Hotel Californication Ch. 01

byMany Feathers©

"I'd enjoy fucking you now," Diane said.

"And I'd enjoy being fucked by you," Carol replied, scooting up further into the bed as Diane followed. I stood off to one side, watching as Diane placed the tip of her blood engorged cock at her opening, and slowly began sliding it in. I had of course enjoyed other experiences, watching other men as they likewise fucked my wife. It had always been erotic for both of us, seeing things like that. But this was indeed, something entirely new for us. And though I hadn't as yet seen Carol fucked by another woman using a strap-on or anything, it was a bit like that, though Diane indeed had a real cock, and a rather large thick one at that, now that it was fully hard, and now thrusting in and out of my wife's hot wet pussy.

"All right Bryan, if you'd care to join us now," Diane asked turning towards me. "There's a tube of lubricant in my bag there. Use plenty on yourself, and then apply a little bit to me."

I certainly wasn't opposed to ass-fucking. Carol and I had engaged in that particular activity several times ourselves. And there had been one or two other women we had been with who I had also enjoyed what was termed a "DP" or double penetration with before too. But this would indeed be a first for me. And somehow I knew, this last little test would no doubt go a long way in Diane's determining if we'd be accepted to attend the resort or not.

I soon after grabbed the lube. And then moments after that, I was sliding up Diane's ass, kneeling behind her, as she in turn lay between my wife's legs. We were soon fucking in tandem, finding a nice easy rhythm with one another. Looking into the side mirror of our bedroom I did find it extremely erotic watching us. Carol reaching up to fondle and play with Diane's free-swinging breasts as she fucked her. Me behind, slamming in and out of Diane, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh, and the look on Carol's face, orgasmic ecstasy only moments away now.

"You gonna cum for me baby?" Diane asked. "You gonna let me feel all that hot nasty girl juice of yours spraying against me while I fill this delicious hot cunt of yours full of cream?"

"Oh yes...yes! Fuck yes!" Carol cried out, her orgasm already beginning as she said that.

"And how about you Bryan? You going to spurt inside my ass for me? Let me feel all that hot sticky jizzim flooding my bowels?"

I answered by simply doing just that. I grunted, once...twice, and then held still for just a moment, feeling the first precious spurts of my cock begin to unleash a torrent of cum into the woman's tight hot ass.

Carol was squirting. Like crazy. One of her best ever. Even with Diane's thick hard cock upside my wife's cunt, there was no way she could contain the volume of my wife's liquid pleasure as it fought its way out of her pussy. So much so, I could even hear it. The sound of Carol's deep-throated cry of release and pleasure adding an accompaniment of pure joy as Diane began adding her own sweet cream to the mix.


We stood at the doorway, Diane already having given us her assurance that we'd most likely be accepted, and to be prepared to plan on joining her at the resort the following weekend. It had indeed been an interesting and surprising evening. But as we stood there in the doorway, still naked, and uncaring if anyone saw us, watching Diane leave, we had no doubts as we waved good-bye to her, that we hadn't seen anything yet.

To be continued...

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