tagIncest/TabooHostile Family Takeover Ch. 04

Hostile Family Takeover Ch. 04


Natalie's head was in a whirl. She lay there, recovering from the most wonderful orgasm, her very first, and she wasn't sure what to do next. She knew what her brother wanted her to do; he was the ringleader in all of this after all. She knew what her grandmother wanted her to do; she was the one who had licked her to orgasm. And she knew what her mother wanted her to do; she was sitting on Natalie's chest, her short skirt around her waist, her pussy waiting for her daughter's tongue. Yes, she knew what everyone wanted her to do, everyone but herself.

What did she want? She couldn't deny that the feelings her grandmother had awoken in her were much more intense, much more pleasurable, than the only other time she had had sex. That had been with her boyfriend and it had not affected her like this. It had been quick, a little painful, and not nearly as enjoyable as what she had just shared with the closest members of her family.

Did this mean she was a lesbian? Yes, she had had fantasies about kissing other girls. Yes, she had been excited when she saw some of the other girls naked in the showers after gym. Yes, she had often run home, pulled down her panties and run her finger along her wet pussy when she thought about them. But she had never thought of herself as anything but straight.

That was why she had let her boyfriend fuck her, wasn't it? Or was it just because she knew that, if she didn't do it, he would soon find someone else who would.?

Or was she really gay? Should she do what they all wanted her to do? Should she lick another woman's pussy? Did it really matter that the other woman was her own mother? Did it matter that her mother's pussy was really hairy? Did it really matter that she was being forced to do this if she secretly wanted to do it?

Sally looked down on her sweet daughter's face and could see the conflicting emotions that were causing her to hesitate. She would never have done this through choice. She would never have subjected her beautiful daughter to such perverse treatment.

Even so, she had been jealous that it had been her own mother and not she who had been chosen to be the first to taste Natalie's private parts. (Even in her own mind she couldn't bring herself to use words like "pussy" or "cunt"). She had been patient and now she wanted the reward for her patience. She realised that she wanted her daughter to lick her "there." She wanted Natalie to make her cum. She wanted the girl pinned beneath her to taste her juices and she knew she was going to have to take the lead.

"Do it, darling. Do what your brother wants and this will all be over."

"Don't be so coy, mother. Tell your baby girl exactly what you want her to do."

Sally trembled in the shame of knowing that her son knew she wanted this to happen. he always seemed to know exactly what words to say, what buttons to press, to humiliate her even further. but he had the upper hand; he knew it, she knew it and soon her daughter would know it too.

"Lick my pussy, sweetheart. It won't be so bad and you may even like it."

Natalie knew her mother was trying to make it easier for her but she still couldn't bring herself to make that first move. So, seeing this, Sally inched forward until she felt her daughter's reluctant lips touch her own private place. Realising that Tony was becoming impatient, she reached down and opened herself to her daughter's sweet mouth.

She gasped in sheer pleasure as Natalie finally gave up the fight and opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and began to lick a woman's pussy for the first time ever, her own mother's.

Sally was in heaven. Her daughter's tongue felt even better than her mother's had earlier. She knew that Natalie would have no more experience in being intimate with a woman than she had had before today, but as her daughter nibbled at her thick lips, she moaned in delight at the soft suckling of her daughter.

Natalie didn't know what she was doing, her mother was right about that. If she had to do this then she would simply try to remember what her grandmother had done to her and force herself to devour her own mother's pussy in the same way.

If Sally was ashamed at what she and her daughter were doing, it certainly didn't look that way to her son and Tony knew it wouldn't look like either of them were being forced in the photos he was taking. His mother and sister were too preoccupied in their lust to notice what he was doing and he smiled to himself as he recorded for all posterity his mother grinding herself on her daughter's face, groaning in sheer pleasure as Natalie's nose accidentally bumped against her exposed clit.

