tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHoshi's Empire - The Saga Continues Ch. 02

Hoshi's Empire - The Saga Continues Ch. 02


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a work of fantasy/fiction. While some of the characters resemble those in a double-episode of Star Trek Enterprise, most of them are purely fictional. THIS SERIES IS AN EXTENSION OF MY 'ENTERPRISE-THE OTHER SIDE' SERIES, set in the time following the coup by Hoshi Sato when she took over leadership of the Terran Empire as its Empress.

Hoshi's Empire - Chapter 2

The Officer's Mess

Malcom Reed assumed the role of 'leader' amongst the senior officers, a role he wasn't terribly comfortable with. His closest buddies, Tucker and Mayweather, were up in the suites with the women he and the other officers referred to as 'the HIC', AKA 'the Hotties In Charge'. They were probably getting laid several times every day, while he and the other 'senior' officers had to handle things on their own. There were a few females on their level; but with twenty-two men and only six women it wasn't exactly an equitable ratio. Even with Janet and Amanda in the mix, there simply wasn't enough pussy to go around. He had brought this up to Commander Tucker, who promised to address the issue with the Empress; but they had not yet heard any news. He looked around his new quarters, admiring the spacious living area with the separate bedroom suite. It was easily as big as the quarters Archer had as captain, and he ought to have a line of women waiting to share his bed. The door chime sounded. He wasn't expecting anyone; but any company at this point would be welcome. "Enter" he called.

Janet Kelly had found no real friends, neither male nor female crewmembers seemed to want her company. She saw Lieutenant Reed as something of a kindred spirit, and decided to seek him out. Now here she was in the corridor outside his quarters. She heard his response when she rang the chime, and pressed the button to open the door. Her eyes scanned the spacious room, finding the Brit officer leaning back against the bar. "Uh.. Crewman Kelly.. come right in.." came his surprised invitation. She passed through the door, waiting for it to close before walking toward him. "What can I do for you, crewman?" he asked. "Come, have a seat." he told her, pointing to the sofa. "May I offer you a beverage?" he asked politely. She nodded, not bothering to indicate anything in particular. She watched him select a glass, adding ice before pouring in a combination of liquids. He made two, with an identical glass for himself. She took the glass and smiled at him, watching as he took a seat next to her. "So... Crewman Kel.."

"It's J-Janet sir..." she said nervously.

"Alright then, Janet. What can I do for you?" he finished his query.

"This isn't really official business sir." she said. "I... it's just that with all the changes I'm not very comfortable in this company." she told him. "I've watched, and I think maybe we share in that feeling... sir.." she stammered.

Malcom thought about what the black girl said. She was right about the discomfort, and Janet Kelly was certainly attractive enough. Slender in most respects; but with a delightfully round, lush booty, she had always gotten his libido racing. "Well Janet, if I understand your meaning, you are suggesting that you and.."

"Yes.. s-sir.." she replied without waiting for the question.

"Call me Malcom, Janet." he told her. "And we can certainly - you know - keep one another company." he added. In a surprise move she leaned over to rest her head on his shoulder.

"Thank you Malcom." she said softly, feeling more comfortable as his arm circled her shoulders. "This feels nice for a change." she told him, letting her hand drop to his lap. "I know this goes against Empress Sato's principles; but I would very much enjoy pleasing you, sir." she whispered, her fingers grazing over his package through the workout pants he was wearing. She felt the twitch of his organ, stroking the shaft slowly. To her surprise his penis seemed quite slender.

He couldn't prevent his body's response to her blatant fondling of his dick. "I'm quite sure I would enjoy that as well, Janet." he replied, his hips squirming on the sofa. His arm gave a gentle tug and she slowly began to work herself down his torso. Her fingers reached inside the fly of his trousers to find the naked flesh of his manhood. His hips twitched upward of their own volition, hoping for the satisfaction he'd been waiting for. He didn't have to wait long.

