tagBDSMHot Bodies on an Icy Sea Ch. 01

Hot Bodies on an Icy Sea Ch. 01


James and I always shared a dream of taking a cruise to Alaska. We frequently sat up late at night discussing our fantasies of going to our forty-ninth state. We found early in our relationship that we both loved whales and had a desire to watch them migrate.

Finally, we saved enough money to afford the cruise. Our travel agent found us a really good deal that even allowed us a few extra days in Los Angeles.

James was so excited he started packing three days before we were to leave. I looked all day for a dress I loved. When I finally asked him, James said he had already packed it.

The night before we were to leave, Ryan called. He knew we were leaving town and would be gone for a while.

"Baby, you know you can't make it for two whole weeks with out some good dick!" he teased. "You know that namby-pamby boyfriend of yours can never satisfy you. You need me to give you enough until you can find some stud on that ship to take care of your needs," Ryan informed me.

"Yes, you're right, sweetheart; so when can you be here?" I asked. "I really do need a good cock right now. I'm sitting here masturbating just thinking about you," I confessed.

"Be here in two hours. Then you can show James how a real man takes care of his woman!" I laughed.

"YES!" Ryan exclaimed, "I'm on my way, baby.

I told James that Ryan was coming over to give me enough cock to get me through the flight. He became so excited that his little prick got hard and pushed his shorts out in front of him.

"I'll run your bath and lay out your clothes," he said on his way to the bathroom.

I finished my coffee and followed him taking off layers of my clothes as I walked. My blouse lay at the entrance of the kitchen; my skirt flounced in the middle of the living room. I pulled off my undershirt in the hallway and as I stepped into the bathroom, I flipped my tong in James' face.

I stepped into the warm rain of the shower and my pores rejoiced with the pleasure the hot water gave me. I stood there for a few moments just letting the pressure relieve the tightness in my back.

I washed my hair and shaved my legs. Then the curtain was pulled back. I viewed James' naked body, his dicklett now hanging limp.

"May I wash you Ma'am?" he asked.

"Yes, James, I would like you to bathe me," I murmured through the pounding spray.

He stepped into the tub and started washing my back with the strength of a massage. The pressure relaxed me as he washed my neck.

"Mmmm, you do bathe me as I've never been bathed before," I complimented his hands. "You wash all of the stress from my body."

"I do aim to please, Ma'am!" he replied.

After he had washed me, James stepped out of the tub. I could hear him dripping and his wet feet slapping the hard wood floor as he walked down the hall.

Shortly, he returned. As usual, he had two warm towels, one for my hair and one for my body. He wrapped my hair and I stepped out for him to dry my body.

Once I was dry, I went into the bedroom to dress. James had laid out a sexy mini skirt with a mesh top. My stilettos were on the floor beside the bed.

I dressed and just as I had slipped my shoes on when I heard the doorbell ring.

"Good evening, Master Ryan!" I heard James saying.

"Hey, James, how's things?" came Ryan's deep voice.

"Very well, Master Ryan; Mistress will be out soon. She is dressing. Would you care for a drink, Master Ryan, while you wait?" James asked.

"Yeah, give me a Vodka rocks," Ryan requested, and while you're at it, make your Mistress a gimlet.

Yes, Master," James replied and I heard him leave the living room.

I fluffed my hair and admired myself in the mirror. I walked into the hall and when I saw Ryan's magnificent body my juices started to flow and a smile came to my lips.

As I entered the room, Ryan approached me with his arms open.

"You look beautiful tonight, baby, he said as he took me in his arms and kissed me. "James went to make us some drinks.

"Mmmm, good, I could use a good drink tonight," I replied and rubbed my hands on his tight chest. "You feel so good! I've missed you. You need to come around more often."

Ryan kissed me hard on the mouth and his hand went to my left breast. He tweaked my nipple and fire flowed through my pussy. The orgasm was delicious.

When James entered the room with our drinks, Ryan's hand was between my legs playing with my clit. He put our drinks on the table and went into the bedroom.

A few minutes later he returned. "Master Ryan, I have prepared the bedroom for you to ravage my Mistress if it is your desire to use it Sir!"

Ryan picked me up in his powerful arms and carried me into the room. He laid me on the bed the stripped off his clothes.

As he dropped his pants, his stiff arrow pointed at my face. I reached out for it but he slapped my hand away.