Natalie was worried that she was in danger of being suffocated as her mother became more and more animated but her worries increased when she saw her brother approach. He had handed over the photography duties to their grandmother and now crouched down beside the two women. Natalie couldn't see what his left hand was doing but it seemed to be pushing their mother forward even more, her pussy now crushed against her daughter's face.

He forced his right hand between his two relatives and began to circle his mother's clit, as if she wasn't inflamed enough already. Natalie had to end this soon as she was really struggling to catch her breath now and, following her grandmother's earlier example, she stiffened her tongue and forced it deeper between her mother's lips. Tony, meanwhile, played his part in their dual assault and continued to torment their mother's extremely sensitive button.

Sally looked down, and through the fog of lust, saw her daughter's face trapped beneath her. Natalie was no longer her daughter, however. She was simply a means to an end, a tool, to bring this moment to its inevitable climax.

She reached down and grabbed Natalie's head, pulling her daughter even closer to her, riding her face. She rode, Natalie poked and Tony teased until she came in a thunderous orgasm that made her collapse forward onto the poor girl's face, her juices pouring over her daughter's mouth, nose and chin.

By now Natalie was ready to panic, unable to catch even the smallest drop of air as he mother's sated body covered her entire face. Pushing the older woman off her, she gulped in as much air as her lungs could take and lay there, hoping that her perverted family were finally finished with her.

She should have known better.

Tony offered her his hand and helped her up. For a moment she wondered if he was going to take pity on her when he suggested she rest on his desk. Looking at him in puzzlement, once again acutely aware and ashamed of her nakedness, she did as she was bid. Hopping on to the desk she tried to close her legs to hide her pussy and crossed her arms over her young breasts.

"Well, that won't do, Natalie, will it? How am I supposed to take my turn if you sit like that? Why don't you lie back?"

She knew her brother didn't expect and answer to any of his questions. All he expected her to do was to obey his every command as meekly as her mother and grandmother had been doing. She was about to jump down from the desk and march from the room when she noticed her two older relatives conferring over the camera.

"You certainly did a good job of making your mother cum, sweetheart, didn't you? Do you think your friends would like to see the photos we've taken?"

It was only as her grandmother issued this veiled threat that Natalie finally realised the full implications of what she had done. They could make her do whatever they wanted now and she had no doubt that was exactly what they were going to do. It wasn't enough that Tony now controlled all their money; he now had the means to blackmail her too and her shoulders slumped in defeat. Lying back on the hard wooden desk, she awaited her fate.

"Open your legs, Natalie. Let me see your bald cunt."

She stared up at the ornate ceiling, her face burning red in embarrassment. She knew her helplessness and her anticipation were causing her pussy to moisten again and she feared Tony would notice her lips glistening with her juices. She tried to tell herself that they worst was surely over. What could be worse than your grandmother licking you to your first orgasm or your mother cumming all over your face as you licked her hairy pussy?

She was about to find out.

Tony delighted in the struggles that were plainly written across his sister's face but, now that he had so much power, he realised that he didn't like being made to wait for anything. Towering over the trembling girl, he reached down and took her legs in his strong hands. Positioning them so that her feet rested on the top of the desk, he slowly but insistently prised her knees apart and feasted on the sight of his sister's beautiful exposed pussy.

Tony had had his fair share of girls but he thought his sister's cunt to be the most beautiful he had ever seen, smooth, moist and begging to be touched. Natalie on the other hand could think of nothing other than the fact that her brother was staring at her most intimate places, her mother was standing on the other side of the desk looking down her daughter's naked body and her grandmother had now reappeared with the accursed camera.

Even this wasn't enough for her brother. Tony wanted to keep her embarrassment at its peak so he lifted her legs again and lifted them higher, pushing them even further back, back over her shoulders, back for their mother to hold. Natalie knew that her brother and grandmother would not only be able to see her pussy now but her tightest hole too and she shuddered anew. The fact that her grandmother was now taking even more incriminating photos didn't help as Tony stepped back to admire the view.

