byHarry Kuntz©


Barton had been treating the kid with contempt from the moment they met. And no one knew how to show contempt better than Barton. John Barton. The terror of Wall Street. Thirty-eight years old, and officially worth three billion dollars. Some people said it was more like twenty times that, that he could buy and sell Bill Gates and Warren Buffett with his spare change any time he wanted to.

And he had made every penny of it himself, by out-toughing the other tough sons of bitches on Wall Street. Hundreds of mergers he had forced down their unwilling throats. And he made them wallow in their defeats. Hundreds of former top bananas had been forced to accept Barton's deals on Barton's terms. And Barton's terms always included two things: enormous profits for John Barton, and the loser kissed John Barton's ass. Literally. And not just on the buns. The former CEO's on Barton's payroll had two things in common. They had tasted Barton's shit-lined rectum. And they had begged for the privilege. They had seen plenty of execs just like themselves go down to ruin for displeasing Barton in the slightest way.

Now John Barton was starting on his honeymoon. It was his second marriage. He had dropped his first wife, Fran, who had begun showing signs of middle age. Fran had hired one of the best known divorce lawyers in the country. Barton had toughed him out the same as he toughed out every other son of a bitch who tried to cross him. Now the lawyer was nursing his wounds, Fran was living on $30,000 a year, and Barton was enjoying his billions.

He had married a babe. An incredibly beautiful Asian girl named Kim. Just looking at her straight black hair, her incredibly soft, smooth skin, her beautiful features, her willowy body, drove him crazy. She was 22 years old, sixteen years younger than him. And it wasn't just that she was a babe. She had brains. She had graduated first in her class at a top university. She had been engaged to an Asian American boy who graduated a year ahead of her, the only boy friend she had ever had. Then she had received an internship to work one summer in the executive offices at Barton's Wall Street headquarters.

After one look and a few conversations, Barton knew he had to have this girl. He went ahead and got his divorce from Fran, something he had already decided to do anyway. He just blew away Kim's fiance, dazzling her with what he could buy for her, the places he could take her, the people he could introduce her to. What impressed her more than anything was the force of his character. She could see his strength in his every movement. And she saw that the most powerful people in the world cowered before him. John Barton always got what he wanted, and Kim loved him for that. The fiance was history, and John Barton and Kim were man and wife.

There was just one fly in Barton's ointment, one that he could never completely put out of his mind, though almost no one knew of it and no one knew how much it preyed on him. Sexually, the great John Barton was a grade A wimp. Maybe that was what drove him to outcompete everyone who crossed him, to prove that he had more balls than everyone else. Because in fact, he had less. Much less. His tiny prick could hardly be seen in his pubic hair when it was soft. When it was "hard," it was barely three inches long, was thinner than his index finger, and, in truth, was not very hard at all. His balls were tinier than marbles. He had trouble coming more than two or three times in a week, and when he came, only a few drops of thin, almost water-like cum was ejected. Whether it was Fran or Kim or any of the other women who were attracted by his money and his power, whenever he fucked them they always had to ask if it was "in" and whether he had cum.

Barton wanted an heir and Kim wanted a baby. But he had tried to get Fran pregnant for years, with no success. The best medical specialists in the world had been consulted. There was nothing wrong with Fran. It was just that Barton's undersized testicles produced such little sperm, the odds were against him. Following his doctors' advice, Barton had abstained from all sex for over a month prior to this honeymoon. The wedding had been timed so that Kim would be at the peak of her fertility cycle. And she was taking fertility drugs. The doctors told them that with these steps, Barton had a reasonable chance of making Kim pregnant. But things weren't fated to turn out that way.


So now he and Kim were on their honeymoon. The island resort in the Caribbean she had selected was probably the most exclusive and the most expensive in the world. They had the most expensive villa--$40,000 a night it would cost him. The resort consisted of the whole island. Each villa was isolated. Theirs was more than two miles from any other habitation. It was huge and breathtaking, spectacularly furnished, and located on their own private pearl of a beach. There was a whole staff of servants and cooks assigned to their villa alone, but the layout was cleverly designed so that only the Guest Services Officer assigned to them would have any contact with them. He would deal with the rest of the staff. They would have complete privacy in unparalleled luxury.