"You can't just take that; you have to work for it!" he teased as I stuck out my bottom lip and pouted.

"Oh really?" I asked, "and what am I supposed to do for the privilege of sucking your perfect dick?"

He smiled an evil smile then looked around the room. He spotted something that made him shake his head. He looked from me to James and his smile became a grin.

"Come here, wimp!" he demanded of James.

James went eagerly, "Yes, Master Ryan, what may I do for you, Sir?"

"Go get that strap-on for your Mistress, boy!" Ryan commanded.

James dutifully picked up the strap-on and brought it to me.

I had been training James with the strap-on but had only gotten to seven inches. The dong on this belt was ten inches and four inches in girth.

Ryan took the strap-on and handed it to me. "Here, baby, put this on," he said.

I took off my skirt and put the device on. The dong stood hard and unyielding in front of me. It swayed up and down when I moved.

"Okay, sissy boy, take off those boxers and climb on the bed," he commanded of James. "Your mistress wants to use your ass for my pleasure."

As James came to me, Ryan stripped off the rest of his clothes and sat on the chair next to the bed. He started stroking his cock.

James took off the boxers he had put on when he prepared the room for our playtime. He then crawled onto the bed and kneeled before me on all fours.

I bent over him, my new appendage hanging in front of me.

"Okay baby," Ryan directed, "make him a sissy.

I grabbed the blue dong in my right hand. Then I put my left hand in my mouth and covered my fingers with spittle. I rubbed this on James' anus and the tip of my cock.

I lined up the fake prick with his anus and gently, so as not to harm him too much, I pushed the unnatural dick into James' ass slowly.

James had tried to relax his body as much as possible so that the unyielding dong would slide in easily. However, with no real lubrication it was a tight fit and I felt James flinch.

I took it very slow and easy at first and each time I pulled out, I put more spittle on the cock so it would move smoothly in and out of his butt.

James pulled his legs far apart to try to enlarge his opening. However, the dong was doing a good job of that on it's own.

It didn't take long for James to get use to the pressure and size of this new dong in his ass. Soon, as I pushed forward towards him, he countered by pushing his butt towards me. We had a rhythm going really good and I was getting very excited.

The fluids started flowing down my legs as my hips pushed towards James willing ass. I left one hand on the rump of his ass to steady myself and I placed the other between my legs to feel my wetness and play with my vibrating clit.

I watched Ryan occasionally while I was fucking James. He was sitting on the chair, legs parted and jerking off. The faster I screwed James' ass, the quicker Ryan pulled on his cock.

I knew, from my training and stretching of James' ass, that he would soon have an orgasm. His seed would spill all over the bed. I felt his little balls and they were like marbles. I knew the time was near.

I saw in Ryan's face that he too was getting close to exploding. I pumped James deeper and faster, the juices in my cunt driving me crazy. Ryan's eyes rolled back and his breathing became deep and fast.

James' now stretched asshole suddenly tightened around the dong and his meager but hot cum fell onto the barren bed. At the same time, Ryan's seed shot across the room, hitting James in the face.

Both men screamed and moaned as their fruit fell to sterile ground. I moaned as I placed my hand on my throbbing clit to releases the pent up pressure between my legs.

When James recovered himself, he jumped off the bed and removed the stained spread. He then went to Ryan and licked Ryan's seed from his dick and legs.

I stripped off the dong and lay on the bed, my legs splayed to keep the sticky fluids from welding my legs together.

When James finished with Ryan, he came to me and cleaned my fluids from my pussy and my legs. He spent extra time cleaning my clit and the flames trickled down my legs and up through my pussy.

Once Ryan had found the bones in his legs, he climbed onto the bed and pushed James away. He crawled over my body his dick already recovered for his previous orgasm. When he reached my breasts, he knelt there his shlong pointing at my mouth.

"You did that so good, baby and now it's time for your treat!" He wagged his prick up and down in front of my face.

I opened my mouth wide, licked my lips and stuck out my tongue like a snake. I leaned forward and took his stone hard prick between my lips. I reached my hand between his legs and fondled his large balls.

Ryan turned towards James, "Hey boy, get over here now!" he demanded.

James clamored up on the bed.

Ryan looked at me, "Baby, spread those shapely legs of yours for me," he said.

I opened my legs wide causing my labia to part.

"Okay, James," he said, "if she doesn't cum when I do, then I'm going to fuck that tight little ass of yours and this time you'll be bleeding before I release you, do you hear me boy?"

