tagIncest/TabooHot Mom Visits Campus

Hot Mom Visits Campus


As a professor at a small New England college, each fall I meet many of my students' parents when they come to visit campus. This fall the visit of one parent was especially memorable. Sandy was one of the students in my lecture class whom I barely knew. I had taken note of her name, however, because several times she had been sitting about halfway up the steeply-raked lecture hall and had allowed her knees to drift apart during class, giving me a perfect view up her skirt. The last time she had done so, it was obvious that she was not wearing any panties, and confirmed the fact that she is a natural redhead. Usually, when a coed allows this to happen, it is intentional, and a prelude to more intimate relations.

However, Sandy did not make the usual effort to talk to me after class, or to arrange an "advising" session in my office. I never initiate these things. After all, there are always coeds who eagerly offer themselves, which makes things so much easier for the professor. So, I was just content to enjoy Sandy's "show," a bit more aroused, perhaps, by the fact that she seemed to be doing it unconsciously.

Sandy did finally approach me, however, just before our annual "parents' weekend" event. She stopped by my office to tell me that her Mom would be visiting class with her that Friday afternoon, and hoped to meet me. "Why does she want to meet me?" I asked Sandy.

"Well," she replied, with a sort of bowing of her head, "I guess I've told her how great you are and she wants to see for herself." As she spoke, Sandy's beautiful, silken red hair cascaded over her shoulders, almost completely obscuring her face. At the same time, she slowly crossed her legs, affording me a fleeting glimpse of her nakedness. Her short denim skirt rode even higher up her thighs, and Sandy made no effort to pull it down, leaving me with the wonderful sight of her young, firm, bare thighs. As she pushed her hair back over her shoulders, Sandy's face seemed flushed, and her voice became more throaty. In almost a whisper, Sandy continued, "my mother wants to have dinner with us Friday, if you are free."

"What's your mother's name?" I asked, as I watched Sandy's chest rise and fall in a pattern of shallow, nervous breathing, and her nipples begin to harden under her blouse and what must have been a very sheer bra.

"Her name is Michelle, but everyone calls her Micky," Sandy responded.

"And your dad? Will he be coming to campus, too?" I asked, even though by then I knew what the answer, in one form or another, was going to be. I just wanted Sandy to acknowledge that she was setting up a dinner for just herself, her mother, and me, and to encourage her to begin thinking about what might happen. After all, a girl sitting there with no panties on, her skirt high on her thighs, and hard nipples, would have to be thinking about sex!

"My father left us a long time ago," she said with a flash of anger in her voice.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said, in an effort to sound solicitous instead of lustful.

"Don't be," Sandy replied firmly. She uncrossed her legs slowly, and left them apart so I could clearly see the forest of red curls covering her womanhood and, looking me straight in the eyes, added "the faggot left mom and me five years ago to go fuck his little boyfriend. He's been living in the village in New York ever since."

"Wow," I replied, and couldn't stop myself from adding, "I find that rather amazing. If your mom looks anything like you I don't know how any man could go the other way."

A big smile suddenly lit up Sandy's face, "Oh, Professor Black, that is so sweet, you know just how to make a girl feel good, don't you!" As she spoke, she leaned forward in her seat, put her hand on my knee, and kissed me lightly on the cheek. "Mom and I do look alike, and I'm going to tell her what you said. She's going to love it," Sandy whispered into my ear. With that, she got up to leave. I had to remain seated, as my cock was now hard as a rock. When Sandy reached the door of my office, she turned halfway back toward me and winked! "See you Friday," she declared cheerily. She had become a completely different person from the quiet, withdrawn, little exhibitionist she had been in my class for the last month. Her new persona excited me.

Friday's class was filled with parents; obnoxious fathers trying to show off by "participating" in the discussion, mousy mothers and mothers with too much make-up on, and Sandy's mother Michelle. Micky looked more like Sandy's sister than her mother. Her strawberry blonde hair was fashionably cut, and she was dressed in an impeccable business suit that still showed off her curves. Interestingly, Sandy dressed in an unusually conservative outfit; jeans and a sweater that managed to hide more than it showed. The two of them hung around until all the others left, and then Sandy did the introductions.

"Micky," insisted Michelle, and Micky it was. We arranged to meet in my office after Sandy's last class and to head off for an early dinner.

We settled into a booth in a local micro-brewery, sampling a variety of beers, including their delicious Oktoberfest. I was careful not to drink very much at all, as I was driving. But both Micky and Sandy enjoyed their drinks. Halfway through the meal, Sandy declared she was too warm, and slowly pulled her sweater over her head. I caught my breath, as the plunging neckline and thin spaghetti straps of her very summery top came into view. It was obvious that she wore no bra. I could hardly take my eyes off her full, round breasts, the gentle curves of her cleavage, and the hard nipples outlined perfectly by the soft, silken material of her blouse. If it had been white it would have been transparent. I am sure that only the fact that the blouse was navy blue saved us from being arrested on the spot.

