tagIncest/TabooHot For Mommy

Hot For Mommy


Starring massive-mammaried Mommy Hilda Humper and her well-hung boy Henry in:

"Hot For Mommy"

Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur

Edited by Victor C. Nathan

"Yoohoo, Henry," Hilda Humper, the buxom blonde educating bombshell of Taft and Adams High School sang in a singsong voice as she closed the front door behind her and walked into her solidly middle class ranch house, the sacks beneath her barely buttoned black blouse bobbing gingerly with her steps. These were the sacks of tittie that made her son Henry's wild twelve inch wee wee surge with excitement when he saw them unhoused and unleased from her triple J cup hammock- sized brassieres that she ordered from Kimberly Buxsom's Bras For Busty Broads. It was a local company and one that many of the ladies in the community were forced to use because of the girth of their massively sized balls of tittie flesh. Hilda would often place orders for her special brasierres on the internet.

"Henry, sweetie," she called out again, this time slightly louder as she felt her nipples on her terrific king-sized knockers tingle with her innate excitement. "Henry, Mommy wants to talk to you."

The stacked Humper strode to the bottom of the staircase leading to the upper levels of her home, her breasts bouncing provocatively, barely restrained by the dainty lace bra and almost sheer blouse she wore under her suit jacket.


"Yeah, Mom?" said her 18-year-old son, Henry, bounding down the stairs two at a time, clearing the final five by placing his hands on the railings and swinging to the ground floor in a single motion, hurrying hornily to his heavy-laden hefty-hootered parent and not even knowing why yet. "What's up, Mom?"

"Henry, sweetie," Hilda spoke with a girlish little giggle, her bountifully beautiful breasts trembling like jello in a typhoon under her top as her chest heaved with excitement. "Guess what, baby?"

"What, what is it, Mom?" asked Henry, wondering to himself what had worked his mother up into such an excited state of mind as he gaped at her globular glands that puffed out the front of her terribly inadequate top that could barely hold her super swells of saucy sexuality. "Did you get some wee wee after work or something?"

"Well, of course, Henry. Of course I did. Actually, I got a bit of back door sex."

"Back door sex?" Henry repeated in horror, astonished at the implications of what her naughty words suggested, but still staring at her twin titular heads. "Do you mean you got a wee wee in the caboose?"

"No, silly. I snuck in the neighbor's back door while the wife was in the kitchen and I fucked him a couple of times in the upstairs bedroom. We had to fuck real quiet so as not to alert the wife and two kids. But that's not my news. Have you ever heard of Biguns Magazine?"

"Yeah, sure," responded Henry, leaning forward subtly to peek down the front of her black blouse, spying Hilda's magnificent cleavage that looked like a chasm between two twin bra-encased mountainous structures of glorious beauty. "I've heard of it. I think I may even have an issue or two stuffed under my bed. I used to jerk off to them a lot before I got smart and drilled that hole in the bathroom wall. Now I don't need the fucking magazines. Now I can jerk off while I watch you or Harriet taking a shower."

"Stuffed under your bed?" Hilda laughed out loud as her boobies bobbled like a fucking bobble head doll, the one she had of chest queen Chelsea Charms on her office desk at school. "You don't need to hide that shit from me, precious boy. I know how hungry that wee wee of yours is. But that's beside the fucking point. I've got something very special for you today, honey."

At this point, Henry's big-bosomed mother reached into a shopping bag that she had set on the floor beside her. It was only at this point that Henry noticed that she carried anything at all, his eyes having been diverted from anything else but her monstrously straining and quivering swells of boobie humps that seemed to stretch her poor blouse to the near breaking point and seemed to push more weight against her clothing than fabric should legitimately have to bear.

"Henry!" Hilda almost shouted, trying to get her son's undivided attention, knowing that would not be an easy task once his gaze had been firmly fixed on what he affectionately called the 'greatest rack in the world.' "Henry, Mommy made the centerfold of Biguns Magazine. I'm the fucking big-tittied bimbo of the year! Can you fucking believe it? I sent them some photographs of me a few months ago, and they liked them so much they made me this month's centerfold and the Biguns Big-Boobed Bimbo of the Year. Can you fucking believe it? My titties are famous, baby! My titties are worldwide inter-fucking- nationally famous, motherfucker! Mommy's titties have made it big! No pun intended. Tee hee."

"Whoa, Mom. Let me see that," Henry said excitedly, roughly snatching the magazine from his mother's grasp, but not before he bumped one of her now famous and now fully erect paps.