Natalie steeled herself for what was to come next but, even so, she still nearly jumped off the desk when she felt her brother's finger slide down the length of her slit, up and down, smearing her own juices around her lips yet studiously avoiding her clit. She wondered at his skills, wondered how he had learned to to touch a girl so expertly, so patiently. She had always thought of him as nothing more than an inconvenience, when she had bothered to think of him at all, but now she secretly wished that her boyfriend had treated her pussy as kindly as her brother was doing.

Having said that, when Tony's fingers slipped between her lips and entered her, her lust was forgotten for a moment as her shame overtook her again. When he bent down and touched her sensitive clit with his wet tongue, however, her lust returned like a torrent washing over her. If he continued doing that she knew she would cum again. She knew she would cum on her brother's desk; she knew she would cum with her mother looking on and she knew she would cum as her grandmother recorded every moment.

Tony smiled smugly to herself as he looked up to see his younger sister biting her bottom lip, trying to stifle her moans of pleasure. Knowing just how to push her over the edge, he continued to slide one finger in and out of her greedy pussy while reaching up with his other hand and beginning to play with her nipples. He was delighted that he could take a firm hold of them, one after the other, so extended and throbbing were they.

If Natalie had considered for a moment that she might be gay when she was licking her mother's pussy she could not deny the arousal that was washing over her at the hands of a man. The fact that the man was her own brother simply served to heighten her feelings and all she knew at that point was that he was taking her to levels of ecstasy that no one, neither her boyfriend not her grandmother, had ever taken her to before.

When Tony replaced one finger with two his sister knew that she could control neither her body nor her emotions any longer. Her climax hit her like an express train and seemed to go on hitting her for some time. It took over her whole body, every inch trembling in lust, even her over stretched legs which were were still being held by her shocked mother.

She knew her mother would have never wanted to have seen her like this. She knew her grandmother was recording every second of her fall into depravity. But none of that mattered. All that mattered were the fingers plunging in and out of her cunt and the tongue lapping at her clit. She had lost all self control and she screamed aloud, so loud that if the staff had been around they would have presumed someone was being murdered.

When silence finally returned to the room she realised it was because she had stopped cumming and stopped screaming. Her mother lowered her shaking legs and Tony raised his head from her pussy. His face was covered in his sister's juices and he grinned down at her as his tongue ran across his lips, savoring her every drop.

Her shame returned when she wondered what her mother must be thinking of her at that moment. She no longer considered her grandmother's opinion as her oldest relative seemed totally enraptured by Tony taking command and was following his instructions to the letter. Even so, she was surprised when she put down the camera and stepped out of the room.

As her brother assisted her to sit up and she became aware of her nudity again, she couldn't help but see something else that filled her with a new dread. There was a huge bulge in the front of Tony's trousers and she knew that could mean only one thing.

"It's time for you to do something for me now, Natalie. I'm sure you know what's required."

As he assisted her off the desk he took her by the shoulders and gently forced her to kneel down before him. Natalie looked round to her mother for support but the older woman could only shake her head in dismay and picked up the camera to record the next episode in her family's perversion. She knew what her role was now and she knew that her son would not tolerate any interference.

It wasn't the first time Natalie had found herself in this position kneeling before a man. It wasn't the first time she had reached up and implored with her eyes for him not to make her do this. It was not the first time she had opened a man's trousers, not the first time that she had reached in and withdrawn an erect cock. but it was definitely the first time she had wrapped her fingers around that cock while looking up into her brother's lust filled eyes.

She suddenly thought that in any other circumstances she would have been pleased to take such a nice cock in her hands. But not with her brother, not with her mother looking on and not with the realisation that, even if she let him cum in her mouth, that was unlikely to be the end of it. She was filled with disgust as her pussy tingled anew.

Tony still hadn't learned any patience so he pulled her forward, pushing his cock against her lips. Natalie knew she had no choice but to open her mouth and, the instant that she did, her mother was by her side, recording the moment for some sort of twisted family album.

