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Hot Blonde Student


Brian Hanson sat looking at the extremely attractive senior who was seated in front of his desk. Jenna Peterson was wearing a short denim skirt and no stockings, and her milky white legs were an extreme distraction, but not the only one. Jenna's thin jersey sweater was stuffed with a truly luscious pair of breasts and, from the way they moved under it and the way her nipples were visible through the fabric, he could tell she was not wearing a bra. The sexy girl's face was almost as beautiful as her body, with blonde hair cascading down to her shoulders and a lovely peaches-and-cream complexion. With her pale blue eyes and timid smile, she was trying to look and act like an innocent child, but Brian knew better. She had been caught, red-handed, cheating on an exam and knew she was in big trouble.

He had looked over her permanent file before Jenna came into his office, and Brian knew she had been caught before, at least twice. In addition to the known times, there had been quite a few other incidents when teachers were morally certain she had cheated, but couldn't prove it. Under those circumstances, expulsion was the recommended course of action, but Brian was not required to follow that recommendation. As the assistant dean of students, he had considerable discretion, and he knew what course of action he would much prefer to follow, that day and every time he could until the school year ended and she graduated.

"Well, Miss Peterson, what do you think we should do about you? The usual punishment for cheating, as you have done repeatedly, is expulsion. Can you give me a reason why I shouldn't kick you out of school right now?"

"Oh, please don't do that, Mr. Hanson. I'll do anything you want. Anything."

Jenna's hands had been folded demurely in her lap but, even as she spoke and especially when she said that last word, they moved slightly and her skirt rose, showing off even more of her delightfully shapely thighs. Brian noted the display, wondered if she really meant "anything" and decided to find out. His contract would be up at the end of the year, and he already had a much higher-paying job waiting for him in private industry, so he wasn't worried about being fired. He had seen in her student record that Jenna was 18 years old, meaning he wouldn't get in any legal trouble if he took her up on what might have been an offer.

"Do you really mean that?" he asked, grinning while he leaned forward to rest his elbows on his desk. He didn't have any condoms with him, and he wouldn't risk fucking her without one, but a blow job from the pretty girl would be extremely welcome, and enough to persuade him to not expel her.

Jenna had really meant it, but she wasn't sure if her offer was being accepted. She stood up, pulling the hem of her skirt up high enough that the crotch of her tight panties was visible. When she had put them on that morning, Jenna had noticed the camel toe, which was something she enjoyed showing off anyhow, and felt it would show Mr. Hanson her willingness to do whatever he wanted. Slowly walking sideways and watching him all the time, she moved to the end of his desk and started around it.

He smiled at her approach and turned his swivel chair so they would be facing each other if she continued around his desk. By leaning back, sliding forward until his ass was on the front edge of the seat and spreading his legs, he made it even more obvious that he was accepting her implied offer. Jenna finished her approach, knelt on the floor between the legs of the assistant dean and grinned lewdly up at him, her forearms resting lightly on his thighs.

He smiled back, thinking about his cock sliding in and out of her sweet, young face. However, before that exquisite pleasure could get underway, there were practical matters to take care of. "Before you start, Jenna, better go lock the door. We don't want any interruptions."

"Okay." The sexy young blonde got to her feet and did as he suggested.

When she returned, Jenna saw that, in her absence, Mr. Hanson had pulled his shirt free of his pants, unbuttoned it and pushed the tail of it behind his back so it wouldn't be in her way. She smiled as she bent over, appreciating that, and reached out to unbuckle his belt, unhook the fly of his pants and pull down the zipper. When she slipped her fingers into the waistband of the trousers, Brian raised himself off the chair to let her pull them down around his ankles. He was wearing boxer shorts, and Jenna smiled greedily at the sight of his cock straining against the edge of the fly. She enjoyed sucking off boys or men, and had done so for all her boy friends and even for some casual acquaintances, but this would be the oldest cock she had gotten into her mouth up until that time.

Jenna could have pulled the erection through the fly and drawn it into her mouth, but she preferred to have a minimum of clothing in the way, so she unsnapped the waistband of the shorts. Once again, Mr. Hanson lifted his ass from the chair and Jenna pulled down his underwear. This time she got to her knees again and continued with the divestment, removing his pants and his shorts by stripping them all the way off around his feet and leaving them lying on the floor beside the chair. He was still wearing his shoes, but there were no garments to get in her way while she was kneeling between his legs, so she scuffed out of her ballet slippers and moved in closer. Jenna rested her forearms on Mr. Hanson's bare thighs and licked her lips as she smiled up at the assistant dean again, before lightly taking his stiff cock in her fingers.