The Guest Services Officer was a twenty-year-old named Rod Powers. Rod was as perfect a specimen of the male of the human species as Kim was of the female. Short blonde hair; a face that had classic, masculine beauty; a broad, strong chest that was muscular but not muscle-bound; narrow hips; a perfectly trim ass; long, powerful legs--he had the whole package People said he had movie star looks, but no one could ever think of a movie star who looked as good as he did. And he had an enormous bulge at the crotch of his faded jeans. Barton noticed that bulge immediately, and was stung with envy. But he figured the kid must have some cloth stuffed in there. He must have!

Rod greeted them at the airport. The men who could afford to stay at this resort were the richest and most powerful in the world, and they brought with them the most stunningly beautiful and most pampered women in the world. Rod had seen hundreds of them, but he had never seen the equal of Kim. For her part, Kim didn't miss any aspect of Rod's manly attraction. When he shook her hand, she looked in his strong, clear eyes, caught a whiff of his male scent, and became dizzy with a sensation she had never felt before. But Kim had been strictly brought up as a Catholic and adhered to a strong moral code. The idea of being unfaithful to her husband could never have entered her head. She could be interested in a man as hunky as Rod, but she could not be tempted. But to Barton, any decent-looking man was a rival and a stud like Rod was dangerous. Barton was painfully aware that his beautiful trophy of a wife was much closer in age to Rod--the "kid" was what Barton insisted on calling him--than she was to himself. Barton's reaction was instinctive. Confronted with any kind of a rival, Barton set out to humiliate him, to emasculate him. This kid was going to be the only person he and Kim would see for the next two weeks. Barton was going to show him who was boss. He'd have Rod kissing the famous Barton ass early and often--figuratively at least, and maybe even literally. Kim wouldn't be attracted to a kid, no matter how much of a stud he looked, once she saw him kowtowing to her all-powerful husband. Just the opposite. Once she saw him subjugate this handsome kid, his own god-like power would be more firmly established in her adoring eyes, the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

He looked into those eyes as they drove in the limousine to the villa. God, he loved her. He actually thought he might be able to fuck her twice today, something he had never before accomplished.


Rod was pissed. He'd dealt with assholes like this before, guys who thought they could use their money to put him down. But Rod always had his revenge. He loved this job. The most beautiful women in the world came here, and he fucked them at will.

He particularly loved honeymooners. There was nothing like seducing a woman on her honeymoon. Rod had plucked plenty of cherries, and there's no doubt about it, he thought, fucking a virgin is sweet. But that other virginity--the wife who's never given her cunt to a man other than her husband since she's been married--plucking that cherry was an even greater thrill. And the crème de la crème was getting them on their honeymoons. Especially when they were as gorgeous and sophisticated as the brides who came to this posh resort.

The job of "Guest Services Officer" at this resort was a coveted one. While the guests were on the island, the GSO arranged everything for them. He was the only human contact the guests had with the resort while they were here, unless they wanted specialized services such as a tennis coach. The reputation of the resort--and its ability to charge sky-high prices--depended on the flawless service the Guest Services Officers could provide. Their salaries started at $250,000 a year, and they made at least that much in tips.

Rod Powers had only been on the staff two years, but he was already the top-ranked assistant on the staff. He was permanently assigned to the most expensive villa, catering to the most extravagant guests. His salary was $750,000. He made many times that much in tips. He was invaluable to the management of the resort. Did they know that his enormous popularity with the guests derived from the special service he was able to provide between the outspread legs of the wives? Probably. So what? So long as the customers were happy....

Usually, it was no problem for Rod to seduce the brides on honeymoon. His sexual power was too much for the human female to resist. But sometimes, if he got annoyed by their snooty attitudes, he raped them. He might force them the first time, but they always begged for it the second time. And the third. And the fourth. And so on.

John Barton was getting Rod angry. Ordering him around in an arrogant way, finding the most degrading things for him to do. Three times before they had reached the villa, Barton had found some task for Rod to do that required him to kneel down on the ground. And then Barton had always positioned himself so that Rod was staring right into Barton's ass, just inches away. And there was always a suppressed smile on Kim's face. It was Barton's ability to dominate others that made her love him.