"Yes, Master Ryan, I will get her to cum when you do, Sir," James replied.

I sucked Ryan's huge prick into my hungry mouth. I rolled my tongue around his large cock head. It was smooth, silky and my tongue enjoyed playing with it. I then sucked it deep into my mouth and moaned my pleasure.

I pulled more of his dick deep into my throat. He moaned and pulled back a little. Then, I felt his hips push toward me as I took more of him into my ravenous mouth. Soon he was screwing my mouth and his dick was going in and out of my mouth like he was fucking my pussy.

I suckled him as he did my breast. I pulled his cum up far enough for me to taste its saltiness on my tongue. His thick seed was something that tickled my senses. I became very excited and started forcing him to give me what I wanted.

James, who was between my legs, was playing with my clit. His fingers gently rubbed her as his wonderful tongue darted in and out of my open labia. I felt fire running down my legs. I tried to block out those sensations. I sucked faster on Ryan's manliness, pulling him deep into my mouth. I was in charge and held him captive. I inserted two fingers into his ass and massaged his prostate. He exhaled and sighed from the pleasure. His balls began to tighten and he cried out, "Make me cum baby; I'm almost there. Let it happen, Please!" I pulled his penis deep into my throat and licked his shaft. "That's it, baby, let it flow!" Ryan breathed. "Mmmmmm," he moaned and tried to force his cock back into my throat. He grabbed my head and tried to force me to swallow his prick again. I licked his cock and pulled back so that he couldn't force his dong into my mouth.

James was driving me crazy. His tongue was doing marvelous things to my pussy. He felt like a snake slithering around my pussy lips and in and out of the opening. I sucked harder on Ryan's shaft and felt his legs quiver. Then I pulled back and rolled the tip of my tongue around his head and then jetted it into the opening at the tip. "God woman!" he breathed, "don't stop what you're doing?" James stopped sucking and licking me and I looked down to see why. He had Ryan's tight balls in his mouth. He was licking and sucking them. He knew his instructions and didn't want to get punished.

James knew by the swelling of my clit that I was near explosion and he also knew that Ryan could have his dick sucked all day before he would come. So I guess he decided to help me out a little. I went to work. I massaged his prostate again then I pulled the thick cum out of his balls and half way up his well-sculptured shaft. "Yeah! That's it baby!" he moaned. I released the pressure and his salty seed fell slowly back into their warm home. "Come on baby, don't play games!" he whispered.

James went to work on his sack again, rubbing his balls tightly in his hand and massaging his prostate.

I licked its massive head and rolled my tongue around the ridge of the mushroom that flowered there. "Stop teasing me!" he demanded.

He held my head between his hands. Like the needle on a sewing machine, his cock pumped up and down in my wet mouth.

He moaned and held my head steady working to fill my mouth with his hot, salty cum. I could feel it rising in his shaft. James had gone back to licking and sucking me. He also felt Ryan's seed leave the safety of its home and start the trip to my open mouth.

Ryan's hand went to my hair. He grabbed a handful and he tried to push me deeper onto his rod, which filled my mouth completely. Then I quickly sucked him deep into my throat. His large head nearly cut off my air. I deep throated him one last time and I felt the thick fluid making its way to my tongue. I could taste its salt as he started to pull out so I would get the full explosion as it spewed from his hose. As I swallowed his seed, my body convulsed as James brought me to submission and my body thrashed under Ryan's weight.

Looking up I saw a smile on Ryan's face. He loves it when I have pleasure and it is his doing. Even though James was the barer of the elation, Ryan took credit since it was his idea.

Ryan exploded hard in my mouth with so much cum that I could not swallow it quickly enough. It ran down my chin and onto my breasts.

At the same time, my own explosion occurred and there was this feeling of hot lava rushing through my body. Every muscle in my being relaxed and I felt as if I was floating on a warm sea.

"Oh! That was fantastic, baby!" Ryan yelled as his spent organ slipped from my mouth.

He slapped James on his exposed ass and said, "Not a bad job wimp boy!"

"Thank you, Master Ryan; you are most kind, Sir!" James humbly accepted the praise.

"Now clean that stuff off of my baby so I can fuck her delightful body," he commanded James.

James crawled up beside me and proceeded to lick Ryan's thick seed from my face, neck, and breasts. I especially enjoyed his licking my neck. It was very sensual.

