tagLoving WivesHotel Treat Ch. 01

Hotel Treat Ch. 01


I am sat back in my hotel room, my heart racing as the adrenalin runs through my body while I try and run through what the 'surprise' is in store for me. Earlier that day I was at work when I received a mysterious note in the post telling my that as a special treat one of my dreams was going to come true and that I would have my wife to thank afterwards. I had no idea what was in store but I followed the instructions, booking into the luxury hotel, enjoying a long relaxing bath and then waiting in nothing more than black boxers for my treat when I heard a knock at the door.

I smiled as I got up, expecting Rebecca in an outfit that left little to the imagination, my cock swelling at the thought as I looked through the spy hole on the door, seeing the outline of a woman leaning down so her face was hidden. I pull open the door, my eyes starting at the floor and seeing very sexy black high heels, some very expensive looking black stockings working their way up to the satin black skirt with white frilled edges and what can only described as a 'slutty maid' outfit that doesn't cover much of the legs and shows very generous amount of cleavage. My mouth drops as I finally take it all in, the outfit, the legs, the cleavage and the face, not my wife at all but still showing a very sexy smile and cheeky look in her eyes.

I don't know what to say as the woman walks in and asks if I will be standing there all night. Suddenly conscious I am almost naked with a strange woman in my hotel room I close the door and ask why she is here. "Didn't you read the note?" she asks. "Your wife sent me to give you a very special treat tonight and it will be something you both remember for a long time." I hesitate, unsure of what to so as I stand in the entrance hall to the hotel room.

The woman introduces herself as Jennifer and she will be a maid for the night and is going to make sure that as a hotel guest I get my every whim satisfied. The tone of her voice when she says the word "satisfied" is nothing short of wanton and I feel the desire building. Jennifer notices this and walks towards me before reaching out to caress my chest. She stands in front of me, leaning in she whispers "Time for the first act I think" before looking me in the eye and then slowly kneeling down, dragging her hands down my body as she does.

It is then I notice the wedding ring on her finger and I cannot believe what is happening, my wife has arranged for another married woman to spend the night with me in a hotel room. My cock feels like it will burst as the realisation hits me and Jennifer moans softly in appreciation, her hands having slipped down my body now stroke my cock through my boxers. I am glad of the support from the wall behind me as I feel the cool air of the hotel room on my naked skin as Jennifer pulls my hard cock out of my boxers. When she slides it in her hot mouth I am sure my legs will buckle as she slowly pushes it deeper, taking my hard dick in her sweet mouth.

I look down at her and she is looking right back at me, her lips wrapped round me while her hands cup and stroke me. She breaks off sucking to ask if I am enjoying the treat and I can barely manage a guttural groan of "Yes" as I look at her stroking me so close to her face. She puts my cock back in her mouth, her head moving back and forward while she sucks and teases me. I cannot resist looking down at the sexy sight, her lips on me and her breasts looking amazing in the slutty maid outfit. I can see down the top of her dress at the dark red bra she is wearing with a little white edging that looks very expensive and very sexy.

I feel a bit of composure returning and decide to take full advantage of the situation and reach down to cup her breast through her outfit while she sucks me. My hand feels like it is on fire as I cup her breasts, slowly savoring the sensation of the material and her body as I enjoy an amazing blowjob. My fingers stray over the top of the dress and across naked flesh and Jennifer breaks off her sucking to tell me I need to have some patience and save something for later. She stands up and says that I may have a point that she is far to covered up to be having such fun and she reaches round the back of her maids outfit and undoes the zip.

I watch the outfit go loose round her front and slip down form her shoulders. In a second she has shrugged the maid's dress over her shoulders and the only thing holding it up are her hands. I look up as she smiles mischieviously and then lets go of the dress as it feels in a heap about her sexy black heels. My cock twitches as I look at her, the dark red bra and matching panties look amazing and coupled with the smile and the wedding ring I am sure I am dreaming.

Jennifer kneels back down, taking my dick in her mouth once again and sucking me hard, her hands stroking my shaft as she suck and licks my cock. I lean back against the wall and close my eyes as I see starts, not wanting this to end as it feels so good. After a while I feel the familiar tingling at the base of my cock and I know I cannot last much longer. I groan out the words "I am cumming" just as I feel my body tense up and the orgasm ecstasy spreads through my body.

