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About three years ago my marriage was in deep trouble. We'd been married for nine years; with twin 7 year old daughters. I'd not long had a promotion at work and my wife was struggling to combine a full-time job with being a good mother and loving spouse.

A new job meant that I earned a lot more money but had to work longer hours and stay away from home two or three nights a week. I was too busy to notice any problems until one Friday night when I arrived home to find the kids already in bed. When I complained my wife exploded with rage. The resulting argument lasted 48 hours, culminating with a soul-searching 'heart to heart' conversation, on the Sunday night.

Obviously it was 'my entire fault' and I had to promise to work less hours, pay Kate and our daughters more attention etc. etc. etc.

One of her more salient points was that we hadn't had sex in over four weeks and I hadn't noticed! We put that right immediately. Over the next couple of weeks we discussed 'our problems' in a calm and mature manner. One of Kate's biggest gripes was that I hadn't shown any imagination in 'the bedroom' for years leaving her frustrated and unfulfilled. Needless to say I was devastated. I tried my best over the next few months; but it was always Kate who really instigated trying new positions, wearing sexy lingerie and even buying a sex-toy. What pleased me most was the way that she quickly developed a liking for sucking my cock and swallowing my spunk. Something that I'd never dared ask of her or dream that she would do.

Even before we were married Kate wasn't this insatiable or orgasmic. The sex was incredible; especially when she was dressed in lacy black underwear with stockings and suspenders. She would go absolutely wild when she sucked my cock as I fucked her with her dildo. This always made her very, very wet and she would scream the house down when she came. Thank God her mother enjoyed looking after the girls on a regular basis.

Towards the end of the first year Kate introduced 'role play' into our sex sessions; buying a 'maids outfit' and a 'sexy nurse's uniform' plus another two larger toys. As well as our Saturday night sessions she would tease me by telling me how often she masturbated with the toys when I was away from home. I have to admit that I was having difficulty keeping up with her.

On the lead up to her birthday in the April Kate suggested a new game. She had read in one of her magazines about a couple that would meet in a hotel and pretend to be strangers. He had to seduce her into bed. The idea really appealed to my wife but I was less sure.

As usual I relented. I was working in Manchester all of the next week so booked a hotel in her name for the Friday night. As agreed Kate would arrive by train and book in alone. She would then get dressed and I was to meet her, later, in the bar.

Kate really got into her role; even adopting a new character. My 'chat-up' lines where terrible and she virtually made me beg to buy her a meal before she would give in. When we finally got to the bedroom the sex was fantastic. Kate was unappeasable; virtually fucking my brains out! I lost count of the number of orgasms she had as she made me lick her pussy and fuck her doggy style before she straddled my cock like a cowgirl riding a Bronco.

The grin on her face the following day as we drove home made it all worthwhile; even if my balls had shrunk to the size of two baked beans.

Kate was ecstatic for the next few days and made me promise to repeat the trip every six months. Of course I promised.

Every April and November for the last three years we've spent a night or two in a hotel living out my wife's fantasy of having sex with a stranger.

In December last year my company was taken over and my job responsibilities changed meaning that I've had to work even longer hours and bring work home on a weekend.

Because of my workload, I had been looking forward to our 'dirty weekend' in April for weeks in advance. This time we were going to Newcastle and staying in a very expensive Hotel on the Quayside; which has a reputation as the 'party area.'

On the Friday night I had been trying to contact Kate since 5 o'clock as I knew that I was going to be late for our meeting between 6.30 and 7 in the Hotel bar. Her mobile phone was switched off; which annoyed me, but this was probably part of her game. I eventually sent her a text message and hoped that she would check her phone before leaving the bedroom. It was about 7.45 when I finally made it to the Cocktail Bar scanning the room for my wife. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was transformed from the mother of two screaming daughters that I had kissed goodbye on the Tuesday morning into a gorgeous Vamp; her curvaceous body poured into a very slinky black dress with a split up the side that showed just the merest hint of stocking top and a plunging neckline that clearly showed that she wasn't wearing a bra!

As I was getting served I realised that she was talking to two Asian guys. I tried to attract her attention but the barmaid suddenly asked 'what I wanted'. With a pint in my hand I turned to face Kate again as one of the men stroked her thigh and whispered something which made her giggle and push his arm away.