Her face was mere inches from his throbbing organ, and she knew what he expected. "May I please you with my mouth sir?" she asked, sticking her tongue out to flick playfully at his cockhead. His response was to grab her head, pulling her lips down over his penis. "mmMMGGLLPHHHH" she grunted, taking his full length into her throat. Although she had encountered several officers who were eager to have sex with her, even groping her in public, she had not encountered a single man with whom there was any connection. Thanks to Sato's new rules, the men didn't dare force themselves on her. She was happy to have Malcom Reed's slender meat sliding in and out of her mouth, as he had not even approached her, let alone forced anything. She felt his hands roaming her torso, reaching around to gently knead her small breasts while she sucked him. The hand roamed down over her hip, squeezing the firm globe of her fanny. Her body trembled at his touch. She remembered the searing pain she'd felt when Commander Tucker raped her bottom, and considered how nice it might feel if Malcom wanted to take her like that. Both of his hands were now on her head, easing her mouth up and down on his twitching cock. She willingly let him use her that way, suckling on his organ as it skewered her oral cavity. When his seed began to splash into her throat she swallowed eagerly, spilling not a single drop when he finally lifted her up after the spasms of his climax. She looked into his eyes and smiled. "I believe I have pleased you, Malcom Reed" she said, giving him a wink.

He returned her smile and wink. "You have indeed pleased me, Janet Kelly. Very much." he told her. "And I shall return the favor, my lady." he said, using a term of position she had not expected. Reed stood up, gathered their glasses, and headed to the bar to refill them. He happened to glance into the mirror, noticing that Janet Kelly was removing her clothing. On his return with the beverages he let out a low whistle. "My compliments on your choice of outfit, crewman." he said with a chuckle. To his pleasant surprise her nipples were a dark pink rather than the deep brown he was expecting, and the skin on her firm boobies looked like silk.

She tipped her glass to his. "To friends" she said softly.

"And lovers" he countered.

"So, Malcom. What else do you like?" Janet asked.

"You mean..."

"Other than blow jobs." she clarified, giggling at the rather undignified term.

"Oh, I think I like just about everything - as far as sex goes." he replied, squeezing her thigh.

Kelly had figured as much; but that was okay. Malcom's penis was unthreatening in size, and he was gentle in the way he used it. "Okay, well just know sir, I am available for your pleasure." she told him. "and I have a request." she added.

"Oh? And what is that, my lady?" Reed asked.

"I would like to stay here with you sir." she told him, leaning against his shoulder. "To be here for you whenever you need me." she added.

Malcom thought about that, realizing quickly that until a few minutes ago he had not had sex in weeks. "I think we can make some arrangements, my lady." he told her. "And I am willing to make those arrangements for you my dear." he added, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. His hand wandered down to fondle her firm breast, his fingers gently tweaking her nipple. This could work out well he thought. His com unit chimed and he reached for it. "Reed" he identified himself, listening to the caller.

It was Ensigns Barclay and Johns, wanting to gather the commissioned officers to discuss the situation they found themselves in. There had been something of an altercation between two of the female officers, Ensign Whitley and Lieutenant Barnes, and one of the men on Barclay's team. The women apparently wanted to be 'serviced' by Chief Wilson and he had elected to decline their demands. "Alright. Call the men together in the theater at - he checked his watch - twenty-one hundred hours. I will be there." he told them. He knew they had to come up with a solution or these men would get violent. Most of them had gone weeks without sex. "I need to meet with the men. I will be back. I will add your code to the access unit and you can go retrieve some of your personal things while I am gone." he told Kelly, leaning down to kiss her - realizing it was the first time.

She returned his kiss, silently grateful for the act. Sitting there nude on his couch she didn't feel at all embarassed. "I'll be here when you return." she told him, standing to pull on her outer garments without bothering with her bra and panties. She headed quickly for the quarters she shared with a chief from the Armory, glad the woman wasn't there as she stuffed a duffle with her toiletries, a week's supply of underwear, both of her work uniforms and a couple of casual outfits. Then she grabbed her dress uniform, leaving it on the hanger, and headed back to Reed's suite, avoiding the eyes of the half-dozen crewmates she encountered along the way. She would shower and prepare herself prior to his return, and have his favorite beverage waiting for him.

"Gentlemen!" Reed called, whistling to get the attention of the unruly bunch. "ATTENTION!" he shouted, not in the mood to put up with a lack of discipline. He waited fifteen seconds before he spoke. "You are all frustrated by the lack of outlets for your sexual tension, as am I." he told them, bearing the catcalls and hoots before he raised his hand to continue. "I am prepared to make a proposal to Commander Tucker that will give us all respite and a viable path to sexual satisfaction in the future." he said.