It was somewhat longer and thicker than she was used to, but Jenna was sure there would be no problem getting it between her lips and teeth. Before doing that, though, she leaned in closer and licked the tip, relishing the velvety texture. Slowly lapping in concentric circles, the eager blonde's mouth engulfed the head of Brian's cock until she was holding it between her lips and her tongue was caressing under the hard ridge. Jenna lowered her face farther, enveloping the hard cylinder as she did, with her tongue laving its length. Once the head was pressed against the back of her throat, she paused briefly, her mouth pleasantly full. Whatever else she was doing, Jenna kept looking up at Mr. Hanson. She always liked to watch the expressions of the men or boys she was sucking off, and she knew they liked having her gaze up at their faces, especially with the adoring look she would be giving them.

Jenna took the cock out of her mouth briefly, and held it in front of her face while she smiled around it. "You've got a really nice cock here," she told the assistant dean, just before taking the object of her admiration deeply back into the place where it felt so good.

She meant it too. Jenna had already sucked many cocks in her young life, but the one she slid back between her lips was one of the best. Its girth was enough to spread her mouth widely, but it wasn't so thick as to actually make her stretch her lips uncomfortably, and she could move it around once it was nestled inside where it belonged. Another extremely pleasurable thing about this man's cock was the way the smooth skin was stretched so tightly to cover its hard roundness, making it feel so good against her tongue and against the insides of her cheeks. Four more times, Jenna bobbed her head up and down, each time taking the superlative organ all the way in until its head pressed against the back of her throat.

She didn't have to stop there. From an older friend, Jenna had learned the trick of deep-throating, and she started using that skill with the cock that was giving her so much fun. On the next stroke, when its tip reached the back of her mouth, she made the necessary adjustment to open her throat and take it in even deeper, until her lips were being tickled by the assistant dean's pubic hair. Over and over, wanting to make the blow job last and extend her pleasure and his, she slowly raised and lowered her head, caressing the entire shaft with her lips and her tongue.

It was easily one of the best blow jobs Brian Hanson had ever gotten, perhaps the very best. Not only was the young blonde's warm, wet mouth one of the most talented givers of pleasure he had ever known, everything about the experience was a visual delight as well. As her head slowly moved up and down, Jenna's soft blonde hair swayed erotically. Even better were the sights of her creamy white face with the big blue eyes gazing at him and of his shaft gliding slowly in and out of her pretty, lipsticked mouth. However good that part of the blow job was, it was next to nothing, compared to the tremendous pleasure that bright red mouth was giving him. The pressure of her lips was perfect, and he could even feel the tip of his cock brushing against the back of her mouth before she took it in even deeper. Her tongue and everything else inside the pleasure chamber were doing incredible things, and those things started to get better for him when Jenna slowly backed her face away, until just the head was held between her lips, and her tongue was avidly caressing the mushroom shape.

A minute later, it got even better for both of them. The sexy young blonde briefly took the cock out of her mouth, leaned back on her heels, crossed her arms in front of her body and took hold of the hem of her sweater. Slowly and tantalizingly, she peeled it upward, until she let go of the fabric and worked the tight garment over her luscious breasts. Once those twin treasures had been liberated from the thin cloth and allowed to sway freely, she pulled the sweater the rest of the way off over head. As Brian had surmised, her breasts were not encased in a bra, and they swung from side to side, as she shook her hair back into place. Jenna smiled again and resumed caressing the wonderful cock with her lips and tongue and every other part of her mouth.

Neither comfort nor exhibitionism had been the main reason Jenna had for stripping off her sweater. After a few long, slow strokes with her lips and throat, she took the hard cock out of her mouth and moved in closer to Brian while holding it lightly with the fingers of one hand. The other hand guided one of her succulent breasts, and Jenna leaned in still closer, until she was rubbing the head of the cock with her nipple. Smiling lasciviously all the while, the bosomy blonde rubbed the hard nubbin all over the head of the even harder cock.

Brian smiled also, at the sight of her succulent young breasts and at the incredible sensations the contact with them were sending through his body. Because of the state of her nipples, he was quite sure that Jenna was also enjoying the activities in his office, and he was already thinking of what they would do during their next rendezvous. His joy mounted when she started alternating with her breasts, and rubbing the adorable pink nubbins the entire length of his cock. She kept smiling at him all during the lewd caresses, obviously relishing his reactions and the way his stiff shaft felt against her hard nipples.

His belief about Jenna's feelings was correct. Everything they were doing was so good to her that the young student was becoming as highly aroused as the man she would be sucking off. She could feel and smell juices trickling from her pussy down the insides of her thighs, and she was aware of tell how swollen her clit and lips had become. Something had to be done to alleviate her own needs, so Jenna spread her breasts apart and wrapped the warm, satiny pillows around the cock that had felt so good in her mouth. It felt almost as good in its new nest, and she raised and lowered her upper body a few strokes.

"Squeeze my tits together," she requested of Mr. Hanson, who was more than happy to do what she wanted.

With both hands free, Jenna unbuttoned the flap on the side of her skirt and pushed down the zipper. She reached both hands through the loosened waistband and into her panties, where her index fingers sought out her clit and pressed the upper ends of her swollen inner lips against the dainty little pearl. While her breasts rose and fell, fucking the cock that was between them, her fingers moved up and down fondling her clit in the same rhythm.

