tagSci-Fi & FantasyHostile Ch. 10

Hostile Ch. 10




Laying there on the forest floor, I could not think of a better moment in my life. Alie lay silent but she seemed to exude happiness nonetheless. I held her close, unwilling for the time being to let her go, and spread gentle kisses along her shoulder and neck.

We lay like that for a few minutes until my long-neglected cock began twitching once again inside her, ready and willing to make up for lost time.

Alie turned her face to look at me, surprise written across her features. At the renewed look of desire in my eyes her surprise transformed into a sexy grin and a twinkle in her eye.

I pulled my member from her very wet depths and rolled Alie onto her back. She whimpered in protest but looked intensely curious as to my plans.

Thankfully the forests of the planet had a floor of what seemed fairly similar to thick moss. It was spongy and comfortable.

I crawled between Alie's legs and a quick glance at her face showed her looking up at me with shining eyes and adorably biting her bottom lip. My heart melted and for a moment I was frozen by her beauty.

After several long moments I managed to break her spell and began slowly moving my eyes from her face, lowering my lips to her flat tummy and placing light kisses all around her navel. I heard a quiet gasp and I felt the muscles of her abdomen flutter under my lips.

My lips trailed kisses down towards her sparse, fiery red bush. With a faint cry of need, Alie spread her legs wide and pushed her pelvis up towards my mouth. I continued trailing the lightest of kisses through her bush but just before my lips would have closed on her clit, I steered to the right, caressing the skin at the junction of her thigh and pelvis with my tongue.

Alie tried to move her hips over so my mouth would pay direct attention to her clit and the moist pink flesh of her slit but I continued to evade her, now caressing her inner thigh with my mouth.

I heard a sigh of frustration issue from her lips but it had no heat behind it. Slowly my lips and tongue paid homage to her inner thigh, the back her knee, and trailed down to her ankle.

Now moving to the left leg, I repeated the treatment. Throughout, I could hear Alie's breath getting more ragged with each passing moment. A glance at her pussy showed copious clear fluid leaking out onto her skin and the forest floor... long since washing away evidence of my previous orgasm deep inside her.

When my lips had completed their circuit of her lovely legs, Alie's whole body seemed on fire. She was squirming, moaning, and as my lips traced the left crease between her pelvis and thigh, she whimpered desperately.

But I was not done my teasing. I wanted to make love to every inch of this amazing woman. I had missed this dearly and now almost could not remember why I had denied us both this pleasure for so long.

I worked my lips and tongue back up over her flat, muscular, sensitive belly to the beauty of her breasts. With purpose I began lavishing attention on each of them, lightly licking their entire surface and waiting until the last moment to capture first one and then the other nipple in my suckling mouth.

I spent a long time licking, biting, and sucking her nipples until Alie seemed beside herself with need. Her hands reflexively gripped and released the deep moss of the forest floor and for the first time I heard her voice, "Jake... Jake, please. Please! No more teasing... I need you, please!"

I almost gave into her pleas but this time I needed to fully explore her. I intended to give her the release she so desperately needed... just not quite yet.

I kissed up her neck to her lips and locked her in a heart-stopping kiss, my tongue wrestling enthusiastically with hers. She wrapped her arms around me and tried to thrust her pelvis towards my hard cock but couldn't quite manage to capture the object of her desire.

I pulled back from the kiss and her eyes were a haze of desperation and longing.

I leaned in to her ear and after teasingly sucking her lobe into my mouth for a moment, I whispered in a low and husky voice, "Be patient my love, you will get so much pleasure you will chase all the animals from the woods with your screams. You once asked me to show you all about sex... well I would like to show you a little more."

My words sent a shudder through Alie's body and I heard another gentle whimper from her lips.

I moved slowly back down her body, once again covering her in tiny kisses, until I reached her hips.

I lifted her legs and indicated she should hold her legs together against her chest. I saw a confused look on Alie's face but I smiled brightly to her in reassurance and she seemed to relax.

Now was the time to show her another aspect to her sexuality that I was confident she would both enjoy and be shocked by.

I leaned in and gave her juicy pussy a long lick from the entrance to her vagina to just before her clit. A frustrated sound escaped her lips that sounded like a mix between a moan and sigh.

My eyes moved lower to the tiny pink rosebud I had often wanted to show Alie the pleasures of. Her constant bathing and swimming kept the area almost always clean and fresh.

I lowered my mouth and gently licked the tiny opening. Her body jolted as if from an electrical shock and Alie moaned before asking, "What are you doing Jake?"