Micky sat next to me in the booth and we talked about her lucrative real estate practice in one of Connecticut's most "toney" towns, and my research. Several times her hand dropped to my thigh, squeezing me as if to emphasize some point in the conversation. I yearned to return the favor, but resisted. At one point, she rubbed her thigh against mine ever so gently, but with enough pressure to have the expected effect. I started getting hard. Sandy kept smiling at both of us, at one point leaning back against the booth, her hands on the seat, and her chest thrust ever so slightly forward. I was mesmerized.

When Micky finally regained my attention, I was red in the face with embarrassment, and Sandy was laughing, her head shaking, and her breasts rising and falling with each deep breath.

"Isn't my daughter beautiful?" Micky asked, in a half-whisper.

"She certainly is," I answered quietly. And I couldn't help adding "But it's obvious where she gets her beauty from!"

"See Mom?" Sandy exclaimed, "I told you."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing, Mom didn't believe me when I told her what you said in your office." Somehow, given the fact that Micky's hand was now gently stroking my thigh, stopping only millimeters away from my aching cock, I didn't think she had any trouble believing. Sandy could see quite plainly the gentle movement of her mother's arm during the course of dinner, and seemed to be very happy about it. She also seemed to be quite aroused. By the time I paid the check --after insisting that I would not allow Micky to pay it—Sandy's nipples were hard as pebbles, her face and neck were flushed, and her breathing was shallow and rapid. Micky, in contrast, remained quite relaxed. I was not. I felt the way Sandy looked.

I had to adjust myself as we walked to parking lot. I noticed that Sandy was watching me and smiling. Micky just kept on talking. I held the front passenger door of my car open for her and, as she got in, she rubbed her hand slowly across my crotch, giving a gentle squeeze to my hardening cock.

"Nice," she whispered.

"Very nice," Sandy mouthed silently behind her, and smiled. I opened the rear door for Sandy and as she turned to get in she leaned forward and pressed her chest against mine. "Nice?" she asked in a whisper as her breasts pressed against me and her gorgeous deep blue eyes looked deep into mine.

"Very nice" I mouthed silently. As I walked around the back of the car, I had to adjust myself again, and this time a couple of coeds walking to a nearby car were watching. I was beyond embarrassment now, and into complete arousal.

As I sat behind the wheel and started up the car, I saw that Micky was turned toward me, with her back against the door. Her skirt was high on her thighs, which were quite open, revealing a small triangle of white lace panties. I pulled my eyes away from her crotch and saw her looking right into my eyes. She said nothing. She just smiled, and gently shook her head "yes".

"Why don't I drop Sandy off at her dorm and then take you to your hotel? It's on my way," I suggested.

"Actually," Sandy interjected from the backseat, "I'm staying with Mom at her hotel tonight. We're planning on doing some shopping together tomorrow. You can just drop us both at the hotel."

It was less than a 10 minute drive to the hotel, during which there was very little conversation. I kept stealing glances at Micky, who remained exposed. I also kept looking at Sandy in the rearview mirror. Every time I looked at her, she was smiling back at me. When we reached the hotel, I was about to pull into the main driveway when Micky suggested "Why don't you park the car and come up with us for a nightcap? I know you're driving, you can have something non-alcoholic."

I tried not to sound too eager as I accepted. "Why don't I drop you off, park the car, and meet you at your room?" I suggested.

"Sounds great," Micky replied, "room 600. See you in a few minutes!"

I knocked gently on the door of room 600.

Sandy opened the door. "Hey, that was fast! Come on in. I hope you don't mind that we started without you." She was holding a glass of what looked like scotch on the rocks.

"No, that looks pretty good to me" I replied.

"Well, I guess that means you have decided to have some fun after all," Mickey observed.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I noticed you weren't doing much drinking at the bar, I was afraid you were some kind of stuffed shirt." Micky had changed out of her business suit. She still wore the same creamy blouse, which I could now see was as revealing as Sandy's top. The new skirt was a short, pleated skirt, reminiscent of a schoolgirl uniform. She had what looked like a gin and tonic in her hand. "You're already one drink behind us," she informed me.

"Why don't we sit down and relax?" Sandy suggested, and led me to the sofa. Mickey sat down next to me. She was so close she was almost in my lap.

"I could tell at dinner that you like me," she whispered.

"How could you tell?" I asked, as Sandy handed me my drink and sat down on my other side.

"I have my ways," Micky whispered, as she slid her hand up my thigh and onto the bulge of my hardening cock. "I bet you enjoy my ways, don't you?"

"Obviously, Mom thinks you're hot," Sandy laughed, "and so do I. Do you like me, too?"

"Of course!"

"Well," Sandy pouted, "you sure don't show it. Even when I don't wear any panties to class, and I show you my pussy, you don't do anything."

