tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHomework Ch. 04

Homework Ch. 04


After my encounter with Sweet Lisa my “professors” were really quite proud of me. We spent several nights chatting and e-mailing as I expanded on the events and explained my feelings and fears as I went through that night.

Let me tell you a little about the professors. Currently there are four, three men and one very crazy and adventurous lady. The group has change a little over the past year, as two men dropped out and the kinky lady joined us. I think she adds a lot to our group. Their job is to keep me honest, and to give me accountability. See I am used to having goals, and someone to report to, and a team environment to encourage me. Before I meet these wonderfully kinky folks I kept coming up short on the courage to carry out fantasies I had. Well not now! If you read the other Homework assignments you will soon catch on.

Every now and then we look for a replacement to our group, so keep tuned right here.

My professors never rush me when devising a new assignment for me to try. They know me well enough to understand that for me the anticipation is a lot of the excitement. This time was no different. We spent a couple of weeks discussing Lisa and planning my next adventure. Oh but once I got the assignment I couldn’t wait to carry it out.

It was a warm early spring evening. I started as I like to with a hot tub and long soak, washing the day from me and getting as relaxed as I can without sex. After a leisurely bath I stood in the tub and place one foot on the side rail as I stood over my mirror. I have a tub caddy that holds a moveable mirror in my bath. I lathered up and then began my ritual of shaving. I could do this without the mirror, but honestly I like to watch as I slide the razor over my pussy. First one foot then the other perched on the tub side as I cleaned my pussy of every trace of fuzz. Next came the lavender body lotion. I slowly rubbed it onto the mounds. Then a small amount of baby oil onto a single finger. This is my favorite part. I applied the slick finger to my growing clit. Tender strokes, as I rub the oil into myself and work my body into the beginnings of a frenzy. I stopped. I didn’t want to get off yet, after all the anticipation is all part of the excitement, right?

I dried and moved to my makeup table. I never use much, a touch of lipstick, a little eye shadow, red nail polish and some “Beautiful” take care of most nights. I had laid out my clothes and accessories before hand. Now I sat naked on my dressing stool as I slipped on thigh high dark taupe stockings. Next came my 3 inch gray pumps, then a small gray skirt that I really like. It falls to just below mid-thigh, but buttons up all the way on the left leg. I left 4 of the 8 buttons loose so that when I stepped the slit would open to show the lace top of my stockings and a little bit of bare thigh. Then a tailored pink blouse, so thin it was almost transparent. It hugged my waist tightly and formed to my breasts if I buttoned it up, which I had no plan to do tonight. I left it open to just below my tits, showing a great cleavage that was totally secondary to the view of my breasts that the thin blouse provided. My nipples were already standing out hard against the fabric, and I wasn’t even out the door yet. A gray blazer cut jacket when over everything to keep me out of jail. I topped it all off with my pearl necklace, a gold wrist bangle and ankle chain. I was ready to go.

I really like my little Mazda, especially with the top down. This is my third one of them, and even before I became a brazen exhibitionist I loved it. I guess my sub-conscience was telling on me even then. Tonight I left the top up, it was still a little cool for a night ride with it down, and I didn’t want to mess my hair up. I drove across town (in Texas this is no small feat) to a multiscreen movie theater. This place had 24 screens on 2 levels and I was confident that I could find just what my professors ordered here.

The parking is in a garage and once I found a place I waited until I saw a couple coming down the walk. I drive with my shoes of, to make using the clutch easier for me. As they neared the car I swung my legs out and grabbed my shoes from the rear floor. I raised my foot over my knee and slipped a heel in place. It is just so much fun to watch a guy try not to get caught looking when I do this. He was trying to walk and talk to her as he watched me slip first one shoe than the other on as I crossed my legs giving him a full view of my thighs and bare pussy. Of course I never made eye contact, this was an accident after all, wasn’t it? Once they had moved down the ramp I got out of the car and followed them to the theater.

The entry area was not very busy, this being a weeknight, but still there were 6 or 8 folks about, some buying tickets, and some just standing talking. I think my legs are one of my best features. On my petite 5’2” frame they appear long even without the heels and with 3 or 4 inch heels they really stand out. God knows my 34b breasts do not distract from them under normal circumstances. Tonight wasn’t normal!

I looked over the marquee and picked the next show to start. At the ticket booth I leaned forward to order my ticket. The kid behind the window could have only been 17 or 18 years old, but his eyes locked unto my open cleavage. The inside curve of my breast was clearly visible, and the jacket hid some, but revealed enough that I was plainly braless under the flimsy shirt. I let him have his thrill for the night and took my ticket from his hand, being sure to let my fingers linger just a hair too long.

The main lobby of the theater was vast, featuring a grand staircase to the upper floor and more auditoriums. Past readers know that I love a staircase. But before the stairs I made for the concession stand. I got a small bag of buttered popcorn. It’s not that I like popcorn, but the professors had suggested it for later.

Popcorn in hand I made for the staircase. This was not an open stair arrangement as I prefer, so I stayed close to the handrail as I ascended. There was little traffic on the main floor, but I did see one older gentleman, and what appeared to be his grown son walking toward me. I caught the jab in the ribs he gave his son, and the point of his head as he directed the sons attention to me. I was sure that on these stairs they would not be able to get a full view, but even that much leg and stocking probably picked up their evening. I know that men love high heels, and the way they make a woman’s leg and butt tighten up, and when I know that I am being watched I always add a little my sashay to my walk.

They enjoyed it!

