tagIncest/TabooHot on the Bayou

Hot on the Bayou


Mary Jean sighed as she pulled into the driveway, her full breasts swaying woefully. She was 9 months pregnant, in the steamy heat of July, in the deep bayou of Louisiana. She slowly, carefully stepped out of her dented pick-up truck and took her groceries inside. As she plopped down each bag on the table she thought 'I can't take much more of this.' She called for her Pa, James, who was in the next room, and he came scuttling in. 'Pa, can you put away some of these groceries for me?" He had been such a big help since she had gotten pregnant, Mary Jean didn't even want to think about what life would be like without him.

Pa looked at his daughter as he entered the kitchen. She seemed more and more like her mother all the time ...glowing skin, a stomach like a big inflated water-drop, and the most wonderfully supple breasts. Yes, he thought, just like her mama. Even her richly dark hair was just the same, messily falling in curls down below her ever growing chest. James towered over her, a man of 6'3 and muscular from the years of hard work he'd put in providing for his angel. When he found out about Mary Jeans 'situation' he was as close as can be to murdering the good for nothing man that took his baby's innocence. But Mary Jean stopped him, knowing that something good never comes from violence. Her daddy did have a mean temper when he wanted to, but he might also be the softest teddy-bear when it came to his child.

While other girls were preparing for their first year of college, going to senior proms, and partying, Mary was getting ready for twin babies, with just the support of her Pa, the only man she could really count on. Because Mary Jean had taken care of her daddy for so long, she knew taking care of babies would be a synch.

Mary and her Pa had always been as close as two peas in a pod. After her momma died giving birth to Mary, she was the only link Pa had to the past, so he cherished every moment with her. James finished taking all the groceries out of the bags: shrimp, okra, catfish, Tabasco sauce, and flour. 'Honey, are you making gumbo in your condition, in this heat?' He said as he looked through the ingredients.

'Well, pa the doctor says spicy foods might help the babies come.' said Mary, gingerly

'What else'l do it? There's gotta be an easier way.'

'Well, he said a few other things'll help, like exercise, and uh...sex.' Mary blushed, and looked away from pa as she tapered off the last word. She began to fiddle with ingredients, and despite the suffocating heat, turned on the stove to begin her meal. She was so very anxious to pop these babies out; she was willing to try anything! ''Sides, Miss Crawford says that her gumbo recipe is the sure-fire way to get these little ones goin' and she's had 5 boys and a girl.' She rubbed her stomach as she said this, looked down at it lovingly, then up at her Pa, imagining her happy little family on the way.

Her Daddy looked at her, those glowing eyes and the sparkling skin, he had to control himself around her, she was just so utterly beautiful. His little angel, almost all grown up. Her maturity scared him, and there was something he saw in her that made him want to...but no, it was not right, not decent to think that way. James busied himself with starting to gather things for the gumbo, slicing and mincing vegetables while Mary Jean started the roux.

As they ate their spicy dinner, they talked about plans for the hospital, where Mary's suitcase was, whether she wanted any medicine during the birth, and the final name choices for the baby. Mary was so nervous and excited she scarfed down her dinner in record time, hoping that this old method might really work.

When nothing was happening three hours later, Mary Jean decided to go to sleep. She was exhausted from carrying two stubborn babies inside of her womb, and it was time for bed. Mary slipped into her white night gown and kissed her daddy goodnight. While she leaned in for the kiss she could feel her daddies eyes look down at her chest, which popped out of her thin nightgown, and she smiled, taking it as a compliment. Pa knew she saw where his eyes were glued, and was glad she didn't find it odd. How could he not look? They said their respective good-nights and Mary went to her room to get a well deserved rest.

Since getting pregnant, Mary had been having the most incredible wet dreams. Men feeding her grapes while she rest on a hammock, licking her pussy until it was sopping wet and she was crying for more. Great big muscled men, who looked exactly like her daddy, pummeled her cunt until she was shaking and she forgot everything but that singular, perfect orgasm. During these dreams she would wake up moaning, her bed wet with her sweat and juice. She moaned and cooed in her sleep, everything felt so real.

During these dreams her daddy could hear her every sound, because they slept in rooms sharing a wall. Her hot cries of pleasure were tantalizing to him, and it had been so long since he had been with a woman, certainly longer since he had been with one as hot as his own little girl. While Mary was having one fantasy, James was having his own. Lying down in bed, he could feel his dick against his jeans, growing bigger, while his daughter's moans got louder. He took out his cock, an incredible 8 inches, thick and mighty. As he began to stroke, hard and fast to thoughts of his own daughter, his sinfully sweet, gorgeous child, he did not notice the moaning stop in the next room. Soon Pa could feel his balls tighten, and to his surprise, a hand against them. He looked down and saw Mary, touching his sack with the most fantastic look of seduction. Instantly five or six strings of cum fell onto Pa's chest, and he groaned, so relieved. 'Mary! What...what are you doing?' he said, confused.