"And what would that proposal be, Lieutenant?" Wilson asked.

"I will propose that the Empress establish a pool of females whose sole purpose will be to provide the officers with physical satisfaction." he said. "This pool of women will not likely come from the current crew compliment; but will be recruited purely to fulfill this need." he added. He saw a lot of heads nodding in agreement.

"When do you think we might have this 'pool' in place sir? My balls are gettin' very blue." one of the Ensigns chimed in.

"I cannot give you a firm date Ensign. I will move on this as quickly as I can. If Commander Tucker is available when we adjourn this meeting I will begin the process this evening." he replied. "Do any of you have suggestions as to how we might go about this, so that the proposal includes solutions?" he asked.

"Ensign Johjani?" he called on the young engineer from Rigel.

"Yes sir. We can contact the Rigelian market. There are always females available for acquisition." he suggested.

"Yeah, and some of them are even attractive enough to fuck - as long as you carry a bag" one of the junior Ensigns chimed in, bringing a round of chuckles from the crowd.

"The proposal will include some general criteria for the selection of these girls, and perhaps a team of recruiters from our group charged with that selection." Reed assured them. There were no more suggestions, and Reed adjourned the meeting. He rang Trip's com unit, and his friend answered. "Trip we need to talk. Got a minute?" he asked. When Tucker responded in the affirmative, he suggested they meet in Reed's quarters. "Okay sir; but you should know that Kelly is staying with me." Malcom came clean. Trip acknowledge the situation and agreed to meet in thirty minutes.

Malcom entered his suite, finding the lights low and Janet Kelly in a very inviting position on the sofa. Damn! he thought. "Sorry my lady. Commander Tucker will be arriving in twenty minutes and I must have a brief meeting with him. If you are uncomfortable with that I suggest you remain in the bedroom while he is here." he told her.

"Alright Malcom; but I'm not worried about him any longer." she said, standing to give him a hug and kiss. "But I should probably change, or he might get the wrong idea." she laughed, moving toward the bedroom door with a deliberate wiggle she now reserved for him. He watched her booty as she moved away, hoping for some time with that lovely round rump later. Well of course she'll let me have her ass. he realized.

Malcom and Trip met briefly, the Commander understanding the predicament completely. A vast majority of the crew were male, and a male of almost any species who was forced to do without carnal pleasure would turn violent in a matter of time. He asked Malcom to propose a solution, to include the size of the 'pool' and any potential sources, and to have that to him by the end of the following day, then thanked Malcom for his intitiative in keeping the crew appeased. Then he complimented Reed on his lovely lady, tipping his hat to Janet when she finally made her appearance. He departed, leaving them to their evening.

"Malcom, I'm glad you're trying to help your fellow officers. It has to be difficult for the men to accept such dramatic changes in such a short time." she told him, moving to the bar to retrieve his drink. "I would like to help if I can." she added, handing him his glass before she sat down next to him. "Perhaps to figure out the size of the pool?" she suggested. Her specialties were mathematics and statistics, so she was well qualified to assist.

"Well sure Janet. Let's do some brainstorming and see what we come up with." he replied. "It will be helpful to have a woman's point of view." he added.

The moved to the small dining table, sitting across from each other with their drinks and some spicy appetizers Janet had prepared while he was gone. I am going to like this! he thought, as her leg stretched across under the table to rest in his lap. They discussed the numbers, tallying the number of men to be serviced and agreeing that half that number of pool women should be enough. That would mean a pool of ten or eleven, certainly a manageable number. They could be housed four to a room in standard crew quarters, as the only thing they would need to do there was sleep. It was unlikely there would be more than two of the four in the room at any given time. Feeding them wouldn't be a problem either, as the ship was not close to it's normal compliment. Janet's foot began a gentle massage of his penis as their discussion came to an end, her eyes half-closed while she let him know of her desires. She looked him in the eye. "Please me Malcom. Please your lady." she said softly, rising from the table and tugging his hand.