When Rod got mad, he got even. He was going to fuck Barton's trophy bride all right. And he wasn't going to seduce her. He was going to rape her. He'd do it right in front of Barton's eyes. He'd use the Asian babe to humiliate Barton. Rod could see that Barton really did love her. Good. Barton would get paid back for his little stunts. With interest.

Rod wasn't worried about getting into trouble with his employers. Once he fucked Kim, she'd be so attached to him that she wouldn't let Barton harm him in any way. And she could control Barton, that was obvious. The bosses would never find out about what he did.


When they got to the villa, there was plenty of luggage for Rod to carry inside. Barton found as many tasks for him to perform, as many things for him to move around, as he could think of. Then he dismissed him:

"Look, kid, if you want a tip at the end of this gig, stay out of our hair. You do what you're told and you show respect, you understand? You can start by calling me sir, and thank us when either one of us gives you an order."

They were in the living room of the villa when Barton said this, a room the size of a football field. But Barton did not get the groveling response he expected. Moving suddenly, Rod smashed his fist into Barton's stomach. Barton doubled over, gasping for breath.

"No, you arrogant son of a bitch, you're going to do what I say."

Rod said these words with an icy determination that was more impressive than anger would have been. Barton was in greater pain than he had ever experienced, still trying desperately to find his breath. Barton had done some boxing, and he had done it as competitively as he did everything else in life. He had been a semi-finalist in the intercollegiate boxing tournament in his weight range, and had competed against talented competitors who could hit hard. But he had never experienced anything remotely comparable to the blow he had just received. Rod had moved as fast as a cheetah and with the power of a jet engine.

"Let's see if you understand, bozo," Rod continued, after several minutes, when Barton finally seemed to be able to breathe. "Take off all your clothes."

"You must be crazy," Barton murmured through his rasping gasps.

The second blow to the stomach was even harder than the first. Barton was on the floor, doubled up in incredible pain. His internal organs! Barton didn't think he could survive another blow like that. He was on the ground in agony for ten minutes. Kim, cowering in a corner, was terrified.

When Rod judged that Barton finally could move, he said, "I'll give you one more chance. Get up and get all your clothes off."

Slowly and in great pain, Barton got up. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, then his undershirt. He removed his shoes and socks, then his trousers. He was left in a pair of jockey shorts. He paused, but Rod gestured for him to go on. Barton blushed. He hated to expose his undersized cock to another man, especially this young stud. Plenty of men had seen Barton's rosy asshole, a lot closer up than they wanted to. No man other than a doctor had seen his dick.

The jockey shorts went down, and Rod let out an explosion of laughter.

"You call that a dick! Oh, man, I've seen women with nipples bigger than that."

Barton was burning with humiliation. That he should have to suffer this, and with Kim watching!

"All right, Nipple-dick, carry that wooden chair into the bedroom. Put it down facing the bed, nice and close."

Whether because of the humiliation of being naked before Kim and this stud, or because he could still feel the injury Rod had inflicted with those two sledgehammer blows from his fist, Barton had no thought of resisting. He picked up the chair. The blow to his chin came lightning fast. This time, Rod had pulled his punch, but it was enough to make Barton see stars.

"You call me SIR when I give you an order, and thank me," he bellowed.

Humbly, softly, Barton replied: "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!".

"That's better. Now carry that chair over to the bed and sit down." Barton did as he was told. Rod signaled to the petrified Kim to follow. She did, and Rod followed her into the bedroom. Barton was seated, close to the bed and facing it. The bed was enormous, more than half again the size of a king-sized bed.

Earlier, when all the moving of luggage was going on, Rod had brought into the bedroom unnoticed a bag of his own. He now opened it and handed Kim some lengths of rope.

"Here lady, tie your limp dick of a husband to the chair. Tie his ankles and his wrists."

Kim was in tears. "No, please don't make me," she whimpered.

He slapped her face. Hard enough to cause serious pain.

"Look, bitch," said Rod, "if I have to hit you as hard as the old fart, I'll do it."

