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We were cleaning up after last night's poker party when I looked over and said to my lovely wife, "You know, I am a very lucky guy."

"I know that," my wife, Shelly, said as she wiped the table. Laughing, she added, "But why do you think so?"

I smiled and said, "There are not many wives that would allow a man to have the guys over for poker every week, much less play hostess to them."

"I like the guys, they're fun. Besides, I get to flirt with them," she said with a naughty grin. "I look forward to the party all week long."

"The guys really like you, especially when you wear something sexy and I love to watch you flirt," I said with a wink. "It makes me hot!" I grabbed her and kissed her.

"You do seem to get more frisky when I flirt shamelessly," she smiled.

"Oh yeah, I do. As a matter of fact, I wish that you would flirt more with the guys. It really turns me on," I said, leering at her.

She got very serious all of a sudden and pushed away from my embrace. Her hands were still on my arms, she looked me in the eyes, and said, "I know that you tell me and the guys that you don't mind us flirting with each other, but there is that invisible line that no one can cross. We all know that it is there; right or wrong, there is only so far a wife can go before she makes her husband jealous."

"We've talked about this before. Those are other people's rules, not ours. You can go as far as you want and if I have a problem, I'll tell you, but I don't think that I will. I haven't had any problems with anything that you've done so far and I'm encouraging you to go further," I said.

"You don't know how far I've gone," she said guiltily. "You know that the guys have stroked my ass and made some comments about my sitting on their laps, but sometimes when someone comes into the kitchen to help me get more snacks, I grind my ass into their crotch."

I smiled and said, "Oh, how I wish that I could have watched that! That is what I'm talking about. I would love it if you would do that more often."

"Well, the guys get real embarrassed when I do that and tend to withdraw from flirting. I think that they feel that they have crossed that line. I know that you have told the guys that you don't mind them flirting with me and I would love to go further, but I don't know how to cross that 'moral line.' "

I started thinking and said, "We'll have to find a way to convince the guys that I like it when they flirt with you and that I would like it more if they touched you more often."

She smiled broadly and said, "I love you so much, what do you have in mind?"

"How about next week you put on a fashion show of your sexiest outfits; and I mean your most revealing. You can start with a T-shirt and jeans, then change into a tank top and shorts, and I'm sure we can find more. I'll tell the guys that they have not been giving you the attention that you deserve and that I enjoy. We'll see what outfits get you the most gropes," I said, laughing.

"That sounds so naughty," she said and threw her arms around me.

We picked out several outfits for her to prance around in: Several tank tops, each one more see-through than the previous, several thongs, one completely see-through and one with very little material. She wasn't sure about two of the outfits that I had picked out and said, "I'm not too sure if you really want me to wear these."

"Why not?" I said. "They are really hot." They both had her breasts totally uncovered. "We'll see how the evening goes and if it turns out the way that we hope, then you can wear them," I said.

"I'd love to wear them for the guys, I just don't want to scare them," she said, shaking her breasts at me.

Every night after work we would look over the selection and comment about what might happen. We made some minor changes to the selection and the order in which she would model them. We were both anticipating Friday night.

The big night finally arrived and we had concluded that, even if the evening didn't turn out how we hoped, that we'd had a lot of fun all week planning it. My wife, Shelly, commented that she didn't want to be running upstairs to change every half hour and suggested that she put the clothes in the guest bathroom and change in there.

I said, "Why not change in the kitchen? No one can see you from the table."

She gave me that knowing grin and said, "That's why I love you; you have such a dirty mind." She grabbed the bag of clothes and headed for the kitchen. She was wearing a pair of baggy sweat pants and an oversized T-shirt.

The doorbell rang and I went to let the guys in; they all seem to arrive at the same time. Shelly joined me in welcoming the guys and each gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug. We all sat around the table; the cards were there, and snacks.

Jim asked, "What's with Shelly? I've never seen her wear so much for our poker parties. Is she sick?"

"I'm glad that you noticed," I said. "Shelly is feeling a little rejected by you guys. She is a very highly sexed woman, and look at the way you guys treat her. Like a sister, you all kissed her on the cheek tonight. Shelly loves to flirt and I love it when she flirts with you guys."

Bill said, "Man, she's your wife! We're not going to make moves on her. We do flirt with her, like you flirt with my wife when we get together."

