tagLoving WivesHot, Wet Wife Gets It All

Hot, Wet Wife Gets It All


There is nothing like a Brazilian Wax when it comes to sex. Nothing like the feeling of hands, mouth, penis, on such silky, smooth skin. Shaving just isn't the same. She had her plans laid well beforehand; he was going out of town for two weeks for a business meeting, so she had a friend with a salon do the deed the day he left. That gave her two weeks to walk around, wondering how every guy she talked to would feel if they knew that she had nothing but hot, smooth pussy rubbing against her panties all day. Especially those two young guys who were so incredibly gorgeous. She also vowed not to touch herself for those two weeks. That was the hardest part of the whole operation; that, and not telling him her plans. The day before he was to return, she had her friend do a touch-up. Perfect.

He had his own plans, too. He remembered the last time they had gone to dinner and out with friends, she had her share of Margaritas. He remembered when they had hot, hard sex that night how she jumped and moaned when he touched her puckered hole, and how she came extra hard when he rubbed it while sucking on her clit. He remembered, and knew she did, too, though she would never admit it. Much as she loved sex with him, after seventeen years of marriage, her Catholic upbringing still reared its head occasionally. She wouldn't ask for such things, but if he did them, she wouldn't stop him either. He had clipped and filed his nails the day before to make sure there were no rough edges to irritate her soft skin. There was a bottle of lube in the nightstand already for those times when she just wasn't quite wet enough for a good, hard fucking, and there was no reason it couldn't come in handy elsewhere. Perfect.

She picked him up at the airport that afternoon, and they spent the rest of the day talking about their two weeks away from each other, every now and then bringing up the sex they planned to have that night. Each one thinking that the other would be so surprised made it even hotter. After dinner and visiting with those same friends from Margarita night (which resulted in more Margs...) they made their way home. Each showered, preparing for their respective coup de grace.

When he came into the bedroom and saw her in his favorite robe, his "present to unwrap", he untied the sash and got immediately hard. She was on the bed, waiting for him, and when he opened the robe and touched her soft, bare pussy, his eyes darkened with desire. She imagined he'd have the same look if he just hit the lottery. He rubbed her with his hand, not believing how silky she felt, then moved over her and spread her legs. He started out licking her all over her inner thighs, occasionally dipping his tongue inside her or circling her clit. She got hotter and hotter, rubbing her hands through his hair, reveling in the sensation of his slightly rough tongue against her waxed skin. He put one finger in her pussy while concentrating on her clit with his tongue, and after a bit, added another finger. She bucked and moaned, lifting her hips off the bed to give him easier access. She was so wet that he didn't need the lube at the moment, but instead took a finger and touched her puckered asshole. When she moaned harder, he pushed just a bit and she opened for the tip of his finger. He continued licking and sucking, rubbing and touching, until she came in his mouth. When she caught her breath and reached over to get some water from the nightstand, he turned her over on her stomach.

He had never actually licked her ass before, but that was mainly because he thought she would object. He loved every part of her, even the extra few pounds she bemoaned. When he found out about the wax job, he knew she had to have her ass licked, and he was just the man to do it. He dove in, tongue first, reaching underneath her to put a finger in her pussy, which was still pulsing from her orgasm. When his tongue touched her at the same time as his finger, she started bucking and moaning uncontrollably. He held her there, making sure she knew what he was doing, hoping it would open their relationship more. When she came again, and then a third time, he let her get her water then had her move to the edge of the bed, doggy style. He slid his rock-hard dick into her sopping wet, tightened pussy and began pumping. Before she came again, he reached over for the lube, put some on his finger, and slowly slid it into her asshole. She turned around to him, and he imagined that's how she would look if she'd just hit the lottery.

After one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever had, with him continuing to fuck her pussy and finger her ass, he told her he was going to fuck her ass. He got the lube again, put some on himself and his finger, and made sure she was good and wet. She was already a bit loose from his finger, but he knew he still had to go slow. He gently pushed the head against her tight hole and, surprisingly, it went in fairly easily. He felt the slight pop of her muscle allowing him entry and stopped to let her get used to the idea of his cock in her sweet, tight asshole. He dripped a bit more lube onto her and slowly began fucking her ass.

As he fed his cock into her ass, she moaned and pushed back against him. Now that it was in there, she wanted him to fuck her tight, lubed asshole until she came. Once he got it all the way in and she felt his thighs against hers, she begged him to fuck her. He started slow, taking short strokes, until he felt her relax a bit. Once he felt confident that he wouldn't hurt her, he started moving faster and harder. When she started coming again, moaning and begging him to fuck her hard, he complied. He grabbed her hips and slammed his dick in and out of her ass. Between the multiple orgasms and the lube, she was wet enough that he could fuck her as hard as she wanted. When she reached down and touched her clit, he knew another chapter in their relationship was written. As soon as her finger hit her rock hard, hot clit, she exploded. She began bucking back towards him, almost making him lose his balance. Her asshole felt like a tighter version of her pussy, and he used it as such. He fucked her wet asshole as hard as he could while she rubbed her smooth, waxed pussy. When she, between breaths, told him that she wanted him to come because as long as he moved, she was going to come, he couldn't hold back. He shot his white-hot load in her ass, and while it didn't seem as if she could come any harder, her asshole tightened up like a vice around his cock, milking the remainder out of him.

Afterward, they cleaned up and slept. The next day, although the subject wasn't discussed, he knew she liked it and wanted more. He intended to lick and fuck her asshole and make her come like that again. The following week, when he went for a haircut, her friend was pleasantly surprised to find a $100.00 tip added to the bill, though she had no idea why.

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