byMorgaine LeFay©

I listened as my dad's car pulled out of the driveway and waited an additional ten minutes to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. When I didn't hear him returning, I peeked around the side of the shed and smirked. Mom had left yesterday for a conference in Colorado, and even though I didn't have any serious classes on Fridays, my father had said I still had to go to school. It was my senior year and, now that I was eighteen, I could write my own excuse notes. All I had to do this morning was to wait until my dad left for work.

Using my key, I slipped back into the house and giggled as I ran up the stairs to my room. Tossing my bag on my bed, I slipped off my tie and uniform before stretching. My dad should be at work for at least the next eight hours so I could do anything I wanted. Slipping off my shoes, I walked out of my room wearing only my black boy-short underwear and matching scallop style bra. My 42DD's bounced slightly as I walked down the hall.

I didn't have any plans for the day and decided to look at porn while no one was home. I'd been having sex for the last two years and I was finding that I was really good at getting exactly what I wanted from the guys I'd been with. Not finding anything I hadn't already seen online, I wondered what toys my parents had.

Walking back upstairs, I went into my parent's bedroom. I figured that if either of my parents had anything, it would be my mom. Opening her dresser, I moved things around but didn't come up with anything other than some sexy underwear. I put my hands on my hips and looked around the room, wondering where else they would hide sex toys and partially thinking that maybe they didn't have any. My eyes fell on my dad's dresser and I hesitated a minute. There was something wrong about doing this, but something exciting at the same time.

I could see why my mom had fallen in love with my dad. Even a bunch of my girlfriends had mentioned that they thought my dad was hot and I guess I would have to agree with them. He kept his hair cut in the military style he'd had in the Marine's and he had muscles that I could feel every time he hugged me good night. Biting my lower lip a little, I walked over to his dresser and opened the middle drawer. There was nothing in that one or the one above it. The top drawer looked to just be his boxers and socks until I moved things around a little. That's when I found his dirty magazines. My eyes widened a little at how many he had and how different the women on the front were from how my mom looked.

Mom is a 32B and has long dark hair. The girls on the covers of these magazines looked more like.... well... like me. They were well endowed and had short red hair. I paged through the top one before dropping it on my parent's bed. Was this what my dad fantasized about? It almost seemed like he was thinking about me when he masturbated. I could feel a tingling starting between my legs and I sat down. Would that even be possible? And why was it getting me aroused when everything I knew said it should be grossing me out? Thinking back, I realized that my dad had been watching me more and more lately, especially when I was laying out in the back yard over the summer. Without meaning to, I started to wonder what his penis looked like, how it would feel in my hand and inside me.

Closing the drawer, I took a few magazines into the living room and slid the laptop onto the floor. The covers were pretty tame compared to the pictures and stories inside the magazines. Women in skimpy clothes, their hands tied together, some on their knees looking over their shoulder at the camera and even one with a girl gagged with a red ball. I thought about my dad looking at these pictures and touching himself and could feel myself getting wet. My hand slipped into my underwear while I thought about my dad naked on his bed, looking through the magazines and stroking his cock.

Halfway through the third magazine, I stopped and sat up straight. My mouth opened in shock as I looked at the picture. The girl had a catholic school skirt on that looked like my uniform, a black lace bra that barely covered breasts which looked slightly larger than mine and her school tie was undone but around her neck. What really stopped me though was that her face had been covered by a cut-out of my face from my last school picture. In looking at the picture quickly, I thought it was me in the magazine. That confirmed it for me. My dad HAD been thinking about me when he looked at these magazines. I masturbated thinking about my dad imagining that these girls were me and I wondered just how far he had let his fantasies go.

As I came, I decided to see just how far my dad would go. I knew that I could make men do anything I wanted with my body and how talented my lips were. I wondered if I could seduce my own father. Smirking to myself, I got something to eat and planned out exactly how the rest of the day was going to play out. I showered and put on one of my skimpier bathing suits. The boy short bottoms rode low and the neck tie bikini top cupped and lifted my breasts just right. I started dinner and had everything ready when my dad walked in the door that night.

"Jenny? Are you home?"

"I'm in the kitchen, daddy." I finished setting the table as he walked in. My back was to him and I purposely leaned over the table to put the silverware down before glancing at him over my shoulder, looking a lot like one of the pictures in his magazines. He had a clear view of my ass and I heard him pull in a breath. "Dinner's ready."

I turned to face him and watched his eyes travel down my body before his hand gripped his briefcase a little tighter, "Thank you, baby. I'll just go change while you put on some clothes then we'll eat." He didn't move and I smiled innocently at him as I walked toward him and the doorway. Pushing myself up on my tiptoes, I kissed him on the cheek and saw his eyes close slightly as my breasts pressed against the side of his chest. Then I went upstairs and pulled on a shirt to cover my top before stepping out of the bathing suit bottoms. Waiting a few minutes, I heard my dad call me from his room. The tone in his voice was slightly confused but trying to be authoritative.