It was wonderful, but could still be better. All the while, Jenna had been looking up and smiling at the man who was helping her have so much fun, but that changed when she bent her neck so the end of his cock would reach her mouth with every stroke. The first time, she snaked out her tongue and licked the velvety skin on the head. With the second stroke, she wrapped her lips around the mushroom shape and held it there for a few seconds, while her tongue caressed under the ridge and probed the slit on the end. She continued fucking the hard cylinder between her breasts, sometimes using her lips at the end of a stroke, sometimes licking all over the head and sometimes just letting it rub up against her soft chin and cheek.

Brian reveled in whatever she decided to do with her face, and revised his earlier judgment. This was, by far, the best and hottest blow job he had ever gotten, and he knew and was happy that Jenna was enjoying it too. Her hands and arms were not visible, and Brian realized she was reaching into her skirt and playing with her pussy, wanting to get herself off. Without question, she was going to get him off. The visual treat and what her mouth and big, soft breasts were doing for his cock had been slowly building up to his climax, and he knew it wouldn't be very long until his cum started spurting. He hoped she would catch it in her mouth and swallow it.

Jenna intended to do exactly that. From the way the assistant dean was squirming in his chair, she also knew it wouldn't be long before he climaxed and fed her a mouthful of his cum. She wanted to be sure it landed on her tongue, so she would be able to swirl it around in her mouth, savoring the taste and texture, before swallowing it and licking everything else off his cock. After that, she would finish getting herself off with her fingers.

"I'm almost ready to cum, Jenna," Brian told her a few minutes later.

She didn't say anything, but responded to his announcement by starting to take his cock more deeply into her mouth and sucking faster, no longer using her breasts to nestle his shaft. Brian stopped pressing the succulent globes together, but they felt so good that he continued holding them in his hands and fondling them, especially the erect nipples. Once again, Jenna's big, blue eyes looked adoringly up at him as she stroked his cock with her mouth, knowing they would help produce the desired effect.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming," Brian blurted out.

She had felt his cock jerking inside her mouth, telling her that her mouth would be flooded with cum within seconds. Jenna sucked more rapidly, clamped her lips more tightly together and positioned her tongue so it would be in the perfect position to catch a gusher of semen. Her judgment was perfect, and the first gob landed where it would thrill her taste buds the most. She enjoys the flavor of semen, and that produced by Mr. Hanson was some of the best she had ever had in her mouth, with a robust, beefy taste. She paused briefly in the stroking of her lips to savor the treat, before resuming, wanting to get all the cum he had for her.

Even as she moved her mouth more rapidly on Mr. Hanson's cock, the pace of Jenna's fingers on her pussy increased, so her hands and her lips were moving at the same speed. The erotic joy of the cum flooding her mouth brought her almost to the point of her own orgasm, and her whole body squirmed blissfully as she approached ecstasy.

Brian watched as Jenna continued sucking his cock, even after he had ejaculated three times. After a few minutes, she stopped and moved her face back, keeping just the head encompassed by her lips. He could see her cheeks working, as if she was swirling his cum inside her mouth, until she swallowed it, and engulfed his entire cock again. Even as the movements of her mouth and cheeks were going on, he could see her whole body writhing in front of him, and knew she was close to her climax.

Jenna was more than just close. The texture and delicious taste of the juices that gushed into her mouth was enough to make her start cumming. As soon as the viscous fluid slid down her throat, her body jerked, as her climax began. Even as Jenna's body thrashed on the floor in front of Mr. Hanson, alternately driving her knees into the carpet, her fingers continued massaging her clit, and she kept her lips firmly closed around his cock. He helped by placing his hands on her shoulders to hold her in place, so she could give herself over to the pleasure of the moment without toppling over. When Jenna climaxed, her whole body jerked, and she farted, before relaxing and slumping against his knees.

A minute later, she had caught her breath and regained enough of her strength to be able to take his cock out of her mouth and hold it in her fingers. After her clever tongue had cleaned off any semen still clinging to it, Jenna placed one thumb at the base, right in front of the scrotum, with her fingers pressing against the top. Slowly, she drew her hand toward her mouth, holding her tongue to catch all the cum that oozed out. When she had gotten it all, Jenna leaned back on her heels, smiling happily as she swirled the last of the assistant dean's semen around in her mouth before swallowing it.

"That was great!" he told her. "You are really good!"

"Thanks, Mr. Hanson. I had a lot of fun too, but I'm sorry I farted. Er, I hope you're not going to kick me out of school. Are you?"

"Well, I don't know for sure. You are certainly talented, but I don't know if that's good enough." Even as he spoke, his grin told the sexy student she had nothing to fear. "Suppose you drop by my office at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon, and we can discuss the matter further."

Jenna smiled back conspiratorially. "I'll be here. And, I hope your nice, big cock is as much fun in my pussy as it was in my mouth."


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Jenna and Brian did, and as much as they will probably be having until the end of the school year. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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