tagLoving WivesHoney, We Have to Talk

Honey, We Have to Talk


Barb, my wife of ten years was waiting for me when I got home from work on Wednesday evening. She asked me to sit down at the table because we needed to talk. Oh shit! That was the start of many bad talks from what I had read. She then went on to say that she was sure that I knew she loved me and that she would never do anything to damage our marriage. This did not sound good so I looked at her and said "But"

She took a deep breath. I knew this was going to be bad.

From now on I will put Barb's word in italics print and mine in bold.

Like I said, I love you and want to grow old with you, but I have decided that I want to take a lover.

I hadn't seen that coming and to put it mildly, and I didn't like it at all.

So, let me get this straight. You love me, you don't want to damage our relationship, but you want to fuck somebody else.

That is putting it rather crudely. I have met someone that I want to have sex with. It would just be an occasional thing and I will always be upfront with you about this. I know that I love you enough for this to happen without interfering with how I feel about you. If you love me as much as you say you do, you will let me do this because I feel that I need to do this.

Well I don't understand why you think you need to do this, and I can't imagine how you could even say that it would not affect us. Have you and your lover already made plans?

We are tentatively planning on going away for the weekend next weekend.

I have a question for you and please try to be truthful. How would you react if I made such a proposal to you?

I could see the wheels turning and I knew she would not give me a truthful answer, because she would have gone through the roof at the mere suggestion of me doing something like that.

I think I would be OK with it if you assured me that you would not let it affect us.

Bullshit, you know full well that you would have gone ballistic at any mention of such a thing.

I really didn't expect you to get angry with me. I thought that you would love me enough to let me do something that meant this much.

Well, whatever you were smoking is definitely illegal. Did you think I would just tell you it was OK to go fuck this guy? I suppose you expect me to sit home and wait for you while you spend the weekend fucking him?

Maybe, I didn't think everything through too well.

Ya think!!!

Yes, I didn't stop to consider a few things.

Like maybe my feelings? If I say no to this are you going to go through with it or not?

I don't know, I didn't really think you would refuse me.

You didn't really think things through too well. I'll tell you what. Give me a few days to think about this. We can sit down Sunday afternoon and discuss this after I have had some time to think about it. You kind of shocked me tonight.

I went to our bedroom and began moving my things to the guest room.

What are you doing?

I don't really want to sleep in the same bed with you when you are obviously thinking more about someone else than you are me.

I slammed the door after I was in the guest room. I didn't sleep much but I did come up with a game plan. I also came to the conclusion that if she went through with this we were finished. The next day I left the house a the usual time, but I never spoke a word to Barb. I called work and said that I needed the next two days for personal reasons. Then I went to work.

I bought three voice activated recorders. I put one close to the phone, one in the bedroom, and one in her car. I also found a phone tap recorder to tie into our phones and installed that. The next stop was the cell phone provider. Since my name was on her phone, I had no problem getting a copy of her phone charges. Then while she was still at work I checked into her email accounts. She had opened one which I didn't know about, but the password was easy. I found a treasure trove there. At least I found at that she hadn't fucked him yet. I set it up to forward any emails on that account to me without showing that it was doing it.

The last thing for the day was a pair of GPS locators. These were quite small and easy to hide. I was going to put one in her billfold because she would surely keep her cash and credit cards with her. The other would go in her car.

I had had a busy day but had things lined up to be able to know what was going on with her. The only other thing I needed in that respect was to get her cell phone and see what messages might be on there. I hoped to do that in the evening as well as plant the GPS devices. I checked her emails and found that she and Frank Jones had exchanged several emails. Frank Jones was a co-worker and I planned to shit on his life like he did mine. The emails made it plain that the next weekend was a go. What I said would make no difference.

Friday I went to a highly recommended divorce lawyer. I told him to begin to set things in motion for a divorce with adultery as the cause. Frank Jones was listed as the man and I wanted to sue him. My lawyer said that would be easy if I had the proof. I showed him all the emails, phone records, and told him I would soon have audio tapes as well. He was pleased and said he would begin things immediately.

When Barb came home that evening I ignored her and didn't even speak to her. When she was making supper I walked out and went to a bar to eat and have a few beers. When I arrived home she stood up and began to talk to me. I just walked past her, went into the guest room, and slammed the door.

The only chance she had of saving our marriage was to cancel her plans with Frank, but I didn't think that was going to happen. I ignored her the rest of the weekend until Sunday afternoon. I told her that it was time to talk and we took seats in the kitchen. I went first.

You might have surmised that I am not at all happy with your request. I have given it a lot of thought and can think of no way that I can be OK with this. You said that this would not affect our marriage, but as you can tell it has already had a very bad effect on it.

Well, I can see that you are very angry. If you had looked at it from my point of view you might have been a little more receptive.

I did try to look at it from your perspective, but I have seen no way any good could come from this. So my answer has to be no.

How could you be so selfish if you love me.

I am the selfish one! It seems to me that your desire to fuck someone else is the most selfish thing I have ever heard.

What happens if I do this anyway?

