tagSci-Fi & FantasyHostile Ch. 01

Hostile Ch. 01



Hello Lit!

This is my first attempt at writing erotica.

This story starts off slow.

I would just like to introduce you to the main characters and universe first.

The year is 2347. Humanity has spread across many nearby star systems, colonizing and terraforming where possible. Many planets with existing ecosystems and flourishing life are found but regrettably no other sentient species have been identified.

Jake is a wanderer. The son of a rich man, he could do anything his heart desired. Since he was a boy his fantasies were fixated on adventure and exploration. In 2345 Jake's father buys him a small, though well-equipped, shuttle that is well suited for interstellar exploration.

At the age of 21 Jake left his home on Earth and began exploring the stars. He stopped at many colonies, spending weeks or even months visiting and getting to know the people that lived so far from Earth. Jake had relationships with several women, scattered across his galactic pit stops but in the end his desire for exploration always pushed him to continue his journey.

At the age of 23 his journey ends in a spectacular crash on an unknown planet.

Jake is 6'0" tall and weighs 190lbs with an athletic build. He has short dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a light skin tone.

Alie was just 2 years old when her ship containing herself and her mother (Jessica) crashed on the same unknown planet, 16 years before Jake's arrival.

Unfortunately Alie's mother Jessica had been beaten and raped repeatedly by her husband before escaping her colony with her young daughter in a small rickety shuttle. She loved her daughter but hated men with an all-consuming passion. Jessica had been abused by not only her husband but her father before her marriage.

Alie was taught by her mother than men were cruel and brutal and never to be trusted. Jessica didn't think much of this as she was convinced they would never be rescued and would likely never see another person.

Alie lived with her mother on the planet for 6 years until Jessica passed away after falling ill.

After her mother's death Alie found a way to keep on going. She had been taught how to survive by her mother and she continued to excel at it despite her, at times, all-consuming loneliness.

Alie learned to be proficient in hunting, gathering, and fishing. Her preferred hunting weapon is a longbow made for her by her mother.

At the time of Jake's crash Alie is 18 years old, 5'3" tall, 120 lbs, and has an athletic body. She has long coppery red hair to the small of her back, steel grey eyes, and freckles across her entire body but most noticably on her cheeks and shoulders. Her skin is tanned from head to toe as she spends almost all of her time outdoors and often suns herself nude as there is little reason not to.

Now that you know the characters and the universe, I hope you enjoy. As this is my first story please send as much feedback as you can so I can learn how to improve! Thanks in advance for reading my story and any comments, positive or negative, that you have!



Bulkheads exploded all around me and I was flung against the console as my tiny ship was hit by weapons fire. Weapons fire? From who!?

A ship had approached rapidly and opened fire before I could even guess at who they were or why they were so set on blowing my tiny shuttle into space dust.

Alarms rang loudly in my ears and blood ran down my face, dripping in front of my eyes as I desperately worked to get the shuttle under control again. Most systems were down but I still had propulsion. A split second decision led me to slam the shuttle into full sub-light speed. I knew my ship was not going to hold together much longer but if I could just get back to that planet I had passed earlier in the day I might get out of this alive!

Perhaps now would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Jake. Jake Anderson to be more precise. I am 23 years old and I have my very own shuttle and use it to spend my time exploring the galaxy, or at least whatever parts of the galaxy I can get to in the Bow, the name of my small ship. I loved this life, or at least I did up until 10 minutes ago when things took... a turn.

I could have been a banker, financial analyst, teacher, starship engineer, anything I wanted really. But I wanted to explore the galaxy, on my own. Adventure, that is what I wanted. Look where that got me.

So here I was, my propulsion system now showing signs of failure along with damn near every other system. I just needed to keep her together long enough to "land". As long as I could get down without dying I didn't much care what kind of landing I had.

My ears were now ringing from the explosions and alarms going off all around me, I had no idea where the other ship was. I was just focused on getting down alive.

The planet in front of me was gorgeous. Vast oceans and lush green continents. All I had time to care about at the moment was that it had an atmosphere I could breathe and solid ground to land on.

As I descended into the atmosphere I was working the controls constantly trying to keep the ship under control. I just needed a few more seconds. My hands flew across the panel and I managed to, for the time being, keep a good rate of descent. Then everything went black.


Alie had just finished relaxing -- fishing -- along the banks of the Spring river when she heard a dull whining sound and then an explosion that thudded in her chest. She looked up in horror and saw a small craft, obviously out of control, tumbling and spinning as it plummeted towards the ground. Alie tracked it carefully with her eyes, trying to judge where it would land until finally she heard a dull thud in the distance and a cloud of what appeared to be dust rose, somewhere near Barrier lake.

Gathering her fishing pole, nets, and catch of the day (which she had thankfully already gutted) she jogged back to her camp.

