Hotel Hijinks


Standing in the corridor outside his hotel room. I know he is alone, and naked sitting in front of his computer. I watched him camming on an adult website , thinking he was anonymous. But I know this hotel well, it is my home away from home as my business seems to be centered in this city. I recognized the picture hanging on the wall, it is unique to that here I am at his door ...wondering what to do next.

Blushing as I see the maid approach, her broken English asking me if I have locked myself out again...not an unheard of thing, and she recognizes me as being a frequent guest. Nodding yes, not trusting my voice to verbalize the lie, she swipes her pass key and I slip very quietly inside.

Holding my breath, I see his strong back, his head slumped against the back of the chair. His even breathing indicating sleep so I decide to take advantage. Slipping out of my coat, and rolling down my stockings, I pull my shoes off and hold my stockings in my hand as I approach his chair. Clad only in my bra and panties, I make slip knots in the stockings and with a speed I didn't know I possessed I quickly strap his wrists to the arms of the chair.

As his eyes flutter open, I unhook my bra, letting him see the merest glimpse of my naked boobs, inches from his eyes, and using my bra as I blindfold, I hook it around his head. He parts his lips to protest, I can feel him pulling at his arms, but I lean forward and stuff a nipple into his mouth, pushing my breast in...feeding him, filling his mouth with my heavy boob. My knees on either side of his thighs, balanced in the chair...I whisper, "That was me you forced yourself on in the chat room, it was delicious...I thought I might return the favor."

His teeth sink into my nipple, tearing at the flesh, bringing tears to my eyes and he growls as I pull away. He spits the words at me, "And when you let me go, I will have your ass, you said no in chat...but here, you will be mine." Stepping away from him...rethinking my rash behavior...debating running for the door...

His legs reach out and hook behind me, pulling me forward, off balance, I fall forward so quickly that I cant get my arms out to brace myself. His fingers, grab the pair of panties that are my only covering and he rips at them as we topple over backwards.

The wind knocked from my lungs, the room spins momentarily, just long enough it seems for the tables to have turned. My wrists are tightly bound in front of me with my own stockings and my bra is stuffed into my mouth as I try to get my breath. He rolls over me, my ribs jabbed painfully as they scrape over the arm of the chair, and he growls as he stands, towering above me, naked and hard.

My eyes wide, as fear grips me and the tears flow over my cheeks, trying to cover my naked breasts with my bound arms. Panting short ragged breaths, my nostrils flare. He reaches with one hand and pulls me to my feet, pushing me across the floor, he hooks my tied hands to the coat hook in the bathroom and paces in front of me.

Whimpering, my eyes following him as I twist and turn on the hook, it has brought me up on my tip room to get off the hook on my own. He stops and his gaze travels my body, reaching forward he rips my panties off and walks away.

I can hear him moving about the room, then the door opens and closes. Suspended, naked, shivering as the sobs heave up from within. Hot tears pouring, what was I thinking?

The door reopens and I hold my breath, listening to him rustling about the room.

It seems like forever, but finally he steps into the bathroom with me...and smiles, a slow lazy smile.

"I have visited your room, and have found it very informative." He chuckles softly, "but I do like a clean playing field, so I will use this rather interesting contraption I found tucked in your luggage."

I watch wide eyed as he fills the enema bag with cold...omg...cold water and fear turns my insides to liquid. My cunt starts pouring juices and I twist, trying to rub my legs together.

He spins me so that I am facing the door, and runs the nozzle thru my sopping lips, then quickly pushes the nozzle deep in my ass. He hangs the bag on the hook that holds my arms suspended and with a caress of my spine he turns the tap. "I have always wondered how much liquid an ass could hold...I guess I finally get to find out."

The bag drains quickly and I hear him refill it and hang it ... letting it fill my ass. The cramps start at once, making me moan, twist and turn. His hand slaps my ass, over and over and he fills the bag again...

Unable to protest, the pain building inside me, he stands next to me and starts to talk. "I am going to release this bag very slowly as it has a special ingredient in it...I have poured my wine, just half a glass, left over from dinner to the mix. Let's see how your greedy ass likes that."

Groaning, my body going limp as I give up the fight. "Oh no, you are not giving up on me!" His hand strokes my clit, so wet and slippery, my ass spasming, bowels protesting as they are filled. He pushes a plug into my pussy...stroking in and out, it stretches my lips and I dread it entering my ass. His fingers plying over my clit, his other hand pulling out the nozzle replacing it with the huge plug.