"Shelly's and my relationship is more open than most. I know that she would never leave me, and I love it when she can flirt. It makes our nights so much better," I said.

We all laughed.

Bob said, "We never meant to offend her, I mean, I love both of you. So what should we do to show her that we see her as a woman? You want us to kiss her like we mean it?"

"Well, that would be a start. I mean, come on guys, don't tell me that you haven't noticed what a great set of tits she has and an ass to die for. I'm sure that you want to get your hands on her. Are you afraid that I'll get jealous? Well, I won't."

Just then Shelly came out with a bottle of wine for us.

Chuck stood up and put his arms around Shelly and said, "Joe was just telling us how we have been rejecting you and we're sorry. We never meant to, it's just that we didn't understand how open you are Joe were. How can we make it up to you?"

He then kissed her on the lips and put his hands on her hips, pulling her close to him. "You are one hot woman and I, for one, want to make sure that you know it."

"Thank you, Chuck. I have been feeling rather sisterly to you guys," Shelly said.

"I don't think that any of us have ever given you a proper kiss hello when we come over here." With that, Chuck placed his lips on hers and inserted his tongue. His hand lowered and started to squeeze her butt.

"Wait," said Jim as he stood. "None of us have given you a proper kiss and it's time we corrected that."

"Just a second," said Shelly as she slipped out of her sweat pants, revealing a pair of very short, skintight shorts. "Okay, next?"

She received a round of very passionate kisses, complete with ass massages. Whenever she came back into the room to ask if we needed anything, she got a hand on her ass along with several comments about how great she looked. Several of the guys asked her to lift her T-shirt so that they could see her shorts better. Jim asked her to bend over, which she did, laughing and wiggling her ass at him.

She also insisted on a round of kisses each time she came out, "to make up for the last six months," she said.

The third time she came out and asked if we needed anything, Jim said, "Yeah, I need my hand on your ass." She smiled and went over to him, gave him a kiss and stood there having her ass kneaded and said, "This is more like it, I feel lusted after!"

I interrupted the banter that followed by saying, "Shelly and I have been talking about this all week and have come up with an idea to solve her dilemma. Seeing how you guys are responding to her shorts, I think that you will love it. Shelly and I have picked out several outfits for her to wear, to see which one you guys like most. Shelly, why don't you go and put on the first one?"

"I'd love to," she said and walked into the kitchen saying, "you'll see me soon," and blew them a kiss. "I hope that you're going to like what I change into," she added as she vanished into the kitchen.

Chuck said, "Is she going to change clothes in the kitchen?"

"Yes," I said.

"So, if I just got up to stretch, I could see her?"

"Yes," I said.

"And you don't mind?"

"Hell no, I'd love it. I'm the one that suggested that she change in the kitchen," I said.

With that, everyone got up and went to the entry of our kitchen. Shelly was completely naked with her back to us. She turned her head, saw us and said, "Did you guys miss me?"

There were several comments about her body and how beautiful she was. Shelly put on a pair of cut off shorts that showed a lot of cheek and a tank top. She then grabbed the rest of her clothes and walked past us to the couch facing our table. She dropped her clothes on the couch and turned toward us.

The tank top that she was wearing was very tight. It wasn't see-through, but it looked as if it were painted onto her.

"I don't want to have to explain to your wives how you strained your necks playing poker," she said with a lusty grin, "so I'll just change out here, if that's okay with you guys."

The approval was almost deafening. Shelly laughed and said, "I thought so. What do you guys think of this outfit? I think we have to do the kiss test to see if this works."

She walked up to Jim and put her arms around him. He had his head down, staring at her chest.

"I think that Jim likes my top," she said as Jim raised his head and gave her a very passionate kiss. His hands snaked up to her breast.

My cock was getting hard and a smile was forming on my face as I watched my wife making out with another guy. They separated, but Jim left his hands on my wife's breasts, playing with her nipples. "Now, now, don't be greedy, Jim," said Shelly. "I'll be back and the evening is still young!"

She was flushed as she moved over to Bob and her nipples were rock hard. Bob looked at me and I nodded, smiling. He then wasted no time in covering Shelly's breasts with his hands and leaning into her for his kiss.

She finished her tour and walked back past the guys with every hand stroking her ass. She walked over to the couch and said, "Well, this outfit is a hit!" Her face was red, as was her chest as far down as we could see. She was a little breathless as she said, "Do you guys want to see the next outfit, or do you want to get back to your cards?"