My wife must have seen me as I made my way towards her but she completely ignored my eye contact as she continued flirting with the two strangers. I wasn't sure but I guessed that they were Indian businessmen, roughly the same age as us – early thirties. The tallest one looked like a body builder – about 6ft. 2 and 16 stone, his friend was smaller and tubby. Both were wearing smart trousers and fashionable white shirts which emphasised their swarthy good looks.

Letting her have her fun I decided to stand as close as possible without attracting the men's attention. I was so close I could smell her perfume, but was afraid to say anything as she appeared to be having a good time tormenting me. Kate looked incredibly sexy as her milky white breasts heaved and jiggled in the tight dress every time she laughed at one of their jokes. The taller guy made no attempt to disguise the fact that he was stroking her suspender belt strap. In fact he tugged at it a couple of times, which actually made Kate squirm; a sure sign that she was getting turned on.

In the next half hour Kate totally ignored me as she sank 2 glasses of wine while the guys made it quite clear what their intentions for my delectable wife were.

By now I'd made out that their names were something like 'Kez' (the taller one) and 'Desi' and they were both locals. My wife had told them that her name was 'Kitty' and her 'friend' had stood her up. Neither men seemed to believe her; the look on their faces telling me that they thought that she was a just another married woman 'chasing cock'. As the music became louder; and the bar busier it became more difficult for me to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Eventually the tall man leant over her and whispered something, "I need to pee first," she smiled, and gently pushed him away as he fondled her backside. I gave her a few seconds to stagger away from them and followed. Because the room was so crowded she was already in the ladies toilets when I reached the corridor. I quickly ran into the Gents and had a pee myself, only to find 'Desi' had followed me in. As guys do he nodded to me as he pulled out a 'snake of a cock.' I nodded back, zipped up and rushed out to confront my wife.

By the time Kate came out of the 'ladies' Kez and Desi were already waiting by the door. "Are you ready babe?" Desi grinned. "As ready as I'll ever be!" she chuckled as she linked arms with Kez and left the Hotel. Stunned I followed, only to see Kate bending forward as she got into a Black Cab letting the back of her dress rise up behind her exposing her stocking tops and suspender straps to everyone in the street. Desi couldn't resist and slapped her soft fleshy arse cheeks. Kate turned and smiled. My cock instantly became hard.

I grabbed the handle of a second taxi and virtually fell in as the first cab pulled away.

"Follow that cab!" I shouted. "What?" the driver turned to look at me, "Are you kidding?" "No!" I grunted, "Follow that fucking car!"

Ten minutes later as the cars crawled through the busy streets they pulled up outside a smart Italian Restaurant. Relieved that they hadn't gone to the guy's home I gave the driver a £10 note and didn't ask for change.

I followed the trio at a respectable distance; getting a table about 12 feet away. Close enough to watch but far enough away that I couldn't hear what they were saying.

The next hour was Hell for me. I could hardly eat my meal as I watched the three of them flirting and touching like rampant school kids. Kate was also getting gloriously drunker as they plied her with red wine, bending forward at every opportunity to give them (and everybody else) a flash of her tits. Towards the end of their meal Kate was really squirming on her seat as Desi ran his hand up the front of her dress and Kez gently nuzzled her ear. My stomach was churning like a cement mixer making me feel like I could throw up even though I still had an erection.

Kate stood up and stumbled to the toilet as Desi paid their bill. This was my opportunity, I thought, to confront her and make our escape.

Again she made it into the toilets before I reached her. I went into the Gents. As I emptied my bladder my wife's new friends appeared either side of me. Desi recognised me. "Hey you were in the Hotel earlier, weren't you?" "Em...yes," I stuttered. "We're going back there now and it's pissing down outside; do you want to share a taxi?" He laughed. "I guess." I shrugged. This was madness!

As I stood embarrassedly peeing into the urinal the two men joked about Kate, calling her a 'slapper' and 'game for a roasting'.

"Sorry mate", Desi chuckled, "we've just pulled a bird that's staying in your hotel and she's as game as fuck! Did you see her?"

"Ehm...yes...she's wearing a black dress?" I stammered as I tucked my stiff dick back into my pants.

"That won't be on for long when we get her back in her room!" Kez grinned, as we left the Gents, "She'll probably let you watch if you ask her nicely!" Both men thought this hilarious and were still laughing when Kate staggered out of the toilet.