Alie was intensely curious about the ship she had seen crash so near her home but she was also nervous bordering on terrified. What if she found someone alive? What if it was a man? Mother had told her about men. Alie had been told by her mother when she was young that men beat and raped women, that they were cruel and heartless.

She decided then and there, if she found a man alive in the crash, she would leave him to die so he could never hurt her. She had survived this long on her own, Alie had no intention of nursing a man back to health just so he could be cruel to her, hurt her.

Despite this, Alie desperately hoped there was someone alive in the crash, maybe a woman or girl who could be her friend! She had not seen another person in over 10 years.

The young woman gathered up some supplies, food and water along with a few basic medical devices she still had. They had regenerative fuel cells and she took excellent care of them, knowing that they would not last forever and there was no way to replace them. She also brought her hunting knife, the one her mother had given her, and her favourite weapon which mother had made for her before she passed. A beautiful longbow.

She left her camp with a small pack on her back, her knife tucked in her belt, and the bow over her shoulder as she began hiking towards Barrier Lake. She had good paths to the lake as she frequented it often and had been living in the area almost her entire life.

Alie knew the route well and despite its significant distance from her home she reached the lake in only an hour.

What she saw when she arrived overwhelmed her with emotion, both relief and sadness simultaneously. There was debris scattered across the lake and steam rising from where the main body of the ship had sunk into the depths.

Alie paced along the shore for some time before coming to the conclusion that there was no possible way anyone could have survived such an impact. She had also briefly looked for anything worthwhile in the wreckage that had washed up on the shore of the lake but nothing seemed useful. With a few searching glances back at the site of the wreck, she departed the lake and made her way back to her home.

Alie spent the rest of the night lost in thought, sitting around the fire. For the entire evening she felt enveloped by an overpowering sadness and loneliness. She had been alone for so long and there were days she could not understand why she continued living when it was obvious to her that she would always be alone.

After hours of contemplative silence, the young woman glanced up at the sky and realized it was now completely dark and that she had spent far too long thinking. She had not even had her evening meal. She was hungry but also too tired to bother making anything. Alie rose from her seat and walked slowly into her shelter. She had a nice bed which, many years ago, had been salvaged from the ship she had crashed in.

Alie collapsed into her soft bed and in only moments fell off into a deep slumber.



Why was there ringing?

The incessant sound filled my head, which pounded fiercely with pain.

I shook my head and hesitantly opened my eyes to see that I was inside a small escape pod. How? I thought that system had failed along with most of the rest of the damn systems. I rapidly decided not to concern myself with how I survived the crash, I was just glad I did. I did not remember the final moments but either way I was safely on the ground.

I recalled from my training that the Bow's escape pod is a small capsule that, conveniently, encloses a pilot's seat and blasts him out of the cockpit if the ship is doomed. It then uses on-board thrusters to land softly. It is snug and uncomfortable but it obviously did its job. My current situation is thankfully one that the designers had taken into consideration.

Light flooded into the small pod. It appeared to be near dawn. With the base of my hand I hit the mechanical release on the hatch for the pod and very slowly, very gingerly stepped out. I hurt everywhere. It hurt to breathe but on a very cursory examination I decided my ribs, like much of the rest of my body, were bruised but not broken. I think even my hair hurt.

I looked around me, taking in my surroundings. I had landed in a small clearing in a lush forest of tall conifers.

"Son of a bitch." I finally muttered to myself as I took stock of my situation.

My vision was cast skyward in a furious glare as if I could actually communicate how pissed off I was with the ship that had shot down my beloved Bow and stranded me here on this damn planet.

I stumbled toward the base of the escape pod and after bashing it several times with my fist I was able to open the storage compartment. Thankfully designers of these capsules knew that getting the pilot out of the doomed ship safely did little if there were no supplies on board to keep the pilot alive for some time afterward. I pulled out a case full of medical supplies, a large pack full of survival gear, and a very large case filled to the brim with survival rations and bottled water. The rations and the water would last a single person about a month but thankfully there were some basic weapons and a water purifier stashed in with the survival gear.

I stood again, feeling my whole body protest against any movement at all, and looked around once more. The trees around me were tall timber which meant that I could see a ways into the woods as there were no branches near the ground. In the distance to the east (as best as I could figure) there appeared to be a lake. I decided if I was to be here for any length of time that the best place for a camp would be on the shore.

Slowly, very slowly in fact, I dragged both of the cases and the large pack through the woods and up to the shore of the lake. I noted with regret that the rest of my ship had obviously crashed into the middle of the lake, making recovery of any other equipment from it nearly impossible. Debris was scattered over much of the shoreline and across the water's surface. Later, maybe tomorrow, I would have test the water quality with the handheld scanner that I had found in the pack. The water purifier would allow me to drink the water even if it was somehow contaminated by the shuttle crash but if there were fish in the lake I would like to know if I could eat them without poisoning myself.

