tagIncest/TabooHorney Daughter Goes To Therapy Ch. 02

Horney Daughter Goes To Therapy Ch. 02


“How did it go, Lynn?”

“Therapy went great, Dad. I fucked him.”

“You what?”

“Don’t wreck the car, Dad. Christ.”

“You just fucked your therapist?”

“Hell yeah. His cock was pretty nice but not like yours.”

“Don’t touch it, Lynn.”

“Why not? It’s hard. That means it wants attention.”



“Thanks, Lynn. That was wonderful.”

“Anytime, doc. My pleasure.”

“So do you have more for me today?”

“That wasn’t enough?”

“You know you’re a great cocksucker and you can ride a man like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve never had such great sex. But I want to know if you’ve made any progress with your parents.”

“If by progress you mean if I’ve nailed them yet, the answer is yes. Dad fucked me last week.”

“Last week?”

“Yeah. I told him about our appointment and he got so excited-“

“You told him I fucked you?”

“Yes and it got him hard. I have problems with letting one of those go to waste.”

“Lynn, I could get fired.”

“I’m back, aren’t I? The truth is, I think you and Dad get off on the fact I fuck you both. Want to hear about it?”

“You know I do.”

“Yeah and you can show me your meat some more. So he picked me up outside your office since my piece of shit car went to my worthless ex in the divorce. I was honest with what happened between the two of us and the truth almost made him wreck the car. I rubbed his cock a little bit, since I noticed it got hard. He tried to make me stop but I’m persistent. So he pulled over on a side road. While I sucked his dick, he told me how wrong it was but he kept saying ‘suck daddy’s cock, Lynn’ so I know he liked it. There we were, my dad and I in the car and I was sucking his dick. I told him I wanted him to fuck me but he acted all upset about it. So I solved the problem by straddling him. His cock was still hard and it didn’t take much for me to maneuver it inside me. There is nothing in the world so wonderful to me as feeling a hard cock slide inside my wet pussy. That one you’ve got there in your hands might have to help me get that feeling.”

“Sure, Lynn. But tell me the rest first.”

“Well, I rode my dad for only a few minutes before he started cumming. ‘Fuck me,’ he kept saying which I thought was kind of funny because I kept saying ‘fuck me, Daddy, fuck your little slut daughter.’ Yeah, he liked that as much as you obviously do.”

“What happened next?”

“I cleaned him off and we drove home. Mom was there so I knew better than to try to continue the party. But that night, Dad snuck into my room. I felt a hand on my pussy and opened my eyes to see Dad stroking his dick with one hand and my wet hole with the other. I opened my legs to him and he was between them in no time, his dick inside me. We had to keep quiet so Mom wouldn’t wake up but I had some trouble with that. Especially since I loved what I was getting away with. My father was finally fucking me.”

“Did he stay in your bed that night?”

“No. I slept at some point, worn out form his assault on my pussy. He comes to my bed every night, though, once Mom’s asleep. I’ve been getting laid pretty regularly, at last.”

“So you’re satisfied.”

“I’m never satisfied. I still want my mom. There’s nothing I want more right now than to eat out her pussy. I go nuts looking at her huge breasts every day. But the moment for us just hasn’t seemed right yet.”

“I have a feeling you won’t give up.”

“Not on your life. Want to fuck?”

“Hell yeah. Then maybe we can discuss the best way to seduce your mother.”

“Doc, I like the way you think.”


“Before we fuck, I have to tell you what happened.”

“Okay, Lynn. I love your stories.”

“So do I! Well, like I told you, Dad’s been coming to my room every night once Mom falls asleep. The other night, I was waiting for them but heard them going at it. I love listening to them have sex. I get so wet just from the sounds but I’ve snuck to their door to watch a time or two. I did that again, squatting where I could see through the crack in the door plus have easy access to my own crack. So I’m outside their door, fingerfucking myself into oblivion as I watch Mom ride Dad like the stallion he is. When they were done, Mom kind of collapsed to the side and they both lay there and panted for a while. Don’t you start panting, Doc.”

“I’m just anticipating where this is going.”

“It’s better than you can imagine, I’m sure. Dad got off the bed after a while and went into the bathroom that adjoined their room. I heard the shower running and thought it was pretty considerate of him to wash off from having sex with Mom before he came to fuck me. But I also noticed the way Mom was laying on the bed. She was pretty spread-eagle with her eyes shut and not a stitch covering her. I had a great view of her pussy. It was still really wet and I watched as she ran a finger down to start stroking her recently assaulted clit. I rubbed mine in rhythm with her rubbing hers and we came together. I couldn’t stop myself after that. I went to her and put my tongue over her finger, licking my mom’s clit like it was a flavorful lollipop. The flavor was better than any lollipop, though.”

“Did she see you there?”

“Not at first. I think in her orgasmic bliss, she forgot the shower was running and assumed Dad had come back to eat her pussy. So she began tugging on her nipples with her fingers as I really went at her wet hole. I couldn’t eat her fast enough. I loved the taste of my mother’s pussy and she obviously liked the attention because she kept saying ‘fuck yes.’ When she came, I moved up her body and licked to her enormous breasts. She opened her eyes then and weakly said, ‘Lynn?’ But my hand was buried in her pussy as I feasted on her breasts so she really couldn’t complain.”

“So she liked her daughter making love to her?”

“Hell yeah she liked it. She even started saying, ‘make mommy cum, Lynnie. You’re mommy’s good girl. Yes, Lynn, fingerfuck me.’ It was hot, Doc, let me tell you. But I was on fire and getting no attention. So I stuck my tongue in her mouth and my mom and I kissed for several seconds. I rubbed my pussy against hers and she moved her hips to grind them along with me. ‘Will you eat me?’ I asked her. She shook her head and started to move but I just slid up her body until my pussy was above her mouth. My mother didn’t hesitate to eat me out.”

“Oh God, Lynn. That is so hot.”

“Tell me about it. She was a great pussy eater. I felt her tongue clear up inside me and she cupped my ass with her hands, sometime inserting a finger into my anus, which really drove me wild to my surprise. I don’t know how many times a came but I eventually couldn’t take any more so I slid back down her. We kissed some more and I could taste my own pussy on my mother’s lips. It was so erotic that neither one of us noticed the shower had stopped. My dad stood in the doorway to the bathroom, his already spent cock in his hands.”

“Whoa. Then what?”

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by Laphroaig09/07/17

Horney daughter goes to therapy

Emma, WHERE is chapter one? LOL. This was great and yes, I want to hear more. What happened when her dad came back from his shower ... did he slide himself into his wife or daughter first? I think takingmore...

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