I went to the first theater room door on the floor and stepped inside. I had to stand a minute to allow my eyes to adjust to the dim light before I could tell if this one held what I needed. As my night vision improved I could see that this was not the room I needed, only a few people in there, and those all in couples. Off I went to the next auditorium. This one I knew at once was not for me, an animated kids movie was playing. I may be kinky, but I’m not a pervert. I move out quickly. I tried 2 more of the rooms with basically the same results, I was just not finding what I needed yet, but I kept the faith and moved toward the next door. As I crossed the floor I heard a call. “ Miss, Miss, can I help you?”

This came from the usher rapidly approaching me. He was the oldest staff member I had seen so far here, he must have been all of 19. I turned to face him.

“Can I help you find your movie?” he asked of me.

Well I’m not the top salesperson in my company for nothing, I think fast on my feet. “I was suppose to meet my boyfriend here 30 minutes ago but was running late so he said he would meet me in the show, but I can’t remember what we were suppose to see!”

By this time he had a chance to check me out. I am not a girl to pass up an opportunity so I locked my right knee and turned my left foot out a little while raising the heel off the carpet. This opened the skirt over my leg showing a good bit of bare thigh above the lace. Now to take a wide eyed situation and make it an open mouth hilarity I hooked my thumbs into the lapels of my jacket and slid my hands back to rest on my hips. This pulled the jacket open and tighten the thin cloth of the blouse over my tits.

Trying my hardest not to laugh I lamented, “If I don’t find him soon he is really going to be pissed!”

I felt more exposed than if I had been topless. My breasts, especially my nipples were very clearly seen and the thin wisp of cloth was pulling farther open as I moved my hands back on my waist.

“Maybe I can help you find him,” he stammered, blushing and staring at the same time.

“Oh if I showed up with another man he would have a fit! Just let me look around for him, I promise not to watch any of the movies.”

I thought about taking a little detour in my project and blowing this kids mind, and maybe something else too, but I was anxious to get on with it. He told me to call him if I needed any help. I thought it was cute the way he held his flashlight in front of him, trying to hide his reaction to me. He walked off and I crossed the hall to the next door.

This one looked promising I thought as my eyes adjusted, It was one of those macho, kick-ass movies that guys seem to love. As I became accustomed to the dim light my heart raced. There, this is more like it!. In the very back row sat a guy all alone. Now as long as there wasn’t a purse in the seat next to him (his or his girlfriends) I had my movie. He was about 6 seats in. I slid down the aisle, and as I past him I turned my back to him offering a good look at my high, tight ass. I moved 3 seats away and before I sat down I slipped my jacket off. I knew I has his attention, but wasn’t sure just how much he could see. I sat demurely in my seat.

For the first few minutes I sat there just watching the show, my feet flat on the floor and my knees together. I was showing some nice thigh, but there was not enough light for him to see through my thin blouse. Then I started eating popcorn. I took one piece between thumb and forefinger and put it in my mouth. Slowly I savored it. Then licked my red lips. Another piece, and another, one at a time, slowly. After a dozen I placed the popcorn bag between my knees. Still eating one piece at a time my left hand crept up my side, ever so slowly shaping my breast. I would raise it up a little and then let it slide back down, then up to cup my breast, then back down. Finally I began to flick my thumb over my covered nipple. As I did this I allowed myself to move down into the chair deeper, causing my skirt to raise a little higher. Oh he was watching more than the movie now. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, repeatedly turning to watch me then turning away so as not to be obvious.

I undid another button on my blouse, then slipped my right hand under it to take my tit in my palm. I played my fingers over my nipple, allowing it to flicker from one fingertip to the next and then back. I don’t know about him, but I was really enjoying this.

The tips of my fingers were covered with the butter from the popcorn and made a delicious tingle travel through me. I ate popcorn with my other hand.

I placed my right foot into the slot of the armrest in from of me. This made the skirt fall back and revealed a bare inner thigh. I undid 2 more buttons of my skirt. I let my left leg fall away, and now my bare pussy was in sight. I continued to play with my breast with my right hand as my left moved in slow motion up my thigh to cover my pussy. With great patience I began to play, making more show than effect at first. As I rubbed the buttery fingers over my clit I wondered what butter flavored pussy taste like. (Maybe I could get Joe, my new boyfriend, to tell me soon.)

I was really starting to come apart inside as I took in all the people in the theater, the guy next to me and what I was doing. Jeez! He was not making any pretense of looking away now, and he was steadily rubbing his cock through his pants, I hoped he would take it out and jack off as I played for him. Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could both cum together, two strangers watching each other. That made me go nuts! I switched hands and started to diddle with a vengeance. I was bucking my hips into my finger, pinching my nipple and moaning a little too loudly as I exploded into my orgasm. My whole body clenched tight, bridging between the two chairs as my hand cupped my cunt and I trembled all over. I dissolved into the chair, totally spent.

After what seemed minutes, but was probably only half that, I stood up. Picking up my jacket I made my way back down the aisle. I stopped right in front of him. I know he could smell my sex. I held out the bag and asked, “Want some popcorn?” He took the bag, and I left.

I slipped the jacket on as I left the movie room, but I didn’t pull it closed. I also left the skirt open but for the 2 top buttons. This bared my leg to just below my hip. This is the way I took the stairs down, crossed the lobby and made it back to my car. I was wonderfully spent and walking on a cloud of sexual satisfaction as I drove home and logged on to report to my professors in full detail how good of a student I was.

You know, sometimes life can be just so Good!

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