"You are my student, Sandy, I would get into a hell of a lot of trouble fooling around with you. And, I do react; the way any man would, physically, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, you mean you get a hard-on? I'd like to see that. And don't worry, you're not going to get in trouble -- unless, of course, you turn us down," she purred, smiling as she reached for the zipper on my pants.

I kissed Sandy on her lips, teasing her gently with the tip of my tongue, and sliding my lips down her neck. I pushed her blouse off her shoulder, and cupped her breast in my right hand, taking her left nipple into my mouth. I sucked and bit gently on her, as she pulled my zipper down while Micky unbuckled my belt. Sandy reached in and gently pulled my cock free.

"Wow, Professor Black! You're even bigger than I thought," Sandy declared in a half moan-half whisper.

"Yes, indeed, Professor," Micky added, holding my balls in one hand and stroking my cock to hardness with the other. "Very impressive! I'll bet you are very, very popular on campus," she smiled.

I broke away from Sandy's breast just as Micky took my cock into her mouth. I and Sandy both watched, mesmerized, as Micky sucked my shaft down her throat. She deep throated me three or four times when Sandy started licking my ear and whispered,

"Mom gives great head, but so do I."

Sandy pulled away and slid down my body, seeking me out with her mouth and tongue. She pushed her lips against my cock, forcing Micky to lean back and watch as her daughter took my cock into her mouth and sucked it down into her throat. They shared my cock, taking turns licking and sucking, and deep throating, until Mickey stood up, stripped off her skirt and panties, and announced

"I need to fuck this monster, right now."

As Mickey straddled me, Sandy hurriedly stripped off all her clothes and cuddled up against me, kissing and nibbling on my ear.

"Ughh" Mickey groaned, as she plunged down onto my cock, burying it deep inside her. "You are really nice and hard, and big. God, this is good, professor!"

As her mother pumped up and down, Sandy whispered, "I'm gonna fuck you, too, professor. I'm gonna bend over on my hands and knees and you're going to do me doggy style. If you want to, you can fuck my ass. Mom likes it in the ass, too. You can make her bend over next to me, and you can do us both at the same time. I bet you'd love that."

"Oh, yeah," I answered, as I sucked Sandy's left nipple into my mouth. I reached under her to slip the fingers of my right hand into her wet pussy. I found her enlarged clit easily, and manipulated it to give Sandy the most pleasure possible while I continued to fuck her mother or, more accurately, while her mother continued to fuck me.

"Ohh, ohh, yesss!" Micky moaned, as she ground herself against my pubic bone and squeezed the muscles of her pussy around my cock. Her body glistened with perspiration. Suddenly, she started cumming. She was looking at me, but probably couldn't see a thing. Her eyes were glazed over as she pumped her hips furiously, working herself against my cock. She peaked quickly.

When she settled down, I pulled her against my chest and whispered in her ear, "now it's your daughter's turn to get fucked!"

Micky just shook her head in agreement and gently rolled off me. I turned to Sandy, my cock still hard and covered with the juices from her mother's pussy. I pushed Sandy back into the couch and put her legs on my shoulders. Without any hesitation, I plunged my cock deep into her pussy. She was tight, hot, and very wet. I used long, slow strokes and pressed hard against her clit each time I pulled out. The smell of pussy was everywhere, making me hungry to taste it.

I pulled out of Sandy and pushed her knees to the sides, opening her up like a wishbone. I dove into her wetness, tongue first. She was delicious. The powerful, pungent aroma of her arousal, the taste of her fluids, and the hardness of her clit as I slid my tongue up and down over her sex had me on the edge of cumming. But I wanted to do Sandy and Micky together, so I pulled myself away from her delicious treasure and stood up.

"Come over here, and get down on your knees next to one another," I commanded them. They hurried to comply. My cock was harder, and bigger, than it had ever been before. "I want both of you to suck me off and I want to cum on both of your faces."

Micky just smiled and took my cock all the way down her throat in one plunge. She massaged it with her throat muscles for a few seconds then pulled off, gasping. Sandy took hold of it and did the same, but she could not take as much of me as her mother. They licked, and sucked, and deep throated me for what seemed like an hour, but must have been only a few minutes, when I was ready to cum.

"Here it cums!" I warned them. "Open up!"

Sandy and her mother both opened their mouths and tilted their heads back to take my cum in their mouths and on their faces. I shot several long ropes of creamy cum up and down each of their faces. I felt totally empty, and exhausted, when I was finished.

"Mmmm," they moaned, almost in unison, and then began scooping it up with their fingers and swallowing it. Watching them had me hard again in no time, and eager to fuck them in their asses.

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When i was 18 my mom wa flieting with all single men & a few married ones. She was openly hitting on men she fancied.
When she fancied a family friend she would hug him passioately.
Our backyard was huge.more...

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