"Holy shit, those fuckers look fucking huge, bitch!" he ejaculated verbally, his pupils dilating as he took in the huge set of titties before him, his inflating trouser snake feeling the immediate effects of his horny immediacy. "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Mommy, you're a big- boobied bitch in this shit! You're every fucking schoolboy's wet dream! You just placed yourself in my 'Boner Of The Century' club! Whooooooooooo!"

"Pull out your wee wee, Henry," Hilda said in a voice that made her request more of a commanding expectation on her part as her tumbling ta tas jiggled with her jug-loving son's joyful jubilation. "I want to see what effect this has on your wee wee. Mommy's wee wee boy gets to see his big-motherfucking-boobied Mommy flashing her big fucking set for the whole red-blooded American male population to see. I want to see your wee wee when you see this whole piece they did on me. Take it out, tittie baby. Slap that big pee wee out of your Levi's, Mr. Humper."

Hilda smiled at her well-hung younger child as his eyes pierced through the tittie-rific centerfold like the sun burning an ant with a magnifying glass. Hilda didn't know which one of the two of them was more excited about her newfound fame.

"Yes, ma'am," Henry said, sounding like an oversexed robot that could barely think as he gazed at titties that blew his fucking mind. "They say the camera adds weight and they're right. It added about forty fucking pounds to your knockers, Mom."

"Tee hee hee, they do look pretty fucking huge, don't they, Henry?" Hilda asked in her girlishly breathless voice as she purposely shook her J cuppered big fuckers for her boob-blinded son. "But I want to see what they do for Mr. Happy, sweetie. So get that big fuckstick of yours out here, okay? Whip that fuckstick right the fuck out for me, Humperfucker."

Not waiting for Henry to take the initiative, Hilda walked closer to her male offspring and unbuttoned the button at the top of his Levi blue jeans and then swiftly lowered the zipper, her ability to lower it in a matter of seconds coming from years of experience on her part, some of it derived from her time spent with Henry and his particularly sizable private parts.

"Wow, Henry. Oh, Jiminy fucking Christmas, that big fucker of yours is making a huge bulge in the front of your briefs. I think wee wee likes. Your Phallic Pocket Pal is all puckered and protruding."

Reaching out with her well manicured and dainty right hand with its bright red fingernail polish professionally applied, Hilda stroked the front of Henry's undershorts, feeling his protracting phallus expanding even more under her touch, protracting and protracting until it sent a tingle of rapturous raucous randiness rippling through her riveting rack.

"Oh, God dang," Henry said, using a substitute word instead of the profanity that Hilda had advised him against. The Humper family was not particularly religious, but Hilda had taught Henry and Harriet the importance of respect for the religious views of others. It was also out of respect for her sister, who was a nun in the Catholic Church. Hilda hated to see religious people of any kind slandered and she taught her children true "tolerance," unlike the kind that the American Left often bandied about while still demonizing people who held sincere religious beliefs.

"Oh, shit, Mommy. Rub him. Rub him. Feel him with your hands, Monster Tits. I love you. I love this centerfold. You look bigger than a pair of fucking beachballs on this page. And I love the pic of your bouncers hanging over the edge of a motorcycle."

"Tee hee hee, Henry. I'm just tickled pink. I'm tickled the color of my fucking nipples and areola in that centerfold with all the lighting and shit on 'em," laughed Hilda, massaging Henry's hard fabric-encased cock with one hand and hefting her set of super-sized special sacks of whopping wood-evoking orbs with the other. "I think I'll hang this centerfold up in my classroom so that all my male students can enjoy my big boobies. They should get the benefit of boobie bounty like these fucking knocks. It'll give them horny little fuckers inspiration to do better in their schoolwork and life goals and shit like that. And tomorrow, I'm going to go and buy as many copies of this issue of Biguns Magazine as I can get my currently cock-stroking hands on and send them to all our relatives and friends. Why, I just might put this photo on our Christmas card this year. Don't you think that would be fun?"

"Oh, gee, Mom. I think that's a great idea. Big titties like that need to be shared with the world. To do otherwise would be selfish. Plus, I know a lot of my cousins that would definitely get a hard-on looking at this shit. You and your titties and ass are so hot, Mom, you could give a dog a bone," Henry stated with a distracted laugh, his eyes still focused on his mother's largest assets as she yanked his solidified crank. "Anyway, can I borrow this smokin' magazine for a while? I think I need to go take care of this big fucking hard-on you've given me, unless you want to coax a few splashes of the sticky stuff out of Mr. Cocksure."