As humiliating as the situation was, she decided that best thing to do was to make her brother cum as quickly as possible. Opening her mouth wider, she allowed him to force his hard cock deeper in, all the while looking up at him, hoping in vain that he would have mercy on her and stop this madness. But all Tony could see was a slut on her knees before him with her lips stretched around his cock and he had no intention of stopping.

Deciding she wasn't doing it quickly enough, he took hold of his sister's long hair, grabbing it at the sides of her head, and began to push deeper, faster, as deep and as fast as he could go until he felt the unmistakable sensation of Natalie gagging on his cock. He wondered if she had ever deep-throated someone before but he didn't really care. All he knew was that she was about to do it and it was his cock she was about to swallow.

At that point Natalie realised she had never hated anyone as much as she hated her brother. She hated being forced to do this; she hated being forced into such a submissive position; she hated her mother for recording every moment of her humiliation and she hated her own body for coming alive with arousal.

Tony didn't know what his sister was feeling nor did he care. All he knew was that his balls were tingling and that he was about to cum. His first spurt hit the back of her throat and, even though she tried to swallow what she could, she gagged again as more and more cum flooded her mouth. She had never let anyone cum in her mouth before but she knew this was exactly what her evil brother expected of her and resigned herself to doing it.

Tony smiled down at her, pleased that his suspicions had been justified. He had long suspected that his young sister would be an excellent cocksucker and he knew that this was not the last blowjob she would give him. As he softened in her mouth, he withdrew from between her moist lips and smeared them with his last few drops, making sure she was unlikely to forget the taste of her brother's cum.

"It's time for a new game now. Let's play, "Guess the cock".

Natalie was mystified by her brother's words until the door opened and she turned to see her grandmother re-enter. But this was her grandmother as she had never seen her before. She was still as naked as the day she was born but now, around her hips, was fastened a leather harness. It was however the plastic cock attached to the harness that shocked Natalie to her core. It was bigger than her boyfriend's, bigger than her brother's, bigger than any she had ever seen. To top it all, her grandmother carried a similar device in her hand which looked just as big and just as menacing as her own. Now she had an idea what her brother was talking about but she still couldn't see where the guesswork would come in.

"Mother, put on the blindfold."

Sally knew where the blindfold was. She had been given explicit instructions by her son before Natalie had come home and she reached into the top drawer of the desk to retrieve it before tying it around her daughter's eyes, effectively blinding her. She hesitated for just a moment before she began to don the harness that her mother had handed to her. Now both women sported very impressive cocks and the sight of them, not to mention his blindfolded sister, caused Tony' very real cock to begin to stiffen and grow once again.

Natalie couldn't see a thing but her other senses seemed to be heightened by her temporary blindness. She could hear Tony whispering instructions to the other two women and listened as they all seemed to be getting into position for what she hoped would be the finale of this humiliation. She knew that she had no choice in any of this but she also knew, deep in her heart, that she couldn't wait for them to start.

"Get on your hands and knees, Natalie. Mother, help her into position."

Natalie didn't think she needed any help to comply with her brother's instructions but, when her mother led her a few steps to the side and her foot brushed against someone lying on the floor, she knew the instruction was far from simple. She felt one pair of hands on her shoulders pushing her down, her mother's, and another pair pulling her down, her grandmother's she presumed. She realised that she was straddling her grandmother and, as the two pairs of hands guided her, she felt herself being lowered onto one of the plastic cocks. It seemed to go on forever as her tight pussy stretched around it, filling her as she had never been filled before. When she finally reached the bottom and could feel her legs resting against the outside of her grandmother's, she felt another pair of hands pushing her forward. Not only was her grandmother now filling her pussy, their tits were rubbing against each other and Natalie once again wondered if she might be gay, so pleasurable were the sensations running through her body as their nipples clashed with each other.

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