He lifts me by my arms releasing me from the hook and sets me on the tub, he swings my legs inside and then stands me up securing me to the curtain rod. Pushing at the bra in my mouth, needing a gulp of sweet air, I feel it ripped from me as he tells me not to scream. My head feeling lighter with every word, the wine absorbing into the vascular lining of my bowels, I find myself giddy, giggling at my confinement.

"Oh, this is going to be a little messy." He turns the shower on...freezing cold spray hitting me as he adjusts the temp. "I will leave it up to you to remove the plug, I think as the contractions in your belly ramp high enough, you will find the muscular fortitude to expel it on your own. He uses my bra as a harness to hold the shower head to my clit, he straps it in place. Already the contractions are strong, my clit throbbing as the water rushes over it, making me shudder.

"I'll be back in about 15 minutes, that should give you time to enjoy. I have a webshow to set up."

Shaking with frustration, the massage head making my clit throb and swell, rolling my hips in an effort to dislodge it only serving to further titillate my pleasure nub. The pain in my belly making me whimper as tears once again fall hot and fast over my cheeks.

The orgasm hits, strong contractions of many muscles, including those in my ass, quivering and unable to move away from the source, my body heaves and bucks, tied in place. Cumming, one long continuous orgasm...until the sweet release, the plug finally pushed out, I hear it hit the tub and the contents of my ass are forced out as my bowels convulse.

Weak, the orgasm continues, painful now, tearing through me, my only thoughts are for it to stop. My eyes closed tightly as I writhe, hips undulating hard and fast, in tempo with the controlling force at my core. Gasping suddenly as the water turns cold, shivering as the orgasm finally ebbs, I open my eyes to see him smiling, hand on the taps. HE pulls the massager from my pussy and showers me down with the cold water. My teeth chattering, swollen cold nipples pert and pointy.

"Now, just to be sure that you are well cleaned out..." his eyes twinkle as he looks at me, he unscrews the hose from the shower head and inserts it into my spasming ass...letting the shooting water rinse me clean. Howling as much from the indignity as the cold water, my insides contracting tightly to push out the water, the hose snaking free at last.

He unhooks my wrists, still bound in front of me and pulls me dripping wet into the center of the room, I can see the red light of the webcam winking at me.

'This is an interactive show...we will do what we are told to least for the most part." ' Trembling, watching the number of viewers climbing steadily, lines of print showing up in the chat. Aghast that it is my profile that is broadcasting, my laptop. The shame washes over me as I see familiar names on the list.

"20 lashes with a belt on her slutty ass." "Now that is the suggestion we shall start with." He bends me over, ass and pussy spread and on display for the cam. He fastens my wrists to my ankles and kicks my feet wider. Bending to whisper in my ear, "Count out loud for me."

The first strike is quite bearable and I count "one." The next 5 are of the same, but then he says, "Your audience says that I am going too easy on you..." The next strikes are hell, the belt biting in, leaving fiery red streaks on my creamy white ass. I scream by the fifteenth and am unable to find my voice to count anymore.

He dips his hand into my sloppy pussy and tells me "Your adoring fans wanted to know if you were wet from your spanking. As they can see from my dripping fingers, yes you are."

He grabs my hair and turns me to face the camera, "They want to see your tear streaked face, and then they want...oh never'll figure out what they wanted quick enough." He turns me sideways and forces his cock into my mouth, no slow erotic dance with my tongue, but a full stroke fucking my throat, his hand gripping my hair as he holds me to him.

My wine soaked brain fumbling to function fully, he throat fucks me until I am retching, dry heaving, coughing as I try to get a breath, drool pouring from my mouth.

"This is a tough crowd...they want to hear you scream like you mean it..." I am pushed backwards onto the floor, two pillows propping my ass high and a bar tied between my ankles so that I cannot close my legs. The bottle of lube held high, splashes over my pussy lips, dripping into my gaping cunt, it throbs and pulses, my recently tormented clit still swollen.

He kneels beside me and checks the focus of the cam, then he pushes three fingers in my aching cunt. It is almost a relief to have his fingers filling the contracting passage. He finger fucks me hard and fast, my hips rocking to the rhythm. He stops and pushes the bottle of lube into my cunt, hard stretching me out and squirts inside. Now I am shivering once again with dread.