Once we had that vote in and tallied, Shelly turned around and removed all of her clothes. She then looked through the clothes on the couch searching for her next outfit. The guys were going crazy asking her to turn around or to bend over more.

She wiggled her bare ass at them and told them that this was her party. She turned slightly with a hand over her breast to look at the guys, and smiled. Everyone asked her to move her hand.

She put on a thong and a very short skirt with a loose fitting tank top that was a little more see-through than the last and would move away from her body when she bent forward. She definitely knew what she was doing as she leaned forward, shaking her beasts, and asked if the guys liked this outfit.

Several of the guys said that we needed the kiss test to find out, so off she went. She started her circuit and, like before, had hands on her breasst, but this time hands under her skirt on her almost bare ass also. When she got to Bill, he put one hand on her left breast and, with his other hand, he lowered the strap of her tank top and started to kiss and suck her bare breast.

She walked back with her breast exposed and flushed all the way down her torso; she took off her skirt and then turned around. The guys complained that she hadn't bent over and showed them her ass.

She caught her breath, took off her top, and bent over for them. She put on another top and turned around. She was wearing a tank top that she had cut the bottom off so that it just covered her nipples, and a thong. She walked up to Chuck and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips and said, "Well?"

He wasted no more time and lifted the top over her breasts and began to play with them. She placed her hands on his chest and began rubbing.

This continued on down the line with hands on her ass and breasts.

She went back to the couch and frowned. "You know that this isn't really fair. You guys get to see and feel my chest, but I don't get to see your naked chests. You all have to take off your shirts now."

As one, the guys jumped to their feet and whipped off their T-shirts. They were all just standing there waiting for her next instruction.

I have never seen my wife so powerful as she was with these guys. She could ask anything of them and they would fall all over themselves to do it. Shelly noticed as well and a smile found its way onto her face. She turned around and stripped, then said, "Do you guys want anything?"

Jim and Bill asked her to turn around. She placed her hands to cover her breasts and pubes, and then turned around. "Anything else?" she asked, laughing.

Bob said, "Yeah, move your hands!"

"Not just yet," she said.

Chuck asked for some more wine, so Shelly trotted off to the kitchen, still naked, and brought out another bottle. She placed it in front of Chuck and gave him a kiss before going back to the couch.

Everyone asked her to pour the wine, but she ignored them and turned around. Several comments were made about her ass and she moved it around so that everyone got a good view. Her legs were only slightly spread. I think she knew exactly how much she was showing.

She put on a thong and a sheer baby doll. She turned around and I saw that the thong was also sheer and not much material.

She walked up to the line of her guys (they were not my poker buddies anymore; she owned them), and placed her hands on Jim's chest. The fondling continued until she broke off to go to Bob, who immediately put his hand between her legs.

The rest of the guys followed suit and she could barely walk back to the couch. She just stripped off the clothes that she was wearing and put on the nightie that I had gotten her last month for our special night. It had a waistline just below her breasts and nothing above. The length hit her mid butt and it was intended to have panties, but she chose not to wear them.

Her breasts were totally exposed as she presented them to the waiting line. She moved up to Jim and grabbed his face and brought it to hers for a deep kiss. She grabbed his hand and thrust it between her legs.

We were spellbound. There was not a sound as we were all watching my wife fuck Jim's hand. She orgasmed and slumped against his chest to catch her breath before moving on to Bob and repeating the process.

She staggered over to the couch after her fourth orgasm and collapsed.

Chuck then recovered and said, "Damn, woman, my wife will kill me if we go any further." The rest of the guys nodded and picked up their shirts, preparing to leave. They made comments that they would 'never take her for granted again' and 'best night ever' and 'maybe we should call this "poke her." ' Everyone was laughing as they left.

I went over to Shelly and said, "Well that went well, don't you think?" She laughed and said, "Too bad that the guys got scared; I just needed to catch my breath!"

"There is always next week," I said. "I was hoping you would get their pants off and sit on their laps."

"I've never had two guys at once and I'd like to try it," she said.

"We'll have to work on the guys and see if we can't get two tag teams going for you. That was so hot tonight! Are you ready for more?" I asked.

"I love you," she said, dragging me to the bedroom.

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