I flicked my tongue across her anal opening again before asking, "Do you like it?"

"Yes but... but... I didn't think..." Her words trailed off as another light lick sent more spasms through her body.

"Do you want me to stop? There is more I can show you," I asked, waiting for her answer before I made my next move.

"I," Alie paused for several seemingly interminable moments, "... what are you doing feels... wonderful. Don't stop, just... go slow."

Alie's great show of trust in me and the strain I could hear in her voice both pushed me to begin rapidly flicking my tongue across her rosebud, pushing two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy to massage the frontal wall of her vagina, and rubbing her clit hard with my moistened thumb.

I felt Alie's entire body go completely rigid before she released her legs reflexively. Her whole body lifted off the forest floor and I heard a high-pitched keening wail burst from her lungs. When her body returned to the ground, Alie shuddered uncontrollably. Her voice died out but a brief glance at her face showed her mouth still open in a silent scream of pleasure.

Throughout Alie's mind and body shattering orgasm, I kept up my attentions to all three erogenous zones up as best I could.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was likely only a minute or so, her body suddenly completely relaxed and I could see she had finally come down from orgasm. She watched me silently through heavily lidded eyes and with a small, exhausted smile.

I crawled up between her legs and slid my painfully erect cock inside her quivering pussy. A deep groan forced itself from my lips at the wonderful feeling of her warmth. I leaned over her body and lightly kissed the tip of her nose and her moist lips.

As I thrust glacially slowly in and out, Alie looked into my eyes with more love than I had ever seen from her or anyone else. She whispered in a hoarse voice, "Jake... you do such amazing things to me. I love you so much. Please never stop loving me. Never stop touching me ever again."

"I promise, my love."

I began rocking my hips back and forth faster, while I kissed Alie with every ounce of love I had for her. All of the time spent pleasuring Alie left me with a hair trigger and after only a short, but glorious, lovemaking I shuddered violently in release as my seed flooded Alie's depths. Alie shivered with a final small orgasm and laid back with closed eyes and a wide, satisfied smile gracing her lips.


Later in the afternoon Alie relaxed on the grass slope by the river. Despite her protests Jake had carried her, as she held the basket of fruits and vegetables, on the short trip back to camp after their lovemaking in the woods and he was now off hunting as he wanted to make her a meal. She kept running the whole day over in her head repeatedly and couldn't wipe the broad smile off her face.

So long she had tried to get through the wall that had come up between her and Jake but it had eventually come down on its own, perhaps aided by her nudity.

She had little doubt now that they had loved each other all along, it was simply a matter of breaking through the misunderstanding and fear of rejection.

While running her fingertips lightly over the scar on her left thigh, Alie thought back over her time with Jake. She remembered with horror almost killing him, being attacked by the jungle lion, and her foolish "escape" but most of all she remembered the love and lovemaking, his gentleness and their happiness together. Her thoughts culminated in a tentative conclusion but it was one she would have to discuss with Jake, a decision should could certainly not come to alone.

Suddenly Alie felt energized and the urgent need to speak to Jake. Just as she was rising from the ground to go see if he was on his way back to camp, he walked into the clearing on the other side of the river. He wore a bright smile as he had successfully retrieved two gebins, Alie's favourite, for their meal.

Alie waited for him as he crossed the river but the moment he got to the other side she wrapped him up in a hug and loving kiss before whispering, "Thank you, my love."


I was thrilled with my reception when I arrived back at camp with the key ingredient for Alie's favourite meal. Now, as we cuddled in the failing light beside the campfire, long since having finished our dinner, I was even more thrilled with the reception the meal had received.

Since Alie had, for so long, hunted and cooked for herself she was always exceedingly grateful to have the entire task done for her, even despite her love for hunting. I knew my cooking skills were not on par with hers but still she heaped praise on the meal. I had prepared a meal of roasted gebin with roasted vegetables and fresh berries, all of which were collected that day.

As we sat in comfortable silence, watching the fire, I could sense that Alie was working up to asking me something. I decided to simply allow her to work through it and discuss it with me when she felt the time was right.

After hours of cuddling, when the sky was alight with stars, Alie rose to her feet and pulled me along with her, guiding me to bed.

We made love for hours that night, trying to make up for lost time. When finally we both lay back, exhausted but completely satiated, Alie whispered in my ear, "Jake, I want to have your baby."


Even though it was mostly dark as they lay in bed, Alie could see Jake turn to look into her eyes. His eyes were wide but he was silent for a long time.