Jennifer strokes my cock, pumping me and sucking me as I she makes me cum. I feel a jet of cum spurt out into her mouth and she swallows it, gulping down the next few spurts. I look down just as she pulls my dick from her mouth, still pumping me as my muscles spasm in pleasure once more and the next spurt of hot cum splashes her lips and cheek. Looking up at me with seductive eyes she carries on stroking me, pumping more and more hot cum out over her face and lips. The sight is amazing, this hot sexy wife in bra and panties milking my cock and draining every drop of pleasure from my body.

Finally I step back, exhausted and empty as I look at Jennifer. She stands up, her face splashed with cum, lines of white across her cheek and lips, a few large drips dropping from her face to splash on her cleavage and catch the edge of her bra before running round the lace and slowly soaking into the material. Jennifer licks her lips and says "That was a great start to the night but I hope you have plenty more energy as there is a lot more to come". She reaches down into the dress on the floor and says the next surprise is due and I should sit on the bed and enjoy this dvd while she cleans up as she is a very messy girl.

She puts the plain white dvd in the player and turns on the tv before turn on her heels and heading for the bathroom but not before calling out "enjoy" as she disappears out of sight. I sit down, watching the black screen as the title "Hotel customer service training guide" comes up. I think this is some kind of joke making me watch a training video but then when the titles drop and the video starts I quickly change my mind.

The camera starts with a shot of the hotel crest of where I am staying and than pans back to show the crest embroidered neatly into a leather panel above a very large four-poster bed. The camera pans round a room quote like the hotel room I am sat in right now and it is then I notice the time stamp on the video, 18.59. I check my watch and realise whatever this video is, it was filmed about 40 minutes in this hotel and my heart starts to pound again. I hear a man's voice introduce the training video as a guide of how the maid staff should work to make sure the customer is always satisfied and just as he finishes speaking, as if on cue, there is a knock at the door.

The camera walks over to the door, catching a brief glimpse of the guy holding the camera as he walks in front of a mirror. A hand reaches into view, grabbing the door handle and pulling the door open to reveal Jennifer in the hallway dressed as a the same slutty maid who was at my door. She smiles sweetly and asks if there is anything the maids service can do. The guys says "Yes, please do come in" and I watch as Jennifer steps forward and into the room and then the bombshell hits me. Stood behind Jennifer is my wife Rebecca and she is dressed in the same maid's outfit, showing a generous amount of cleavage and looking absolutely stunning.

Eyes wide in shock, mouth agape I watch the video as it follows Rebecca and Jennifer into the main part of the room by the big four-poster bed. Jennifer takes the lead, explaining that she is training a new staff member. My wife introduces herself to the camera as Rebecca, a new member of the maid service and she is here to learn what she can and make sure that as a hotel guest every whim is catered for. "Thank you very much for the service I am getting, I am Zac by the way" I hear from behind the camera. "I know it is cheeky to ask by my bed hasn't been turned down for the night and I would be grateful if you could do that while you are here" he asks.

I watch Jennifer take Rebecca over to the bed and show her to turn it down. Jennifer takes every chance to bend over and show off the tops of her stockings and the amazing sexy legs under her very short maids outfit. My cock twitches when she makes Rebecca follow suit and show off her body in a very teasing way. I must imagine Zac was struggling to keep his composure as he watched the two maids teasing. The camera caught it all, plenty of legs, the sexy heels and stockings before moving on to several few minutes of Jennifer leaning over to show her cleavage and bra with my wife following suit.

I was almost disappointed when they had finished and the show was over and Jennifer turned round to ask what else could be done to make his stay special. The camera pans down and Zac's hard cock is sticking straight out in front of him. The camera pans back up to Jennifer who giggles and pretends to be shocked by this turn of events. She tells Rebecca to sit on the bed and watch closely with the next part of her training as she walks towards the camera.

