dawn managed to keep her dress down as she got into his red mustang. As they drove to the party she asked, "So why did you ask me to the party?"

"Why...uh..you know."

"No I don't," she said turning his way.

"Well we've always been good friends and since this is our last year I wanted to...I guess." He hesitated. "I've always liked you and..."

She thought she would put him from his misery, "I've always liked you too."

They turned and stared ahead until he pulled up to a few cars in front of his friend Paul's house. "Oh I forgot to tell you that the swimming pool and hot tub are open."

"Sure," she giggled. Luckily she had worn more conservative underwear. He opened her car door and peeked at the black lacy panties as her right leg swung outward.

For the next hour the two mingled with their friends who were somewhat surprised seeing the two most popular kids together.

Dawn and Mark were dancing close when they noticed the other kids had mostly cleared out of the house. "Where did everyone go?" She asked.

He had peeked out the window and had see two girls standing by the hot tub in their underwear. "Hot tub and I don't think swimming suits are required."

Dawn smiled and pushed her right leg against his manhood, which had steadily grown larger. "Do you want to go outside?"

But not only was he a little shy he was more than satisfied being close and feeling her soft mounds. "I'd rather be here with you alone." Her face turned to him and their eyes closed as they experienced their first kiss.

Both had a lot of experience with kissing but at the same time they didn't want to force things. Their lips pecked and rubbed for fifteen seconds before they both met their tongues at the same time. Again they took their time until both had to break away to breathe.

"Umm, that was nice," she purred. Her face moved to his neck as her lips started nibbling.

"Fuck," Mark thought realizing he was about to cum. Even though he had told the other guys that he had fucked previous girlfriends he was still a virgin. He tried to move his hard-on back but she kept moving forward. "Dawn...I'm...OH GOD!"

She didn't understand what was happening as he pushed back from her. But then she glanced down his body and saw the wet spot on his jeans she knew. She watched him head down the hallway to Paul's room.

"Shit," Mark whispered after closing the door. "She must think I'm a jerk." He pulled off his jeans and was standing trying to wipe off the cum when he saw the door opening. "I'M IN HERE!"

"I know," she grinned seeing him in dark blue boxers. "I thought maybe I could help."

"Help?" he repeated still semi-hard.

"Yes. Maybe I could help clean you up." She moved to the sink and turned on the water. As he dropped the wet jeans on the floor she grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pushed downward. Her eyes followed the elastic band over his pubic hair and then southward over his semi-hard six-inch penis.

Mark was frozen unsure what to do. He was in her hands now and felt his limp member grow until it was a hard eight inches.

"Ummm, did I do that?" she asked as she dropped to her knees to pull his underwear off. Her left hand slowly climbed up his thigh until her fingers curled around it. She had jerked off previous boyfriends but they were in the dark backseats of their cars.

"Dawn," Mark said reaching down to pull her up next to him. He pulled her fingers away from his sex tool.

"What's wrong don't you like it?"

"That's the problem. I like it too much. I think you need to get even." He reached over to push her dress straps down her evenly tanned shoulders.

Now it was Dawn's turn to be passive. Just like she had never seen another guy naked no other male had ever seen her naked. Her heart was pumping hard as her dress folded and rolled over her full black cups. As it moved down it gathered up her boy shorts black lace panties but she grabbed them before they uncovered her tiny corn-silk bush and very moist shaved lips.

Mark stood up not sure if her bra released in the front or back. He leaned forward and thought he saw the clasp in the front but she realized what he was looking for and quickly turned. After fumbling to open it the bra fell swiftly to the floor. He wanted to jerk her around and see her treasures but instead went for the whole package.

Dawn's confidence ebbed away along with the disappearance of her panties. Her body trembled as she turned and faced him.

"You are so beautiful," he smiled not sure where to touch first. His fingers rose and formed cups before gliding forward. Her hard light pink tips touched first and then the fingers were lost in her cushions.

They heard someone knock on the door but she had locked in when she entered. "There's a bathroom behind the kitchen!" he yelled moving his hands away and stepping forward. It was the first time they had full naked body contact and it felt wonderful.

Their lips locked again and their tongue rushed out this time. Hands cupped buttocks and massaged and caressed. Both were overwhelmed with their passions.

He broke back. "I wish we could go somewhere." He couldn't go back to his parent's house and didn't want to have his first experience in his friend's bed.

"We can't go to my house," she sighed rubbing her stomach cautiously against his hard-on. "But maybe we can go to my...my brother's house."

"Your brother's house? You don't have a brother."

She laughed. "I recently acquired one."

Mark remembered what his father had said. "Who?" He wanted her to say it.