Finally Jake leaned in and placed the most gentle and loving kiss on her lips. He whispered back, "I love you Alie. I am thrilled that you trust me so much as to want that. I want nothing more than to be the father of your child, but there are things we need to talk about before we do this."

Alie smiled, stifling a yawn, and simply replied, "I love you too Jake. We'll talk about it in the morning."

Despite the seriousness of their conversation, both were so tired from their repeated sexual escapades throughout the day that they fell into slumber moments later.


I woke late in the morning, bright light illuminating not only the tent but the gorgeous sleeping figure beside me. For a long time I watched her sleep, propped up on my side. Alie's fiery red hair splayed all around her peaceful face.

Finally no longer able to resist, I leaned in and kissed her lips gently, causing her eyelids to flutter open. I pulled back from the kiss and smiled, whispering, "Good morning my beautiful Alie."

Alie blinked rapidly and smiled sleepily up at me. "Good morning Jake," she said almost shyly.

"Would you like to talk about our baby now?"

"I... yes, I suppose we should."

"The first thing I want you to know is that I want nothing more than to have a family with you Alie, I just think we need to discuss the implications of this decision. We are not exactly in a normal situation."

Alie nodded, considering for a moment before responding, "And I would love to be the mother of your children but you are right, we need to think clearly about this before going ahead."

"I have three major concerns about this, lets see if we can work them out..."

Alie grinned slightly and replied, "Okay, I'm sure I have similar concerns but go ahead."

"Firstly, I am concerned about your health throughout the pregnancy."

"Well, we have a lot of food saved up and combining your medical supplies with the devices I still have around we should have enough to keep me healthy even if things don't go completely smoothly. Also, I know how important we are to each other Jake... If I get very sick because of my pregnancy we will... stop it."

"Your mother spoke to you about abortion?" I replied in surprise, knowing we had never discussed it.

Alie nodded and replied, "I know she died when I was quite young but we had a lot of time alone here to talk and she told me as much as she could on every subject she could think of." Alie stopped herself before mentioning how unfortunate it was that she had also picked up her mother's distrust of men. Thankfully that wasn't a problem anymore.

I nodded and leaned in to kiss Alie lightly on the forehead. "My next concern is what will happen to our child if something happens to us?"

Alie shuddered just slightly and hesitated before saying, "Well we will just have to teach our baby all we can and if something happens to us..." Alie shuddered again and took a deep breath before continuing, "Then our child will have to survive like I did."

I looked at Alie long and hard before nodding. With a voice strained slightly by emotion I whispered, "I will do everything I can to keep you and our baby safe Alie."

Alie smiled lovingly up at me and pulled me down for a kiss before replying, "I know."

I simply stared into Alie's eyes for a few long moments before I voiced my final concern, in some ways my biggest concern, "Alie, we are the only people on this planet as far as I know. What kind of future does that leave for a child?"

Alie had considered this as well and replied with the only answer she had come up with, "You never know what the future will hold. A ship could land here, there could be a colonization attempt, another ship could crash, or there might be other people here that we don't know about. I know it increases the risk to me, Jake, but we should also consider having at least two children so they won't be alone if something happens."

Grinning, I replied, "One step at a time Alie." Continuing after a moments pause, "But you are right, of course."




I woke early in the morning to a cold bed. I groaned sleepily as my eyes opened to look at the empty side of the bed that belonged to my beloved Alie.

Yawning, I rose to my feet and stretched before plodding outside.

Alie was standing naked beside the faint glow of the banked fire, the first light of sunrise lighting her heavily pregnant form.

To me, she had never looked more beautiful. Her long red hair fell down past the rounded beauty of her rear and her skin glowed the glow of a healthy pregnancy. Her breasts had grown but her athletic figure kept them high and beautifully shaped. Alie seemed all but immune to the outward pitfalls of pregnancy. She had had fairly severe morning sickness at first but once that had passed she seemed to be sailing through her pregnancy with ease.

I walked up behind Alie, moving her hair away and placing a series of light kisses along her neck. With a content grin, she turned her head and captured my lips, drawing me into a gentle but loving kiss.

I broke away and moved to kneel in front of her, and with my hands caressing her swollen abdomen, I kissed each side of her tummy and said happily, "There, good morning kisses for all my girls."

Alie grinned widely and replied, "You are so sweet, now get up here and watch the sunrise with me!"

I jumped to my feet and turned to watch the massive glowing ball of light rise above the horizon, an arm wrapped protectively and affectionately around my love.

As we watched the morning's beautiful display, our eyes were drawn to a long fiery trail burning across the sky. Another ship was crashing.

The End

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