He puts his four fingers to my outer lips and starts to push, twisting his wrist, he forges forward, tucking his thumb to my anguished whimpers. With a deep growl from his throat he shoves his entire hand into my tight snatch, my lips closing around his thick wrist. They are rewarded with my scream...long and loud as the pain registers in my brain. My hips buck uncontrollably as my cunt contracts, I feel his fingers curl into a fist and he hammers my hole. Hard, repeatedly driving deep, pounding my back wall, stretching me so wide that I fear I will split in two.

Begging him to stop, he instead thrusts with rabbit punches, and brings his other hand down hard on my clit. Slapping my clit with every forward thrust of his clenched fist. My body writhing with pain on the floor, he leans forward and tears into first one nipple and then the other with his teeth. Pulling and snapping my nipples until the pain is so overwhelming that my body uses it in other ways. Denies the pain as his slaps to my clit turn to hard rubs, rolling it, pressing it, tweaking it to its ultimate betrayal.

Screaming anew, I cum, humiliated and abused, on the floor, twisting as I release, a flood of nectar spilling out of my used and bruised hole. Begging to be let go, pleading as his hand pulls from my pussy with a squelch.

"Oh no, we have unfinished business...the ass you denied me earlier must be taken." With that statement there is a knock at the door and I am prepared to scream for help, reveal my embarrassing plight and get out of this room of horrors.

He leans in low, spitting the words at my ear, "There are three men who also recognized this room, staying in this very hotel and they would like to help me ravage your fine ass."

He walks away and I lay on the floor, defeated, averting my eyes from the camera, sobs wracking my body.

Strong hands pull me to my feet and a glass of wine is thrust into my hand. "Here, drink this in the conventional way, I think you need it to survive these 4 thick cocks, all throbbing to get in your whorish ass."

My wrists are released and I drain the glass, handing it back. My eyes downcast to avoid meeting any of their gazes. My flesh quivering as they inspect me, hands probing, lifting my breasts, spreading my cheeks, pushing into my pussy.

"May I try to fist your slut? I have never done that before." and with that he holds his meaty hand in front of my face, and I scream at the very thought of that monstrous hand in my tight little snatch.

A chair is pulled into the room and he sits on it, pulling me over his lap. "Of course you may, but first I think she needs a reminder of who is the Master here, and who will be the obedient slut."

His hand spanks my ass, my cheeks on fire and just when I think I cant take anymore, he says, "Do it know, she is soaking me with her slutty juices."

Hot breath on my ass cheek as the hand pushes, pushes , stretches and splits my cunt in two, pushing all the way in, as a cock is shoved into my mouth as I attempt to scream. His hand continues to spank my ass until I cum, gagging and choking , no air in my lungs, a groan as the hand is pulled out.

I am lifted and placed on the bed, my ass hanging over the edge and two men, each gripping a leg pulling them up and wide until I am staring at my own gaping pussy. Shocked at how stretched that fist has left it I struggle for breath. Panting as I see him holding his cock, feel it grazing across my tight pucker.

He looks into my eyes and says, "Now I will have your slutty ass." and as the last word leaves his lips he forces his cock into my tight dark hole, no mercy for protesting muscles and before my ass can even start to adjust he is fucking me, long strong full strokes, his balls banging with a resounding slap.

He suddenly pulls out and stands near my face, letting a hot stream of cum splatter all over me, I close my eyes, feeling it dripping, cooling quickly. My screams never fading as each man follows his lead, taking my ass swiftly, not cumming in me, every cock seeming bigger and harder than the one before, til my ass is like raw hamburger, red, swollen pulsing. The mix of cum drying on me, pulling at my skin as I am finally released, I curl into a ball on my side, sobbing not caring who is watching.

The fear and exhaustion finally taking me, I fall asleep.

I awake to a warm washcloth on my face, wiping the cum from me, soft words, soothing in my ear and then he scoops me up and carries me to the tub, laying me gently in the hot foamy water. My flayed skin tingling, stinging as the water swirls. I cringe away from him as he starts to run the cloth over my breasts.

Cursing he climbs into the tub behind me and engulfs me in his arms. Kissing my neck, my earlobe, telling me to shush, I am safe now. Shuddering, too weak to fight I lean back against him, and close my eyes, letting the hot water soothe my trembling muscles, wash away the horrors of the day. I allow him to pull me from the tub and rub me dry, wrap me in a hotel house coat and lead me to his bed.

He orders dinner and lays quietly beside me, our breathing in sync with one another. He kisses my lips tenderly, running his tongue along the edges, soft sexy kisses. He smiles at me, "How about the next fantasy, we make love under the waterfall as the sun sets tonight?"

Grinning, I smile and nod my head as the knock on the door signals dinner is served.

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