Once I was cleaned, James turned to Ryan's deflated instrument. "Does Master Ryan wish for me to prepare my Master to enter my Mistress, Sir?"

Ryan took his deflated arrow into his hand, "Yeah, he might need a little encouraging," he said as he wagged his long hose in front of him.

James knelt down in front of him and without his hands, sucked Ryan's prick into his mouth. Soon after his cock was in James' mouth, I heard soft moans coming from Ryan.

My fluids awakened and started flowing once again. I reached between my legs and massaged my pussy. My clit was anxious for attention.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations of my fingers playing around the most sensitive parts of my body. My hips started responding to my hand. They pushed upward, begging for deeper penetration. I stroked my clit faster and faster moans escaping my throat.

My hand was knocked away from my pleasure and I opened my eyes. Ryan towered over me. His massive pride pointing to its target.

I licked my lips. He leaned over me and took his long shaft in his hand to guide it to the promised land.

As his arrow hit his target, she opened up and permitted him entrance. The fluids poured into my cunt making his entrance smooth and effortless.

Ryan started slowly, teasing me as he slid his long, thick tool into my willing body. He pulled out quickly, then slowly re-inserted the instrument of my desire.

"You are so hot, baby! Don't melt my cock or neither of us are going to have any fun," Ryan whispered as he slowly pushed his prick deep into my hot box. "That's a good girl; take it all in!"

His prick filled every part of my dripping sugar walls. My box was on fire.

Ryan slowly pulled back leaving just the enlarged mushroomed head inserted in my pussy. Then he thrust forward giving me the full compliment of his manhood.

I felt his thick head hit my G-spot and electricity ran through my being. Every part of my being vibrated.

Ryan pumped my pussy like a piston in an engine. He was hard and forceful. His grunts filled the room as his body collided with mine.

My fluids were working overtime to keep my pussy lubricated and prevent me from going up in flames.

His body was like a machine. His power filled my primal passion. The sounds emitting from him were animal-like. He was lost in me and his goal was complete release of ardor.

My body responded to his every motion. The thrust downward brought my hips down. On the upstroke my body reached to keep him inside me.

Sweat dripped from his brow and James turned on fans to cool him. The longer he fucked me the wetter we became. Droplets of his passion rained down on me.

The heat of our passion did not slow Ryan; it fueled him. His thrusts became harder and deeper. His momentum increased. The friction of our bodies caused sparks to shoot from my eyes.

Suddenly, Ryan started slowing down. His motions became rhythmic. My body followed his. Then I felt his cock grow in me. James had crawled between my legs. His mouth held Ryan's balls and he was sucking him slowly.

"Mmmmm," Ryan moaned.

He pumped me deeper and slower as James' tongue massaged his scrotum. His prick seemed to grow thicker and my cunt held tight to his shaft.

I felt the pressure building as his head grew tighter in my box. Finally, he lifted his hips high over me and, with James connected to his balls, he rammed his cock deep inside of me and his seed filled me with extreme pleasure as my own orgasm racked my body.

I could feel his hot fluid overflowing my basin. I knew it must have been dripping on James' face. At that same time, James spilled his own useless seed.

Ryan's arms collapsed and his weight fell upon my body pinning me to the bed. His heavy breath heated my neck. I turned my head so that I could find some air to breathe. He rolled off of me and it became easier to take in air.

James rolled over and reached for a towel. I watched him wipe Ryan's cum off his face. He then turned to me, "Mistress shall I clean you?"

"Yes, James, clean me then clean Ryan," I answered as I spread my legs once again.

Ryan lay next to me and massaged my still hard breast while James ran his tongue deep into my cunt. He was slow and methodical and he made sure that he covered every inch of my love box. Before he finished, I had yet another orgasm.

As he finished, Ryan wagged his defunct cock at him. James crawled over me and licked his lips preparing for the thick cock. He opened his mouth and Ryan pushed his semi-soft prick into James' mouth.

James sucked it deep into his mouth and I heard a sigh escape Ryan. "So, boy, do you like the taste of your Mistress on my cock?"

He answered with his mouth still full, "Yezzz Maser, she 'aste good."

Ryan reached over and massaged my hard nipples gently and the juices flowed once again into my box.

As James pulled off of Ryan, he sat up and smiled. "This was great!" I really enjoyed playing with you Master Ryan. Thank you for allowing me to watch you make my Mistress happy. "

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