"Yes, daddy?" I stood in the doorway of his room and looked innocently at him. He was standing at the end of his bed, his dress shirt was unbuttoned and he still had his dress pants and socks on. His tie was tossed on the bed and he'd moved one of the throw pillows to sit down, which is how he found the magazine I'd left on his bed. My eyes followed his gaze to the bed and then darted back to his face.

"Do you know how this got on my bed?"

I nodded and walked into the room. "I guess I forgot to put it back when I was done looking at it, daddy." His eyes widened a little. "And I wanted to ask you something about it." I was standing in front of him and I could see the slight bulge in his pants. I sat on the bed and picked up the magazine before looking at him. "Sit down, daddy. It's an important question." I could tell he was breathing a little faster as he sat down. I turned to face him more, my shirt sliding up and showing a little of my ass. I saw his eyes slide down to the exposed skin and then jerk back up to my face.

"You... you went through daddy's dresser to find this? Why would you do that?"

I put my hand on his knee and shook my head. "No, daddy, I'll ask the questions." Smiling at him, I opened the magazine and flipped to the page with my face on it. I heard him try to stifle a groan before I showed the page to him. "I was a little surprised when I saw this. Is this how you want me to look, daddy? For you?"

I could see him fighting with himself to find the right answer. He ran his hand over his face and sighed. "Baby, you know your daddy would never hurt you."

"Not even if I asked you to, daddy?" I tilted my head a little and slid my hand up his leg. He couldn't hide the groan this time and I shifted a little closer to him. "I want to make you happy, daddy. Anything you want."

He shook his head a little, "Baby, you don't know what you're saying. You can't... we can't..... Jenny, this isn't right."

I stood up and I could see him relax a little before I moved to sit on his lap. I slid a little more onto him and could feel the bulge in his pants. "But daddy, I want to do this." I rocked on him a little before lightly pressing on his chest and making him lay back on the bed. Gripping the bottom of my shirt, I pulled it over my head and took off my bikini top. I felt his cock jerk under me as he closed his eyes. My hands moved to the top of his pants and I started undoing his zipper before I felt his hands on my arms.

"Jenny, you have to stop. You're my daughter, I can't do this. We can't do this." There was a shake in his voice that I hadn't heard before and I tilted my head to look at him, pouting.

"But daddy, I want this." I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "And you know you've been thinking about this. Seeing my breasts, feeling them pressed against you." His grip on my arms loosened and I slowly moved his hands to my ass. "You've been thinking about how it would feel to slide inside of me; press your cock deep into my pussy as I whimper at your touch." I rocked onto him again as his hands squeezed my ass. "Please, daddy? I want to feel you inside me." I kissed the side of his neck and could almost feel all reserve melt out of his body.

Sitting up again, I undid his pants and slid them off his body. He sat up and took off his shirt and t-shirt and I stood at the end of the bed, fully naked and just looking at him. I could feel myself getting wetting as his cock stood up and he slide toward me. "Baby, you are exactly how I imagined. You're so beautiful." His hands moved to by breasts, cupping and lifting them before his mouth slid over one nipple then the other. I arched my back toward him and put my hands on his shoulders to hold myself steady.

I climbed back on the bed, my knees on either side of his legs as I rocked against his cock. Feeling his skin pressing through the lips of my pussy and sliding over my clit, I moaned and pushed my breasts more toward his mouth. "I want you to fuck your baby girl, daddy. I want to feel you deep in my pussy." I moved my head down a little and whispered into his ear, "I want to cum for you, daddy."

He groaned and flipped me onto the bed, moving over me and positioning himself between my legs. Uncertainty slid over his eyes for a minute. "You're sure, Jenny? Daddy doesn't want to hurt you or make you do anything you don't want to do. This is so wrong."

I smiled at him, nodding as I reached down and guided him into my pussy. "I'm sure, daddy. I want to be daddy's girl. Completely daddy's girl. It's okay daddy, it's not wrong at all. It's what I want."

I shifted slightly to kiss him and felt his cock spreading me open as he pushed into me. I cried out into his mouth and felt a tear fall on my shoulder as we found a rhythm. "No, daddy. Don't cry. This is what your baby girl wants. I want to be your little plaything. Please, daddy. Make me cum. Make me cover your cock with my juices."

He groaned again and started pounding into me, looking at me with glazed eyes before sucking on my breasts, pinching my nipple between his teeth. I could feel myself getting closer and I thrust against him faster. "Daddy, your little girl's going to cum. Yes, daddy, please give me permission to cum. Tell your little girl to cum for you."

I saw a blaze in his eyes as he locked eyes with me. "Yes, baby girl. That's it, cum for daddy. Cum for me. Make daddy happy, baby girl."

I came hard, my eyes closing as the waves passed over me. I heard him growl slightly and felt him moving quickly, sliding to one knee beside me before I felt him cumming across my stomach and breasts. I felt him slide down beside me on the bed and I turned my head to look at him. Smirking, I kissed him on the nose.

"Thank you, daddy. You've made your baby girl very happy."

He turned to kiss my forehead then leaned his head against mine. "Oh baby, there's so much I want to teach you."

"I know daddy. And I'm looking forward to learning everything you can show me." I moved my head back a little, making sure he was watching as I scooped up a bit of his cum from my stomach and licked it off my finger.

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