'Daddy, I know you can hear me every night, and I know you want me, Pa, I love you too. '

James was speechless. Was this a joke? Sleep walking? Was this his daughter? 'Baby I...I hope you know what you're doing. '

'Daddy, I need you, I need you to fuck me. You'll be helping. Think of yourself as a birthing aide. I can't have these babies without you, or your dick.' James was shocked by her bluntness, mystified, having never seen this side of his daughter. How could he say no?

With this, Mary unbuttoned her white night-gown and took one of James's hands, letting a finger trace her puffy areolas. Her swollen breasts were tender to the touch, and Mary Jean was already wet with the anticipation of what was to come. Sweat beads were forming on her collarbone and forehead, and James could feel the perspiration. He got up, off the bed and came in close to her cheeks, hugging her against him; he put his hand on the small of her back and the nape of her neck as he leaned in to kiss her, was. Their tongues entwined and her engorged stomach and breasts were squished against his chest. He could feel his dick against her stomach.

After the kiss broke, James led Mary onto the bed, on her back while he straddled her. He let her undress him, sliding off his shirt and jeans, leaving him nude to investigate this new territory. Her nightgown was fully open, allowing a full view of her beautiful body. Mary's legs were lean, and with them wide open, James had a perfect view of her slit. Her pussy was beautiful, glistening, just yearning to be explored.

As he looked in to his daughters gorgeous face, he saw her eyes, her mother's eyes, and gave her one more long kiss. Mary pushed against him; she was aching to be touched. Her Pa leaned down, facing her chest, and began to flick her sensitive nipples with his tongue. Mary shrieked with pleasure, the sensitivity of being pregnant was surely an upside. With the soft stimulation of her daddy's tongue, a little milk dribbled out of her nipple. Mary thought she might come just from that simple touch, that light, fantastic tonguing. James then put one hand on her other nipple, twirling it between fingers, as milk squirted out onto her stomach and his fingers. 'Baby, I could drink this all day.' Pa lapped up every drop of it while Mary groaned in ecstasy.

Not wanting her to cum so soon, he moved down, kissing her stomach all the way until he reached her puffy, wet pussy lips. With his tongue, he flicked her clit gently, and Mary clenched her muscles, as a wave of pleasure moved through her, ending at her toes. Prying Mary's legs open a little more, her daddy leaned down and kissed her slit, taking in her sweet aroma. He began to gently kiss her clit, alternating between flicking it with his tongue and gently sucking on it. Mary squirmed and giggled; amazed at the way he so easily knew what to do to her sensitive body. When James felt she was ready, he pushed a finger inside of her ever so gently, then two, and just a little faster.

Mary was so close she could feel her knees buckling, her pussy clench together with those fingers inside. She moaned loud and deep, and a river streamed from between her legs, as her toes curled up. 'OH DADDY! DADDY!' she cried, and soon was so enthralled in the lovely feeling that she was unable to move, paralyzed with pleasure.

James smirked, happy to have given his daughter that kind of unique gift. But what her Pa really wanted was a good, old fashioned fuck. He knew his daughter was ready for it, and his cock was at full attention. He got on top of Mary Jean, and positioned himself at the entrance of her sopping wet pussy, holding her legs up as balance beams. 'You're ready for this, baby?' he said. 'Yes, daddy, I'm absolutely ready.' He slowly pushed his dick into her. She winced, but the pain was momentary. In a few slow moves he got all 8 inches inside of her, and began to thrust gently. They both moaned in ecstasy as James's hips bucked against Mary's inner thigh. Harder and faster he moved, funneling all of his pent up sexual desire into her tight, hot cunt. He was drilling her, and she loved it.

His eyes alternated between her gorgeous tits and the spot between her legs he was absolutely pummeling. Her breasts were swaying forward and backward with every powerful thrust, her long hair moving at the same rhythm. Mary was so surprised that he fit completely inside of her that she even clenched down on his dick a little in reaction. They were sweaty, hot, and hornier than rabbits.

'DADDY, IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING!' She screamed, and James could feel the walls of her twat tighten around his dick. He slammed his hips in to hers once more before he could really feel her about to cum. Mary began shaking, crying out to her daddy, 'FUCK ME DADDY! YES! YES!' and then she shook, and expressed one last whimper of satisfaction. As James slammed his hips into hers, he felt himself begin to cum, and in just a few instants he shot his hot load inside of her. As he took his now limp cock out he saw the dripping juice. The mixture of their spunk together was also on Joseph and he was absolutely ecstatic to have come inside of her hot cunt.

Mary smirked up at her father, pursed her lips, asking for a kiss. After Joseph satisfied her with a peck, they both agreed that a shower was in order. After moving off of the bed and grabbing a towel, James looked over at his daughter, still on the bed.

'Daddy?' Mary said nervously. 'I think my water just broke.'

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