I get a strong sense of de ja vu as I see Jennifer kneeling down and sucking Zac's dick. I know just how good he feels as her mouth works up and down his shaft, her hands wrapped around his cock and stroking him. The groans from behind the camera match mine as she teases and looks up, such a pretty and sweet looking wife and yet acting so wanton and debauched in the hotel room sucking Zac's cock in front of my wife. Zac's hand comes into view from behind the camera and cups Jennifer's breasts through her maids outfit briefly before lifting up and then sliding down inside the dress.

Unlike me Zac, gets away with this, being allowed to do whatever he wants with Jennifer and I see the camera shaking as Zac is reaching down, playing with Jennifer's lovely breasts, his hand reaching inside the bra cup and exposing the edge of her nipples. I hear Jennifer moan as zac carries on caressing Jennifer and I hear him say he is so lucky to have such an amazing wife. Zac stops playing with Jennifer's breasts and reaches round the back of her dress and undoes it at the back. Jennifer lets his cock pop out of her mouth, wet with her saliva and rock hard on screen as she stands up, leaving her maids outfit in a heap and turning to walk to the bedside table before she picks up the phone. I only hear her side of the conversation but I hear her order 3 bottles of champagne and some strawberries with cream and chocolate sauce.

Jennifer turns to Zac, her nipples hard and poking through her bra as everything is caught on video. She walks up to Rebecca and says "this is how you really satisfy a customer" as she moves past Rebecca and kneels on the bed, her ass so sexy and wiggling for the camera as she looks back and says "I want you to fuck me right now." Zac walks over to her and playfully spanks her ass before sliding a hand between her legs to rub her pussy. Jennifer moans out loud, really enjoying the touch as zac teases her through her panties, rubbing up and down before finding her clit and pressing the material against it.

"Fuck me now" Jennifer begs to the camera, acting up as she is being record and Zac passes the camera to Rebecca saying he needs to focus his attention and she can help by recording it all. I am so focused on watching the action on screen I almost miss Jennifer walking out of the bathroom, her hips swaying as she walks towards me. "Mmmmm, nice and hard again ready for round two, I thought you would like the little home movie we made." I have so many questions flooding round my head, wanting to know how she knows my wife, who's idea it was, what else is planned but I forget then all when she commands " Hands by your sides and no touching" as she stands in front of me.

I sit on the edge of the bed, my feeling like an iron bar from the all the excitement as I watch Jennifer stand in front of me and then reach down between her legs to grasp my cock. With her spare hand she quickly pulls her panties to the side showing off her ass and pussy before she lowers herself, positioning the tip of my cock at her pussy entrance. "Are you ready for some more fun?" she asks and without hesitation I tell her yes. Jennifer pushes herself down in one swift motion impaling my cock deep inside her hot wet pussy while on the screen, less than half an hour ago she begs to be fucked. It feels so hot and wet inside Jennifer, my dick sliding in easily as she grinds down on me, both of us watching her slutty display.

With Rebecca now holding the camera Zac is free with both hands to play and he reaches underneath Jennifer and pulls the sexy bra down so her tits are exposed, nipples hard and looking perfect to suck. He pulls her panties to the side, much like she did for me and then aims his dick at her pussy. Jennifer reaches down to stroke the tip and press it against her clit before sliding it inside and begging to be fucked hard. Her pussy feels amazing on me as I want to touch but I follow orders, hands resting by my side on the bed as she grinds her hot married pussy on me.

The sounds from the tv get my attention, Jennifer bouncing back and forward, her tits looking perfect and body shaking as she energetically fucks zac, his hands on her hips, controlling her and pumping her with long deep strokes of his cock. Everyone on the video is suddenly disturbed by a knock and their heads turn and the muffled words "Room service" can just be heard. Jennifer looks at the camera and with a very sultry look tells remember she needs to do her job and let them in. The camera swivels away from the action and to the door, like before opening to reveal someone waiting but this time it is a tall waiter with a trolley with three bottles of champagne and a feast of strawberries, cream and warm chocolate sauce and he takes one look at my wife and the video camera and his face lights up.

