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Hotwife Contract


A contractual bit of fun between my Wife and I that sets out terms in our relationship. Please copy and paste and edit as you need.

Hotwife Contract

I, (insert name), agree to play the part of a Hotwife^1 for my husband on a minimum number of (insert number) occasion(s) per year by having a sexual encounter^2 with another man.

My responsibilities are outlined as follows;

- I consent to have sex^3 with another man.

- My husband is to select all partners^4 and submit images and correspondence for approval prior to our encounter.

- I am able to propose a sexual partner for an encounter, for my husband's approval.

- I may propose additional sexual encounters more than the agreed above, however all encounters need to be approved by my husband prior.

- I will limit my sexual encounters with one partner to a maximum of occasion(s), unless approved by my husband.

- If I develop feelings for another man I will immediately stop any further communication with that man.

- I commit to fully exploring my sexuality during these encounters.

- I understand that my husband loves me, and by extension loves to share me.

My husbands responsibilities are outlined as follows;

- He may not question, or complain about anything that happens on an encounter.

- He may not insist that I perform anything I do not want to do, or insist on more encounters than the agreed above per year.

- He promises to love and respect me more than ever.

- He commits to finding my sexual partner and to all communication required unless I request to be involved.

- He commits to facilitating the encounter in whichever way^5 his wife would prefer.

- He promises that if there is anything that is as important to you as this fantasy/lifestyle is to him he will fully realise it for you.

As a couple our responsibilities are as follows;

- To openly communicate all feelings at all times.

- To agree that if at any stage of an encounter a participant wants to stop, that the encounter will cease immediately without question or recourse.

- To approach this commitment with an open mind and consider each others feelings about this at all times.

- Understand that sex is fun, and should be treated as such.

- Understand that nothing is more important than their relationship and marriage.

Signed by;

(The Hotwife)

(The Luckiest Husband On The Planet)



1. Hotwife definition;

A married woman who has the freedom in her marriage to pursue sexual pleasure with men other than her husband. Her husband has full knowledge of her activities and consents to them in order to fulfill his fantasy of sharing her.

2.Encounter definition;

A date with another man with the purpose to meet and have sex.

An encounter should be planned, however if a situation where the opportunity to have a sex with another arises this can be agreed if both wife and husband consent.

3. Sex definition;

Sex should be considered as any physical contact between the wife and another man this may include;

- open mouthed kissing

- touching and fondling

- being naked together and hugging and touching

- genital touching and penetration with fingers and toys

- giving and receiving oral sex

- vaginal penetration, (with or without condoms is wife's choice)

Off limits during sex;

- nothing

4. Sexual Partner definition;

Another man who is contacted with the sole purpose to have sex with the wife only. This man would be a stranger to both the husband and the wife, and would not be likely to come into contact with the couple ever again, unless arranged as a follow up encounter. The man will range in age from 20-45 and will be clean, good looking, well endowed and single. The personality of the man should be polite and respectful. The wife's pleasure and comfort at all times is paramount, the sexual partner will understand this.

5. Ways to Play;

Option 1 – As a threesome, where the wife will be the centre of attention to her two men, and will engage in sexual acts with both men equally.

Option 2 – As a single, where the wife will meet with the other man by herself and will have sex with the other man alone. The encounter should be documented in some way so that the husband can enjoy and understand what took place.

Option 3 – As a watched single, where the wife and husband will meet the other man and then the husband will watch the wife have sex with the man but will not participate. How much and what the husband watches will be at the discretion of the wife.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/11/18

Well done

As a husband in a swinging and hotwife relationship...spot on! Yes we exist and love our lives!

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by waratah01/11/18

Anonymous "This is so stupid and pathetic. 1* for this crap"

The title didn't give you any clue?? Thats why stories have titles and descriptions.

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by Anonymous01/10/18

And where this always gets fucked up

1--The second the wife starts actually getting some feelings for the other guy, she tends to throw these rules right out the fucking window (starting with the "cease further contact when you get feelings"more...

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by Anonymous01/10/18

This is so stupid and pathetic. 1* for this crap

Wasted 3 minutes of my time reading this trash.
1* for this lame

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by Anonymous01/10/18

Its great!

I sure wish My wife would agree to THIS !

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