There will be some serious consequences for any sex outside of our marriage. We took the same vows ten years ago and they said that we were to be exclusive.

I know that, but this is just something that I have to do.

Well, I guess this discussion is over. You really need to think about this.

I got up and walked out of the house. I took my laptop to a WIFI spot and began watching their emails. She was very angry and assured him that she was going no matter what. He told her that was good because he had already reserved room 125 at the Hilton in Kansas City for Friday and Saturday nights. I immediately reserved that room for Thursday night. They were making this way to easy. They were also planning a romantic date on Saturday evening. They were going for a nice dinner, some dancing, then hot sex. Barb told him that she bought some sexy new underwear just for their date.

I got something to eat while I was watching them correspond. They were past my refusal and on to making plans for their weekend. Check in time was 3:00 so he was going to pick her up at 1:00 since it was a two hour drive and they could be there as early as possible. I was surprised that he was going to pick her up at the house. I was going to have to see what I wanted to do there.

I reserved a room for the weekend also. It was close enough to theirs to pick up all the signals. I got all the things I needed the next few days. I got a couple small, fiber optic, HD video cameras. I planned on mounting them in the room on Thursday so I would be all ready to record their weekend tryst. This would be perfect ammunition to go with my divorce filing.

I totally ignored her the entire time but Wednesday was the day of final reckoning for her. I would give her one last chance. If she chose Frank we were done. I asked her to sit at the table so we could talk for a minute. She didn't look happy but she did. I began.

Have you given any more thought to this?

I have and I still want to do it.

I am going to beg you to reconsider. Please don't destroy our marriage to fuck some guy. This is your last chance.

I am going with Frank on Friday afternoon and I will be back Sunday afternoon. I hope we can get past this and go on.

So you chose Frank over me. I guess that tells me all that I need to know.

I stood up and walked out of the room. When I got into the guest room I slammed the door as usual. This time my marriage was done, and somebody was going to pay. Thursday morning I went to work and explained to my boss that I needed that afternoon and the next day off. He wanted to know what was up so I told him I was finalizing my plans to divorce Barb. He was saddened but said that he would support me and I could have whatever time I needed.

I drove to KC on Thursday and checked into their room. I got all the devices put in place and checked them all to make sure everything was working fine. I wanted to have all the evidence I needed for the divorce then I was going to fuck with them. I used my laptop to make sure that all the cameras worked and were aimed correctly. I sat still long enough for them to shut off then moved around to make sure they all came on. Everything was perfect. Then I walked down the hall past the room I would use that weekend to make sure it was in range. Again it was OK.

I drove back home and contemplated the end of my marriage. I had one more stop to make. I stopped at a gun store and bought a small can of pepper spray. I was going to use this to mess up their romantic date. When I got home Barb was standing in the kitchen. She looked at me expectantly and I just walked past her without a word. I slammed my door again. Barb came into my room and wanted to be friendly. I told her to save it for Frank because I didn't need a mercy fuck. I turned my back on her and and she left.

I slept fitfully that night but had everything in place to end this shit. Friday morning I got up and left at the normal time and never said a word to her. I went to the lawyers office and signed the papers. I told him I would have all the evidence by Monday and asked that she be served at work Monday afternoon.. I also requsted that they serve papers to Frank at the same time. I was suing him for alienation of affection.

I checked Barb's GPS and it appeared she was getting her hair done. I went into the house and opened her suitcase and found her sexy new underwear. They really were quite sexy. Too bad she wasn't doing this for me. I put on rubber gloves and took out the pepper spray. I sprayed the crotch of her panties and the cups of her bra with it then put them back in the suitcase. This was going to be fun.

I went to our bank and closed all our joint accounts and put all the cash in a new account. Then I canceled all the credit cards which had both names on them. After I satisfying morning I went home to say good bye to my wife. It was 12:30 so I knew she would be getting ready for her new man.

When I entered my house Barb was not to be seen so I assumed she was upstairs getting ready. I walked up to her room and walked in. She stood there in some sexy underwear I had given her once. She went to cover herself but I told her not to be stupid as I had seen it before. She looked very good with a new hairdo, perfect makeup, and lingerie. I had to have my say.

Wow you sure look great. Too bad you don't make that much effort for me.

You know it's not like that, I just want to make a good impression.

As I said, you're much more concerned about what he thinks, than you have been about me.

I'm sorry, I just wanted to feel sexy today.

Well you are sexy. You know that I loved you with all my heart.

I know you love me.

I walked to her and took her left hand in mine. I began slipping her rings off of her.

I said I loved you, but you broke my heart. I gave you this ring the day I married you. We said our vows and promised to forsake all others. That meant something to me, obviously, not so much for you. I don't want the ring I gave you on your hand when you are stroking another guy's cock. The engagement ring was my mothers so I will keep that for the same reason.

I slipped both rings in my pocket and let her hand go. She looked stunned but didn't argue with me.

I won't be here when he comes, but I don't want him to come into my house. You cannot fuck him here. If you do, I will castrate him and fix you so no man will ever look at you again. That's a promise. He cannot come into my house. Do you understand?