The camera follows the waiter into the room and I hear him say "Oh my god" as he walks in to the room. Rebecca follows with the camera and catches the gorgeous view he has, it is Jennifer on the bed on all fours, looking straight at camera and smiling with her breasts exposed and bouncing while Zac carries on fucking her hard from behind. The waiter doesn't know what to do, it isn't every day he catches 2 married women dressed as slutty maids in the hotel and one of them being well and truly fucked in front of him without any care. "Take a seat and enjoy the show" Jennifer commands "as we might need you later".

I can feel the sensations building, watching the video and having Jennifer grinding away on my cock is out of this world. Her pussy feels molten, drawing me in and making me want to shot so hard and deep inside her. As if she was reading my mind Jennifer says "Don't get too excited yet, there is plenty more fun planned tonight." My mind races at what she could mean because so far it has been beyond my wildest fantasies. I cannot resist it any more and I lean forward and plant a delicate kiss on Jennifer's neck as the grinds down on me. "Naughty boy, I said no touching, I will have to find some way to punish you later."

On screen I hear the same voice and the same tone, soft yet commanding as Jennifer orders the waiter to serve some of the strawberries by dipping one in chocolate, smearing it on her nipple and sucking the chocolate off while zac fucks her. He doesn't need any further bidding as he takes a large strawberry and dips it deep in the chocolate, walking over to Jennifer her holds it tentatively up towards her breasts and just brushes her nipple, leaving a small blob of warm chocolate visible. After the first hesitant brush the waiter becomes bolder, rolling the chocolate covered strawberry round Jennifer's nipples leaving a large dark smear across her breast and bra before he starts to kiss and suck her breasts.

I watch him on screen and then look down, noticing for the first time the chocolate on the bra cup, knowing that in another room, minutes ago Jennifer was on all fours, being fucked with a waiter sucking her nipples and my wife recording it all on video. My cock twitches inside her and she moans in response, pushing down harder and then rising to bounce up and down on my shaft. "I cannot hold off much longer and if you keep fucking me like that I am cum hard inside you." Jennifer looks over her shoulder with a coy smile and says "You won't be the first tonight, watch what happens next." And she stops grinding and sits still on my cock.

I look up at the screen and see her in the throes of an orgasm, her face a mask of pure pleasure, the waiter half on the bed, his mouth devouring her messy chocolate smeared breasts while Zac is frantically fucking her hard from behind. I watch as her whole body is shaking with the power of the orgasm, Zac not stopping and fucking her the time she is moaning and cumming and then he roars out loud and grabs her hips hard before jerking his whole body and driving his cock deep inside her.

Zac's whole body is taught, it is clear that right now his cum is pulsing into Jennifer's hot married pussy and she is loving every second of it. I watch more long deep strokes, drawing his cock out and then ramming it back in to get as much pleasure as he can and pump as much cum as possible into Jennifer's pussy. Rebecca gets the camera to catch it all, both of them locked together in bliss as they both cum together. The waiter rolls off the bed as Jennifer's head drops, her hair covering her face as she says "That was amazing." And drops forward. Zac is left there kneeling, his cock soaked with Jennifer's juices and cum dripping from the end as he collapses back onto the bed, drained but completely satisfied with the maid service.

Jennifer pushes herself up off the bed, swinging her legs round she unexpectedly gives Rebecca and the camera a perfect view of her pussy with her panties still to the side. Jennifer looks so sexy, messy with chocolate, flushed from the sex and her pussy obviously fucked with some cum splashed over her pussy and panties clearly visible. She pulls her panties to cover herself and then says that she has to go as there is another guest in a room nearby who needs to be given the special maid service. I see the time stamp on the video and realise that she walked straight from the session with Zac into my room and sucked me off and is sat on my cock with her cum filled pussy.

On the video I hear Jennifer speaking to my wife saying that now she has seen how to keep a guest satisfied she can put her training into practice. My cock twitches as I cannot wait to see what this means and then the screen goes blank. Jennifer says it is time for a guessing game now and I have to guess the room number where my wife is and she will give me the room key, but for each wrong guess then she will have to satisfy a guest's demand. I sit there, my head thumping and my cock aching inside her pussy, thinking what might happen if I agree to play, wondering what my wife is doing right now and I have to agree "Yes, I want to play" I tell her.

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