Malcom walked behind her, admiring the easy sway of her derriere. His penis was hard before they made it to the bed, where she turned around to face him and began to knead his organ through his pants. She smiled up at him, her fingers deftly unfastening his trousers to push them down as she leaned forward to take him in her mouth. For the second time this day he was being fellated by this sexy black girl. Life is definitely good he thought, his hips pushing his cock into her willing face. Then she gently pushed him away, reaching up to help him strip the rest of the way before she removed her own clothes and lay back on the bed. Her legs spread wide, her knees rising in invitation. "Please me, Malcom Reed. Please your lady." she pleaded,

He knelt between her legs, then planted his face in her crotch and began working her hot pussy with his tongue. She growled her approval, grinding her sex against his mouth. He enjoyed the fragrance of her, the taste of her juices as her fingers tugged at his ears. He grabbed behind her knees and lifted them up and back to fully expose the plane of her cunt and ass, then lapped from the crack of her ass to her clit before working his tongue down over her soaking vulva to tease her anal ring. "ohhHHHYESS my beautiful man... suck my ass..." she squealed, replacing his hands with hers to hold herself open. Malcom did as she asked, curling his tongue to worm it as far as he could into her rear. He knew if he did enough of this his penis would find it's way up her butt. "F-finger me baby... put your finger in my ass and eat my pussy." she directed. Again he complied, sliding his index finger into the warmth of her vagina before gently working it into her anal port. "ohhhhGODYES" she groaned, pushing her hips down to capture more of his finger. He took her clit in his mouth, sucking hard on her nubbin as his tongue lashed at it and his finger moved deep inside her rear. Her hips began to wriggle and he felt the clenching in her bottom, her hands gripped his ears to pull his mouth against her pussy. "ohhMALCOM... EAT ME... SUCK MY PUSSYYYYYY... CUMMMMINNNNGGGGGG" she howled, her body thrashing on the bed as he held loins between a hand on her belly and that digit up her ass. Her convulsions lasted several minutes before she finally pushed his head away. "FUCK that was hot" she told him, closing her legs and squeezing his finger from her bottom. "Oh my god. It has NEVER been that good Malcom. NEVER." she told him, boosting his ego beyond belief.

Janet fetched a drink for each of them and returned to the bed, finding Malcom stretched out on his side. She smiled and handed him his glass with a wink. "I am very happy I was able to please you my lady." he told her, moving up to her side. "You know Janet?" he began, getting her attention. "I think we may have something here."

Janet reached over to stroke his penis in her soft hand. "Mmm.. maybe he would like to finish inside my pussy..." she suggested. Malcom watched her quickly lower her head to suck his dick until it was ready then she straddled his torso, reaching down to guide his meat into her own before slowly sitting back. "ahhhhhh... that's it..." she moaned, her hips rocking on his manhood. "Now just lie back and let your lady satisfy you" she whispered, resting her palms on his shoulders. "ohhhhyessssss...". She read his eyes and his body language to adjust her rhythm, sliding her pussy up and down his shaft as she clenched her vaginal muscles around him. She pressed her lips to his, driving her tongue into his mouth as their bodies bonded in the passionate embrace. For fifteen minutes they worked as one before she sensed the first spasm inside her. "Cum for me, Lieutenant Malcom Reed... cum in my hot pussy" she whispered in his ear. His hands grasped her hips as he pounded into her seething tunnel, his seed splashing into her belly accompanied by grunts of pleasure. She let his hands and hips guide the remainder of his climax, lifting and lowering her vagina onto his penis until he finally pulled her head down to kiss her, moaning into her mouth with the final squirts into her belly. When the kiss broke her lips nibbled their way to his ear. "Relax..... sleep...." she whispered, slowly lifting her body from his. Within minutes they were both sound asleep.

Hoshi, T'Pol and Travis listened as Trip described the situation with the officers, and included the proposal from Reed in the discussion. Tucker was enthusiastic in his support for the idea, citing his own experiences as evidence of the need. He knew that the ship could not function without those officers, and that Hoshi's new policies had taken away a significant incentive for the men. 'They' had to do something, and soon.

"I can understand that the situation will escalate, and I guess the proposal from Lieutenant Reed has merit." Hoshi began. "I think T'Pol, Mynka and I need to speak with the female officers before we make any changes." she stated, looking around the room.

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