Yes. I will not let him in.

That's good I will be watching.

Why are you being like this?

Because the love of my life has just trashed that love. I hope this weekend is worth the consequences. Good Bye Barb.

I turned and walked away from my soon to be ex-wife. She was hollering at me as I walked out but I was done with her. I parked down the street so I could watch. I made sure I was parked where Barb could see me. If he went in the house I was going to jail but they would be hurting worse.

Pretty soon his car drove up. He walked up to the door and rang the bell. Barb opened the door and came right out with her suitcase in hand. She sat it down and put her arms around his neck before giving him a long, deep kiss. As he picked up her suitcase she looked my way and gave me a smug grin. She sat right next to him in the car and gave me the smug look again as they drove past me. I flipped her off and the smug look disappeared.

I went back to my house and changed all the locks and the garage door code. I grabbed the suitcase I had already packed then drove to KC. I checked in and went to my room and immediately set up my laptop. The camera pointing to the bottom of the bed showed Barb's pussy with a line of cum leaking out of it. It was obvious he'd already fucked her. It was also pretty clear that he hadn't lasted too long. He came out of the bathroom. He was naked and I had to laugh. He had a very small dick. Barb was accustomed to much more meat than this little fucker could deliver.

About that time Frank walked to the bed by Barb. He was hard again and ready for another go at her. She smiled at him and opened her arms. I laughed when she reached for his little dick. He was soon moving between her legs and stuck his cock into her again. He didn't have to take it easy because I would be surprised if she could even feel that little thing inside her. He didn't use any finesse or try to get her off. He just started banging away at her and he was soon cumming in the bitch again. Wow, did she make a lousy trade.

He rolled off of her and another little bit of cum slipped out of her. This guy was pitiful. I could see a bit of frustration on her face as he rested. It did not appear like she was going to be very happy with the results of this weekend. She was going to come home frustrated, then get kicked out on her ass the next day.

He was soon ready to go again and he gave her another less than thrilling four minute fuck. He'd already cum three times and she wasn't even close. This was going better than I had ever hoped it might.

I had to quit watching and went out for supper and couple drinks. I left everything recording to have all I might need for the lawyer and also to rub her nose in what a loser she had picked. When I returned, he was asleep and she was looking even more frustrated. This really was fun after I got over the pain of losing my wife.

I went to bed thinking about how much fun I was going to have fucking with them tomorrow. I thought about some of the hot babes I had seen in the bar and knew I would soon be free to pursue them. I fell asleep with a smile in my heart. There was no more anguish for me as my coarse was plotted and I knew where I was going.

I awoke refreshed and ready for some fun. I showered then went out for a nice breakfast and picked up some snacks in case I could not get away later. I went back to my room and called a local florist. I ordered a bouquet for Barb. I had always given her one just like this on our anniversary. Since there would not be another anniversary I wanted her to think about what she was jeopardizing. I asked for it to be delivered at 11:00 AM. I hoped my timing might be good but it didn't matter.

The timing was perfect. They got dressed and went out for a while. When they came back they began making out. They were soon naked and he had just mounted her when there was a knock at the door. The florist delivered the flowers and I could see a pensive look on Barb's face before she became angry.

She got out her cell phone and dialed. My cell phone was soon ringing. I answered and we had a short conversation.


How are you doing?

Not worth a shit. My wife is out fucking some other guy while I sit here getting more angry every time I think about it. Why do you ask? It's not like you give a shit.

Well I just a bouquet of flowers just like you always get me for our anniversary. I wanted to know what you are doing.

I don't know how you could think I did that. First off you and your rocket scientist boyfriend kept me in the dark about where you were going. Secondly, if I had sent you flowers, they would have been ragweed and the card would have read. To my cheating, cunt wife!

That's not very nice.

Right and you fucking little Frankie is. Maybe they will give you some idea of what you are throwing away.

I saw a very stunned look on her face as I turned my phone off. She was soon dialing again, but of course there was no answer. She tried a few more times then gave up. She told him what I had said and he assured her that I would get over it. That was not going to happen until I was rid of the bitch.

She wasn't in the mood for sex, but after a while she began to give in, so I called for a Pizza delivery and ordered Barb's favorite pizza. They arrived just as he was mounting her again. He was very angry and didn't want to pay, but the delivery guy verified the room number and his cell phone number. He threatened to call the police so Frankie gave in and paid.

They decided to eat since they had paid for it. After they enjoyed their lunch they talked for a while, but Frankie was soon after her again. When they started to get hot and heavy I called the sandwich shop and ordered her favorite sandwich for delivery. He'd been fucking her for about a minute when the sandwich arrived. When Barb looked at the sandwich she told him that I must have figured out where they were. He couldn't believe it but she told him about my rocket scientist crack and said that I had probably hacked into her new email where he had mentioned it.

It had taken her a while but she finally figured it out. She told him I was very smart and would have had little problem doing that. They decided to get dressed and go out for a while. she told him when they got back they would clean up and get dressed for their romantic date. She promised to make it up to him tonight. They left and I was laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face.

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