"Oh, sweetie," Hilda cooed, smiling as Henry held the September issue of Biguns Magazine in front of his face as she sweetly caressed the bulge of Henry Humper's twelve inch penis through his stretched briefs that looked close to tearing asunder as his private parts pushed them almost to their breaking point. "Do you want your famous Mommy to finish you off, wee wee warrior? Cause I think your wee wee wants to get out. Oh, he wants out, Henry. He wants the fuck out. Tee hee hee. Do you want me to finish him off for you? I figure it's such a special day. I call it the Year Of Hilda. Tee hee. It's so fucking exciting, baby. Ohhhhhh, your wee wee is saying, 'I need out, Hilda. I need liberation.' That's what wee wee's telling Momma Boom Boom Bazoom."

Not waiting for Henry to respond in any way, Hilda reached into his briefs and pulled his almost fully erect twelve inch member out into the daylight, stroking it in a nurturing fashion as she did so.

"Oh, Henry, your big trouser snake likes Momma's boom booms, doesn't he? He's so big and hard. I think he's even harder than usual, tee hee. But I really do need to get dinner started, baby, so you better take that magazine up to your room and take care of business, if you know what I mean, tee hee. Make him squirt extra hard for Mommy, sweetie. Come all over Momma's big ta tas. I can always buy lots more magazines. Stroke him, squeeze him, choke him and let him spit up, Henry. Make Momma's big fucker spit up all over her big titties. I'm so proud of my big tittie baby's big fucker, yes I am. Use Mommy's porno pics to get that fucker off and shoot a lot of the sticky stuff on her centerfold honkers, you long-donged tittie baby. Oh, he's getting harder! I hate to leave him alone now! Mr. Happy Hardy's ready for some fucky strokes!"

Hilda held her boy's rigid member in her hand and pushed his hands aside, the hands that held her magazine as she let her thick DSLs touch down on the head of the young Humper's foot long stalk. Her dick-sucking lips, thick, vibrant and pouty as they were, puckered and released some kisses onto the whopping wee wee that she loved the most. Her lips were loud as she gave her kisses and the suction of them lingered as the kisses became longer and longer, Henry reaching for the mounds that he could spot as he looked down her blouse as he cupped her gargantuan globs of gelatin-textured globes. He sighed as his mother's kisses sounded like a suction cup that was barely being pried off of glass, her boobs a-bobbing and swaying as she worked her magic, her smoldering swells sashaying saucy as shit.

"Holy Humper fucking shit!" Henry exclaimed, his pecker full of tickles and tingles from his mother's touch, his hands full of her nurturing knockery flesh, needily kneading her knocks like needful tittieful tawdry things. "This could be the motherfucking Year Of Henry, if you ask me. Oh, it tickles! Oh, your knockies feel yummy, Mommy. Yipppppeeeeeeee!"

"Does it feel good to your motherfucking boner, Henry?" Hilda inquired sweetly, happy to see that her attentions were enjoyed by the recipient and that her overblown boobs were being worshipped wantonly in the process, making her coo as he strove to manually encase her expansive and immense chestly charms. "Does it make your big fucking dick feel good, baby?"

"Holy shit, Mom, that feels pretty fucking spectacular!" Henry cried out, enjoying his mother's attentions enormously and the sight of her bra-held boom booms breezing back and forth upon her chest. "Can you give me a wiggler, Mommy, can you?"

"Now, Henry," Hilda responded in an amused tone of voice, a sense of wistfulness in her husky whisper as she felt one of her hooters shift uncomfortably inside her Buxsom brand tittie-trapper. "Let's not get carried away, you naughty little tittie lover. I have to see to dinner, baby, I really do. Now please, go upstairs and let me get on with it. Choke that chicken for me and squirt some sticky on your Mommy dearest's centerfold tittie spread, proud fucker. But don't be too long. I could use some help setting the table. Choke fast, fucker, fucker, fucker. Tee hee hee hee hee. I love your wee wee, sweetums."

"Awwwwwwwwww, and I love your big ol' boobies, Mommy," Henry whined in an endearingly child-like tone as he studied the most revealing shot in the entire Biguns piece on his mother and her twin titans, a photograph of his mother balancing a glass of orange juice between her two abundances. "I love 'em even more now that the fuckers are famous. Okay, I'll go choke my chicken then. But promise me you'll let me see you do this glass trick live sometime. Maybe I could even drink a glass of OJ from between your big bouncy fuckers. Bye for now, Mountain-Tittied Mommy."

"Bye, sweet wee wee boy."

As Henry turned to go, Hilda reached out with her left hand and gave Henry an affectionate and surprising slap on his posterior, causing him to jump slightly at the surprise and causing her J cuppers to clomp together as well.