I rummaged around in the pack and pulled out a self-assembling shelter and placed it near the edge of the trees. I firmly pressed the button on the top of the small box and stepped back several paces. Over the course of the next minute or so a small shelter rose out of the box and assembled itself. It was big enough to have a storage area (for the pack and cases that came with the escape pod), and a good-sized raised bed as well as enough room to move around inside.

The final stages of the automated setup for the shelter, long rods extending out of the corners of the tent-like structure and embedding into the ground for stability, had just completed as I started dragging all of the equipment and supplies into the tent and stashing them in the storage area. I sat down on the raised bed and silently thanked the designers of the escape pods for their ingenuity and consideration.

I opened the case of medical supplies and withdrew the medical scanner. I ran the medical scanner over my whole body several times and then studied the readout. As I suspected I wasn't seriously injured, miraculously. I had small bruises and cuts over most of my body but it was all superficial and would heal quickly. Still, I was in a good amount of pain and had a wicked headache so I punched in a moderate dose of pain killers into the small device. It accepted this as a reasonable treatment and I reached into the case to pull out a vial which I knew was a common painkiller as I glanced at it. I attached the vial to the port on the side of the scanner, it examined the contents and prepared the dose. Near the top of the device a small circular, flat surface extended from it. I placed this surface against my neck and the drug was painlessly injected. Moments later my pain faded and my mind cleared, no longer burdened by the pounding headache.

I put away the vial and the scanner and laid back on the bed. A wave of exhaustion flooded over me and I slipped off into a dreamless sleep despite the trauma of the crash and it still being mid morning.


Alie woke in the morning feeling much better than she had the night before but also famished. She rose rapidly and began puttering around, rebuilding the fire and preparing one of the fish she had caught the day before for her morning meal.

As she ate slowly she thought back to the lake and its wreckage-strewn appearance. She decided to trek back there in the afternoon to see if anything useful had washed ashore overnight.

Alie decided that her morning would be best spent gathering some fruits and vegetables to replenish her supply. Over her many years on the planet she had become very knowledgeable about the local plant life and what was available to be eaten.

Alie never wore a lot of clothing. The planet had no seasons and the location of her camp was in a temperate zone, it was almost always fairly warm. However, it was convenient to have something to cover her breasts to keep them tight to her body if she needed to run. She often wore a simple top with no sleeves that covered her chest and back to just below her breasts. She also wore shorts so she would have something to cover her derriere when she wanted to sit down.

This was her outfit today, made of leather from a deer-like creature she sometimes hunted that she simply referred to as a deer. Her mother had seen little need to come up with new names for the creatures on the planet and often simply called the local plants and wildlife by the name of the Earth-dwelling creature that they most resembled.

Alie took a basket, her bow, and her knife with her as she left her camp and walked south along the river. She hummed to herself as she filled her basket with the vegetables and fruits she needed to top up her supply. She took her time, enjoying the beautiful day and the familiar task.

When Alie returned to her camp it was near mid day and after stashing the bounty from her work that morning, she sat down to another meal of fish from the day before.

She ate quickly and then left camp, carrying her bow, knife, and gathering basket in case she found something of use at Barrier Lake.

The trip to the lake was once again about an hour and uneventful along the way, other than observing some of the familiar flora and fauna.

As Alie neared Barrier Lake she stopped in her tracks and stared with her mouth open, for just a moment. Then she quickly sank to her knees and ducked behind a bush. She peered across the lake at the shelter that had been erected on the other side, but that was not what truly drew her eye. It was the man working outside the tent. She had never seen one before but remembering her mother's description, it was quite clear what this figure was.

She watched as he dug a sizable shallow pit and lined the edges with large rocks, creating a fire pit.

Alie's emotions raged and swirled in her head. Part of her was elated to see another person. She had not see another person in 10 years! Then her thoughts turned to what her mother had told her of men and Alie's heart grew cold. She would not allow herself to be abused as her mother had been. Her jaw was set firmly as she concluded that the only way to remain safe was to eliminate this man.

Alie slowly stalked through the tall timber, always staying hidden but always keeping her eyes on her target. She had a long way to go around the lake and her slow approach took hours.

As Alie drew near to the shelter she knelt in the trees. The man had, moments before, stepped back into his shelter. Her plan was to shoot him in the chest the moment he was in full view. She brought her bow down off her shoulder and nocked an arrow, waiting patiently.

Conflicting emotions warred within her. She wanted desperately to end her seemingly interminable loneliness but she would NOT allow herself to be abused as her mother had been. No. The man must die.

As the figure exited his tent with some sort of tool in his hand, Alie drew her bow and held, waiting for the ideal moment. As her target stopped and gazed out across the lake, a mere 15 yards away, she fired...

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