For a moment; she looked horrified when she saw me standing with her friends.

"This is...I don't know your name?" Desi tried to introduce me. "Ray." I grunted as the enormity of the situation hit me. "This is Ray. He's going to share our cab." Desi hiccupped as the cab arrived.

A sexy smile slowly appeared on Kate's lips.

"Fine," she whispered huskily, "I guess you know what you're doing." They grinned at each other; not knowing that the comment was really meant for me.

Kate got in the taxi first, exposing both thighs above her stocking tops and her left tit actually falling out of her dress. Once inside, she sat between her friends as I sat opposite. The roads were a bit clearer and the taxi literally flew around the corners making me hang onto my seat but Kate had to spread her legs to avoid falling, giving me a fantastic view up her dress as she grabbed hold of Kez. He took advantage by kissing her passionately on her freshly painted lips and slid one hand inside the front of her dress; grabbing a handful of luscious tit in front of me; her husband. Kate responded by sticking her tongue down his throat.

Desi looked at me and laughed then motioned towards Kate as if to say "I told you so!"

They were still embracing when the taxi arrived at the hotel. Desi leant forward as the other two scrambled out; "Pay the man and I'll let you watch us fuck her. Okay?" He winked.

I meekly nodded and gave the driver another ten pound note. When I joined them in the reception area it transpired that they had already told Kate that they had agreed to let me watch them.

Her eyes twinkled like Christmas lights as we stepped into the lift. As Kez pressed the button for the tenth floor, he asked me which floor I was staying on. "6 – Why?" I lied. He shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention to Desi who now had Kate's dress pushed up around her waist as he kissed and licked her neck and tits. My heart was pounding and my cock aching as I saw images of Kate's' stocking clad legs, suspender belt and tiny G-string in the mirrors on all four sides of the lift. Everytime the lift slowly passed another floor there would be a click and I expected some old General or something to open the doors and see my wife and her soon to be lover. Thankfully this didn't happen and he nonchalantly smoothed her dress as we eventually walked along the corridor.

"Excellent! There's a mini-bar!" Kez exclaimed once inside the room. "What do you want?" Then he threw me a bottle of vodka as he opened a miniature bottle of whisky.

As I unscrewed the lid I turned to see that Desi and Kate already lying on the bed. He had already taken Kate's dress off and was suckling on her succulent tits. Her eyes were closed and her head was now rolling from side to side as he gently stroked her pussy through her thin knickers. My eyes were nearly out on stalks when I realised that she had completely shaved her pubes off!

"If it's not wet enough you could use this!" Kez laughed as he waved a half bottle of champagne in the air. Desi grinned, "She's plenty wet...look!" and then pulled my wife's ting G-string to one side exposing her puffed up labia and a gash that looked as if she'd pissed herself. "Watch this." He told his pal as one by one he inserted all four long brown fingers into Kate's willing hole. "Get my phone out of my pocket and take a picture!" He giggled as he twisted his hand around and around until everything apart from his thumb was inside her body.

As Kez fumbled with the camera-phone Kate gasped and grunted as she pulled her feet towards her knees and arched her back; pushing her pussy and Desi's hand into the air.

"Fucking Hell mate, that looks awesome!" Kez whistled as he focused and pressed the button.

"Here, takeover for a minute, while I take a piss." Desi nonchalantly urged his friend as he unceremoniously pulled his fist out of my wife's now gaping cunt.

As Kez approached Kate, who was now writhing on the bed, he finished his drink and unclasped his belt letting his trousers fall to the floor.

"I bet you're a cracking cocksucker." He asked my wife who was busy taking her knickers off. "Are you?"

She drunkenly nodded and leant her face towards the massive bulge in his white Calvin Klein's, planting a sloppy kiss near the tip.

"Take my pants off then babe," Kez's voice was now a soft growl, "with your teeth". Kate moved her weight onto her shoulder and obliged, tugging the waistband over his bulge with her shiny white teeth. Amazingly his cock wasn't anywhere near as hard as mine but it was just as thick and fat as it flopped out and hit her nose. Kate took a deep breath then launched forward eagerly gobbling this strangers stiffening brown dick.

Kez turned to me and grinned as he dropped his shirt onto the carpet, as he stroked my cock-sucking wife's hair. "Roy, mate, get my phone for me. It's in the back pocket."