Barton almost panicked. Rod would kill Kim if he hit her nearly that hard. "Do as he says, darling," he said softly.

So Kim tied her new husband to the chair.

"Now, you get your clothes off and get on the bed," Rod said to her.

"NO," screamed both Kim and Barton simultaneously, as they suddenly saw where this was going.

Rod removed a knife from his belt and held it to Barton's neck. "Do you want me to cut your husband's throat," he said.

Kim immediately began to undress. Her fingers were shaking, but with difficulty she got her dress off. Then her bra. Her breasts were a little bigger than average for an Asian girl, and perfectly shaped. She saw there was no chance of Rod's relenting, so she went right to her panties, pulling them down and stepping out of them.

God, she was magnificent! Both men felt it. Her skin was so perfectly soft and smooth. Her body so firm and perfectly shaped. Her waist was tiny, but her hips curved out gracefully. Her cunt was covered with a large, thick triangle of jet black fleece. Barton couldn't help himself. His dick was enlarging.

Rod was dazzled by Kim's naked perfection, but he noticed Barton's loins stirring. Another bellow of laughter.

"That's your hard-on? I've seen six year old boys with more than that, Nipple-dick. Come here bitch!"

Fearfully, Kim went over to the chair. Rod gave her face another hard slap.

"Thank me when I give you an order, bitch!"

"Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!"

"Hold that tiny thing and wiggle it around," Rod told her.

"Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!"

With her thumb and index finger, she held her husband's tiny hard-on, which was thinner than either of her fingers holding it. She wiggled it around. There was only a little stiffness.

Rod couldn't contain his laughter. Finally, he said to Kim, "Seriously, bitch, no matter how much money he's got, how could a babe like you marry this limp dick?"

Kim said nothing. She was burning with humiliation. For herself and for her husband. Physical paragon or not, she hated this young man as she had never hated anyone in her life.

Rod shoved her to the bed, sitting her down on the edge, facing him. He told her to open her knees wide, giving him a clear view of her luscious cunt.

"Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!"

She obeyed. Barton gritted his teeth, helplessly, not willing to object and risk another blow.

"Fortunately, for both of you, there's a man here who can consummate this marriage for you," he said. He began removing his shirt.

Kim was panicking with fear. "Please, please don't do this to me!" she pleaded.

Rod gave her another slap, harder than before. Kim was burning with pain. She couldn't take another blow like that!

Rod had his shirt off. Kim was in a turmoil. She had very conservative views of sex, and the idea of being raped was absolutely horrible to her. She'd rather die. But the pain in her jaw was making it hard for her to think clearly. And her body was reacting to the sight of Rod disrobing. That chest! His eyes! She had fallen in love with Barton's power. It seemed to her so manly. But Rod was showing power--raw, physical power--that put Barton to shame. He was manliness in the flesh. She had never been so affected. He was close to her, and with every breath, unknowingly, she was inhaling his pheromones. Invisible hormones that slipped beneath her consciousness, and caused electricity to flow out from her cunt and her tits to her whole body. She was in panic over the prospect of being raped, and yet she could feel the liquids flowing in her cunt.

Rod quickly removed his sandals and was unbuckling and dropping his jeans. He stepped out of them, covered only by an oversized pair of boxer shorts. Despite their looseness, they were tented out by an enormous bulge. Slowly, Rod lowered his shorts, exposing first a thick cloud of fluffy, light brown pubes. Then the root of his manhood became visible. It was incredibly thick, stretching four inches across.

Rod was standing so that both Kim and Barton had their faces within a foot of his crotch. Barton's own dick was in plain view. None of them could miss seeing the contrast. Rod's soft dick was thicker than Barton's hard-on was long. The difference in their manhood was a painfully obvious fact for Barton and for Kim. Rod enjoyed the sensation as he could see their faces, seeing them looking at the two dicks and at each other..

Then he resumed peeling down his shorts. The enormous length of his soft penis went on and on. Finally, when the top of the shorts had almost reached Rod's knees, the ridge came into view betokening the appearance of the enormous, circumcised head. The head mushroomed out, and added another two inches of length. Rod dropped his jeans to the floor. His dick softly swayed, all twelve incredibly thick inches of it.

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