"It doesn't matter. Let's go." They hurried to get dressed and five minutes later were in his car.

"Where to?"

"I drove by there once so I'm not that sure. But it is in your father's development."

He didn't know if Ted Givens lived in his development but that was secondary now. As he sped away his right hand dropped to her left thigh and rubbed.

Dawn wasn't sure if Ted had moved away from his aunt's house but she did have his cell phone. She hit the sped dial and waited.

"Hello," Ted answered. He was naked in Kathy's bed as she washed up in the bathroom.

"HI bro," she said. "I was in your neighborhood and wanted to stop by."

"I haven't moved in yet," Ted said. "But, I would love to see you. Maybe tomorrow."


"He's not home." She said feeling his fingers under her dress heading towards her moist panties. Her legs opened and yelled welcome.

"What if it's locked?" He asked after parking in the driveway and walking up to the door.

"He must keep a key somewhere. Help me find it."

But they spent ten minutes with no success. "Shit," Mark muttered. "Let's try the back door."

This time they found the key under an empty flowerpot. "JACKPOT!" He yelled. He fumbled opening the door and after it opened he stepped aside to let her in. "No lights," she whispered lucky to have a full moon outside. "Thank god he's got some furniture."

They found the bedroom but the mattresses were still boxed. "The sofa," she suggested leading him back into the hall.

After getting to the sofa they stopped. "Shit I don't have a rubber."

"Don't need one," she grinned ripping off her dress. Her bra and panties topped the pile and then she helped him. "You're hard again."

"It didn't go down," he laughed.

She moved down and bit her lower lip. "Mark, please go slow. This is my first time."

"Good," he said moving down between her legs. "It's mine too."

She laughed. "Yeah right."

"It is," he said starting to laugh. He moved his lips to her right nipple and suckled until it was rock hard. After doing the same to the left nipple his fingers discovered how wet she was.

"Mark....please," she begged pulling up on his shoulders. Her fingers waited until his shaft slid into them. From there she positioned him at her gate and waited for him to lower his hips. At first they both felt that there was no way it would work but persistence paid off. "Ohhh."

He stopped. "Are you OK?"

She took a deep breath. "Yes...I'm fine..keep going."

It seemed to take forever but finally his crown was through and her hands moved out to grab his ass and slowly pull him deeper. It was painful at times but her body adjusted until he completely inside and they were one.

"Don't move," she whispered. "That feels amazing."

"It's so tight," he groaned. They stayed complete for another minute. "Can I move out?"

"No, you have to stay like this all night," she teased. But when his hips moved back the intense pleasure flashed up her spine. "OH GOD!"

Mark grinned and moved out but kept the crown inside. Slowly back in until their public hairs mixed and then retreating. His hips gradually picked up sped until her legs wrapped around his hips to hold on while he steadily got faster and firmer.

Her lips found his earlobe. "Fuck me Mark."

"Ahhh," he groaned trying his best to hold his dam from exploding.

"It's OK," she whispered. "I'm so close."

"OH FUCK!" He cried out pushing all the way in and rubbing his stomach against hers, which lit her clitty fuse. "I'M CUMING!"

Her hips lifted and lowered to make sure she reached the summit as well. "ME TOO...NOW MARK NOW!"


Ted sat up naked when Kathy walked back into the bedroom wearing only a thin sheer short nightgown. She might as well have been naked because it didn't hide a thing. "I thought you got lost in there."

"I had to wash catsup off my ass," she laughed. "Looks like junior is up for the task."

"Junior? You can this junior?" he challenged grabbing his pink tower and holding it out for her.

"Sorry, I forgot that men like to refer their penises as monsters and canons." She moved over him and guided her moist hole down until junior disappeared. Her hands moved up over his shoulders as her hips steadily fucked forward and back.

"Would you have hit him with that rolling pin?"

"Hell yes," she said seriously. "I've thought about doing that for quite a while." Their bodies worked together while his hands grabbed and guided her moments.

"I'll never leave you Kathy," he whispered.

"You better not," she said feeling the heat building up. Luckily the neighbors were fast asleep when she came. "Oooo....oooo...faster...faster....OH YES...Oooo...TED!"

Mark felt his release and bit his lower lip until he climaxed deep inside. As their bodies relaxed she fell on top of him.

"Did you come?" She whispered.


"Maybe? I fuck you for fifteen minutes and all I get is maybe?' She growled as she bit his neck and sucked.


"Don't worry you can use my makeup," she laughed.


The End of Chapter four.


Ending note: There was a lot more sex in this chapter but things with the bank fraud will be coming to a head in the next one. Mark seems to be a nice guy but he is a Wright. Let me know some of your ideas on how to proceed. Love ya...Slick.

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