"Ray." I quietly corrected him as I bent over to oblige the man with his dick stuck down my wife's throat. My throat was as dry as a desert as I handed him his camera-phone. As he moved her hair away from her cheeks to get a clearer picture I watched Kate slowly slide her hand over her shaved pubic area and begin flicking her clit.

The toilet flushed and Desi strode back into the bedroom bollock naked; sporting a huge black hard-on. His whole body, from ankles to shoulders, was covered in thick black hair, making him look like a brown bear. "Fucking Hell mate; I told you she was fucking game. Didn't I?! He gasped as Kate now had all of Kez's stiffening 6 or 7 inches deep in her throat and was frantically rubbing her pussy.

"Nevermind doing that yourself pet; let me help!" Desi laughed as he took hold of her ankles and lifted them onto his shoulders while burying his face into her sopping cunt.

"Aren't you going to...you know...wear something?" I timidly asked both men. Kez grinned and shrugged his shoulders as he roughly played with her heaving tits.

Kate suddenly opened her eyes in astonishment as his tongue must have touched her engorged clitoris. The shock made her cough and Kez's cock slid out leaving the purple tip pressed against her bottom lip. A few seconds later she regained her composure and quickly began sucking the big brown cock as eagerly as before. It only took a minute or so but I could tell that both of them were now close to orgasm.

Kez took hold of her hair and began frantically fucking her mouth. As fast as he thrust Kate matched it with one of her own. "Oh, uh, shit, I'm....fucking hell...uh, uh; shit...I'm gonna fucking flood your fucking mouth!" He grunted as his hips swayed backwards and forwards. Kate was now expertly breathing through her nose as his cock swelled ready to explode. "UH, FUCK, SHIT!" Kez gasped as he tightly gripped Kate's head. With a mouth full of Asian cum, Kate mumbled, "Aaaggghh, Uuuuggghh" as her body convulsed with a shattering orgasm of her own. My wife was trembling with delight as her head and shoulders flopped onto the pillow. Kez was still oozing cum onto the carpet as he picked his phone up and took a picture of my wife's face which was now covered with strings of his milky white spunk. My eyes turned to Desi who was resting on his knees at the bottom of the bed. Kate was slowly rotating her hips with her legs spread wide apart and the knees raised slightly while he slowly pumped his whole fist in and out of her shaved pussy.

"Hey cameraman," he called to me, "Get a photo of this." I meekly obliged getting as close as possible to my wife's stretched hole with his phone and took a picture of the watch on his wrist touching her puffy lips.

"You look like you need some relief as well," Desi said as he carefully pulled his sticky hand out of her hole; leaving it stretched and red raw.

"Get your kit off and you can get a blow-job while I fuck her." "Are you sure?" I asked like a nervous schoolboy. "Fucking Hell man, look at the tart. She'd fuck a pony if I brought it in now!"

I did as he told me and looked at my beautiful wife who was lying half asleep, only wearing black seamed stockings and a suspender belt, on a hotel bed with one stranger's spunk in her mouth and running down her face while her most private of parts was stretched beyond belief from a fisting that another man that she had only met 3 hours previously had given her.

I nervously took my shirt off as Desi and Kez stood beside the bed taking alternate swigs from the champagne bottle, watching my wife roughly squeeze her tits as she fingered herself.

As I dropped my trousers I couldn't help compare our cocks. Mine was as hard as a rock and about 5 inches long (average?), Kez's was now hanging limp with the foreskin covering his knob, but it still looked as big as mine. Desi's cock was jutting out and looked much longer and fatter than my meagre offering.

"Come on Kitty babe," Desi shook her leg, "you don't think that I'm finished with you yet do you?"

Kate's eyes flickered open and she smiled and then sexily smeared her love juice onto her nipples. "Good!" She slurred, "I've got my second wind now."

"Get out of the way," Desi grunted as he pushed me to one side, "this needs warming up!" As he waved his big dick in front of my wife's face. I swear that she licked her lips as she rose to her knees and rubbed her 34c's over his rapidly thickening meat. It was like watching lightening as his cock grew in the valley of her heaving mounds. "Do you want the same as your friend?" Kate arrogantly grinned as she sexily wiped some spunk off her chin and licked it off her manicured fingernail. "I'm not cumming in your mouth babe," he hoarsely whispered, "I'm going to fill your married twat full of Delhi spunk! Are you on the pill?"

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