"Holy shit, you are one naughty bitch, Mom," he said laughingly, grabbing the big tittie magazine and heading for the stairs, his semi- erection swinging like an unleashed protracted prong as he turned to leave the room. "But do that again sometime. I like being spanked. One time I got that big-tittied slut Mabel Chester to put me over her knee and give me a real ass-whooping. Man, what a turn-on."

Henry tucked the Biguns Magazine under one arm and reached out for Hilda Humper's gigantic set of bosom buddies, savoring them as he kneaded the soft but firm flesh of her womanly charms, squeezing her glands harder and more hungrily than even he had planned or expected to. Hilda cooed and smiled affectionately at her golden boy as his wee wee still swung free in the breeze, elongated and pointing accusingly at his mother.

"Ha ha ha," Henry laughed with a light-hearted sense of elation and freedom that he had never felt before, both in his heart and in his wee wee that swung in front of him, hard as fucking shit now in libido tribute to the centerfold in his hand and the bulging boobs bobbing beneath Hilda's tittie-laden top.

Without warning, his hand returned Hilda's affectionate slap, smacking her round, firm and voluptuous bottom in a way that was more playful than naughty, more in fun than with a sexual motivation. "J Lo doesn't have this much of a caboose."

"Okay, that does it, Henry," giggled Hilda playfully, grabbing the magazine from Henry's hand and swatting him on the bottom with it to add to the sexy fun they were engaged in, her nipples currently knife- sharp with her own elation. "Bring that big fucker of yours here and Momma will take care of that big hard-on for you, tee hee. It's time for a little chicken-choking."

Holding the magazine centerfold of her nakedly buxom and voluptuous form draped across a Harley motorcycle up close to her face, she used her other hand to quickly remove her blouse and bra, shedding them like a superfluous snake skin as the hefty-hootered Humper threw them impatiently into a heap in the corner.

"Come to Momma, Mr. Happy," Hilda teased him playfully, wrapping her small, feminine hand around his hard-as-steel erection, pulling him closer and then rubbing it below the head with her index finger, giggling to herself when she heard Henry breath in raggedly, his libido rapidly rising under her tender assault of his friendly weapon, partially due to her manual manipulation and partially due to the sight of her liberated lady lumps jiggling, wiggling, bouncing, jouncing and pouncing to and fro in all their nude, naked splendor for his eyes and his penis to at last behold in all their otherworldly orb-ilicious, oscillating, undulating, quivering angelic tittie dreaminess.

"Ohhhhh, that feels so good to my wee wee!" well-hung Henry Humper cried out, beginning to move his hips towards her hand, anxious to finally get his needs met and his pipes cleaned out. "It tickles, oh, it tickles! And your titties! Oh, your titties are free, Mommy! Free, free, set them free! Mmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Hilda took a firm hold on the stalk of Henry's rampant pecker and began an up and down stroking motion, feeling the loose skin as it moved along the shaft as she pushed and pulled on him, working his young cock like an expert tugger. Henry's attention was riveted to the gigantic mammaries, both real and photographic that filled his vision, massive, mammoth and now moving, moving, moving. They were moving up, down, left, right and all directions in between like blessed bags of beautiful boobiedom as she flung them. The sight of the sheer flopping, flailing, falling and rising of her funbags caused his organ to swell to even greater length and girth. Hilda looked deeply into her boy's eyes and saw the raw sexual need in them, increasing the cadence of her strokes on his big cock, immediately capturing his undivided attention as she shimmied her shoulders, causing her big fleshy funbags to sway to and fro lasciviously to affect even greater jiggly movement of her mams.

"Oh, Momma, your big bouncin' bitchin' titties are so hot, they drive me fucking crazy!" Henry whined loudly, eager now for his mother to bring him to completion, already feeling the pent up jism in his wee wee beginning to flow downwards through the tube of his wee wee in the very direction of her bounding whoppers that quaked before him, soon to cause his wee wee to erupt in joy and bliss. "Stroke, stroke, stroke my big cigarette! Stroke, stroke, stroke, till ya fucking stroke me half to death! Ohhhhhhhhh, centerfold Mommy, I wanna come!"

Hilda's hand was flying up and down the length of his pecker in a blur of assisted masturbatory magnificence, arousing him to the point of near madness, his eagerness to achieve his completion almost overwhelming him, the emotions and sensations coursing through his body causing a single tear to slip unnoticed down his cheek and land with a splash on his mother's rapidly stroking hand and then to be flung by the very momentum of her tugging onto the spaciousness of her sweet areola that was attached to a wildly bucking boobie.

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